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First day as an official Slave
Before I went to go to Jack’s house as he had ordered me to do, I quickly got ready and followed his instructions. I looked at myself in the mirror once more seeing my reflection and what my master would think of what I was wearing. I looked to see my tight strappy top that was tight around my breasts showing the size of them as my top tried to hold itself together as it clung onto me. My short skirt that covered half of my thighs that showed off most of my legs with my high heels making me look taller. After being pleased with how I looked, I walked downstairs and out the front door and started my journey to Jack’s house.

I arrived at his front door at the right time that I had been told to come here where I was greeted with my master who had already opened the door. I looked at him to see his hair carefully made that covered some of his face but also showed his hazel eyes clearly. He stood there shirtless showing off his 6 pack and just wearing tight jeans that already showed that he had a bulge. He stepped to the side away from the door as I stepped inside before he closed the door behind me. I turned round to him to await my next instructions as he was my master. I watched him as his eyes stared carefully at my body until he looked at my eyes and nodded. He took a step towards me running his hand up my thigh gently before his fingertips gently rubs on my vagina lips making me feel wet. But then he moved his hand away placing it by his side with his other hand.

‘Good. You followed my instructions well. You’ll be having a treat later for that’ he grinned the same grin that he had done the night before. I felt myself become more wet by the thought of what he had planned. ‘Go up to the bedroom’ he ordered. I nodded and obeyed walking up to my master’s bedroom with him following me closely closing the door behind him as he entered the room. ‘Take off your clothes. Slowly’ he ordered. I nodded and slowly took hold of the bottom of my top pulling it over my head while I took off my shoes, watching my master grin as he watched. I carefully unhooked my bra throwing it down, never taking my eyes off my master who was starting to undo his belt. I held onto the top of the short skirt and slowly pulled them down till I let them slip down by them selves before kicking it with the rest of my clothes. Jack stood there staring at my naked body grinning. The grin that made me excited. ‘Lay on the bed’ he ordered next. I walked over to the bottom of the bed where I sat down slowly moving backwards till I was laid on the bed, looking at Jack smile at how he was in control.

I watched as he slowly walked over, sitting down on the bed next to me, still looking carefully at my body. I then watched his hand reach over and take hold of my breast in his hand where he massaged it gently. He suddenly got up letting go of my breast letting it fall and disappeared out the door leaving me there. I frowned confused but also feeling excited. I waited until he came back in holding a medium side box that he placed down at the bottom of the bed on the floor. He bent down opening it getting something out that I wasn’t able to see before he walked over hiding it behind his back.

‘Close your eyes, slave’ he ordered with a grin on his face. I done as I was told and closed my eyes where I felt him place something over my eyes then feel it tighten. I tired to open my eyes but only found that I couldn’t. I listened carefully to hear quiet noises coming from next to me where I could feel Jack’s body heat. I felt Jack’s hand grip onto my wrist before hearing a click then another click where jack let go of my wrist where I could feel cool metal. I heard Jack move round to my other side doing the same to my other wrist. I waited till I heard him down at the bottom of the bed again before I pulled on my wrists finding that I couldn’t move them. They were held in place by what was now obvious was hand cuffs. I felt myself begin to become wet again just by the thought of what Jack was now going to do. I listened carefully to hear the sound of things being moved which I guessed was the objects in his box.

I heard him slowly walk back over to me where my head followed where I thought he was. I felt his body heat as he came closer to me before I felt a sharp pain on my nipples that didn’t leave. The feeling was both painful but also pleasuring. After getting used to the pain, I heard Jack at the end of the bed again. I found it hard to try and figure out what he was doing. I then felt Jack’s body heat near me again as I felt his hands take hold on my waist moving me down the bed causing the hand cuffs to pull hard on my wrists. I heard him move back down to my feet where I felt him do the same with my ankles to what he done to my wrists. I realized then why he moved me down. Now that I was further down, it meant that were knees were bent as well as my legs being wide open feeling the air cool my vagina. I could feel my heart racing by the excitement of what was going to happen. I waited impatiently for what Jack had planned.

I didn’t have to wait long as I soon felt Jack’s warm breath on my vagina before feeling a warm tongue lick my vagina lips up then rub on my clit. I let a moan escape my lips as they repeated it going faster. I started to moan louder as I felt their tongue push between my vagina lips as they pushed their tongue in further. I started to gently move my hips with their tongue moaning loudly trying my best not to cum yet. They started to go faster till I couldn’t hold it back much longer and came. They licked up all my juices flowing out of my vagina and moved away from me. I smiled happily feeling a bit of release.

Not long after I felt Jack’s body heat near me again as I felt him lay my head down and open my mouth. I allowed him gladly. I felt him place something in my mouth that meant that I couldn’t talk but also seemed to have a hole in. I guessed that it was in case he wanted any action while he done what he planned to me. I laid there waiting for what Jack was about to do next, hearing him move some things around again. It wasn’t long till I felt his hands on my body, gently running it up my body sending shivers through me.

‘I’m going to test you my slave’ I heard him say with a grin in his voice. I felt myself become wet again by the excitement as I felt Jacks warmth between my spread legs. I felt his penis press against my vagina lips making me want to moan before I felt him slip inside slowly starting to move. I tried to move my hips with his only he held me down making me want him to go faster. What then amazed me was by feeling warmth on my chest. I tried to feel what it was as well as having Jack’s penis sliding in and out of my vagina going faster and harder. Then I felt something being pushed into my mouth by the hole of the gag I had on. I pushed my tongue out to feel to discover it was the top of a penis. Before I could pull my tongue back, they pushed their penis towards my face, making it slide into my mouth. I couldn’t resist sucking on this hard penis in my mouth as it pumped in and out of my mouth, my tongue licking hard round the top as they moaned. The other feelings of pleasure from my vagina as they went faster and harder making me close to explode, still holding my hips down.

‘Does Jack’s slave like my hard cock in her pussy?’ a voice said out of no where, a woman’s voice. I couldn’t think of how to react as she went faster thrust her penis into my vagina as I sucked harder on the other penis in my mouth, trying to hold back my orgasm. I couldn’t hold on, I sucked hard on the penis in mouth as I held back moaning as I came on the penis, and kept sucking on the other penis. ‘She came before you Jack’ the woman said in a teasing way. It was then that Jack moaned loudly filling my mouth with his warm cum which I swallowed after Jack had pulled out and had gone along with the woman, leaving me there in confusion.

After I had calmed down, I listened carefully to voices coming from outside. I could hear them both talking trying to be quiet for my sake but they kept raising their voices.
‘Cant I have some of your cock?’ I heard the woman moan

‘No!’ Jack’s voice snapped. ‘Only my slave can have it. You know the rules. Follow them or leave’ he ordered. I felt a sense of pleasure knowing that only I could enjoy Jacks cock but then I was hit by the wonder of what they had planned to do to me. Not long after, I heard the door open and then close.

I listened carefully to hear them both moving round the room but I couldn’t tell what they were doing. I waited impatiently for what they were both planning to do next. I didn’t have to wait long when I felt someone’s body heat near me. I waited when I could feel something above my face along with soft legs against my cheeks that were lowing down. Before I could react, I felt the vagina lips of the woman rest against my lips. I wanted to pull away only I was being held in place; I had never done this before to a woman before.

‘Lick me slave! Make me cum in your mouth!’ she ordered pulling on what was still attached to my nipples making the pain shoot through me. I slowly reached my tongue out and gently touched her vagina lips. She was already moaning by the first touch. I started to lick up and down her vagina opening with her moaning and her hips moving with my tongue. I started to lick harder on her clit that caused her to moan louder as I started to taste her sweet juices enter my mouth. My tongue slid down her vagina lips where I pushed my tongue between them as it went between her lips releasing more of her juices into my mouth. She started to moan louder and move her hips faster as my tongue continued to start to lick her harder. ‘Yes! Yes! I’m Cumming!’ she screamed as her juices flowed into my mouth making me swallow them as she climbed off my face.

I stayed there still in shock over what had happened. To my amazement, I then heard the bedroom door open and a pair of footsteps enter. I heard them walk over to my side where I had last heard the woman go.

‘You may go now. Thank you’ I heard Jacks calming voice say. Without any complaints I heard her leave. I was left with my master. I heard him walk over to my side where he removed my gag allowed my mouth to be able to be shut. I could still taste the woman’s juices in my mouth.

I then felt Jacks hands on one of my ankles as I heard a click no longer feeling the cool metal, which he done the same to my other ankle. He came over to me where I heard a click and feeling my wrist be free then the other. I gently and carefully moved my arms and legs after being held there for so long. After feeling my arms and legs again, I listened out for my master. I could only hear strange sounds coming from the end of the bed. I didn’t dare take off my blindfold as master hadn’t told me to. Instead I laid there waiting for him.

I soon felt him nearby as he held onto my waist pulling me up and moving behind me before leading me somewhere in front of me. Not even taking that many steps, my master stopped me and I no longer felt his touch on my waist. I stood there patiently as I could hear master doing something in front of me. Not long after, I felt him take hold of my shoulders and slowly pushed me down so I started to sit down. On the backs of my legs I could feel a chair which I started to sit down on slowly. I then felt why I had to go slowly. I started to feel what felt like the same cock like object the woman had used push against my vagina lips forcing its way into me. This object was a lot thicker then anything else I had which shot feelings of pleasure and pain through me. Once I had sat down on the chair, the object was deep inside of my vagina causing pleasure as it also filled me.

I was left there for a while before I felt jacks hands on my nipples taking the objects on them off releasing me from the pain. I then felt his hands on my ankles moving to the chair leg where he tied my ankle with what felt like rope to the chair doing it to the other ankle to the other chair leg. I then heard him move around me to my back where he took hold of my wrists tying them to the back of the chair, leaving me defenseless on this chair. With master still behind me, he loosened the blindfold from the back and slipping it off. There I saw that I was tied to a chair in the middle of his bedroom near to his bed. I also noticed that he had used a series of different things to hold the chair in place meaning I couldn’t move. I looked at the end of the bed to see the box that he had came in earlier with that was filled with toys, some he had already used. I looked away from the box as I watched master walk in front of my picking up something from his dresser. I watched carefully before master looked up at me grinning proudly.
‘Slave has made her master very happy. So hear is a treat for my slave, as well as also being a punishment for what you done to our toy while I was getting this ready. I do hope you like the thick friend I left on the chair for you. Yet, it’s about to get better’ I could feel myself beginning to become wet by the thought of what sir was going to do. He pointed the object in his hand at me with the grin on his face getting bigger. I then let out a loud moan in pleasure as the thick object deep inside of my vagina started to vibrate sending feelings of pleasure all over my body. I sat there moaning louder as I felt the object vibrate more. Master watched me rather pleased as he bent down into his box pulling something out. I continued to moan by the vibrating slowly going faster under master’s control as he walked towards me walking around me.

‘Does slave like that?’ master asked me. I moaned loudly as a sign of yes. ‘Does slave like this?’ sir asked while he hit me with a whip that left my back stinging with pain that also brought pleasure. I moaned louder in both pleasure and pain as the object still vibrated. ‘Slave likes?’ sir asked whipping the whip again this time onto my thighs making me moan louder, driving me closer and closer to my orgasm. ‘Good slave. And slave can only have any sex with her master. She’s not even allowed to touch herself without her master around. Does slave understand?’ he asked whipping carefully so the whip ends hit my crotch causing my hips to move up wards causing me to orgasm and moan loudly for master. He watched as my juices slide down my legs onto the chair that landed onto the floor. ‘And we have so much more to do’ he grinned.

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