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This is part 2 of this story and starts where I left off. Thank you to those who voted and provided feedback. I hope you enjoy this second part of the 20 year old Jenny and her brother Paul’s story. If you haven’t read part one it is mistakenly called “A series of co-incidents” LoL I corrected that to “co-incidences” with this chapter. I recommend you read part one first and if you like it come back here. Please keep voting and providing feedback.
I finally lower jenny to the floor, she turns to look in the mirror,

“Oh shit, look at me, bloodshot eyes, my hair is a mess and my makeup is everywhere. I look like Frankenstein’s monster.”

“You’re a monster Sis, no doubt about it, but I don’t think I’m handing you over to Frankenstein any time soon”.

She collapses giggling into my arms and I hold her close. The feel of her warm naked body against mine is amazing. In spite of all my misgivings, I feel myself responding.

“Ok out of here! A girl needs some privacy to make herself presentable”!

Reluctantly I leave her, grabbing a white toweling robe from the rack to hide my state of arousal. Logging onto the Net I start investigating a few sites feeling more uneasy with everyone I look at. The bathroom door finally opens and Jenny emerges. Hair washed and dried, all traces of yesterday’s makeup gone and dressed in nothing but a motel towel. She looks radiant.

“So Bro, surfing porn sites while I’m not looking are you?”

“Who need porn with you hanging around half naked. No I was looking at more serious sites Sis”

“Oh really and what amazing discoverers have you made since I saw you last?”

“I have confirmed what I though. What we did last night is illegal in most states of most countries Sis”.

Jenny laughs, takes my laptop away and sits in my lap. Wrapping her arms around my neck she pulls my face to hers and kisses me deeply, pushing her tongue between my lips. I try to resist and have the serious conversation I’m intending but my body betrays my mind, my lips part my tongue dances with hers and we melt together until she breaks the kiss.

“You know you’re the propeller head and I’m the law student. Why don’t you just leave the law to me? I’m a grown woman and I will decide what I want to do with my own body, in my own bedroom”.

“It isn’t that simple Sis. The Law is the Law, being consenting adults doesn’t make any difference. If you gave me written permission to kill you I’d still be arrested for murder and jailed for life wouldn’t I?”

“Well some laws are stupid! My major essay for next semester is to identify and investigate laws which have past their used by date and should be changed or repealed. Incest between consenting adults is one I’m thinking about including in my research”.

“Great, so I’m just your mid-semester homework am I? A lab rat, like Larry?”

Jenny burst into the giggles. When she was about 13 Jenny had a high school science experiment that involved testing a rat’s ability to learn its way through a maze to find food rewards. At the end of the project she discovered that a lab rat could only be used for this type of project once and his next assignment would be for biology and the scalpel. She Ratnapped him and brought him home in her backpack. Larry the lab rat retired in luxury as a pampered pet and lived a long and happy life.

“Actually I was thinking more along the lines of Percy the Pussy Python”

“Thanks Sis! That makes me feel soooooo much better”

“Seriously Babe, the law is dumb, it impinges on my rights. It predates birth control and was based on poor science in the first place. Sure if people have genetic defects the chances of passing them on to their children are increased but these days with all sorts of screening that isn’t an issue. Animal breeders do it all the time to enhance positive attributes”

The look on my face gives me away.

“No stupid boy, I have no intention of having your children, I’m just telling what I think of the law. Now get dressed and take me to breakfast!”

We enjoy another hearty country breakfast and the conversation turns to where we go from here. Jenny goes quiet. She does that when she is about to announce something important. I wait for her to speak.


“I know that tone hon, what’s on your mind”

“Well……I have 2 weeks before Uni starts again………………and…”

“Out with it girlfriend”

“Well you always say you can work from anywhere with Internet access…. so…… so can we stay away for a while, take a holiday together hehe, you know, kind of like a honeymoon”

“Shit! You really do want to get me jailed don’t you”

“Oh shut up, no one will know who we are, we will just be another happy couple in the crowd”

We finish breakfast, walk hand in hand back to our room. Again I notice all male eyes follow Jenny as she passes. As soon as the door closes Jenny is in my arms.
I know she will get her way with this holiday idea, she always gets her way with me. She is wearing a Tshirt and shorts, her nipples outlined through the soft fabric. I’m getting hard again for the 3rd time this morning.

“God you feel good Sis, how can I ever say no to you”

“hehe don’t even try big brother, take my top off instead”

She raises her arms and I lift the T shirt over her head, her petite body and small but perfect breasts revealed, standing proudly, her nipples already hard.

“okay off with your shirt to, why do you always have all these buttons to undo?”

“same reason your shorts have this clip and zipper but I think I can manage”

I slip her shorts down over her perfect hips and legs, no need to worry about panties, she isn’t wearing any. My hands caress her smooth bare ass. She has my shirt undone and drops it with hers, she nibbles my ear and whispers

“babe I want you again”

“beg me”

“don’t tease. I’m so horny I wanted to fuck you on the breakfast table”

“that would have amused the other guests I’m sure. Tell me what you want little one!”

“I want you. Babe, I want you to make love to me, any way that you want to, use me, own me, fuck I have wanted it since I was a kid. Do you know that when I have had boyfriends it is you I think about……..there….after all these years, I have said it.”

“hmmmmm , that’s rather naughty of you isn’t it little sister?. Maybe I should just give you a good spanking. What fantasies have you been hiding all these years”

I pick her up and carry her to the bed leaving her clothes just inside the door where they fell. She looks into my eyes as I lower her to the edge of the bed. Her little hands reach out, She undoes my jeans pushing them to my ankles. I step out of them. My briefs follows and my now erect cock is at her eye level. I wait for her next move.

“I don’t think I’m very good at giving oral sex baby, a couple of my boyfriends have almost begged me and I have tried. I’m just no good at it”

“take it slow Jen, you will get the hang of it, yes that’s it lick the tip like that. You like the taste of my pre-cum baby?”

‘yes Paul I love everything about you, I’ll try to make it good for you, the way you did for me last night”

‘Take it into your mouth Jen, mmm yes that feels good, just take a little more each time, use your tongue and lips to. Aahhh yesssss suck me babe, that feels so good, I can feel it at the back of your mouth. Do you think you can take more?”

She looks up with those piercing blue eyes and nods. My cock throbs in her mouth. I rock my hips slowly sliding about 4 inches in and out of her mouth, she twirls her tongue around the head and sucks me back in with each stroke.

“okay baby, relax and when I push in next time try to swallow. Ready,……. now”

My fingers are in her wavy blond hair holding her head steady, not forcing but encouraging. She swallows, gags a little, I feel my cock slide into her throat.

“oh fuck baby you did it I’m in your throat hmmm oh fuck sooooo good I’m fucking your face Jen this feels so amazing”

I pull back to let her breathe. She looks up smiling. A proud expression crosses her angelic face.

“Wow we did it, put it back. Now that I know how, I want to make you cum, I want to feel it, taste it, swallow every drop… pleassseeee”

I need no more encouragement and Jenny takes me like a professional, sucking and bobbing on me. Alternating between sucking the head of my cock and taking me deep in her throat, she cups my balls and I start to moan, stomach muscles tense, balls churning I’m not going to last long.

“ahhh fuck…fuck I’m going to cum princess… shit I can’t hold back mmmmmm here it comes”

The first blast is deep in her throat and feels like it shoots straight into her stomach, she pulls off a little so I’m in her mouth for the next …. and the next ……she doesn’t miss one drop sucking and swallowing until I stop jerking. I look down as she licks the last drops from the tip of my cock.

“I thought you said you were no good at this Sis, That was fantastic”

“I guess you’re a good teacher Bro, you are rather big though I didn’t think I could do it”

“not that big, according to Wikipedia I’m about half and inch longer and thicker than average”

She giggles as she pulls me down onto the bed next to her.

“how did I know you would have measured it and checked the Web to see how you compared. Your such a BOY”

We both laugh, hold each other tight and kiss passionately.

“mmmmm you taste like cum Sis”

“well my turn then, you better get down there and add some girl flavor” “yesss baby like that, it feels so good, god I’m wet, can you taste me”


“oh shit when you lick my ass a shiver runs right up my spine, oh god yes suck my clit baby ahhh fuck I feel your fingers in my pussy jeeeesssss yessssssssssss”

I’m licking and sucking, Jenny is thrashing so hard I’m struggling to keep my mouth over her pussy, her vagina muscles are pulsing on my fingers. As she builds to orgasm her juices trickle down to her ass, I lubricate my little finger and press to her star. She lifts her hips and my little finger slips into her tight ass to the second knuckle. She is gasping and moaning loudly. With my free hand I pull the little hood away from her swollen citreous and start to suck it between my lips like a tiny penis, twirling it with the tip of my tongue.

“ahhh yesssss baby yesssss I’m cumming mmmmmm ahgggghhhhh oh god yessssssss”

I feel her orgasm rip through her firm little body her pussy and ass muscles are throbbing around my fingers and her juices are flooding my mouth. I don’t stop finger fucking her or sucking her clit and pussy until she slows down and stops throbbing. I kiss my way back up her body until our lips meet again and we kiss deeply.

“mmm your hard again”

“yes you have that effect on Percy the Pussy Python”

“then put Percy where he should be you silly boy”

I follow orders and we make love slowly and gently for a long, long time, our bodies seen to be in tune and made for each other. Eventually Jenny starts to dig her fingernails into my back and thrust more urgently up onto me I increase my pace to match hers. She bites my shoulder.

“Oh fuck Paul, I’m going to cum again…. Cum in me baby I want to feel you deep in me as I cum …… mmmmm now babe nowwwww ….fuck me hard mmmmmmmmmm”

“yesssss baby I’m going to fill your tight little pussy with my hot cum ….. squeeze my cock baby, milk it, you know you want it”

Her pussy starts to throb on my cock and I push deep into her, exploding again as we cum together. Sweating slightly and completely satisfied we collapse, panting and gasping in each others arms. We drift off to sleep.

Waking up, I look up and she is typing into my laptop, she grins at me with that impish grin of hers and I know she is up to no good.

“been surfing porn sites while I as asleep gorgeous? And how come you bring a closet full of clothes but steal my Tshirt?”

She giggles, her blue eyes twinkling

“no, much better than porn Mr Johnson”

“I love you Jenny Johnson”

“I love you more Paul Johnson, hehe see I don’t even have to change my name”

I groan and slide out of our bed to see what she is up to.

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