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Penny and her husband love to put on a show and one summer they do so for their largest crowd ever at a hotel on the beach.
My wife, Penny, can’t help herself. She loves to show off. It’s bad enough when we’re around the house or in town, but if we have to go anywhere far off, and especially when we go on vacation, she’s a lot worse. The truth is, though, she reigns herself in closer to home because she doesn’t want to totally mortify me in front of people we know. Out of town is definitely a different story. She loves to play in public, and if the circumstances are right I am right there with her too.

Penny is definitely not all bad to look at. She’s hot, short blonde hair, beautiful face and gorgeous body. She goes to the gym twice a day, yeah, for a couple of obvious reasons, so she is nice and fit, her muscles well toned, but not freaky. She tans up nice in the sun. Has penetrating green eyes. A nice and natural rack, E’s.

Oh, and she’s super hot in the sack.

When she shows off, whether it’s just flashing or putting on a full blown show, she gets hot and horny. It kind of gets me going too because I see other guys looking at her, getting all hot and bothered, and I know that I’m going to get to be the guy that has her. And when we’re far from home sometimes they get to see me get her if they’re lucky.

It is a little funny too because I have a couple of times joked about her picking up one of the guys she’s teasing and having a threesome, and the irony is she says she’s too scared and shy to try that.

Crazy, huh?

Let me tell you one of the things that happened when we went on vacation last summer. We went to Coast City for a week, going right after school let out in the hopes that there would not be as many people there. Wrong-O! The whole city and beach were crawling with kids that had just graduated high school, and I’m not talking about the nice and quiet nerdy kids, I’m talking about the loud, drunk and full of themselves smart asses that make it such a joy to be around them if you’re over 27.

One day we were sitting on the balcony of our hotel room having drinks as all around us music blasted from other rooms or balconies. Occasionally we would catch sight of nubile girls flashing across balconies. Our room as it happened was on the third floor in the corner. One floor up on the other corner was a particularly rowdy room.

For my part I was ready to get out and go somewhere, even if it was just down to McDonald’s to grab lunch, to get out of the craziness for a little bit. I had on a Salty Dog t-shirt I had picked up on the way down, and a thin pair of Bermuda shorts. Penny was dressed in an orange two piece that showed off her assets pretty well. She, I knew, would be content to sit there until it felt just right to go down to the pool or the beach. A lot of noise and craziness has never bothered her.

I had just finished my drink and stood up to go into our room where the noise would not be as loud, when one of our loud neighbors a floor up in the opposite corner called out.

“Hey, baby!,” I heard the yell. The guy was a skinny and lanky looking punk, you know the kind you look at and your first thought is, No Life. He was wearing brown shorts and an open Hawaiian print shirt over his bare bird chest. On top of a shaggy mop of long brown hair he wore a brown stocking cap which looked totally stupid on a hot June day in Florida. On his chin was a thin strip of a beard, which I’ve always considered to be another sign that screams out, Total Looser.

I sighed to myself, shaking my head a little. Penny being Penny I had a fairly good idea of how this would all play out, so I went just into the room and leaned against the edge of the slider. I had a perfect view of my wife and of the balcony on the next corner where he was.

“Hey!,” the idiot yelled again. In one hand he had a translucent plastic cup filled with beer, and in the other he held a one-time-use camera. “HEY BLONDIE!”

I shook my head, grinning to myself slightly as Penny turned her head up to look where he stood. She raised a hand and pulled her sunglasses a little lower onto the bridge of her nose.


Penny got a smirk on her face. She gave a slight laugh, then cocked her head. “You wanna see my tits?”

“WOOOOOOOO,” the barely graduated punk yelled. “Hell yeah, baby!”

“Really?,” Penny questioned.


Penny sat her drink on the table by her chair and eased herself back in her chair just a little. “Wanna see something better that that?”

The guy nodded a big and overstated nod, looking totally ignorant and drunk. “Sure, baby. What’s that?”

I smiled to myself, pretty sure of what was coming.

Penny didn’t say a word. She just opened her tanned legs widely. Then she reached down and pulled the crotch of her bikini aside to reveal the glaring contrast of her pale white and shaved pussy against her tanned thighs.

“WOOOOHOOOO, GOD DAMN!,” the just out of high schooler yelled. “Curt, Brandon, you gotta get out here and see this!”

Penny was still pretty much calmly sitting on the white plastic balcony chair as the punk’s two friends came out on the balcony of the opposite corner. One was another looser looking type, lanky with curly black hair, who looked as if he could be the illegitimate son of Slash sans top hat. The other was a slim black with dark and shiny skin. The black kid had a pair of binoculars around his neck, no doubt thinking his pal on the balcony was going to point out something on the beach.

“Woah, dude,” the lanky white kid said.

Their black friend did not comment. He just cracked a huge grin and nodded his approval.

“HOW FAR YOU GOIN’?,” loudmouth questioned.

Penny just slitted her eyes and made a face before suggestively licking along her upper lip with the tip of her tongue. “How far you think?”


I heard clapping, and after a second I realized that it was not coming from any of the three guys on the balcony. Looking up and over past them I saw a couple of young lovers standing at the rail of their own balcony another floor up and a couple of rooms over.

I leaned back out a little more. It was plainly apparent that my wife already had a quickly growing audience. Several people had come to the rails of their balconies and were looking down. A glance to the balconies on the opposite side of the hotel and I saw that there were at least a couple of people who were working out what was going on.

With an inward sigh I grinned to myself. My cock was just starting to get hard, but I kept my hands off and watched my wife and her audience. I knew it would only be a matter of time before she was wanting me to join in the action.

“GO FOR IT, BLONDIE!,” the loudmouth yelled.

Rolling her shoulders slightly Penny grinned widely and rolled her lower lip under her teeth and worked it from side to side. She opened her legs a little more, pulling them up slightly. I watched as the French manicured index finger on her hand moved down and touched the golden ring through her clit as she held the leg of her orange bikini open as wide as she could with the fingers of her other hand. Then she put the little hoop between her index and middle fingers and worked it slightly back and forth. She let out a little sight that was only loud enough for me to hear, but it was enough to get me just a bit harder. She let her piercing go but continued to rub the tips of her two fingers under the hood to rub her clit.

Turning her head to the side my wife gave me a wink. I smiled back, already aware I was painfully hard and ready. Then she turned her head back and looked up to her still growing audience standing on the balconies of the rooms looking down on ours. Penny made a face of pure pleasure, opening her knees a little wider. Then she dipped her fingers down and into her pussy hole. She gave herself a couple of dips and then drove them in as far as she could, leaning her head back and crying out.

“WOOOOHOOOO!,” the loudmouth yelled.

There was a loud, “Yeah!”

Then a, “Yeah, baby!”

Followed by a female, “Woo-Hoo!”

And a, “Yeah, do it!”

All around there was cheering and applause. For Penny that was nothing but encouragement. Twisting her face she gave herself several hard plunges with her fingers. My cock was throbbing and stretching the front of my shorts. Watching Penny play with herself turns me on, no matter how many times I have seen her do it in the ten years we’ve been together.

“God, she’s fucking hot,” another female voice called.

I glanced up and realized it was the girl on the fifth floor. Her male partner was behind her and kissing her neck. To me it looked like he might be fingering her under her bikini bottom as he humped himself against her ass. It made me wonder how soon it would be before they disappeared into their room and both their suits were laying on the floor.

Turning my attention back to my wife I saw that she had taken her fingers out of her pussy and she was once again rubbing and diddling her clit. Her head was thrown back, her face twisted in ecstasy. I could tell as she slowly began to grind her crotch a little in her seat that she was already close to having her first little orgasm. I know that her audience is in for a treat they’re not expecting. Penny can squirt, and when she’s doing it in public she gets so hot that sometimes it’s like a fountain.

“WOOOHOOO, YEAH!,” the loudmouth encouraged her on.

I heard Penny whimper and sigh as she slowly turned her head from side to side.

“That’s it, babe,” I told her.

She shivered and sighed, letting out a little coo. My cock was beating a steady tune against the constraints of my underwear and shorts. Penny made another face and pushed out a breath, her little orgasm had came and went.

Those watching obviously knew she had gotten off. There was some more whooping and applause. With a huge smile on her face Penny turned her head and locked her green eyes on me. I knew she was ready for me to join in and give her a little direction of my own.

“Why don’t you take off the bottom,” I told her.

Penny’s smile widened. First she reached up and removed her sunglasses, reaching over and sitting them on the table by the chair. Then she rose to her feet and looked up at the crowd, and from my vantage point there seemed to be at least one person on about half the balconies to the side of us, and at least a couple of dozen people with binoculars watching from the other side of the hotel. My wife looked to the trio on the fourth floor and swayed and ground her hips like professional stripper. Again there were whoops, cheers and applause. The loudmouth lost half his beer as he threw his hands up and it sloshed over the top of the cup. The couple on the fifth floor were doing some heavy kissing and groping.

My wife hooked her thumbs into the top of her orange bikini bottoms as she continued to grind her hips. The loudmouth let out another loud whoop as she tugged them and slowly began to work them down. Again there were whews and applause.

“Yeah, baby,” someone called.

Penny dipped down, getting them to her knees. As she turned slightly I had a good view of the stark whiteness of her ass against the rest of her tanned body. She wiggled her ass as she worked her bottoms further down. Then she got them to her ankles and stepped out of them. When she leaned back up she raised them high in the air with one hand as if they were the WWE Championship title belt. Her audience cheered loudly.

Then my wife cut her eyes to me and gave me another grin. She slowly rotated her wrist and brought her arm down a little. Then she put the crotch of her bikini bottoms to her face and made a huge deal of giving them a deep sniff. This time when her audience erupted in cheers it brought a few more people out to see what was going on.

I decided it was time to finally make it a two person show. I moved onto the balcony and took Penny’s bottoms out of her hand. At first I got a couple of jeers, but they quickly turned to whoops and hollering as I put the crotch of her orange bikini bottoms to my face and sniffed their muskiness.

Penny went back to the chair and eased herself down. I walked behind her and slowly felt her down, my hands squeezing and lingering on her breasts as I kneaded them through her bikini top. Then as she arched her back and rubbed her forehead against my cheek I moved my hands further down and traced her belly button, letting one finger flick across the little jewel that was part of her navel piercing.

“You gonna make ‘em go wild?,” my wife questioned as my hands and fingers reached the swell of her mons.

“Mmmm, you fuckin’ know it, babe.”

I rested one hand on her mons. Then I reached down and took her clit ring between my thumb and index finger. I gave it a little tug to make her sigh. Then a couple of more. Penny moaned into my ear and gasped out a pant. I gave the clit ring a hard tug, and then another. Our audience had fallen silent, but I am sure they were anticipating that they were going to see my wife come again. I gave the clit ring a harder tug, just hard enough.

“OOOOH, GOD!,” Penny cried.

I gave it two more of those hard tugs.

“AHHHH-NNNNNNN-NN!,” my wife yelled.

Over the tips of my fingers I could feel the hot jet of her ejaculation. It had been a huge gush, just as I hoped. My face was against hers so that I could not see it, but I did hear the satisfying splat as it hit the balcony and felt several warm drops sprinkle my shins.

The crowd went wild, yelling like Penny had just scored the winning run in the final game of the World Series.

Penny herself was still panting and gasping from her cum. She turned her head enough to kiss my cheek. “I want to suck your cock,” she moaned.

I let go of her clit ring and felt her back up. As I stopped at her breasts and cupped them she leaned forward and reached back to untie her top. I helped her work if off her shoulders and as she cups slipped off her milky E cup tits with twin rings through her stiff red nipples her audience went wild again. Top in hand I stepped around the chair and leaned around to toss it into the room where it landed with its companion piece. As I then stepped back to the chair I grabbed the top of my shorts and undid the button.

Penny’s admirers across the balconies got verbal, making request and cheering as she unzipped the zipper and then fished out my hard cock. I stood to her side, between the chair and balcony rail so that our audience could get a fairly good look. She gave me a couple of slow strokes along the shaft, brushing my balls.

“NICE COCK!,” a female voice called from somewhere higher above.

My breath caught, and that excited me a bit more because usually no one ever comments on me when we’re playing, just Penny.

Penny gave my shaft a few more strokes. Then she lightly ran her hand up until her thumb and index fingers rested at the crown of the head. Using just enough pressure she peeled the foreskin back to reveal the pink and glistening head of my cock. I was already dribbling precum. Penny reached around and ran the tip of her index finger of her other hand into my piss slit to smear the drops on it. Then she put her finger in her mouth and sucked it.

“WHHHHOOOO-HOOO-HOOO!,” the loudmouth guy yelled. “THAT’S IT, BABY, SUCK HIS FUCKIN’ DICK!”

I let out a breath as she leaned around and put her mouth over the head, sucking it and swirling her tongue around it.


A chant went out across the balconies, a mix of both male and female calling a steady beat of, “Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck!”

Of course my wife has never been one to turn down a request from the crowd. She opened widely and I moaned as I felt the head of my aching cock hit the back of her throat. She worked my cock with a hand on the shaft each time she worked her head up and down. She put her other hand on my balls and massaged them as she used her tongue to lick across the underside of the shaft.

“Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck!”

Penny made a sound in her throat, tickling my cock shaft. I closed my eyes and let out a groan. When I opened them again I noticed that the girl on the fifth floor balcony had lost her top and that her male partner was kissing her nipples and making her throw her head back with a pleasurable look on her face.

“Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck!”

Penny let out a breath through her nose, sucking me harder. Her mouth was opened as she went down as far as she could to make a sloppy noise. On the upstroke she sucked hard and made a slurping sound.

“Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck!”

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed another couple. They were on a higher floor, standing far back on their balcony in a shaded spot. It was not enough to hide from me the fact she was bent over and he was giving it to her from behind.

“Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck!”

Again Penny cooed around my hard cock as she sucked it.

“WOHOOOO, YEAH!,” the loudmouth who had gotten everything started yelled out again.

“Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck!”

I looked over to the balcony on the opposite corner a floor up. The skinny and lanky kid with the black curls was holding a digital camera and intently filming. Soul patch looser in the Hawaiian shirt and his black friend had their pants to their knees and they were both jacking their cocks, sticking them out between the balcony rails.

“Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck!”

“They’re jacking off watching you,” I told Penny with a hiss.

My wife sucked me deeper, harder and faster. I knew she would if I told her that.

“Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck!”

I was ready to go. I wanted to go before too long because I didn’t want to waste most of my sperm with one shot. I wanted to take her in after we finished with the show and give her pussy and ass a nice and hard fucking.

“Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck!”

“You ready for it?,” I questioned, giving her cheek a quick touch with a finger.

“UMMM-HUNNMM,” she hummed around a mouthful of cock. Then she let me slip out of her mouth and looked to me with a huge smile on her face as she continued to jack me.

“WOOOHOOOO!,” the loudmouth called again.

There was more clapping and cheering as she stroked me with tight and quick tugs. I was hot and ready to go. The sensation of my foreskin quickly covering and uncovering my cock head coupled with the fact that we probably had our biggest audience ever was pushing me right to the end. The ridged shaft of my cock felt electrified under my wife’s hand.

“Yeah, come on,” that admiring female voice called from up above again.

“That’s it, baby,” the black guy stroking his cock on the corner balcony finally called. “Show us that money shot!”

“MONEY SHOT! MONEY SHOT!,” our audience began to chant.

“Mmmmm, here it comes, babe,” I sighed, leaning my head back and closing my eyes.

Penny kept stroking but I could feel her repositioning her head. I knew her mouth was wide open and her tongue was out by the sound of applause.

“Nnnnnn-URAAAAHH-TTT,” I roared as I felt the throb, knowing that if it was loud enough it would drive our balcony audience go nuts, and they did.

I looked down as my hot cum shot out, splattering Penny’s nose and upper lip. It dripped onto her tongue and I felt the quick brightness of a couple of camera flashes going off. As my foreskin was pulled back again I let go of another spurt that coated Penny’s tongue and dribbled down one corner of her mouth. She swallowed and leaned back, then arched her back to thrust her gorgeous E tits out. The crowd was going wild again as she milked a couple of more spurts of my sperm across them.

“MMMMMM, FUCK YEAH!,” the loudmouth yelled.

“MONEY SHOT! MONEY SHOT!,” a few more people continued to chant.

I let out a little sigh as Penny let go of my cock. She turned up to look at me and a mischievous smirk crossed her cum smeared face. I just gave a last grunt and smiled back, knowing she’s going to take her curtain call.

Penny rose from the chair and slinked a couple of steps toward the edge of the balcony. She was undulating her hips again, thrusting those cum splattered E’s out and looking up at the cheering crowd across the balconies.

“Lick it, baby!,” the black guy from the fourth floor opposite balcony called down. He was still stroking his cock and hanging it between the balcony rails. It was dark and slim like the rest of his body, a purple head emerging each time he stroked his foreskin back. “Lick it up, baby.”

“YEAH, BLONDIE!,” his loudmouth friend yelled. He was still stroking his own cock that looked a little on the short side but with a fat and pink head. “LICK THAT SHIT!”

Penny slowly raised a hand to her face, and for a moment there was hushed silence from the other balconies. She rubbed her fingers over her nose and cheeks, and when she was finished she turned her palm up to show off a big and thick glob of my white sperm that nearly covered it. Then she lowered it to her face and stuck her tongue out, licking most of it off with one swipe.

Again the crowd went wild, and as I watched I was aware that my cock was throbbing, rising to full hardness again.

The loudmouth kept whooping and yelling as he worked his cock.

“NAS-TEEE,” the black guy called down. “NASSS-TEEEEE, baby!”

I could see a huge smile on Penny’s face as she licked the rest off.

The loudmouth moved closer to the balcony railing and jerked himself harder. “You want to drink this down too?”, he questioned, the only thing he said at a reasonable level.

“Think you can get it that far with that little thing?”, Penny questioned.

“OH, HELL YEAH, BABY!,” he yelled, but his two friends were laughing and ribbing him. “AH, GET READY FOR IT!”

Penny leaned forward slightly and stuck her tongue out. Again there was some applause and cheers from the other balconies. She had been hit by sperm from guys watching her put on a show at fairly close range before, but this was a little different. I was pretty interested to see what was going to happen myself.

“Wel-walh,” Penny questioned, waiting with her tongue out.

Loudmouth’s friends laughed a little more, the guy with curly hair still filming as their black friend kept stroking his own cock.

“HERE IT CUMS!,” he suddenly yelled. “Ah-AHHHHH!”

A thick spurt of cum spurted out of his cock head, but it didn’t have the momentum to take it very far. His two friends cat called and ribbed him as it splattered on our balcony rail as another spurt just made it over the edge of their own balcony.

I couldn’t help but laugh a little to myself because it was pretty obvious to me that this kid thought he was the shit.

“What about you, big boy?,” Penny crooned. She had turned her attention to the black guy, side stepping closer to his edge of the balcony. “Think you can make it?”
“Hey, baby, I know I can,” he told her, giving his long and uncut cock a twist as he cranked down the shaft.

“NUMMMMM.” Penny leaned her head forward, sticking her tongue out.

“MONEY SHOT! MONEY SHOT!,” people began to chant again.

It served to make me a little hotter. It was the first time she had ever called for another guy’s cum while she was putting on a show, and I was just hot enough caught up in the moment that I though it was alright.

“Yeah, you want that money shot?,” he called down.

Penny nodded her head. “Um-hum.”

He picked up the pace he was stroking with and his foreskin was a blur as it went over and off his cock head. “Here it comes then, baby. Here it comes!” He let out a groan and a twisting and spiraling rope of cum shot from his cock and flew from where he stood to where my wife stood on our balcony. It made a big splatter on her neck and right shoulder.

“DAMN!,” the guy with the camera yelled.

“NNNNNAHHHHH!,” the black guy groaned. A second spiraling and ropy load shot out and splattered over Penny’s right tit to coat the nipple.

The crowd on the balconies cheered again and this time I know it was louder than it would have been if she had hit the winning home run in the final game of the World Series.

“Yeah!,” the black guy yelled, victoriously. “YEAH! THAT’S HOW YOU DO THAT MOTHER FUCKIN’ SHIT! YEAH!”

The whoops and applause got a little louder, a lot of it directed at him.

Looking to their balcony it was obvious that the guy with the camera was laughing at and trash talking the loudmouth who had gotten the whole thing started.

The black guy went to the edge of the balcony and leaned forward, pointing down at my wife. “YOU GONNA LICK THAT SHIT UP, BABY?”

I smiled to myself, feeling pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to resist. I wasn’t sure if I wanted this to become a regular part of things when we put on a show, but I was definitely hot enough to want to see her do it just once.

Penny got a broad smile on her face. Then she rubbed her nipple where it was covered by his cum, swirling her fingers enough to partially clean the gold ring in her nipple. Then she took her two fingers up and stuck them in her mouth, sucking them.

The crowd on the balconies went wild. It was so loud it almost sounded as if everyone in the whole hotel was cheering. It got louder. There was applause and people stomping their feet on their balconies. I could feel the vibration under my feet and I found myself wondering if we weren’t literally going to bring the whole place down.

“NASSS-TEEEEEE,” the guy who had come on Penny yelled. “MAN, THAT IS ONE NASSSS-TEEEEEE BITCH!”

Penny just turned to face me and then she began to wave at the other guests gathered on their balconies. I walked over to her and turned to stand beside her. After I slipped an arm around her waist we gave a bow to the people directly across from us. Then we turned slightly and bowed to the guests in the corner balconies from us.

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you,” I told her through gritted teeth.

“I damn sure hope so,” she grinned back.

Someone somewhere yelled, “Encore, encore,” but we had had enough foreplay.

As I turned Penny around and gave her a push toward the open slider there were quite a few, “Aww’s”, mixed in with loud, “BOO’s!”

I pulled the slider shut and muted the noise from our audience and fellow guest. Penny got onto the bed with her ass raised high as I pulled the curtains. Then I stripped my clothes off and got into bed behind her, burying my cock in her sopping pussy. Making hot sounds my wife rubbed her huge breasts against the top comforter to smear my, and the black guy’s, cum all over it. It wasn’t long before she yelled out, gushing a big squirt over my cock and balls as she came to help ensure the hotel comforter would be good and dirty and in need of cleaning.

After I made her come again I took my cock out of her dripping pussy and then buried it into her tight ass. Penny cried out and moaned, squirting again as I ground my balls against her wet and bare pussy lips. I gave it to her in her tight hole for several minutes before grunting and pumping another hot load of my cum out.

We then collapsed on the bed a sweaty and gasping heap. Penny wiggled her ass against me, encouraging me to spoon her. “God, I fucking love you,” she cooed.

“Mmmm, I love you too, babe.”

It wasn’t long before we fell into a light dose, but I did have one thing on my mind as I began to drift off. I wondered how we would make it through the next three days without our fellow guests begging for a repeat performance, and I wondered, if we did do it, would the cops show up and bust us the next time.

I had a smile on my face as I drifted off. Penny always thought the possibility of being caught was worth the risk. And seeing her put on a show and then joining in always ended up making me hot enough not to care.

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