Hello this is Dona Diabla again and this about what I went thru in life.
I’ve never been to closer to a man,

I’ve tried to understand that certain feeling carved by another’s hand,

Here is a man,

Scantly clad and tan,

That my Blood red lips traced with pain,

Whom I wished to wash his hair in honey wine at that time,

He made me his sultana of pleasure,

To have his eyes roll back in distaste and desire,

His body was wet and full of sweat,

Yield his tongue to a biting thirst and vicious lies,

He’s every disappointment and mistake that every girl could make,

Turns around in front of the mirror,

We can’t keep living this way,

Make sure not to leave no trace and hide your face,

He had a hunger that was emotional,

I had a hunger that I couldn’t control,

In the moonlight, our skin touched again and reveal his nasty rumors again,

Darkness where desire meets regret,

Where my shame meets his lust,

For your desire to destroy my life climbs higher and higher,

That’s your temptation,

My displeasure can’t be ignored,

For once, I’m that she-wolf howling in your room,

Bring your mind to sudden doom,

You was once a wicked slut with unacceptable features that spit whipped cream lies on my sofa,

Hang up Your chick habit and I heard you though my walls,

Stop cursing my name and throwing it though the mud,

But it was the high cost of our ungodly game,

You hurt me,

I got you back,

You long to crush my longings, but you curse yourself to your own hell,

I curse you and it got in the way of my grace with God,

Because what we put into motion was godless,

All because you left a trace of lies,

Telling sexual filth to anyone would listen to your acid tongue,

All because you made me an offer that I cannot ignored,

In the room of mirrors, you said, DonaDiabla, everything I have is yours”

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2011-11-16 10:50:08
Mighty uesufl. Make no mistake, I appreciate it.

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2010-10-03 01:46:44
عيري جبير جدن ممكن بنت سكسية

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