This is fiction, involving young & incest. Don't read it if you have problems with that!
Hi all. My name is April & I am 13 now. I have red hair and no figure. I know, I know, most redheads are not very pretty, but I’m told I resemble Megan Fox (yea, right!) but titless, and redheaded. Whatever your opinion, I am a sexual deviate and highly active, which means that most reading this story, really don’t care one way or the other, isn’t that right?

I was babysitting for a couple in our neighborhood last Saturday night, and I thought you might want to hear about it. First off, the parents were both hotties. I would have licked her dreamy pussy and taken his cock all the way into my stomach right then and right there, so by the time I met their daughter, I was already leaking and horny as hell.

Tiff was a cutie. 8 yo, with downy soft hair, running with deep brown locks to the middle of her back, She was in a little T that that stopped short of her blue panties and the sight of a slight cameltoe between her legs had my full attention. I almost didn’t hear Beverly run through her list of phone numbers and contact info. It’s there own fault for being so hot and making me so horney before I even met this sweet-tart. Since I didn’t think they were going to fuck me right then, I was lazer focused on Tiff.

The obvious thing to do as soon as they left, was to invite my little play mate to a board game, on the floor of course. Just as I expected, Tiffney dropped down Indian-style across from me, which afforded me a very nice view of that bit of skin connecting her thigh to her little pussy. I was drooling from my mouth and my pussy was on fire. The game didn’t get far before I excused myself and headed up the stairs to her bathroom (off the hall) hoping to find some used panties in a clothes hamper and there they were, right on top!

I closed the door and stripped completely naked and looked at myself in the full length mirror. Feeling all sexed-up, I licked my lips like Marilyn Monroe, and slid my right index finger down into my slit, crooked it ever so slightly and slipped it inside. Still eyeballing myself, I parted my lips, brought my cum slick finger up and sucked it. Now I began to inspect my prize, hoping for a nice pee stain or racing stripe so I could taste my little charge downstairs. Either this was going to be my release, or I would have to take a more drastic and certainly more direct approach. (Might anyway )

I opened my little package to the crotch and came without touching myself. Pee stains, check. Shit stripe, check again. Inundated with still warm sperm, holy shit! These little cotton panties that had been so intimate with that little 8 yo’s sweet pussy and asshole, had obviously & very recently been wrapped around her hottie father’s pulsating cock, which had spared not a drop, coating the crotch of his daughter’s panties with hot sticky sperm!

I quickly searched the hamper for another dirty pair, wanting the best and all that this little family could offer and again, wasn’t disappointed. Tiff goes through some panties! There must have been 3 pair near the bottom, and from the smell of them, I knew a little more about our precious baby. Her cunt has seen action, because two pair had been peed in (at the least, she’s a dripper) and the other was oozy with girl sauce! Just the sight of salty hot sperm sent me into a minnie spasm, my finger flashing in and out of my pussy was a thrill to watch in the mirror directly in front of me. I grabbed Tiffy’s toothbrush and sank to the floor.
Now I closed my eyes and found the movie I wanted so desperately to see, already running behind my eyes. Mr. Derrick is standing right where I am sitting and now, desperately fucking myself with Tiffany’s toothbrush.

His eyes are closed. The pee stained, white pair of panties I am about to feast on is between his teeth. His fist is wrapped around a nice, long, vieny dick. I cannot see this enormous uncircumsized (the movie paused so I could get that sperm coated fabric into my mouth), head and all of the pre-cum spilling from it’s sheathed tip, because it is lovingly wrapped in his tiny daughter’s tiny underwear.

Mr. Derrick paused and looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. He opened one of the bathroom drawers and rifled through them. I can see him in the sink mirror and there is another smile and huge relief shown on his face. When he turns to sit on the toilet, I see I am right about his cock.

He scooched to the edge of the toilet seat brings his feet up, one on the toilet paper holder, the other on a towel bar. Now I see his sweet puckered asshole. He begins sucking at the fabric of the very same panties I am about to choke myself to death with. Now, looking at himself in the mirror, he takes a hairbrush handle into his mouth, coating it with saliva. He opens these panties to the crotch and re-wraps the enormous head of his cock, then slowly eases baby’s hairbrush into his contracting asshole. “Ahhhh” he likes this very much.

His left hand is underneath his knee and tigh as he fucks himself with the hairbrush, his right hand is slowly and methodically stroking his shaft through the panties of his own little girl. Pre-cum becomes very evident and begins to spread though the thread-bare fabric. Mr. Derrick shoves his new dildo into his ass as far as he can manage. His right hand stops at the top, just underneath the ridge of his bulging head. His lips draw back and his teeth are clinched tight. He came so hard I could almost hear it. So many hot little sperm and so little fabric – it flowed through the material as he kept pulsing more from his big slick balls, up the shaft and out – all for my viewing pleasure. Dirty bastard that he is, Mr Derrick removes the hairbrush from his still-open butt and he’s smiling.

I had a feeling I was about to see something more when bam,bam,bam, on the bathroom door. “Fuck me”, I muttered, since a full on, squirting orgasm was so near at hand. It was our little Tiffany. “Whatcha doin April? I have to pee pee.” Oh fuck! I hadn’t locked the door! When the knob turned and the door pushed open, I was only about half-way to my feet. Cum covered panties in my mouth, two pair clentched in my fist, in walks Tiffany.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” She said, with a look of surprise, but also wonder on her angelic face. She began to lower her head in that “I shouldn’t have come in way” and then said “I had to pee and you were in hear so long…” Now fully erect but still naked, I could see, even though her head was down, that she was looking underneath her eyebrows and my red-topped pussy. I lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes. Come on in here and pee baby. I was just changing”. She got to the toilet where I just witnessed her father butt-fucking himself with her hairbrush and cumming in her panties, spun around and slipped the ones she was wearing down to her ankles. She didn’t sit down like normal, but stood straight back up so that I could see her slit. The site was enough to drive me insane, what she did next, did. She spread her legs apart, lowered both hands to her tiny bald pussy, and spread her little lips open.

“I know what you were doing April. The same thing mom & dad do” She said in an almost sultry, come-fuck-me voice. “What’s that?” I inquired, making no move to drop her panties, or pull on my own. Not yet. I had to see where this was going. Tiff tucked her butt and pushed her pelvis in my direction, now on her tippy toes, “You were smelling my pee pee and tasting it” With that, she began with a tiny drip, then two, then a trickle. She was peeing! I quickly and without any thought at all except to taste this little treat of a girl. I dropped to my knees in front of her and managed to say “Yes baby. Let me taste you” before she full on peed. I took the first to my chest and the hot urine washed down my stomach and over my spasming pussy. The rest I could not resist drinking. Well not drinking, but took it into my mouth and let it spill over my bottom lip like a waterfall.

I busied my left hand on my pussy, while her pee washed over my fingers and lips. Her pee subsided and I locked onto her pussy with my mouth. greedily licking her swollen slit. Now I sat her down on the toilet and pushed her legs back, and dropped her toothbrush. “what did you do with my toothbrush” she asked in her sultry voice as I hadn’t it to her. “I’ve had it inside of me baby, go ahead, put it in your mouth” As soon as she did that, I heard her moan, then tell me how good it tatsed, “It taste much better than toothpaste.” I looked up and my little prize was smiling from ear to ear. I didn’t say another word, but lowered my head, pushed her legs further back and swabbed her asshole, taint and cunt with my dripping tongue.
This time, there was no knock. The door opened and Mr. Hedrick entered our little scene, saying something about some towel or something Beverly needed. He didn’t get many words out though. Here, in the bathroom floor, was a very hot and naked 13 yo redhead, bent at the altar of his naked 8 yo daughter’s crotch with her tongue sliding up and down her entire sex. Mr. Hedrick did not wait for an invitation. He opened his trousers and hauled out a beautiful hard cock. Not as big as I had imagined, and circumcised, but beautiful non-the- less and extremely erect.

He walked over and positioned himself beside Tiff, took her head in his hands and swiveled it towards his lovely meat. “Knew playmate Tiff? That’s my girl. Suck my cock baby, just like we learned. Mind your teeth this time.” I was watching closely as his bulbous head slipped into her sweet little mouth. His hands still on her head, but his eyes locked with mine, he motioned for me to “watch this” I averted my eyes back to his cock and her mouth, still sucking on her pussy, Mr. Hedrick forced his cock past her gag reflex and into her throat. That puppy must’ve been 8” and half of it had disappeared into Tiffany’s mouth and down her throat. He jabbed in there a few times before Tiff chocked. He pulled back and out, followed by a tremendous amount of Tiffany’s saliva. That was too fucking hot.

I inched forward on my knees and kissed Tiffy, licking and sucking at her saliva. It was thick and rich and slid down my throat like cum would. Now she was kissing me back, slipping her tongue into my mouth and searching the back of my teeth. Mr. Hedrick now gave us his cock, which she sucked and licked up one side, as I did the same on the other. Needless to say, Mr. Hedrick didn’t last long. We both backed off and hot little tiff opened her mouth like a baby bird. “Daddy” stroked it only once and his boiling hot cum jetted into her mouth. She had to swallow, so while she was at it, he turned to me, cumming across my cheek and the bridge of my nose, before I could get my mouth on him. I took a couple of good squirts and gave it back to Tiff, who finished him off.

Without a word, Mr Hedrick turned, zipped up his tool and headed back down to the car where Beverly was still waiting. “Mr Hedrick,” I called after him, “don’t forget the towel” He walked past, opened the pantry and grabbed one. Before going completely past, he tuned and kissed my spermy lips, then his daughter’s. Walking out and closing the door behind him he said “Lock that. Ya’ll don’t stay up too late”

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good age

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2011-10-14 15:13:24
Enjoyed the story. Correct the spelling and grammar, as they detract from the experience. If I had to guess, I'd say you actually are 13.

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You have such a sexy mind so hot I bet you hear it all the time. keep it up! kliton1

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Had me standing up!!

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BEST STORY YET but why did you make the girls so young Tiff should atleast be 11 and April should be 15 but other than that i think you story was AWESOME

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