The boys find out that their Dad is fucking with the neighbor and her daughters and invite themselves to join the fun.
My name is Herb and I've got a story that you will love to read and maybe find hard to believe but I swear that it's true, every word of it. I'm 17 and just started my senior year in high school. I'm 5'9" tall and weigh 155 pounds. I am in pretty good shape and enjoy sports but don't play on any of the school teams. I live with my Dad in the Phoenix area. Dad and Mom were divorced a couple of years ago and she moved to another state so I only see her a few times a year. Mom very personally taught me about sex when I was 16 but that's not the story I want to tell you here.

Our last class for the day had just ended and I went out into the hall and found my best friend, Jeff. "Jeff, you've got to come over to my house. I found something you won't believe. You've gotta see it." Jeff asked me what it was but I told him the he would have to wait and see. We walked the six blocks to my house and he kept asking what I had found but I would not tell him. Jeff and I had been best friends from back in third grade when he moved here from back east.

When we got to the house we threw our books on the couch. "OK, we're here, what's this big deal you gotta show me?" Jeff asked. "I was looking through Dad's stash of porn tapes and found this one with no label. I watched it and you gotta see it, Dude." Jeff and I were poking around the house one day about a year ago when we found that my Dad kept a collection of fuck DVD's and tapes in one of his drawers. We have been watching them whenever we get a chance ever after that and we often jerk off while we watch them. I told him again that he had to see this one as I put it in the machine.

It started with my father laying naked on the bed, looking at a centerfold in Hustler magazine while slowly masturbating. He stroked his 7 inches up and down. Jeff shouted, "Holly shit. That's your Dad." I replied, "That's just the start. Wait and see." Dad is a hunk. He is 6'2" and weighs about 190 pounds and now I knew that he has a nice big, hard, thick cock. He is really handsome and does not look like his age of 40. The camera moved around to a different spot in the room so you could tell that it was being held by someone, not just sitting on the dresser. From the new point of view you could look past Dad on the bed and see two really cute young girls walk in the bedroom door. They were dressed in what looked like Catholic school uniforms. Short plaid shirts, white front buttoning blouses and saddle shoes with ankle length white socks. They both had their light brown hair in twin ponytails. "Fuck man, that's Brenda and Judy, the Brandon twins." Jeff excitedly said. Brenda and Judy were in our school but we didn't know them because they were only 15 year old sophomores.

Dad looked over and saw them come into the room and he sat up on the side of his bed with his cock sticking straight up in the air, pointing at the ceiling. Brenda and Judy came over and sat tightly on either side of him. Dad put his arms around them and gave their tits a squeeze as he gave each one a long hard kiss. The girls then got up and proceeded to strip out of their clothes while Dad watched them and stroked his manhood. They were so much alike that it was hard to tell them apart. Brenda was about an inch taller at 5'5". They were both slim and both had perky B cup tits. Their large, dark nipples were excitedly standing straight out. Dad lay back down on the bed and the girls climbed on with him. The camera moved around so it was filming the bed from the side and then moved up. The person with the camera must have gotten up on a chair to get a better filming angle.

Brenda moved down between Dad's spread legs and wrapped her hand around his shaft and put her lips around his cock head. Judy lifted her one leg over Dad's head and lowered her pussy down onto his face. You could see him start licking her sweet young slit. The camera zoomed in and out on the various acts giving great close-ups of My 40 year old father being sucked while eating out these 15 year old twin girls. After several minutes the girls switched places and Judy sucked Dad while he ate Brenda's cunt. Judy sucked better and deeper than Brenda. It looked like she was deep throating Dad's fuck pole. Brenda had an orgasm almost as soon as Dad's tongue touched her clit. Then Judy got up and positioned herself above Dad's cock and lowered herself down onto it. The two girls were facing each other and they leaned forward to kissed while rubbing each other's tits. After a few more minutes they changed positions again. The two girls got on their hands and knees next to each other and Dad got behind them. First he slid his cock onto Brenda's pussy and fucked her hard and deep for several strokes. Then he moved over and did the same to Judy. He went back and forth several times. The camera got many great shots. You could see their tits bouncing as he slammed into their bodies and you could hear the girls moan and beg Dad to fuck them harder and deeper as each was having my father's cock put to them. Soon you could tell form his moaning that Dad was about to come. He stood up next to the bed facing the camera. The two girls got down in front of him and they both sucked and licked him till he came, shooting his large load of cum all over their faces. After his last blast the girls licked his deflating cock clean and he sat down on the bed. Brenda and Judy then licked each others faces clean and shared open mouth kisses, swapping his cum back and forth till they swallowed and opened their mouths, with big smiles, to the camera showing that they were now empty. The camera then came back down to floor level and stopped moving. From behind the camera walked Mrs. Brandon, Brenda and Judy's mother. She was fully dressed. She walked over and gave each of her daughters a kiss on the lips. She turned to the camera and said, "That was really hot girls. You did great but next time he's all mine." She walked back to the camera and turned it off.

Jeff and I talked all the next week about how we could get in on this action and finally came up with a plan. We wondered if Brenda and Judy's dad and brother were fucking them too. It was fun to think about.

We finally came up with a plan. I told Dad that Saturday we were going over to the other side of town to spend the day with another friend. We hoped that gave my Dad the opportunity to set something up with Brenda, Judy and Mrs. Brandon. About two hours later we came back and sure enough, there was Mrs. Brandon's car in the driveway. We went around to Dad's bedroom window. The curtains were closed but we could peek in at the edge. We looked in and there were Dad and Mrs. Brandon naked. Dad was sitting on the bed with Mrs. Brandon standing in front of him. Dad was having a great time sucking and squeezing her tits and she had her head back moaning and telling him to suck harder and to bite them. After a couple of minutes they both lay on the bed with Mrs. Brandon on top in the 69 position. Dad was eating away at her pussy while she was bobbing her head up and down on Dad's long hard cock. At that point we let ourselves into the house and went to the bedroom. The door was wide open as they did not expect anyone to come home. As we entered the room we faked surprise. "Oh, my God. Dad." They jumped up and Mrs. Brandon pulled a sheet up to cover herself. Then we saw something that we had not seen from the window. On the floor next to the bed, Judy and Brenda were naked and kissing and finger fucking each other. Dad asked what we were doing home. We told him the truth that we had seen the tape and were wanting to catch them so we could get in on the action. "Well you caught us and I guess that means that you are in." He looked at Mrs. Brandon and the girls and they all nodded approval.

Jeff and I stripped out of our clothes and walked over to the girls with our young cocks pointing at the ceiling. We stopped in front of them and they immediately took our cocks into their mouths and sucked like they were trying to get a thick milkshake through a straw. We placed our hands behind their heads and started fucking into their mouths. We are both young enough and small enough that they did not have any trouble swallowing our cocks till their noses were buried in our pubic hair. Neither one of us had had much sex but have seen enough on DVD's and the internet to know what to do. Dad and Mrs. Brandon were back at 69ing. Every once in a while they would look over to see what the girls and we were doing.

From then on our families and Jeff spent a lot of time together. We enjoyed every combination you can think of including my dad, Jeff and me fucking all three of Mrs. Brandon's holes at the same time and then having Brenda and Judy suck us all dry when we were ready to come.. We all thought that this was the greatest.

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Wow, daddy must feel proud to have a cockblocking blackmailing son at the young age of 17... xD With luck Herb will graduate highschool a rapist... Seriously though, you don't force yourself into another guys deal. Guess Herb and Jeff were too pimplefaced/retarded jocks to get any dates on their own.

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You should follow some creating writing courses before posting your next story
This one is crap!

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my near is this our goodness.


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Great story. I love multiple fucking and this one has it. Hopefully you will cum up with more adventures with this family. Thanks for sharing your erotic talent.


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