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the next morning, Jon just got home, and Catches Ronda and Jessica nude in the bed.
“well, looks like you two had fun last night.”

I slowly opened my eyes, and looked slowly. My arms were still wrapped around Ronda’s naked body, I had one hand cupping her breast, and the other wedged between her thighs. I finally saw my husband standing at the foot of the bed, looking at my sister and rubbing himself.

“do you think she’s mind a hard cock after what you put her through last night?”

just then Ronda spoke up,

“after a night of tonguing my sisters sweet pussy, I probably could use a hard cock to make this the best weekend ever.”

Jon climbed up on the bed, and pushed his head between Ronda’s thighs, and kissed right above her clit. I love it when he does that to me, and by the shiver I felt go through her, I could tell she loved it as well. He slid one finger into her tight pussy, and I could still taste her on my lips, the smell, and the memories flooded me, as I flooded the bed. Watching my husband finger my sister, was almost too much to take, and I think Ronda knew I needed something, because she put he hand behind her, and started rubbing my clit. Jon smiled watching me getting fingered by my own sister, but then he looked down, and put his head down, and slowly ran his tongue over her clit.

“oh jesus. I can tell why you married him Jessica.”

Jon pulled his head up, and looked at her in her eyes.

“say her name again.”

He shoved two fingers deep inside, and sucked her clit, as she moaned out my name.


I came again, flooding into her hand, which made her cum, gushing all over my husbands face. He sat up and smiled.

“I see it runs in the family, how about you get on your hands and knees, and see if you can take a cock like your slut of a sister.”

Ronda smiled, I think she liked it as much as I do. I love it when he calls me names, and spanks me. He smacked her ass, and then kissed her pussy, and slid his tongue over her ass, and then bit her left ass cheek.

Ronda moaned out, and smiled, as my husband slid his cock, deep into my sisters pussy. I became so wet, and horny, I started to rub myself, but Ronda stopped me.

“ lay where I can get to it, I’m still hungry from pussy.”

She pushed up, as I settled in under her, her tongue probing my slit, and running feverishly over my clit and pussy hole. I closed my eyes, and smiled, but I wanted to see my husband fucking her, so I had to open them and watch. He would slam it in, making her ass shake and jiggle, and the slowly pull it out, making her gasp and shiver. He slapped her ass, and I could tell she was cumming, she closed her eyes and gasped for air, just as he pulled his cock out, and pushed his hand deep into her. Ronda’s eyes shot open, and her jaw dropped. She wasn’t breathing, but I could tell, she was having a powerful orgasm.

After a few seconds, she laid her head down, and Jon slammed his cock into her again, making her head raise up, and making me cum, just from seeing him fucking her again. Just then I thought of something,

“are you wearing a condom?”

my sister spoke first,

“no, he doesn’t need one, I’ve been fixed, and I promise I’m clean.”

At first I was a little upset, but then I squirted just thinking about my husband blowing a giant load into my sisters pussy. He made me get up, and he flipped Ronda over, and started fucking her missionary, while I sucked on her tits. After a while, he sat back on his knees, and I could see her clit, I wanted to taste it again, so I leaned over and licked it gently. I was laying there watching Jon’s cock sliding in and out of Ronda’s tight pussy.

“suck your sisters pussy juice off my cock slut.”

I became so wet, as he pushed his cock into my mouth. I could taste Ronda’s pussy on his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my face, Ronda put her hand on the back of my head and said,

“face fuck that little slut, she loves that cock.”

I came all over the bed when she said that. But then I heard Jon,

“I bet this little slut, isn’t the only slut that likes to have her face fucked.”

He pulled it away from my sucking lips, and into Ronda’s waiting lips, and into her throat, and pulled her hair.

“you like that don’t you bitch?”

Ronda moaned into his hard shaft. And he pulled out, and began stroking,

“both you sluts, push your tits together.”

We did, as he began to explode all over out tits, and on Ronda’s face. She smiled and opened her mouth, trying to catch some cum, but before she could, he moved me away, and pushed her down, and started fucking her from behind. He was still coming, and I couldn’t believe how much it was. It began dripping from around his cock, as he stopped slamming in so hard, and slowly laid her down on her side. He pulled his cock out, and moved it to her face, where she sucked and licked him clean. He leaned down, and kissed her, and then turned and kissed me, and then laid down, next to her, and I laid on the other side of her, and my husband and I held my naked sister tight. Until we all drifted to sleep…

To be continued….

this is just part two, and i would love to have some feed back, so all comments welcome...

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2010-07-14 01:44:57
Love the story, I really enjoy the name calling, I love to be called names, especially slut ;)


2010-07-13 23:23:59
"Well, he was lucky enough to have a threesome with his wife and sister in law, and they're willing partners....
So why does he have to call them sluts and degrade them?
Thumbs down from me...
2 out of 10

actually, i based this off my wife's fantasy, and she loves to be called names, and kind of degraded, and, according to her sister, she likes it as well.

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