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I borrowed some ideas for this story from Harry potter and the sisters black saga. This is the first time I've ever written anything like this, so constructive critisism would be happily accepted. 
Chapter 1: Harry meets the sisters

Harry potter was taking a walk thinking about how crappy his life is. The dursleys have ruined his life for the first eleven years and the past five summers. He is so ready to leave their house, but he still has two more years left till he is a legal aged wizard. Then there is voldemort, who killed his parents, and has tried to kill him at least once a year since he turned eleven. Then last year he heard the damnable prophecy about him and voldemort.
"Why is my life so screwed up!?" the 15 year old wizard yelled to the sky. 
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Help meeee!" a womans voice screamed from down the alley he was passing. 
"Lumos" he lit his wand and went down the alley, oblivious to the fact that his guard had left him for another problem comming from behing. He walked into the alley. " Hello? Is anyone there?" suddenly a sharp pain exploded in his head ands he saw stars as his world descended into darkness.

A few hours later
There was a shuffling sound that sounded familiar to Harry as he was comming to. He opened his eyes and saw Wormtail pacing across the room muttering under his breath about something Voldemort had wanted him to do. He looked over and noticed Harry was awake.
" Here. This is all I can do for you. If you use it right you will be saved. Now my debt is repaid. Goodbye Potter." with that Wormtail left the room.
"Wormtail! What the bloody hell is going on here?" the you g wizard reached into his robe only to find that his wand was not with him any longer. " Damn that slime. He took my wand." he sighed as he realized that he had been captured and was in a cell, most likely Voldemort was on his way now to kill him. He remembered the paper Pettigrew thrust into his hand. He he looked at the paper and saw what looked like a spell written on it. Servis sexis. After he read the paper, it burst into green flames, there was another sharp pain in his head and he saw black. When he came to a bit later, he felt the cool bedsheets underneath him, his arms and legs spread and chained, and what sounded like women whispering. He opened his eyes and realized that he was naked and chained to a bed, and that the whispering women were in fact Bellatrix Lestrange, Neville Longbottom's parents tormenter, and Narcissa Malfoy, the mother of Draco Malfoy, Harry's school nemisis. 
"Well Bella, it seems our guest of honor is finally awake. What should we do to the boy who lived before our master gets here to kill him?" 
"Well Cissy, I think you know what we should do to him. After all it has been so long since we've had a cock in us." 
Harry blanched as he realized what was going to happen. "But why would you want me? I've never had sex before. Why me?Voldemort and I are archenemies."
"Aw, did you hear that Cissy? Wittle baby Potter has never had a girl before."
"I know Bella! You'd think he has. I mean for one thing he is the boy who lived! And just look at the size of that thing! It's as big as Lucius's is when it's awake, and Potter's isn't even erect!"
"So Cissy, who should get to take him first? Should we decide the usual way?" 
"I believe that would be a good idea Bella. The usual way it is." 
They shook hands and took heir robes of to reveal that they weren't wearing anything underneath. Harry's eyes widened and he could feel his cock twitch as he saw two beautiful naked women before him. Bella is 5'8, with wavy black hair down to her butt, big black eyes, sensual full lips, 36 C breasts, a tight ass, and a firm stomach. She looks a bit leaky, but that is probably just the side effect of being near the dementors for so long. She has the same looks as Sirius did after he escaped from Azkaban. Cissy is just as tall but she has clear blue eyes, long silver blonde hair, full lips, 34 C breasts, a firm ass, and was very thin.  He wondered what the usual was was for a split second as he realized that they were getting into the 69 position on the plush black carpet. Bellatrix was on her back, and Narcissa was on top. Bellatrix's head and Narcissa's pussy were facing toward Harry, so he had a front row seat of Bella eating her sister out. 
Bella started out slowly, just blowing air onto her sisters pussy lips and was rewarded by hearing Cissy suck in a breath. She grinned and started to slowly lick her sisters pussy, starting near her bumhole and moving up, purposely going around her clit. 
As Bella was working on her pussy, Cissy sucked in a breath before getting to work. She blew some cold air onto Bella's clit and began eating her in earnest, and was rewarded with Bella's moan. 
Bella knew that her sister was trying to make her come first, but she just couldn't let that happen, and she began her furious assault on Cissy's pussy. She felt her sister twitch and grinned, believeing she had almost won, when suddenly Cissy pushed her fist into Bella's cunt and but down on her clit. Bella screamed as her orgasm ripped through her.  
Harry watched the entire show, and realized that he was very hard and needed some release. The only problem was he really didn't want to ask one of them to help him, so he remained quiet. 
"Well that's it. I win Bella. I get to take Potter first." with that she turned to face Harry and got a big grin on her face. "Well well. What do we have here? Looks like Potter has a friend that wants to play. Why don't I help you out a bit with that big, delicious looking cock." she walked over to Harry and kneeled on the floor next to him, her mouth level with his cock. She leaned over and took him into her mouth and heard him try to supress a groan. Bella gave a small laugh and began playing with her sister's pussy and Cissy started sucking on Harry and deepthroating him. She could feel her orgasm building and began humming, the vibrations sending Harry near the edge. Bella did the same thing Cissy did to her to send her into an orgasm, she fisted her sister and bit her clit. Harry heard Narcissa orgasm, and felt that he was about to blow, but there was also another feeling building up in him. Just as he blew his load down Narcissa's throat, the other feeling exploded, and Harry yelled the words that were on the paper Wormtail gave him. "Servus sexus!" He felt all the power drain out of him and blacked out. 
As he came to for the third time, he realized that he was not chained up anymore and was clothed. He sat up and looked around and saw the sisters kneeling on the floor at his feet. 
"Whats going on?" the young wizard asked.  
They answered him, "We are deeply sorry for any harm that has befallen you on our behalf, master. We humbly hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive us."
He stared at them with a bewildered look on his face. "Okay, but that doesn't answer my question. What is going on?"
"We only wish to please you, master. And help you stay alive and defeat the Dark Lord. We do not belong to him any longer. We belong to you." and they rolled up their sleeves to show him that the dark mark was completely gone. The was no trace of it at all. And then they showed him the chockers they were wearing. It was a small silver disk, about the size of a sickle, with an intricate P in the middle, and was tied around their necks with a black satin ribbon. "We only wish to serve you, master."
"Alright then. Get my wand for me and bring me to Grimuald place." 
The sisters got up and opened the door, only to find Peter already there. He thrust Harry's wand at Cissy and ran away. They walked over to Harry when he realized they were sill naked. "Please put your robes back on before we go anywhere." he said in an exasperated voice. The two witches put their robes on grabbed Harry's arms and dissapperated. 

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2014-04-27 11:57:42
Hmmmm hope you keep it up, just put your own spin on it and give us all a good continued story to go with this start

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2011-07-31 14:18:13
where the hellz is part 2

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2011-07-31 14:14:38
it was aaaalllrriiight i

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2011-04-11 07:56:55
Wow. Shittiest story ever.


2010-08-15 09:42:59
To 'anonymous reader' below ("don't steal others ideas think of your own stories you wouldn't like it if someone stole your idea so don't steal thiers"), I ain't complaining. If you don't like it, don't read it. But you could miss out on a better version. I'm not afraid to admit it, why should you?
In fact, I'm honoured that somebody thought my ripping off of Rowling's saga was good enough to be done again.
You talk of stealing ideas, you have no idea how hard it is to do these stories in another's world. This is not stolen from me. I only borrowed it from JK Rowling, and I am glad to pass it on.

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