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The story of a nightmare that I have had
Reader: This is a short story about a nightmare that I have had a few times in my life and just had a recurrence last night. It is always the same and it always scares the crap out of me. It is quite bizarre and while extremely sexual it is not that erotic, at least not for me. Have you ever had a dream within a dream? It takes me days to get over it and sometimes it helps to talk about it so, here goes.

The first dream.

I felt Jason’s hand as he cupped my right breast and began to squeeze me as he sighed “Goodnight, sweetheart, as usual you were a terrific fuck. Sweet dreams, baby.” he said as he lightly pinched my nipple and kissed me on the cheek. He watched as Mistress continued to tie me for the night. My legs were tied together at the ankles and the knees and my wrists were tied together and then a chain was attached from my wrists to my ankles. Keeping my hands just above my pussy as I lay on my back.

She stepped back and looked at me and asked “Comfy?” then to Jason she asked “Do you want her gagged?”

“Yes but use the soft one, she was a really good girl tonight.” he said as he rubbed my cheek with the back of his hand.

I opened my mouth as Mistress pushed in a smaller soft ball gag and secured it behind my head. She then leaned over and kissed my cheek and said “Goodnight Ellen.” and they turned the light off as they left the room.

I lay there totally exhausted as Master and Brad had fucked my eyeballs out for the past two hours and it felt good to relax. “mmmm” I cooed as I closed my eyes enjoying my afterglow and the warm squishy feeling of my pussy as I drifted off to sleep.

Then the nightmare began.

I was happily riding a bicycle on a country road on a perfect spring day when I came across the most beautiful field of flowers that I have ever seen. I stopped the bike and just looked at them. They were absolutely gorgeous. They were about knee high and a mix of yellow and white with big blooms on them that looked like a rose but clearly they were not roses. I walked to the edge of the field and gazed out over the flowers, there were so many. The aroma was WONDERFUL as I inhaled deeply. I felt my pussy begin to moisten “Oh, now, just relax.” I said to myself as I patted my pelvis.

I started walking into the field inhaling the glorious aroma and enjoying the beautiful view. After going in about 50 yards I stopped and stood in awe of the beauty around me.

I felt a soft tickling on my right leg and I looked down and saw one of the flower stems was bent and the flower was not only touching my leg but it was like it was bumping into it as I felt another on my other leg. I stood there and watched wondering what could cause this, there was no wind.

A thought crossed my mind, a memory really of the other day when Stephanie and I had been at the country store buying a few groceries. Mr. Casswell owns most of the property in this area and he made a point of coming over to us and said rather threateningly “You girls stay out of my fucking flowers, you hear? I’m warning you! I mean it, you stupid bitches, stay away.”

As he left we just looked at each other and Stephanie said “ok, ok we won’t pick his flowers.”

As I looked down a saw a white flower actually move across the ground startling me. I moved extremely fast and before I could react it shot up and under my skirt bouncing off my pussy on the outside of the thong that I was wearing. As it fell to the ground several more white flowers appeared in front of me and with incredible speed and force shot up under my skirt and under my blouse. I felt two of them circle my tits at the base as two more circled the waist string of my thong and it was shoved to my ankles with an incredible force.

I began trying to claw the things loose when two of the yellow flowers wrapped their stems around each of my wrists and pulled hard. I remained standing but just barely but my hands were held firmly at my side. I felt two more stems wrap around each of my ankles as another stem came from behind me wrapped itself around my neck and jerked me backward. I fell on my back hard enough to knock the wind out of me.

As I lay there blinking and trying to catch my breath I felt many stems wrap themselves around my arms, legs, chest and tummy pulling themselves extremely tight. I saw a larger green stem move down my skirt and I heard it tear and it was ripped out from under me and thrown into the air. The same thing happened to my blouse as I felt a tremendous force yank it out from under me. The stem shredded my bra in seconds and I lay there completely naked and gasping for breath.

I felt my legs and arms forced along the ground until I was in a spread eagle position. I watched as a white flower appeared in front of my face and curled its petals to form an egg shape as it shot into my mouth and deep down my throat. I wanted to scream but my vocal cords did not work with the flower fucking my throat. Amazingly I could breath.

I felt it begin to fuck my throat and since it was not in my mouth I closed it but felt the stem moving back and forth on my lips. This was followed another white flower appearing up between my legs. This one was much larger and it too folded its petals to form a large egg shape and then with a speed and force that I have never seen it rammed into my pussy and began furiously fucking me.

I did not see but I certainly felt another flower as it entered my butt plunging deep inside me. The feel of the three of them fucking me so hard was both terrifying and thrilling as I tried to struggle free of the stems. Try as I might I could not move at all, I was completely immobile and helpless. I tried not to panic as two flowers appeared one on each side of me and opened their blooms as they began to spin. They each attached themselves each to one of my nipples and I felt the begin suckling me.

Another flower appeared between my legs and it also opened and began to spin as it bent over and the petals brushed against my clit. I closed my eyes tightly as I felt myself cumming. I wanted to scream and shout but I was completely muted as my cum shot from me high into the air. As it splashed back down on me bunches of flowers covered my body and almost instantly I was clean and dry as the flowers backed off of me. I felt myself cumming again. I could not help it I did not want to but I could not stop it. As I shot my fluids into the air a second time I heard “STOP!” and instantly the flowers stopped fucking me but they did not withdraw.

I opened my eyes and saw Mr. Casswell standing over me with his feet above my head looking down at me. “Your name is Ellen, isn’t it?” he paused as if waiting for a reply then said “Oh, I know you can’t talk, none of you bitches could. The fucking flower is down your throat and you cant make a sound.”

He looked in the distance and shouted “HEY, BOYS! OVER HERE! IT’S ANOTHER DUMB ASS CUNT!” Then he looked down at me again shaking his head. “Oh go ahead and fuck her.” he said and instantly the flowers began fucking me again. As I felt my pounding resume I heard footsteps as two other men walked up.

They stared down at me and one of them said “Well, shit, not another one. You poor stupid cunt, you have no idea how deep the shit is that you are in.” I came again and once again the flowers covered me then receded once my cum was consumed. He continued saying “It’s a damn shame to with those tits and a body like that, well hell, you are or were a pretty little bitch. I bet those tits got you fucked a lot, huh?”

Mr. Casswell spoke to me saying “Ellen, I think that is your name, these plants will never let you go, ever. They will fuck you until they kill you and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Oh, we tried to save a few of you stupid pussy’s before but all we did was make it worse. These things will do what I say but only sometimes but they never let the girl go so you are fucked, pardon the pun.”

He paused then continued “Billy, go get my 12 gauge.” One of the guys turned and left as I came again. Even being held this tightly my thighs began to quiver. My eyes widened in fear and bewilderment at what I had just been told.

Mr. Casswell continued “We don’t really know what makes them do this to you girls but apparently, as you can see, they like female cum and breast milk.” He paused as I closed my eyes tightly as I was forced to cum yet again. As the flowers cleared away from me I felt my tits begin to give milk as my fucking continued in all three of my holes. He continued saying “They will suck you dry, it will take them about 24 hours but you will end up a wrinkled, dried up and very dead bitch. I warned you not to come here you stupid cunt.”

The other guy returned with the shotgun and handed it to Mr. Casswell and he looked down at me and said “Don’t worry, honey, I’m not going to let that happen to you.”

“Aww, lets watch her cum a few more times. Most of these girls are just squirting machines so let the plants eat.” the guy named Billy said.

Mr. Casswell pu the gun at his side and smiled at me then said “I’m not sure if she can feel much anymore, she has been pinned down there for over an hour now.”

As if on cue I had a massive orgasm squirting my cum higher than even I thought possible as my eyes rolled back under my lids.

“HOLY SHIT! This girl can squirt!” the third guy said.

I lay there totally motionless as my tits were milking and some of it dripped down my side as the fucking flowers pounded me and I came over and over. At last Mr. Casswell said “Boy’s this bitch has had enough. Goodbye cunt.” as he pointed the shotgun at my head.

I saw a bright flash and then …..I woke up.

I woke with a startled scream and I tried to sit up but I heard “chink…chink” as I was still secured to the bed but my position had changed. I was now tightly bound spread eagle on the bed and I was sweating from my nightmare and shaking.

“apple” I whimpered softly almost tearfully.

Knowing that it was my safety word the three guys very quickly had me free and sitting on the side of the bed. Brad sat next to me and put his arm around me then said “Ellen, honey you are shaking. What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

Mistress came over to me and sat on the other side of me and said “Guys, leave us alone for a while, ok?”

Jason, Brad and Conner each touched me gently as they left the room.

“Monica (I used Mistress’s name because all thought of Dom/sub was gone from me) that was the most terrifying nightmare I have ever experienced.” I said weakly as I pressed my legs together and put my hands on top of my pussy.

“Ellen, we tried to wake you, honey, we really did but you would not wake up. It was really weird watching you, you actually climaxed a few times and right at the end your breasts started to milk. And your pussy, it was opening and closing on its own creating a round hole but only for an instant then it would close up again. I was getting worried, but now, it was just a dream and everything is ok.” Monica said holding me as she kissed my forehead.

“Go get cleaned up and the switch is off, ok?” she said meaning that I was not the sub anymore until she turned the switch on again.

I nodded and stood shakily at first but I was able to walk to the bathroom. I had a horrible taste in my mouth so I started brushing my teeth and when I rinsed I stared in shock as several white flower petals floated down the drain. “NOOO!” I said in a terrified and desperate voice. I grabbed a douche bottle and sat on the toilet and cleaned my pussy. I let the fluid flow through my fingers as it ran out of me and I watched in horror as more white flower petals stuck to my fingers.

I screamed loud and long….as I woke.

I was in my own bed, the covers were soaked with sweat and were all balled up off to one side. I reached down and touched my pussy and felt the same pussy that I always have had and that freshly fucked feeling was not there.
I plopped back on the bed and debated whether or not to brush my teeth.


2010-07-12 02:50:13
Wow trat's crazy. I liked it though. Very nicely written.

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