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My name is Cady and when this happened i was 12. Then i was wearing a b cup and had a skinny waist (i still do) my hair was blonde and my eyes are blue. But i think my best asset was my ass. it was tight and perfectly rounds off my tight bald pussy. Any way.

It was raining outside and i was in my room doing homework adn i could hear my brother's girl friend groaning from the next room because my brother was probably getting some. My sister was downstairs with her best friend and they were watching a movie that they had rented earlier and didn't want my parants to know about for some reason. I decided to go downstairs and when i got halfway down, i heard more groaning and it was coming not from my brother's room, but from the TV room down the hall. So i went down the hall and creeped into the TV room so no-one saw me. I looked at the TV adn to my horror i saw a girl wearing a latex dress and pulling her skirt up so a naked guy could stick his dick into her hot wet pussy. Then i realized the TV was muted and the groaning was coming from my sister and her best friend! My sister was lying on the couch sidways and her friend was lying at the other end of the couch lying on her back. They started to skooch tohether and shamelessly grinded their wet lesbian pussies together. I felt a tingle from my vagina and wondered where it came from. Almost by instinct i stuck my hands down my pants and started rubbing my poor hungrey pussy. Then to my horror my sister spotted me and did not look suprised. She walked over and took my hand. She guided me over to stand in front of her naked best friend and said, "Look Holly! Cady was aroused by us and tried to masturbate!" Her friend giggled and slowly pulled down my underwear and said "No silly, this is how you do it!" She took her hand and ran it up and down my slit, then with no warning shoved a finger up my hole and i shuddered in shock and pure sinful pleasure. I had no idea it could feel so good to have something inside you, but it got better. She started jamming her finger in and out of my pussy and all i could do was touch my boobs. She saw this and then got up to start sucking them. i let out a long low moan and my sister was obviosly aroused by this so she bent down and put her mouth on my girl mound. She kissed it and ran her toungue along my inner thies until i trembled with erotic pleasure. She then pushed her face against my crotch hard and licked and sucked and nibbled and danced around until it could not take it anymore from the tit sucking and the pussy eating and the porn infront of my face, i got stiff, and then shrivled to the floor. i had had my very first orgasm, from my sister!

If you peeps liked this i will finish it but i don't want to waist time on someting you hate!!!

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2016-07-30 19:07:16
Please continue your story cause im interrested in how it is going to end

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2012-09-30 20:22:00
I wanna read more of this

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2011-03-05 00:39:47
it was good need the end to make it awesome

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2010-12-09 21:10:24
i like it. please finish

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2010-12-09 21:10:15
i like it. please finish

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