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Brother and Sister find each other after she breaks up with douch bag boy friend
My sister Jamie never had very good luck with men. Everyone she dated cheated on her, or ended up being a total ass. Robbie was the latest in the blessedly small like of men my sister was ever with. He was a wannabe and a hack, and to top it all off, he had her fooled that he was in some loveless marriage that he only stayed in cause the money was good, and that his "wife" knew about what he was doing and didn't care.
Well, at the time, me and Robbie worked together and I saw him hanging around some of the girls where we work. He would flirt without any shame. I started getting suspicions that he was with someone else, and I told Jamie as much. She just got mad and Swore he wasn’t like that and that I was just making things up because I didn’t like him.
One night, our boss, went out for drinks. The man could drink, and boy did he tie one on that night. We went to the smoking patio, a smoked a few cigarettes while he proceeded to get even more hammered. After a few minutes of going on about how much he LOOVED the song on the juke box, he just spilled out in a drunken slur,” You know Robbie is cheating on your sister with that freshman we just hired from the college...RIGHT?" I told him I knew and we went on about our drinking, trying to pretend that he hadn't just ruined my night, and me, trying to forget that I had to tell her when I got home from the bar.
It was about 2:30am when I got home to the town house that we shared with Anne, our room mate, along with two cats and a dog. I looked into her room and she was deep asleep. I felt very mixed up about her. I felt sorry for her, but...then again, she kept doing it to herself. I just didn’t understand why all those guys would cheat on her. I started thinking about it. She wasn’t old at 30. She wasn't fat, in fact, far from it. "She has a 26in waist" I said to myself. Long thick red hair, blue green eyes, chiseled lips, a tight ass. The only thing she wasn’t blessed with was a big rack. "Jesus," I thought aloud "what guy wouldn't be luck to get my sister. Robbie is a fuckin' jerk. I mean, Damn! If she weren't my sister....well, yeah, I'd jump in the sack with her." At that moment, I had an internal pause, "did I just say that?" I asked myself. I stood there, still staring at Jamie. She shifted under her sheets exposing one small ivory breast. Floored, I didn’t know what to do. My sensibilities screaming at me to go into my room, shut the door and go to bed, my heart, and loins, had a different sentiments to add. I warred with myself for a few minutes before I was finally able to force myself to turn tail and go to bed. That night, I dreamed my first dream with Jamie.
The next morning, or what we were calling morning anyway, was a Thursday and neither of us had to work for a change. I called her down stairs, where I had made breakfast and some hazelnut Kuna coffee, her favorite. "Honey, sit down. We need to talk. And I need to get this over and done with now or Imp just gonna loose it." I said to her, feeling very stressed and more pissed off at Robbie than ever. "What's going on kid?" she asked, a worried look crossing her face. "Look, I know you are just going to get mad at me, but you are my sister, and whether you like it or not, I have to tell you the truth." I said solemnly "About what?" the nerves of the situation straining her forehead and neck. "Whets up kid, spill it."
Last night, you know, I was out with the boss and a few people from work, and well, there was a lot of drinking. Well, the boss man kinda said something that I’m not sure intended to say. Last night, he asked me if I knew that Robbie was sleeping with the college freshman and had been for a few months. I asked around my other drunkies and they all said that they knew about it and that they all thought you knew." I said, allowing myself to show all the compassion I could. "You might think he is a good buy Jamie, but I’m telling you, he's nothing but a big cheating jerk." I finished. "That's enough Shane, I'll deal with it now, and I'm going to get some answers." She said in a stoney voice.
She went up stairs, phone in hand. It wasn't long until I heard things shattering against the wall and a long howling cry find its way down the stairs to me, where I sat entirely unsure what to do. I resolved to go check on her.
I made my way up the steps and peeked in her room ever so slightly, unsure if flying objects were still a possibility. I saw her, lying on the floor in a crumpled heap, sobbing. I made my way over to her and scooped her up in my arms. "He's a bastard" I whispered to her. I made way to her bed and laid her down. She asked me for a hug, to which I happily bent down and hugged her. This hug was deep and meant more than the normal pat of the backs. We were connecting in her time of pain. She invited me into the bed by lifting the sheets, I crawled in and snuggled up for a few hours.
Some time later, we woke up. I in the mood to get out of the house and stretch my legs a bit suggested that we drive to LA and hit a club. She fought me for some time, but in the end she gave in. We went out and had a few drinks, danced a few songs and spent the evening yammering about what an ass he was. We called it a night at about 1am and started our hour long drive home.
I don't remember the whole conversation, but at some point, we began discussing the TV show, taboo and what we saw as taboo, both of us having gone to school for social sciences. The conversation turned again. This time to the subject of sex and taboos. We were rather in depth in the conversation when the subject of siblings came up. "Do you like watching twins together?" She asked, "Hell yeah," I replied "that kinda thing is my number of turn on." I admitted. "We'll, what about like a brother and sister?" she asked with a slightly embarrassed smirk. "Yeah, I think that's pretty hot too." I returned. "Why? That question seemed kind of loaded." I asked before she could change the subject. "I’m, I'm just trying to see what my little brother is into." She stammered. "Yes, I know. But why?" I asked again. "We'll, what would you say about, umm, what would you say if I said, for example, that I was interested in you. What would you say?" She asked ever so shyly. "Well," I weighed, "I think I would say that I think its kinda hot, and I would say, that I’m totally flattered. If it ever came up that is."
The she turned and looked at me as we pulled up to the house. "Okay," she paused. "We'll, Shane, I guess ill just say what’s on my mind." She blushed. "I think your a hottie, and that I would love to see what happens tonight..." she trailed off her words, leaving them for me to pick up. I got out of the car without a word and opened her door, offering her a hand.
We went inside and laid on the couches and attempted to watch some low brow comedy and popped open a bottle of wine and loaded the pipe. We smoked and drank, not looking at each other for fear the other might be looking back. I lay my head on the arm of the couch and not long after I felt long acrylic nails running through my hair and down the back of my neck. I enjoyed the moment for a time and then found my hands combing through Jamie's hair. The long locks of red and mahogany slipping like liquid silk through my fingers. I began tracing her lips with my thumb and moving ever so slowly across her chin, her jaw line, until my hand found the back of her neck. I leaned only a breath away from her lips. My cock straining against my jeans. My skin and hers glistening in the pale light of the TV from the anticipation for what we both knew what to come. In the faintest whisper, I asked her, "Is this what you want?" With that, she reached up behind my head and pulled me too her kissing me deep and with a raging burning passion. She lay there on the couch, beneath me, her tight body rising and falling and she attempted to pull me in deeper. Slowly, I slipped my hands up her silk shirt, exploring every curve of skin, ever pulse under my finger tips. I ran my down to her hips, making note of the womanly shape that was my big sister. I slipped my fingers up her back, feeling my way around the soft white marble that was her body, and find her bra. Black lace. I quickly un-hooked it and came around her body to find my prize with my hands. Her breasts were small and perky, and at that moment I was taken by the overwhelming need to taste them, to taste my sisters beautiful breasts. I slid my hands up over her head, taking off her shirt, as it stuck to her skin from the glisten of our passions. She then reached down groping and grabbing for my shirt, nicking me with her nails along my sides. The jolt of pain and pleasure sent my back arching. She ripped my shirt over my head, "Come here baby brother," she said in a husky whisper "does your big sister turn you on?" "Oh, God! Yes!" I replied in an equally husky whisper. I stood and grabbed her hand. "Let's go up stairs to your bed," I said, trying to mask my urgency and trying to look cool for my half naked and horny big sister. "It's cooler up stairs and we have everything we need up there. We took off like two wild horses, stripping and throwing clothes where ever they would land as we rushed up the town house stairs. Touching and kissing, groping and nipping all the way up the stairs.
As she got near the bed, she let her floor length skirt slip from around her hips and pool around the floor at her feet. There for me to behold, my big sister, naked, but for the tiny little g string she was wearing that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. I slowly walked to her. My cock pulsing in my jeans, fighting to break free. My skin glimmering in the moon light which shone through the window. I knelt down in front of her, slid my hands up her thighs, grabbing hand fulls of her lovely tight ass. I slipped my thumbs into her g string waist and slowly slid them down her legs revealing a smooth, shaved pussy that looked like something off of a Greek statue. Perfect and exactly as I had imagined her, she stood in front of me, the woman who Id looked up to for years, the girl I told everything to, the one who knew all there was to know about me, the girl who was my big sister, the girl I had refused to acknowledge that I had feelings for for years, who I had spied on through the bathroom door, or through her bed room door watching her undress and stretch at night before bed. She was going to share the only thing that we had yet to share with each other. We were going to share our bodies. She lifted me up from the floor by the hair on the back of my head, drawing my face close to hears. "The pants, little brother...lose them." She whispered in a tone that made me only want to obey the wishes of my sister. I dropped them to the floor, my erection finally popping free. "Fuck me little brother, I want to feel you inside me, Now!" she said in a sultry bedroom voice. I didn't need a second invitation and plunged inside her. I drove as deep as my 8 inches would carry me. Her hands flew to my shaggy brown hair, pulling it to find relief from the over bearing lust that we found for each other. Her eyes fluttered shut. "Open your eyes. I want to look in your eyes while we fuck" I commanded. Her eyes fluttered back open and her green blues eyes weakly stared into the deep pools of brown that are mine. I slipped in and out of her rhythmically for a moment, sliding out at far as I could, leaving only the head of my shaft in her and then sliding all the way back into her until I was balls deep in my lovely Jamie's pussy. And lovely it was as well. Hot and smooth, without a trace of pubic hair in site. I slipped out of her and began kissing my way down to just below her hips. "What are you doing?" She breathed. "Taking care of my big sister." I replied headily. "What are you doing down there? What are you planning on?" she said in a voice that could only be called dazed and confused. "I thought you would have caught on, but I guess I'll just have to show you what I’m doing to you." I said with a building amount of confidence. I kissed her inner thigh and ran my lower lip and tongue across her toned belly and then quickly dropped from her belly to that now gleaming juicy pussy I had wanted for so long. I ran my tongue up and down the outer lips, teasing my way around her throbbing clit. I licked and kissed and sucked all over, until finally I gave her what I promised and dove my tongue right into her hot, bald, wet, twat. I licked and eat and kissed with all the skill and love I could muster. It was after all, my big sister, and I wanted to beat out all the other men she had ever known. I wanted her to forget about them and give her naked self all to me. I gave a long sinewy lick inside her gushing pussy. Just then, she grabbed my hair and shoved my face into her depths and clamped her long dancers legs around my head. "Oh my God Shane! Shane! Shane! Please don't stop. Lick me harder! Oh God! I'm cumming..I'm cumming! Oh fuck!" And with that she came over and over again while I continued to make love to her box, kissing and biting and licking.
After a moment of silence, and some deep breaths, she cupped my face in her hands and brought me up to eye level. "Where the hell, did that come from? I've never felt anything like it. That was, that was, amazing." She breathed out with what little air she could hold. Confused, I looked down at her, her skin flushed and pink, her nipples hard and long red hair wildly spread out on the bed. "What do you mean you have never felt anything like that before?" I asked, smiling for the fact that she was still having trouble speaking. "I've never had someone do that to me before." She replied shyly. "You mean to tell me that you have never had a guy go down on you before? Well, I guess that we need to play catch up so you can enjoy the full benefits of a full body orgasm." I said with the pride of knowing that I was the only man who ever ate my sisters pussy. I went to dive back down and pleasure her more as well as enjoy myself, when she grabbed my head before I could make it to the sexy pink heat. "Shane," she whispered" "Yeah sis?" I replied. "Will you do something for me, if I ask you?" she said sweetly. "Absolutely, anything for my sexy sister." I giggled. "Shane, I don't want to use a condom. I want you to fuck the hell out of me and fill me up. I want to feel your skin inside me." she informed me. "Do we have anything to worry about?" I asked plainly. "No." she said.
I climbed back on top of her and slowly slid my bare cock deep into her. "OH! God! You feel Amazing inside me!" She cried out at the top of her lungs. I began rhythmically pumping my raw 8 inches in and out of her faster and faster, harder and harder. She dug her nails into my back and dragged them down to my naked waste. She reached up again and ran them deep into my pecs and my four pack abs causing little trickles of blood to mix with sweat and stain her alabaster skin. I laid down close to her, pressing my whole body into hers and with a snap and a roll of the hip she was on top of me. She began working her hips forward, backward, side to side. Every movement shoving me closer and closer to my climax. We stayed here for nearly a half hour. My beautiful sister, riding my cock, looking into my eyes with a look of lust and confusion at how we got where we were. I whispered to her "don't worry sis. Don't stop making love to me. I'm your little brother, and I love you. And I love where our relationship seems to be going." The lust in her eyes took over as she rocked my cock, and the look of confusion seemed to drift away, replaced by something else. A deep seated and secret emotion that now only we could now for each other. We both felt the forbidden love. She balanced herself on the balls of her feet and swung herself around to face away from me and stated pounding my cock for all it was worth. "Are you close?" I choked out. "I’m so so close Jamie! I’m gonna come in you! I want you to cum with me. Cum with me Jamie!" She spun back around and looked me in the eyes, continuing to rail herself on my cock all the harder. "Let me know baby brother. I want you to fill me with your hot sticky cum. Fuck Me! Fill Me! Do it little brother! Fill your big sister with cum! Now! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!" She screamed. "I felt all the lust and all the man that I am let loose and flow out of my raging cock. I shot load after burning load into Jamie's pussy. Filling it to the brim and then until my cum began to leak out around my still hard cock. When I finished, I fell over on the bed, thoroughly spent. "You have one of the hottest most beautiful pussy in the world, and I don’t know where you learned those tricks with your hips, but baby, don't ever forget them." I said with a tired laugh. "Oh, I don’t see that happening any time soon." she replied with a laugh. "I think I can safely say, my wildly sexy and fuckable sister, that that, what the hottest night of sex I have ever had. Are you okay with what happened?" "Of course I am Shane. I’m a big girl and if I wouldn’t have been okay with it, we wouldn’t have done it. You were amazing yourself kiddo." She stated making no qualms about any of it. "I was kinda wondering Shane. Since you already did it for a while tonight, and I don’t know if it gets any kinkier than incest with your little brother, I was wondering, would you eat my pussy again?" She asked in that way that says, 'big sister is gonna get what she wants' "What? You mean right now? While you are still full of my spunk?" I asked not sure I was following her. "Yes, will you eat your cum out of my pussy and then kiss me with a mouth full of you and my juices?"
Without warning, I rolled her on her back threw her legs apart. I worked my tongue all in and out of her hot sweaty and sweet pussy. Her hips rocked and she came hard on my face, pushing my cum out of her and into my waiting out, which was already half full of her hot juice. I moved upward and she opened her mouth and moaned as I kissed her, allowing our combined juices to flow from my mouth to hers.
We lay there in bed making out swapping out cum load back and forth, until all of it had been swallowed or spilled. "I need a cigarette" I said "Abso-fricken-loutly!" She agreed. I got out of bed, still in only my skin and pulled back the curtains to a startling surprise. It was day light out. "What time is it sis?" She rolled across the bed and grabbed the clock, "Oh my God! Its 1 in the afternoon." She said, stunned. "You mean we have been at this for almost a full 12 hours?" I exclaimed. "That seems to be the case." She said as she light her cigarette. I bent down to grab mine off the bed and sparked one up. I was sitting at the window with my back facing my sister. As I sat quietly smoking and trying to make sense of my last twelve hours, I felt a pair of hands wrap around me and then force me forward, so that I was on all fours and my ass was in the air, only barely allowing me to smoke my cigarette. "What are you doing?" I said both amused and confused raising my head to blow my smoke out the window. "Oh, I think you will get the point soon enough.." the sentence was cut off by my own moans of pleasure as my sister spread my ass and started licking my hairless asshole with her smooth long sexy tongue.
She licked around and around my ass hole and just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, she shoved her tongue deep into my boy pussy. She reached forward and grabbed my hair pulling back my head just rough enough. "Do you like my tongue in your ass Shane? Do you like your sister eating your sexy little ass?" She didn't wait for a response and dove right back between my ass cheeks and continued to make taboo love with her tongue darting in and out of me and her lips slowing and wetly caressing my boy pussy. "OH YES! Jamie! Oh my GOD Jamie! OH lick my man cunt! Oh eat my ass like I ate your hot little pussy!" I screamed out unable to control the over whelming sense of pleasure forcing its way through me! It was then that I felt something stretching my ass hole. I looked back, Jamie had stuck a finger from each hand in my ass and had begun stretching me out. Soon, it felt the stretch again, I cried out. Her fingers stretching me from the inside out was an amazing feeling. It was all amazing, this night was awesome I thought as she went for the third finger making six total. She made some comment about how she was gonna rip me open and give me the best orgasm of my life.
Ill give it too her that it didn't take long. She stretched my boy pussy as far as she could get it with nearly two whole hands in me and probably room for a third, and maybe a forth. I turned to her and nearly out of breath from the intensity of the feeling, I asked, "Sis, not that I don’t enjoy a bit of kink, but you have been working my ass for a bit now, what are you doing?" She kissed me along the spine up to my ear, and in it she whispered, "This!" and quickly stuck her tongue deep into my ass hole and went directly for my prostate! I screamed with delight as her soft yet coarse tongue moved up and down the length of my prostate. My whole body shook and I moaned and screamed into a pillow so as not to alert the whole neighborhood to our illustrious activities. In a time of not more than 3 minutes, my sister and her talented tongue milked me for a load of cum that just would not stop. As I came she continued stroking my prostate with her fingers and found my cock with her mouth. She continued sucking my cock for about another 10 minutes before I fell over from exhaustion. It was perfect timing, as no sooner did I fall over did the garage door begin to open. I looked at my cum soaked and beautiful sister "Wow, We timed that perfectly" I said laughing. She responded with a light lilting laugh. "Well, im sure we look stunning, the two of us, and we must reek of dirty taboo HOT AS FUCK sex!" I said in a hushed yell. She laughed and slipped her arm around my waste leading me to the shower. We both stepped in and took our time cleansing each other of any evidence that we had shared our bodies and bed. Once we had gotten a proper shower and rinsed off, we sat down on her bedroom chairs. "So...," she said, leaving the word to hang. "So..., is this something that you want to continue between us?" I asked "Do you?"
"I think I like where this could be going with us. I mean, the sex was great and most brothers and sister never get to have this kind of closeness. I say lets give us a try. At least for now. You in?" I needed the answer before I could leave the room. "I think so. Yeah, lets give us a try. Besides, how many other girls can say they're little brother is the best lay that have ever had?" She laughed. "Not many I assume. Hey Jamie? What do you think Mom would say if she found out?" We both laughed and with that, went down stairs for some much needed food and drink. Once we finished out food, we went back to her room climbed into bed stripped down and snuggled up next to each other, content to feel the others naked body being held close to our own, and fell asleep.


2010-07-13 15:07:48
Needs lots of grammar and spelling assistance, as well as paragraph separation. You should consider finding a good story editor to help you out. Outside that, not a bad story or story line. Keep submitting.

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2010-07-13 00:47:53
I liked it, but it's hard to fap when you're trying to mentalyl make the story easier to comprehend. 3/5. It would 4/5 were it properly spaced.

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2010-07-12 23:50:27
A few minor errors, but excellent story!

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2010-07-12 14:11:53
it was hot
but please dont say boy pussy.
Ass would sound so much better

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2010-07-12 02:40:21
Yeah, kidding! She had alabaster skin and dug her nails from your back to your WASTE??? Your shit?
And you refer to your ass as a "boy-pussy" you faggot cockmunch degenerate!

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