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My bf and I have sex wild sex secretly
NOTE: I wrote this after my boyfriend left for summer classes at his college in another state. I'm sorry it not

that good but I thought you like to see what I wrote one night while supper horny. there will be spelling

errors but i tried to remove as much as possible I hope you like.

IT was the 4th of July, my cousin, his girlfriend and I went over to my boyfriend Zaire’s house out in the

country to set off fireworks. Before we left I put on some panties with the vibrator and in the dark sky as my

cousin and his girl set off more fireworks I handed my bf the remote. He started at the softest setting

although it made me shiver I acted normal. He turned it up to the next level. This time I was becoming

soken wet to the point it would look like I wet my pants. I was glad it was dark.

“How does it feel?”

Zaire whispered in my ear as he put one hand over my shoulder and grabbed my breast. I just moaned in

pleasure. I placed one hand between his legs and rubbed his throbbing cock through his pants. Zaire

smirked and turned the vibrator on the highest setting. I clench my legs together trying not to moan loud my

legs shacking.

“Come on lets go”

He whispered grabbing by my hand and pulled me with him. I told my cousin and his girlfriend we be right

back. Zaire took me into a barn then form the outside was covered wall the ceiling in veins. He kissed me

deeply as our tongues tangled. Zaire pulled me up against what felt like a latter. He pulled up my shirt and

bra kissing and teasing my breast. I moan his name soft starting to sweat in the July weather. I pressed

my groan closer to his grinding hard. He suddenly stopped and left. I was just laid their shacking from the

vibrator. He then came back rode and tied my hands to the wooden ladder. He shushed me when I asked

him what he was doing. Then he pulled down my pants and underwear and pulled his penis out form his


“ Zaire I’m not on birth control”

I whimpered.

“Don’t worry about it”

He reassured me. He put two figures in me and start fucking me hard. I bit my lip trying not to moan. Then

he stuck a third figure in. It was more than I could fit and it was painful. I tried to tell him to tell him it hurt but

his lips pressured hard on my keeping me from speaking.

He pulled his figures out and thrusted his cock in me. I panicked because he wasn’t wearing a condom. I

squirmed but he keep his lips on mine thrusting harder than he has ever fucked me. Usually he was

gentle but tonight he wasn’t holding any back. He grabbed my inner thighs picking me up and slamming

down on him hard and harder. He moved his lip down on my neck and bit hard then bit my breast. I tried

not to scream but it was becoming hard not to.

Zaire slammed harder and harder with each thrush I was feeling my back get an imprint from the ladder.

Then Zaire came in me. I thought it was over but as soon as he untied me he pushed me down. He stuffed

hi cock in my mouth.

“Suck it baby”

I began to suck his limp dick as one hand messaged his balls. Zaire grabbed my hair and pressed my

face against him as he became hard. He started throat fucking me. I gasped for air every chance I got. I

never knew my man could be so rough. I moaned as I licked was I could as he thrusted. It slated several

mines me on my knees gasping as he fucked me. He came again and I swallowed as much as I could.

What I couldn’t get ran down my body.

I took a deep breath as I looked up at him wondering what he was planning next. He just lay down on the

dirt floor with another hard on. I crawled over and on top of him feeling his sweating skin. I placed hi cock in

my ass and slowly let it penetrate me. It hurt so much due to the lack of lube. All the cum and pussy juice

wasn’t enough. Just as I got myself down the shaft, Zaire forced me on my back my legs over my head as

he fucks me. My ass was burning in pain I told him but he just kept fucking me hold my feet next to my

head. He shoved himself as far in as he could go then slam it all back in me. It went on long then the first

two times. My ass was more than raw I was in tears then Zaire came in my ass. He pulled out and floods

of him cum leaked out.

I was done and wanted to get out. I stood up on my wobbly legs and tried to walked but just as I was about

to get out the door with my clothes in my hand. Zaire grabbed me from behind forcing one hand behind my

back and his other hand over my mouth. He placed his cock between my legs and thrusted as the head of

his cock teased my clit. We watch the fireworks as he continued to rub my clit with his cock. This time he

kept this up the whole time the fireworks went off. He kept me up my legs shacking back. I orgasm too

many times I couldn’t stand. When he was happy he put my clothes and his back on. Without anyone

noticing he helped me back to our seats.

“How was that?”

He asked in his normal sweet voice

“Great. But what if I get pregnant?”

I whisper in his ear.

“We’ll see.”

Was all he said. I kissed the sweet spot on his neck to make him cringed in pleasure for revenge before I

laid my head on his shoulder and fell asleep.


2010-07-13 15:19:35
Honestly, u need to get better at being more deive

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-13 10:37:01
Yet another shitty story....Why does pain, pregnancy, and stuff like that turn people on?
2 out of 10 and I'm being generous with this rating....
Obviously I'm not alone...

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