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A post-apocalyptic world of sin and carnage. The only light to salvation rests within the confines of one ancient box, and the bleeding heart of an explorer who has lost it all.
-----In the year 3013, the world of man resembled nothing you could ever recognize from your own time. The nations of Earth raged war for greed and vanity for the better part of two-thousand years, and for a while that seemed to be a stable way of handling things. However, with each war came a greater intensity of weaponry, every bomb caused more destruction, until eventually the continents began to rot into wasteland shadows of their former selves, and life was all but extinct. No longer did there reign conflicting forms of government in an effort to rule over the small blue planet. There was no blue planet. The lush, green wildlife that had once florished the landscape was now a dying mixture of red dust and half-dead, brown plants. The oceans were tarnished in a hideous green tar-like scum that caked their surface, a vile jungle of tendril-like roots extending down into the depths.

-----What animal life that remained had become scarce in its normality, most having either grown into saddening mutations, or simply died out from a mixture of the toxins contaminating the ravaged landscape, and simple malnutrition.

-----The same could be said for man.

-----What remained of the nations of man had been reduced to savage anarchy. The bulk of the population's survivors lost their minds in the chaotic conditions they were reduced to, snapping into psychotic, ravenous monsters or simply ending their own lives. These were some of the more fortunate ones. While some merely suffered the anguish of mental decay, others became deformed and monstrous on the outside as well, several of which becoming mindless brutes with enhanced physical capacities, as well as a reduced reaction to pain. These demented victims of the fallout overwhelmed the lands and killed off or mutated many survivors.

-----To stabilize what life there was, those who kept their sanity would band together and construct villages and small towns to protect one another. Unfortunately, these alliances were left vulnerable due to such poor living conditions and rotted technology, and most invasions of the inflicted proved disastrous, leaving blood and flames in their wake.

-----And then, they found it.


-----"Hey, come take a look at this! I think I found something." The young explorer stood within the enveloping depths of the rustic cavern's darkness, his golden eyes fixated on a titanium-case half buried beneath crystalized stones through his scratched and scraped goggles, "Bring the cutters." A pair of fellow excavators, dressed in heavy lead coats and masks crafted for oxygen ventilation, marched into the small space near the one who had beckoned them carrying a large, metal case filled with rattling tools. "Call me crazy... but that tattered writing on the side looks like Vanvalheian." Hearing the mere notion that this case could be from the last known civilization before the fallout, the very nation to release the final drop, would have been absurd were it not so impossible for the writing to be anything else. Excited, the other two explorers unlocked their toolbox, brought out a pair of metal clamps to latch onto the case's seal, and penetrated the bolt with the paper-thin, diamond blade.

-----The ancient case fell open with a heavy thud, and as the trio took a step back to look upon its contents in awe, a sensation that no other survivor had ever been known to felt filled them all. "Vanvalheian weaponry!? We actually found Vanvalheian weapons!?!" The startled words echoed through the cavern, and after pausing to absorb such a miraculous discovery, the case was pressed shut tight and the trio ventured home with their treasure.


-----"Vanvalheian weapons... ha!" Oed's voice was fresh with excitement, his golden eyes wide as he gazed upon the snapping campfire resting in the center of their seated triad, "Who'd have ever thought we could ever find something like that..." Vhi, the youngest of the trio, smiled silently to Oed as she listened to him speak. It had been years since she had seen such joy in anyone, even herself. A little light was needed in their lives, and they had finally found it. Her violet eyes panned towards the fire, gazing upon its glowing embers. Just beyond it rested Sen, his broad frame limp against the torn blanket, his snores tearing the serene tranquility of the night. Laughing softly to herself, Vhi moved over to Oed's side, sat on the wide, flat-top rock as she embraced his arm, and rested her head against his shoulder. "Maybe we're finally safe, now... maybe things can get back to how they were." Her violet eyes shined in the light of the fire as she looked upon her partner's face, his own lips curling into a grin as she spoke with such optimism.

-----The two explorers gazed at one another, their faces vibrant in a long forgotten bliss, and their lips pressed tight. Vhi's eyelids fell shut, leaving nothing more than faint slits as they fluttered in joy, and she gasped as she felt Oed pull her close, his hand moving delicately up beneath her faded tank-top to cup her right breast. Vhi's face became flush as she moved into her lover's lap, Oed's crotch pressing a bulge up against her in a gentle grind. "Mm... It'd been so long I sort of wondered if it even still worked..." She giggled and bit her lip as she gazed upon his golden eyes, his own lips smiling lovingly before locking once again with her in a passionate embrace, their tongues binding and twisting together in a sensual ballet, their eyes rolling back in their heads.

-----Vhi shifted position, climbing atop her lover's lap in a stradling posture against his thighs. Their kiss grew heavier, their motions more rhythmatic and lustful. The young girl's hands eagerly moved down to unbuckle Oed's belt and zip down his pants, his hardened cock standing free from the restraint proudly, only to be quickly grasped tight within Vhi's hands and pumped up and down its six inches of length. Oed's own hands explored his girl's body, moving across the silky skin of her thighs and up beneath her skirt until they grasped firm to her firm ass. As her anticipation grew, Vhi's warm juices soaked her underwear and dripped to her lover's thighs, her hips bucking towards him from instinct. In a single motion Oed's strong hands took her hold and pulled her close, his dick sliding her thong to the side and allowing her to fall onto its length, impaling her deep. She moaned out deeply, her eyes rolling back at the wonderful sensation she had gone so long without, her starved entrance constricting the prodding shaft securely as her hips began to ride fiercely.

-----Oed's own eyes rolled back from the intense pleasure of Vhi's intense warmth, his lips locking to those of his lover's, moving passionately with them as his hands slid up beneath her top to lift it over her C-cup breasts, palming them teasingly as his own hips rammed upward into her tight hole. "Oh, fuck...!" Vhi's gasps were already becoming deep, her breath steadily growing heavier and her breasts bouncing with her heaving chest. "Oh god, Baby, fuck me harder...!" Oed grinned at his lover's words, has right hand slipping down to grasp the pale girl's thigh and lift it sharply over his shoulder, his posture shifting perfectly to slam his hardened length directly into her to the base, the force causing her juices to flood outward and ease down his length, drenching his thighs. "Fuck, Vhi, you feel so damn good..." The two lovers drove their hips roughly against one another, their lust surmounting to new levels. A long awaited orgasmic bliss was about to be shared in a mutual climax between them, and then it happened.

-----Blood spattered across the faces of Oed and Vhi, their pale skin stained in tiny red droplets that blended with their dripping sweat, and their eyes darted wide towards the source. There on the ground lay Sen, his torso hacked into a deep gash, his ribs torn open wide. From the depths of the wound slid a thin, white tendril, its razor tip vanishing into the dust below. In a panic, Vhi lifted from her lover's grasp in an attempt to reach the case, but before she could do more than take a single step an identical tendril sprang from the dust beneath her and ensnared her torso, jerking her quickly over the campfire and into the grasp of a humanoid silhouette, shrouded all too well in dark cloth. "Vhi!" Oed's eyes, widened in shock, gazed at his lover being dragged away from him. The thin tendril held her tight at the waist and coiled up around her breasts, and two pale, clawed hands slid out from the cloth to grasp her arms and lock her into position. Another tendril then slid up from beneath the silhouette's frame to bind Vhi's right leg and snake its way upward, the tip gently grazing along her entrance like an icy serpent seeking prey. The young girl's eyes were wide in horror and panic, tears streaming down her cheeks as she desperately struggled against her bondage-like restraints. "Help me...!" The violet of her tormented eyes glimmered in a hypnotic glare of the licking flames between the two lovers, her muscles tensing with her struggle to escape such plight.

-----No longer able to simply sit by and watch, Oed raced towards the cloth that draped over the Vanvalheian case, knowing that nothing could survive what it contained within, but to his misfortune his ankle was ensnared with a tight clenching of a third tendril from the dust below, and he collapsed forth, his face brutally busting against the sharp corner of the draped container. Blood oozed from his mouth into the dry dust beneath him as he lay there helplessly dazed, his vision blurry and his world spinning around him. His ears rang with the screaming chimes of distant, unseen bells, and his resolve was broken with a chilling scream.

-----Vhi felt the cold tendril push deep within her entrance, its narrow form snaking into every crevice and filling her completely as it pumped steadily in and out of her, its sharp tip slicing her insides in shallow gashes and causing blood to seep down her thighs. The claws of the strange creature's slender hands dug sharply into Vhi's flesh, piercing the skin of her arms. Helpless and tormented, the poor girl let out one last cry for help, desperately begging Oed to rise for her salvation. Her lover, torn asunder by the horrible events, wanting to aide his beloved Vhi, lifted his body from the dust and pulled open the case. But as he lifted the flawless beauty of the Vanvalheian sword from the depths, an all too familiar sound rang into his eyes with a savage rip. Steadily, Oed turned to gaze towards the source, and to his horror, fell the twisted remains of Vhi's limp corpse to the red dust beneath them, her blood pouring wildly from her frame.

-----Oed's world shattered, his mind reeling for anything that could make sense of such merciless nightmares, his subconscious crying out, pleading it to all be some horrible dream he has simply yet to wake up from. Yet, such salvation never came, and as he stared down at the lifeless heap that had once been the love of his life and the only light he knew, something within him snapped. Clenching the hilt of the Vanvalheian broadsword tight within his fist, he dashed violently forth to strike down the horrid beast draped in black cloth. But as the paper-thin, diamond blade of his sword gleamed its majestic path through the night, it cleaved nothing more than darkness. The silhouette had retreated unscathed.

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