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Linda 2

From the beginning I knew Linda was bored with her husband. He is a good guy but just gives her everything and never ever tells her what to do. She enjoyed having her husband pay for everything and to please her with gifts but she wanted a man to order her around and treat her like a sexual object. A man that really didn’t care if she didn’t like it. She needed to be dominated.

I asked Linda if she would like to see a movie with me. She was very happy to say yes. I picked a large movie house with 26 theatres. We met in the parking lot and I walked to her car. She was still seated behind the driver’s wheel and opened the door to get out. I blocked the doorway and saw she was in a nice dress with high heels. The dress design had a pink flower motif. I told her she looked very good but what was she wearing under the skirt? She said “Panties” and asked if she should take them off. I said yes better give them to me. She raised her hips and pulled down a lacy pair of red panties. I took the panties after she offered them and felt the crotch was damp.

We walked to the ticket booth. I was scanning the start times when she asked which one and I told her and she walked up and bought the tickets. I thought that things are working out very nice. She was using the money her husband gave her to buy my movie ticket.

We went inside and as we were walking down the hall to our movie I put my hand on her ass and squeezed first one then the other ass cheek. Her breathing quickened and she slowed her walk. Since it was noon on a weekday the place had very few customers. I spotted a theatre with a show that had been out a long time with bad reviews. “Let’s go in here for a minute.” I led her into the theatre. This complex had stadium seating and except for one guy in the middle of the theatre the place was empty.

I pulled Linda up to the top row and sat down. Linda sat next to me and looked over to ask why we were in this theatre. I put my hand behind her head and pushed her mouth to mine. As I was French kissing her I slid my other hand up her leg to her crotch. Linda spread her legs giving me better access and I took full advantage by inserting two fingers in her snatch and started to pump in and out. She started her whining and I decided to unzip.

I pulled out my cock and pushed her head toward it. She quickly moved her head over my penis and opened wide. She always started her blow jobs with a back of the mouth thrust. I always enjoyed that as well as later entering her throat. After a few minutes of quite cock sucking I pulled her head off me.

I stood up with my cock at full salute. Linda tried to put it back in her mouth but I pulled her up and spun her around. I pulled her beautiful dress up to her waist and bent her forward. She put her hands on the seats in front of her and one leg on her seat. I aimed my cock at her wet hairy pussy and slowly pushed inside. I asked her “So what does your husband think you are doing right now?” She replied “he thinks I’m shopping.” “Not bent over in a public theatre with a hard cock up your pussy?” “NO. He has no idea.” At first I saw Linda cover her mouth with her hand to muffle the noise but when I started to really slam her pussy hard she let go a huge cum.

She was whining loudly as I shot my load of cum deep inside her pussy. I stayed in deep for several minutes then pulled out and zipped up. Linda smoothed her dress down and I led her down the stairs to the real movie which was probably though the coming attractions. As we neared the middle of the stairs I heard "good job" and saw the only other patron looking at us.

Linda asked “Did he see you using me?” “He must have. You should have dropped your dress so he could see how hot you are.” She smiled at that.

The next week Linda called me and asked if I was going to anymore movies. I told her I was going to the same complex to see a new release. “Can I come?” she asked. “Sure the show I want starts at 12:30 see you there.” I replied. I arrived at 12:15 and could see Linda waiting at the entrance.

She was dressed in a black skirt, red button front blouse and red heels. When I met her she hugged me and gave me my ticket. Before we went inside I talked to her for a while and told her of a Florida trip next week and I couldn’t see her during that time. She told me that next time if she had a few weeks’ notice she might be able to vacation there at the same time. I agreed that it would be fun to fuck her out of town and asked if her husband would tag along. She replied “He golf’s” nodding her head.

The theatre had about 100 people in it. The movie was new and we sat in the top row. We sat to the side but 10 seats away were several elderly women. Linda leaned on me as soon as the movie started and started kissing me. Then she rubbed my cock. Then she unbuttoned my fly. She pulled out my cock and I looked over to the people to our right and saw the woman closest looking directly at me.

I told Linda she was being watched. Linda looked at the woman and as soon as the elderly woman looked away she turned and jammed my cock in her mouth. Linda sucked like a madwoman! She started to throat me almost immediately. I enjoyed to so much. I looked over again and saw two women staring at us.

I told her I was about to cum and she really started to jackhammer. I splashed my cum in her throat then mouth and a little on her lips. After my wits returned I cleaned the spit and run back off my crotch and buttoned my jeans. I gave the napkin to Linda to dry her mouth but she just dropped it on the floor.

After the movie ended we sat and talked in our seats. The two elderly women got up and walked past our seat to the exit. The first lady stared at Linda and looked at her friend. The first lady pointed to the right corner of her own mouth and chin then looked back at Linda. The second lady stopped in front of Linda and stared at her face and blouse then walked down the stairs. I looked closely at Linda and could see some of my DNA on the right corner of her mouth almost dried and a small amount near her chin. I didn’t say anything to her about it.

I walked her to her car and hugged her goodbye. She told me to not fuck anyone while on vacation. I told her to shave her pussy before she saw me again. She looked at me with her slave look and said “OK.” (Classic Redirection.)

I saw her close her door and look in the mirror. She then took a tissue from her glove box and start working on her chin.

Two weeks later I called Linda and asked how my Little Slut was today. She seemed upset and said she needed to talk to me. I told her to meet me at the pizza place at the far end of our area. I knew the joint would be empty and told her to meet me at 11:00 sharp.

I parked at 10:55 and she was there sitting in her car. We walked in and I ordered a pizza two beers and picked a table away from the kitchen. I got the beer right away. We were the only people in there. Linda stood almost glaring at me so I hugged her tight and rubbed her ass for a second. She started to cool down and we sat.

I asked her what she was upset about. I could tell she was mad because her English developed a Chinese accent. “You were gone whole week. (Pause) no call.” She said. “What else?” I asked. “I said not to fuck while on vacation. You didn’t call. You like sex too much. I know you fuck girls last week!” “Anything else?” I asked. “Who did you fuck?” she demanded.

The pizza came up and I walked over to get it. I served us the pizza and finished my beer. “Get me another beer. Then I’ll talk to you.” Linda stood up with tears in her eyes and walked to the front to get another round.

After she returned I softly said “First thing is you have forgotten your place. You don’t tell me to do anything. I think I’m done with you. We had fun for a while. You can get up and take that demanding attitude home.” “I’m not demanding! It’s just you fuck me all the time and everywhere. You must have had girl last week.”

“Second thing. I told you to shave your pussy, did you?” “Linda replied “Yes, I shave everything down there. I look 10 years old down there!” “Did you let your husband fuck your shaved pussy? You said you didn’t like him to fuck you. Did you let him fuck your shaved pussy before I could?” Linda hung her head. “He my husband.”

“So you shaved your cunt for him. You gave him your shaved puss and now you have the guts to sit there and bitch about who I may have fucked.” I countered. “Did you let him in your ass too?” “NO, Only you use me there! I promise.”

“This is why it’s no good, Linda. You want me to not even look at another female. But here you are serving up your shaved pussy and asshole to a guy you don’t even like to fuck.” I stated. “Only you in my bottom. And I don’t cum for him, he is too weak. I only cum with you using me. Don’t get rid of me. I’ll be better.” Linda pleaded. “Well OK let’s forget it for now.” I agreed. (A good defense is a good offence.)

Linda was running late and needed to meet her husband at home so they could meet friends and have dinner. Her drive time was getting longer as we approached rush hour.

Linda was calm and returned to her normal speech. “I need to leave. If I leave right away I’ll just make it.” Linda said she needed to use the restroom and then would leave. I followed her to the restroom and waited. I heard her flush and wash her hands. I walked in and grabbed her roughly, kissing her and opening the front of her jeans. “Oh, you forgive me” Linda said.

I pulled her tight jeans and panties down to her knees and turned her around. She bent over and looked back smiling as I got my cock out and pulled her ass cheeks open with both hands. Her pussy was as smooth as a baby’s butt. I looked down at her cute anus and had to stop myself from putting it there, too dry.

I pushed the head of my cock into her vagina and stopped. Linda didn’t want me to stop so she started to push back to get it inside her. She was slippery wet and I had no problem getting fully inside after a few thrusts.

Linda was whining loudly and I started to hammer fuck her pussy from behind. I wanted to get off and out of there before an employee came in. Just as I was about to cum Linda’s pussy clenched as she orgasmed. I shot off deep in her and pulled out to let the last drops smear her hairless labia and large clitoris. I zipped up then pulled her pants up to help her.

We returned to our table and sat back down to collect ourselves. “I didn’t expect that. Thank you. I’m late but that was so worth it. I haven’t cum like that since the last time we were together.” Linda said. She added “I can feel your cum in me leaking out. Follow me out and tell me if it shows.”

I followed her out and could see a quarter sized damp spot where her ass cheeks met her crotch. “It looks great to me, but you should be careful. No telling how much will drip while you are driving.” She smiled at me and told me she felt 1000 times better. She then blew me a kiss and drove away.


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my wife told me she did this when she was young

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I don't know what you people are reading. That story was pathetic

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£ÑÔ€ÌÁÁ' çÌÌÈùñßÀ Ü öœÂßÎäììîè. ÁôÑÇÜùÀññó¿


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Good advise about the detail. This is a true story so the pregnancy never happened.

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