.....'I'm protecting my household.".....
The following story is an on-going novelette. I chose the tags based on the entire storyline rather than just one part. If you are looking for a quick yank, then I'm sorry but you will have to look elsewhere. This story is going to be long, so please don't whine to me about it. There are vampires and werewolves in this story, so if you don't like those then you may want to move along. There will be plenty of sex scenes in this story as a whole, but there will also be whole parts of this story posted that will not have any sex in them at all. If you do not like long stories and developed characters, then you may not enjoy this. But if you like plot lines with your sex, then this may be just what you are looking for.

It had taken me five years to work my way up from gopher and waitress to bar manager, and here this asshole was trying his best to destroy everything that I had worked so hard for.

“Damn it, I said STOP!” Her voice rose with the last word, screeching out above the hoots and shouts of the patrons that were encouraging the fight. Everyone instantly quieted down as the five foot red head shoved people aside, struggling to get to the two men who were fighting in the middle of the dance floor. She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw her ex-boyfriend standing there with his nose bleeding all over the place while his opponent, the owner of the bar, stared at him without a single black hair out of place on his beautiful head.

The mild annoyance she had felt a few seconds before suddenly erupted into a boiling rage the likes of which she had not felt since the last time she had come across Eric. “My office, now!” She hissed at him between clenched teeth. She turned sharply on her heel, her small back ram-rod straight as she stomped her way to the back of the club. As she walked through the doorway, she grabbed the door and whirled around, slamming the thing with such ferocity that the covered windows rattled in their frames. Eric practically dove into the room as she reached for the door, the edge just barely missing his ankle. Without taking much notice of the fact that Requiem had appeared in her office chair, she turned slowly to Eric, trying her best to keep from shouting at him.

“Do- you- have- any- idea- of- the- damage- you- have- caused?” Her words were very abrupt, biting off the end of every syllable as she spoke. “I thought I told you to never come here again! And,” she continued without even giving him a chance to answer, “you pick a fight with the owner of this establishment of all people! What the hell were you thinking? What the fuck did you think you were gonna do to a vampire any way?? Bore him to death?”

The small snicker heard from behind the young woman only fueled her anger. “And you!” she screamed as she turned to look at the black headed man sitting so composed in her chair. “Why the hell would you openly fight with a human in your own club? Now everyone in this place is gonna know that the owner is a freaking bloodsucker. By morning everyone in the whole damn town is gonna know it!”

Ethereal stood with her hands on her hips as she waited for Requiem to answer. “Fear not, mi amour. I do not care if they know. I have plenty of security, no one will be able to harm me.”

She threw up her hands in exasperation, flopping down into a nearby chair. “For the love of blood, Requiem, you are the oldest vampire in the tri-state area! Every bloodletter within a thousand miles of here will be out to drain you dry!”

Requiem’s luminous blue eyes shone out from his pale face, his black dred locks framing his perfectly chiseled features. Ethereal hated it when he wore his hair like that; he had such beautiful silky black hair. But when he decided to hibernate for a while or go on a prolonged “vacation” he would dred the shiny strands up, powder them down and leave them that way for years at a time. In all actuality, she had only seen his hair down once, and that was eight years ago when she had first met him.

The vampire sitting at the desk flicked his wrist in a dismissive gesture. “Oh, really, Ethereal, you worry too much. Everyone knows that draining vampires is illegal now. And as I said, I have plenty of security.” He rose up from his seat, sliding around the desk past her, his arm bumping into hers as he leaned in, “Besides, no one gets close to me unless I let them.” His glowing blue eyes bore into hers as he turned from her, walking casually towards the door before stopping to glance at Eric. “I do wonder, though, whatever was so important that you thought you just had to speak to Ethereal.”

Remembering that she didn’t know what had actually caused the fight between the two men, she turned her bright blue eyes to Eric, looking at him curiously. “Speak to me? About what? What was so important that you couldn’t wait two hours until my shift ended?”

Both Requiem and Ethereal watched Eric sigh and run his fingers through his hair. His face turned serious. “I just heard something, something bad, and it affects all of you, all the supernaturals.”

Ethereal knew, even though she could not see his face, that Requiem had just rolled his eyes towards the ceiling. He turned back around and leaned against the door, his arms folded across his chest. “Okay, I’ll bite, if you’ll pardon the pun. What did you hear that was so damned important that my immortal life depends upon it?”

Eric glanced at the vampire before turning his attention back to the fiery little red head sitting opposite him. “Something, or rather someone, has been targeting the local packs. Remember, it was on the news about pack members going missing and being killed and so forth?”

She nodded her head. She had heard all about it. The packs’ members had been picked off a few at a time over the past year, but no one really thought much of it. Everyone just assumed it was a few radical humans who did not like living in the same area as werewolves, wereleopards and the like. But she didn’t see what any of that had to do with her, or Requiem, for that matter.

“Well, it’s not over. Two of the five local packs have been attacked. One of those packs was completely killed off. The other three have seen many of their members picked off. There’s talk that the smallest two are gathering up what few of their members are left and going to the werewolf compound. They own all that land on the outside of town. Their compound is built to withstand attacks, so they have asked the alpha for refuge.”

Ethereal listened in fascination, noticing that even Requiem was paying attention to all this. “Okay, so the packs are being picked off. They figured this would happen once the vampires came out. We all knew that not everyone would welcome the news that the beasts of their nightmares were actually real. So what makes them think this is nothing more than a few ragged humans out to dish out their own form of justice? I mean, why would you think that Requiem would be in danger?”

Eric raked his hands through his hair in frustration. “It’s not just the packs. There has been talk that Stealth’s mansion came under attack too. I rode out there. His mansion has been leveled to the ground. There’s nothing left! And get this, at every single attack there have been these military looking guys in camouflage fatigues carrying enough fire power for a third world war. All of them had the word S.H.i.E.L.D. written on their vests.” Eric’s already tortured eyes took on a new look of worry. “But that’s not the half of it. Some of the refugees are telling tales, strange tales, of humans who turn into half werewolves and those who have super strength and speed, like that of a vampire. Only they are not vampires or werewolves, or human. No one really knows what they are.”

Requiem perked up momentarily, pushing himself from the door to cross over to my desk. “Are you sure of this?”

Eric nodded. “Yeah, I use to date Starr. Their compound is seeing refugees nearly every day now.”

Ethereal eyed Eric suspiciously, taking note of the way he ducked his head in embarrassment and averted his eyes from her as he spoke. She snorted but decided to ignore it for the moment. “So the weres of this city are being attacked, and apparently some of the vampires as well. I still don’t understand why you thought this concerned me. Why tell me about it? Seems to me like you should have taken this directly to Requiem. After all, he is the Master of the city.”

To her surprise Eric took the two steps that separated them in one leap. He grabbed hold of her arms, snatching her up from the chair and giving her a little shake. “Don’t you get it, Ethereal? All the supes of this region are being attacked. ALL of them! This group, this S.H.i.E.L.D. as it calls itself, it’s not just picking off members of packs. It’s out to destroy every last supernatural being that it can find, including feys. You are in just as much danger as they are. And,” he let go of her then, turning his attention back to Requiem. “I’ve heard that they are also killing any humans that they think have had any contact with the packs or vampires. Familiars, donors, companions, it doesn’t matter to them. And with this club being what it is, it’s just a matter of time before it comes under attack as well.”

Requiem nodded as he picked up the phone and began to dial. “Yes, I understand the implications.” He held up his hand as the party on the other end of the line picked up. “This is Requiem, Master of the City of Shadow Cove, requesting an immediate council with the alpha of your pack. Tell Joshua it is in regards to this S.H.iE.L.D. I have heard so much about…..Yes, I will also be bringing in my advisors and immediate household members. Yes, that would be fine. Give my thanks to Joshua” A few moments later he hung up the phone. “Eric, I want you to take Ethereal to her apartment and help her pack. Take Jaxon with you. I want the two of you back here in one hour, understand?”

Eric nodded his head as he took her arm and began to steer her towards the door. “Hey, wait just a damn minute! I am not going anywhere with Eric and I sure as hell am not moving out of my apartment.” She stopped in her tracks, but Eric continued to drag her along. She grabbed hold of the door frame and held on for dear life, beseeching the vampire inside her office as best as she could. “Requiem! Do something!”

Requiem looked up at her with those blue eyes of his glowing brightly in his face. “I am doing something, Ethy. I’m protecting my household.”

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Just because it has vampires and other supernatural creatures in doesn't make it a knock off, hell if that were the case then every story involving humans would be a knock off of the next.

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interesting....the firey red head sounds like Kim Harrisons Character Rachel Morgan....and theres a bit of the story line of underworld in there along with a few other tidbits here and there of fantasy stories i have read

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Not likeing it at all so far to much like the anita blake storys so far but hers are much better I'm sorry I just felt I need to say something


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Not likeing it at all so far to much like the anita blake storys so far but hers are much better I'm sorry I just felt I need to say something

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