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Catholic schoolgirl visits
Julie's Itch

I met Julie when she got home from the Catholic High School she went to. Her face was flushed and she was sweating from the long walk
back to her house. I caught the stale scent of her perspiration as she walked by me and I followed her into her bedroom and watched as
she tossed her schoolbag into the corner. Julie was 15 years old, a 5'8" brunette, with small perky breasts, a tight little ass and a sexual
appetite that never seemed to stop. The young brunette sat on her bed and grinned at me as I stood in front of her, admiring her youthful
innocence and bright features.

"Do you wanna, you know, fool around?" she asked me, smiling mischieviously. "I've had my bum all day long..."

She was wearing a white button-up blouse and pleated school-girl skirt, as well as dress-code white socks. I sat in front of her and untied
her canvass deck shoes. Her small feet were hot from walking, her socks damp from her perspiration. Julie slipped off her shoe, then
began massaging her socked foot in front of me, wiggling her toes as she rubbed her heel and instep.The fifteen year-old then rolled the
damp sock off her petite foot, her cute nose wrinkling as she held the sock to her face and inhaled.

"They really smell," she said, "I've been sweating in my shoes all day."

I lifted her other foot to my face and inhaled the pleasant stink of her sweaty foot, running my nose along her heel and up to her wiggling
toes, enjoying the stale odour of teenage sweat, then slipped the sock off and pressed my mouth against the sole of Julie's foot and sniffed
her toes as I ran my tongue along her instep.

"Ohh," Julie moaned, "you know how much that turns me on. C'mon, I wanna feel that tongue halfway up my rear!"

Julie knelt on the bed and coyly smiled at me as I flipped up her short skirt to reveal the white cotton panties covering her tightl little fifteen
year-old butt. The young girl blushed as I slipped my hand between her ripe thghs and rubbed her crotch through the thin panties. I lightly
massaged the girl's groin, feeling the tightness of her labia, outlined through the underwear. I felt Julie's vagina with my gingertips, the tight
lips of her labia warm and puffy, while massaging her muscular rectum with my thumb, then gliding my hand between her legs and across
her small, firm buttocks. Her panties had become damp in the crotch as a result of my probing, and I concentrated my touches there, lightly
fingering her vaginal entrance through the moist panties.I ran my fingernails across the wet spot on the material, up and down, feeling the
panties become wetter as Julie's little slit lubricated.

I unsnapped her school skirt and threw it in a corner, then asked her to stand up. I undid the buttons of Julie's dress blouse of Julie's dress
blouse and slipped the shirt off her shoulders. Her sexy, stale body odour filled the small room, and I leaned forward andkissed the
teenager, my hands around her slim, panty-covered hips. The fifteen year-old had pert, still-developing breasts, firm in her lace bra, the
smooth, milky cleavage gracefully sloping up to her slender neck. She grinned wickedly and arched her back, thrusting her ripe little tits at
me. Julie raised ther arms and totated her hips in my direction, showing off hter silky, freshly shaven underarms, coated with a fine sheen of
perspiration, and her nubile little tits, two tiny stiff nipples pointing out at me.

"Are you gonna play with me now?" she giggled. "I still have this tingling in my bum..."

I turned her around and had her lie on her stomach on the bed. I kneeled down between her legs and pulled her cotton panties down to her
thighs. Julie giggled again as her firm little butt was bared. I bent and spread her asscheeks, exposing her tiny brown clenched rectum. I
could smell the scent of her excitement from her crotch and I licked her puckered rectume, running my tongue over the tight ring of her
sphincter muscles. Julie sighed and pushed her hips back towards me as I continued to kiss and lick her delicate asshole. She tasted young
and sweet, and I lapped eagerly at hter tight rectum, swirling my tongue between her spread asscheeks, dipping it into her butthole. Her
anus was slick and shiny with my saliva, and I smeared a gob of vaseline over the entrance to her asshole. I rubbed my finger over her
butthole, gently pushing some of the lubricant between the crack of her ass and inside of her. Julie purred happily as I worked more of the
jelly into her rectum, slowly greasing up the entrance to her asshole. I rubbed the tip of my index finger in circles across the tiny starfish of
her sphincter, using more vaseline to further lubricate her butthole. I dipped my finger into the warm jelly and held open the schoolgirl's
bumcheeks with the other.

Julie inhaled once as I slipped my fingertip between her buttocks and into her asshole. I felt the tight muscular ring of her sphincter clench
my finger, and I gently vibrated it, letting her get used to the feel of having something up her ass. I withdrew the finger and smeared a large
god of vaseline on it, then reinserted it again into her bum. The fifteen year-old gasped as the jelly-coated finger penetrated her butthole,
sliding in smoothly up to the second knuckle. I stopped fingering her insides and let her body adjust to having my finger almost all the way
up it. She was breathing heavily, and I could feel the warm tunnel of Julie's asshole relax a bit, so I gently moved my digit in and out,
fingering the young school-girl's asshole. I slid it all the way up her butt, and rotated it around inside her rectum. Julie was moaning loudly as
I explored the walls of her rectal cavity, pushing my finger deeper into her bum. I withdrew the finger agan and slathered jelly onto my hard
penis. Julie's butthole was relaxed as she got up on her hands and knees, pointing her open asshole at me.

"More" she said. "Put more inside me, I--" the young girl blushed, "--it feels so nice...."

I greased up my cock more with thejelly and kneeled on the bed behind the girl. She raised herself and leaned back against me, putting her
arms around my neck. I held my cock lightly between her legs, rubbing it across her puffy, slick vaginal lips while I reached around her with
my left hand and began stroking her flat, smooth stomach. I cupped her small nubile breast in one hand, slowly squeezing it through her bra,
while I tapped the tip of my jelly-coated cock against her bum cheeks.

"Ohhh," she whispered, "please....I need it...."

She bent face-down on the bed, still on her knees, her back arched to expose her firm little ass. The Catholic school-girl reached back and
held open her bum for me. I placed my cock at the opening of her anus and slowly pushed it in. The head of my cock penetrated the fifteen
year-old's slick asshole, and she cried out, then begged me for more. I sunk my dick n further, slowly, feeling the jelly help my hard prick
slide up her asshole smoothly. I inserted it gently, making sure not to hurt the schoolgirl too much as I entered her anally. She was grunting
feverishly as my cock slid into her tight, slicked up rectum, then moaned in ecstasy as my cock was all the way up her bum, filling the fifteen
year-old's asshole completely.

"Uh God, yes, oh yeah,....Oh! Yes! That's it, put it all in me, make me take all your cock in my tight little ass!"

Julie stuck her hand between her legs, feverishly rubbing her tiny clitoris as I began assfucking her, my hips flexing as I pushed my hard
cock in and out of the teenage schoolgirl's young butt. Her vaginal juices and the vaseline were mixing together into a frothy cream in her
crotch as Julie cried out sharply and came, her flat tummy trembling as the orgasm rocked her. I could smell the raunchy stink of her body
odour as Julie began sobbing, coming harder and harder as I jammed my iron cock up her ass, thoroughly reaming out her delicate bum.

I slid my cock out of Julie's asshole and she collapsed on the bed, her body shaking as she reeled from the incredible orgasm.

Her eyes were squeezed shut and her breathing was ragged as I held my hard, stinking cock to her lips, whispering to her to open her
mouth and take my penis in it. The fifteen year-old school-girl's lips parted, but she kept her eyes closed. I slid my dick into her mouth and
began fucking her face. She whimpered as my slick cock touched the back of her throat, but then she opened her eyes and smiled weakly
at me as she began sucking on my cock. The young girl's cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard, bobbing her pretty face on my crotch.

The pleasure of fucking this young girl up the ass, then having her suck my cock was too much, and I gasped once then erupted in orgasm,
the semen streaking up my shaft. Julie grimaced as I ejaculated into her mouth, the hot come flooding her throat. She gagged on the milky
white come, then began to rapidly swallow it, draining my prick. The hot white semen flooded her mouth, and she choked again on it,
drooling the come out from between her lips to spatter onto her nubile young tits. She coughed out some more, then grinned wickedly at

"Will you come over more often?" she asked.


2010-07-13 18:10:50
Good read, next time, maybe work in some more footplay in there ;) Let her little feet explore his cock :D

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