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Doing a dog show in mexico turns into more then just dogs
This is my story, any similarities to people you know by their names or actions are by accident. If you are under 18, stop reading immediately. If you don't like odd sex this story is not for you. Otherwise please read on and don't forget to send in your comments.

The club was busted one night, lucky for me I wasn't working that night but it put an end to the dog show. Some cop posed as a guest at a private party and that was the end of it.

As you may recall, Mack (the boss) put on special shows, us girls let dogs fuck us in front of the crowd. I was always paid, just to have a dog fuck me, I enjoyed it and made money it was great.

I wasn't broke I had a real job but missed the fun nights working for Mack. Then some months after they were busted I got a call. I could tell it was Mack because after I said Hello, I heard, "What are you and what do you want."

My heart skipped a beat, my pussy felt warm as I quickly answered, "I'm a bitch in heat, I want to get fucked."

"If you're really a bitch in heat, I have just the thing for you or I should say for your pussy. Why don't you meet me at the corner bar in say half an hour" he said.

God, I was hot and wet, "I'll see you then," I replied.

Meeting Mack was nice, we talked about the old show, and he told me he had a new plan and a better show. I questioned him about the cops. He said the new show was in a new place and it would be safe from the cops. He said he had made all the necessary arrangements with the local law; everything was set all he needed was the girls. He had gotten two girls but he wanted me as the star.

The old show we had three girls, and three shows each stared in one show. During the show, two girls helped the star and gave blowjobs to the men for tips. After each show Mack split the money, fifty percent for him and the star got thirty percent the other girls got ten percent plus the tips from the blowjobs. Taking turns with the dogs and the crowd, each girl made about the same amount of money.

Reminding Mack about how it was, he told me this time there was only two shows one Friday night and one Saturday night. The girls both Mexicans would each get a hundred dollars and whatever they made on the side. Mack said he needed a blonde for the star and he would split the night's profits evenly with me.

It all sounded good to me but I held off telling Mack that, I asked about Max. Max was a Great Dane; the biggest dog we used. His cock was big and he could fuck for a long time. I really liked that dog.

Mack sadly said he had lost all the old dogs to the authorities. The new show was built around a new star, bigger, and much better then old Max, Mack said. I couldn't think of a dog bigger then a Great Dane and asked what kind of dog was in the show. Mack rubbed my leg, up high near my pussy and said, "You loved Max's big hard cock didn't you?"

I purred out a soft "Yes."

"Trust me you will love this new act even more. What do you say you want to go with me to Tecate tomorrow and be a star again?"

"Tecate that's Mexico!" I yelled as my mind flashed back to my other trip to Mexico years ago.

That flash back reminded me of the time I spent in a jail cell. I had gone down there on a spring break, by myself to have some fun. Dressed sexy hoping to meet some nice guys from some other school for fun and games. I was picked up by a policeman and taking to the local jail. Never charged with a crime, I thought if I paid off the cop that would be it and I would be set free. He took me to the chief, I offered him some money but that wasn't what he had in mind he wanted me to suck his cock, when I refused he took me in the back to the cells. The back had four cells, one empty, one with three Mexican women in it, one with four Americans two boys and two girls, and the last one had twelve or fourteen Mexican men in it. All dirty looking guys that must have been there because they were the scum of the city.

The chief pulled out his cock showed it to me and said suck it. I again refused; he turned to face the cell with the Mexican women. All got on their knees and opened their mouths without him saying a word. He turned back to me again I refused, he turn to the other cell with the Americans in it, all of them did the same as the Mexican girls even the guys. I was shocked to see the guys open their mouths for the chief. He asked me to suck him and again I said no.

He led me over to the last cell unlocked the door and pushed me in. The smell from the men hit me the minute I entered the cell; they were the unwashed of the city. The men smiled at me as the chief said something to them in Spanish. I quickly moved to the corner of the cell and curled into a ball. I cowered there as the men closed in around me, leering with evil grins on their dark faces. The chief said something more and the men all backed away from me. He called me over to the door, "You suck my cock now?" he asked, I shook my head saying no. The chief spoke to the men, one ripped off my blouse, I covered my breasts, like normal I hadn't bother to wear a bra. My skirt was pulled and soon ripped and fell to the floor. I moved back to the corner and tried to curl up in a ball only to have the men grabbed me, kicking and screaming and pulled me to the center of the room. Several of them pinned me to the floor, immobilizing me face up, others ripped off my panties in a brutal frenzy. My legs were pulled wide apart exposing my young pussy to the men. That was when my first gang rape began.

I cried out as the first guy rammed his cock into my pussy. All I saw above me was a bearded middle-aged face panting and grunting as he fucking me hard and fast. I cried out begging him to stop. It was not to be, as he continued to fuck me, soon his face converted into an ecstatic snarl as I felt his hot cum discharge into my pussy. Getting off he was quickly replaced by another man. This man hammered my pussy even harder then the first one, sending his cock deeper into me with each hard fast stroke. I cried out again for him to stop. However, my cry was drowned out by the jeers and cheers of the other men in the cell. I felt him explode inside me as he yelled out with joy at cumming in such as young sweet pussy.

I lay there helpless, only moaning and crying as another man took his turn at my pussy. Again, he came ecstatically in my pussy, as did each man that took his turn at raping me. My pussy became sore as the men thrust their eager cocks into me, each not caring about my pleas to stop.

I could only lie there whimpering as they got on top of me, one after the other ramming their hard cocks into me. I stayed spread-eagle on the cold stone floor and looked up to see the policeman and his chief just watching and obviously enjoying my torment. When the last man was done, fucking me the chief said something to them. I was quickly grabbed and pulled into a kneeling position. Two men held me as a third rammed his cock into my mouth. I gagged and nearly choked on it as he forced it deep into my mouth. I could taste his cum mixed with my juices as he fucked my face with his used cock. He roared with satisfaction as he came again, this time in my mouth. I tasted it even more as it ran down my throat into my stomach. I was forced to suck it until he was completely satisfied with me.

I felt completely shamed as I was forced to do the same with every man in the cell. After the last guy was done, I didn't bother to move or wipe my mouth. I only knelt there as cum dripped from my mouth down to my chest.

I looked up at the chief and said I would suck his cock. He laughed turn to the cell with the Americans and pointed to a girl. She got on her knees close to the bars and he had her suck his cock. Finished he turned back to me and said, "You had your chance, why would I want your dirty whore mouth on my cock now," and walked back to his office.

That night and the next day anytime a guy could get his cock hard, he used me, not only my mouth and pussy but also my ass got used. The third day the chief release the Mexican girls and the two American guys. Both guys left without asking about their girlfriends. The American girls had to entertain the chief and his officers before they to were released. The only thing that changed for me was more men had been added to the cell, now with over sixteen men in it I never got a moment of rest. At the end of a week, the chief asked me if I wanted to be moved to another cell. I couldn't believe it he was willing to get me out of the cell with all the men. I quickly accepted his offer. I thought there was no way I could feel more humiliated, then having to suck and fuck all those dirty men. I was wrong the chief had plans that would make doing that seem normal.

I spent one night, alone in that cell and for the first time in a week I sleep all night without a cock needing to be serviced. The next day the chief showed me just how degrading he could make my stay. He hooked a collar around my neck then forced me to kneel and with my head almost touching the floor, he hooked the collar to an eyebolt in the floor.

He rubbed my ass; "You're a dirty bitch, "Tell me, dirty bitch are you in heat? Do you want to be fucked?" he asked me in broken English.

With my ass, sticking up I assumed he wanted to fuck me. Knowing he wanted an answer, one he liked I replied, with a simple "Yes."

"Very good, my friend would like to fuck you, is that ok with you?"

Again, I told him yes.

I heard a noise behind me and tried to look but couldn't see anything. Then as the noise moved around I she saw, a large dog walking towards me. The dog came over licked my face, and moved behind me. The chief slapped my ass, "open your legs," he commanded.
I did and the dog sniffed my ass and pussy then he began to lick my pussy. I felt a warm growing sensation creeping over my body. I started to moan as the dog licked my pussy. Its tongue moved in and out of my pussy nearly giving me a climax. My moans got louder then the chief spoke in Spanish and the dog jumped up putting his paws on my shoulders.

The dog humped up and down trying of find my pussy, the dog finally found it and sank his cock all the way into me. I cried out as the dog began to hump me with frenzied speed. The men in the other cell cheered the dog on I was completely mortified. My embarrassment was beyond words as the dog fucked me.

The dog fucked me for a good fifteen minutes before his cock really grew. His cock was bigger then any guys that had fucked me before, it felt like I was being fucked with a hard stick. The dog happily humped me for ten more minutes before I felt him push hard and send his knot into my pussy. Once the knot was in place, he began to cum in me.

He filled me with a large load of cum deep into my womb. Finished fucking me the dog went to dismount but his knot was lodged deep inside of my pussy. He pulled back hard and pulled me back with him, the men laughed as they watched the dog trying to pull free. Finally, with a loud pop his cock pulled free. Everyone but me had enjoyed watching my first dog show.

The chief took the dog away only to bring back another big dog. It turned out the chief had three dogs all trained in fucking. Six times a day he would bring the dogs to my cell and watch them fuck me. After three days I began to enjoy their visits, they fucked me longer and better then I had ever been fucked before.

Before I was released from the jail, I was putting on a show every time the chief would bring men and women over to watch me. On weekends, I would often have the dogs seven times a night or more. He made a lot of money and I got a sore pussy, some fleas, and scratches all over my shoulders plus multiple climaxes for my work. I was almost sorry when the chief released me at the end of spring break. I never went back to Mexico after that but I kept the collar, added a tag on it that reads, "Bitch in Heat" I still wear it most of the time. After that, I had lots of sex but only with guys then one day I met Mack. He reintroduced me to some four-legged lovers and soon I was doing shows with them.

"I don't know about going to Mexico," I told Mack.

"Don't worry it will be fine. The local cops won't be a problem; you may have to fuck them but other then that it will all work out. You'll love Max's replacement, trust me," Mack said.

"Trust you, I do but Mexico you knew what happened to me there," I said. His hand moved to my pussy, he pushed a finger into me. "Yea I know that's where you learned what your pussy was good for." He shoved two fingers into me, "Don't worry this dog loving pussy will love the new Max, You'll enjoy Mexico even more this time, I promise."

His fingers felt good in my pussy but he was right it really wanted a nice big dogs cock in it. I agreed to do the show.

We ended up in a bar in Tecate, it was a nice place, and back behind it was a large barn. That's were the show would be held, I went there and met the girls. Both pretty and young we got along great; they would control the action and me all during the show. Mack hadn't lied he had the dogs, three of them and I was told well trained. The dogs were two great Danes as big as Max had been, and one very big mastiff. "You do one Dane and then Max for a show," Mach told me.

Before the show, I was told I would need to entertain some local officials. If they got what they wanted from me, we could do the show without fear of being busted. I thought a little sex first with men would be a great way to warm up my pussy before the show.

The chief of police was easy, he was happy with a quick fuck and a blowjob. When the other official walked in I was taken back, he was the police chief that had first introduced me to dog fucking he was a big man in this town now.

He gave me his mean leer and chuckled, "So your back, my dogs would enjoy mating with you again." He turned to Mack; "She has done many dog shows for me before. It will be fun watching her with your dogs but I would like to see something new from her. Do you have a donkey in your show, that would be even better to watch."

Mack laughed, "A donkey, no this is only with dogs."

The man looked at me, he pulled Mack aside, "I too have a young girl that loves my dogs to fuck her, she also lets my donkey fuck her, maybe she should do this show and be the star of your show?"

I spoke up, "No I'm the star but only with the dogs."

Mack gave me a funny look, I was sure he was thinking about what the guy had said to him. A girl and a donkey would be some show to watch.

"Don't tell me your thinking of using his girl and doing a donkey show. If you are pay me for my time and I'll go home," I told him.

"Look what if we had two stars you do my dogs and she could do his and the donkey, how would that work for you?" Mack asked.

The ex-chief leered at me, "Not tonight but tomorrow, you can suck on my donkey's cock and get him ready. You can do that can't you, suck a donkey's cock?"

Damm he was disgusting, so was his idea, "If that's all I have to do, sure I can suck his cock," I boldly told him.

I didn't like it, knowing that I had refused to suck his cock but now I was agreeing to suck his donkey's cock but I agreed to do the show and Saturday I would suck on the donkeys cock.

So here, I was in Mexico ready to do a dog show. Now not only would I have dogs but also a donkey to suck as Mack had said, "All I had to do was, suck on a donkey. It was that or no show; I didn't like it but had agreed to do it.

Everything has been planned ahead of time the dogs had been well trained to fuck a girl. Still before I went on I rubbed some gel on and in my pussy, it made me smell like a female dog in heat. This would make the dogs wants me even more and make it easier for them to slide into me.

I could feel my pussy getting wet as I waited, then a small nude girl stood in front of me. She had a nice body; her tits looked firm, her nipples, were big and hard as rocks. She held a leash in her hand and quickly hooked it to my collar. She led me into the barn, and paraded me around so everyone could get a good look at me. The place was packed mostly with men, but some women.

Then leading me to the center of the barn to a low table, she pulled my leash and commanded me kneel and rest my head on the table. The table was narrow and low to the ground the perfect height for the dogs. A second girl also nude lead out the first dog, a pure bread German shepherd she brought him over and lets him sniff my pussy. The dog began to lick my pussy; sends chills up my spine. As I wait for him to mount me, I could hear the crowd murmur waiting to see this big dog fuck me. They didn't have long to wait after a few licks the dog was ready putting his paws on my back he mounted me and started to hump me immediately slamming his cock full length into me. I let out loud moans of pure pleasure as he fucked me.

His long cock had a hard ball at the end and each time he slammed it into me he tried to sink that ball into me. He was humping me fast and with force, slamming me hard each time just trying to get that ball into me. The dog fucked me for a good fifteen minutes before I relaxed my pussy muscles and his knot pushed inside me. When it did, I clamped my pussy tight to hold his knot in place. With his knot locked in me, he began to pump his hot cum into my belly. I could feel his hot cum filling me as the knot kept any from escaping.

I clamped my pussy tight as he finished and tried to pull out, he pulled hard and pulled me back with him. The crowd watched as he pulled and tugged to get free. I released my grip and the dog's cock slide out of my wet pussy. The crowd cheered as he was led away.

The nude girl yanked on the leash commanding me to stand. I stood with my legs spread open so the people could see the dogs cum drip out of my pussy. Pulled over to the table again I was told to get on my back, this time, this time I would be fucked missionary style by the next dog. The crowd roared when they saw the new Max being lead out. He was a big mastiff and he would fuck me next.

Max needed no urging and mounted me throwing his big paws on my chest.
The girl guided his cock to my pussy, and he started humping me madly. His paws resting on my breasts made his whole body visible to the crowd. They could plainly see his cock slid into my pussy and when he buried the full length of his cock into me, they yelled and whistled their approval.

Max could care less about the crowd; he just continued to hump away at my pussy slamming his cock in with speed and force. Like the first dog, his aim was to bury his knot into me and make me his mate. His knot pushed into me on each stroke, spreading my pussy wide as it moved into me. I left my pussy muscles relax making him fuck me harder as he tried to lock his cock in me. My moans of pure pleasure let them all know I was also enjoying it.

I let him humped me longer then the first dog, as he pounded my body, at a frantic pace sending his hard knot into my pussy each time, I cried out with pure pleasure. Then I clammed my pussy tightly close around his cock and lunging back into him. His knot rammed into me and I held it tight keeping him from pulling out. With his cock stuck deep inside me, he came; the warm feeling of his cum started to fill my womb. He shot loads of cum into me before he was done.

When he went to dismount, I squeezed my pussy super tight locking his cock inside me. He pulled back hard and nearly pulling me off the table, the people enjoyed that. He turned faced away from me and pulled, I relaxed my grip and he pulled free. A spotlight lit showing my wet dripping pussy to the crowd.

The show was over but for a few dollars, more the people could come down for a better look at my used pussy and me. Often a guy would bring down his girl, telling her he would like to watch her being fucked as I had been. I just lay there and waited until everyone finished looking and the place emptied out. Then I headed for a warm bath at the hotel.

The next night the place looked more crowded then the night before. The show with the dogs ended the crowd was thrilled with that part of the show. Now they waited for the best part of the show, it was time for me to play with and suck the donkey. I was thinking this part would really shock and surprise them when I get him hard and he fucks the other girl.

Two men lead the donkey out, I had petted him earlier, and he was a nice donkey very clean, nice, and tame and I was told well trained. They came over and stood next to me I had to reach over and grab his cock. I played with it and moved my head so I could lick him. His cock didn't need much attention it spring to life, his hard cock was long and it had a big knobby head, much bigger and thicker then the dogs.

The men pulled the donkey back, one kicked my feet together and moved the donkey up, and as soon as his front legs passed my knees, I felt my legs being pulled open. The man that had pulled my legs open came around to look down at me; I was staring up at the ex-chief.

He gave me his leer and chuckled, "So now I get to see how you like my donkey, I will enjoy watching you mating with him, I think this crowd will also enjoy seeing that." The though of that big long donkey cock in me was very repulsive. "I said I would not do the Donkey." I told him and looked over to Mack, two men, guards I guess stood by his side holding his arms.

The ex-chief grabbed my head and turned me towards him, "You can do the donkey now or if you prefer you can be brought to my ranch and entertain me there. I have many dogs, donkeys and some horse's just waiting for a girl like you. It's your choice, what would you like to do?"

Knowing he meant what he said, "Fuck the donkey," I softly answered.

I was so wet that clamping my pussy shut wasn't a possibility. That and the two men pulled my legs wide open as the donkey moved forwards. One of the girls guided his cock to my open pussy. The crowd looked on in disbelief as the donkey's cock head slid between my pussy lips and pushed into my pussy. The girl holding the donkey's cock pulled him forward, helping him move deeper into me. His cock slipped in farther and I couldn't believe that my body could take much more of this long cock. The girl pulled him forwards a little more. A loud scream erupted from my mouth as the donkey buried half its cock into my pussy.

I was whimpering when the ex-chief told me it was up to me to fuck the donkey. Everyone watched as I began to rock back and fourth fucking this animal. The ex-chief said something in rapid Spanish; the crowd laughed. I felt hands holding my shoulders and the chief slapped the donkey on the butt; he jumped pushing his cock deeper into me. I screamed very loud as it felt like I was being ripped apart from the big cock. The chief bend over, "You only have a little more to go, either you push or I will hit this beast again," he smilingly said. I pushed back hard against the donkey, the crowd cheered as the rest of his cock was buried in me.

"Now show us how much you like fucking this donkey, fuck him hard," the ex-chief ordered. I didn't enjoy it but I fucked him hard and fast, with the help of some men. They rocked me up and down sliding the cock in and out of me. When I screamed he was cumming they stopped and held me against him. He began depositing cum deep in me, my belly felt like it would explode between having his cock buried so deep in me and the massive amount of cum he was pumping into it. The men held me as he pumped and pumped cum into my womb, it didn't all stay as some dripped out past his cock. The men released me but didn't pull me up so the donkey's cock was still buried deep inside me.

I swear my belly was pushed out between his big cock and all that cum. They the ex-chief yelled out, "Who wants to feel this cock inside her, come down and you can feel her belly."

I wanted to move and pull his cock out of me but his men held me down. I felt hands on my belly, and was told me slide up and down so they could feel the donkey's cock move inside me. I did as I was told, and they felt my belly swell up as the donkey's cock moved inside me. The men laughed as they felt that, so did some women. Finally, everyone was done and the show was over and the place was empty.

I still had the donkey cock in me as the ex-chief patted my head, "I like you very much, now it is time I take you to my ranch, my dogs miss you, and so would my donkey if you're not around for him."

"No I only came here to do this show, I want to go home," I cried.

"Don't worry, you will be doing this show, every weekend, and I think after a while I will add my horse to the show. Your home is in a nice cell at my ranch till I get tired of you."

His two men pulled off the donkey and helped me up, after being fucked; so hard it was hard for me to stand. They lead me to his horse trailer push me inside and locked the doors. I was on my way to my new home.

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