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I had no idea my best friend's fater was in love with me...
My name is Destiny. When my parents told me that they would be out of town for a whole week, my first reaction was excitement. However, upon further pondering, I realized that I had never been left alone for a whole night, much less a weekend. I hid my nervousness from my parents, after all, I was supposed to be old enough for that stuff. Luckily, my best friend Brittany lived next door with her dad (who was my dad's best friend), and my dad had gotten the okay from Brittany's dad for me to come over anytime I needed to. I think my dad secretly knew I was nervous about staying alone.
I was okay for most of the first day, keeping busy by eating and watching television. When the sun set, my stomach sank. I tried not to think about how dark it was outside, and how alone I was. The quiet of the room started screaming at me, and I knew I had to get out. The cool air blew threw my thin pajamas when I walked over to Brittany's house. I looked down and realized my nipples were struggling against the thin fabric, and I hoped that Brittany's dad was already asleep to avoid some embarrassment.
I knocked on Brittany's door. To my disappointment, Brittany's dad, Eric, answered the door. Luckily his eyes never left mine as he greeted me.

"Oh Destiny, I forgot that you might be coming over. Brittany went over to her mom's house for the week."

"Oh geez, thanks Brittany," I thought. It was just like her to forget our plans and do her own thing.

"Oh, well that really sucks," I moaned, "I guess I'll go home."

Eric shrugged and replied, "I know I'm not much fun, but you could stay the night in Brittany's room if you want. At least you won't be alone in the house. I was actually just about go soak in the hot tub and go to bed. You can have the rest of the house to yourself."

The thought of spending the night at Brittany's house, without Brittany there, made me a little nervous, and strangely, a little excited. Eric was Brittany's dad, but he was incredibly handsome. He had curly black hair, dark blue eyes, and a decent body. He wasn't a body builder or anything, but he kept himself in good shape. He was the neighborhood's most available bachelor, and all of the single moms were always after him. He didn't seem interested in any of them, strangely enough. Brittany once told me that he had given up on women after her mom left. Eric was also a police officer, and I noticed that he still had his uniform on. He must have just gotten off duty. He looked amazing in his uniform, I mentally noted. I decided to stay, mostly because I couldn't stand the thought of being alone all night. I have to admit though, Eric did have some influence on my decision.

"Sure, I'll stay, if you're sure it won't be any trouble, Mr Weeks," I said. Mr. Weeks is what I called him to his face, but I always thought of him as "Eric" in my mind.

Eric offered me food, drink, and the television, but I turned all of that down. I felt really awkward being alone with him in the house, so I decided to go to bed. I walked down the hall to Brittany's familiar bedroom and climbed into her nice, warm bed. I drifted off to sleep quickly. I was soon awaken by my extreme hunger. I hadn't had dinner, and was quickly re-thinking Eric's offer for food. I climbed out of bed and went to the kitchen to grab a snack.

On the way to the kitchen, I looked out the back door. I saw Eric sitting in the hot tub, his eyes were closed and his police uniform was replaced by a pair of swim shorts. His chest looked amazing, it was mostly smooth, with just enough hair to give him a rugged, manly look. I had never seen him without a shirt on, and I couldn't help but get that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. He was giving me butterflies. My best friend's dad was alone with me in his house, and I was majorly crushing on him. I snapped back to reality and was depressed in the realization that nothing could ever happen with him, he was a police officer and was 25 years older than me. He would never in a million years look at me that way.

Just as my daydream was over, Eric opened his eyes and saw me standing at the door. He smiled and motioned for me to come outside.

"I thought you were fast asleep, did I wake you?" Eric asked. "I was trying to be quiet."

"Oh, no sir, I just decided to get some food after all. I forgot that I hadn't eaten, and my stomach woke me up." I laughed awkwardly. He probably thought I was an idiot, standing here watching him shirtless and laughing like a maniac.

But, he flashed his brilliant smile. "Well, I didn't cook tonight since it was just myself here, but there is leftover chinese in the fridge if you like. Or, I could take you to the 24 hour burger place if you don't want Chinese. You may even be able to talk me into cooking some pancakes, if you ask me nicely enough." He joked.

"Chinese is good. Are you enjoying your soak?" I asked, with a nervous smile. My heart was pounding in the presence of this half naked man, and all I wanted was to climb into that hot tub with him.

"Yes it feels nice, I swear my job is going to kill me. You can come in, if you'd like. I think you know where Brittany's swim suits are. I'm about to get out and go to bed."

Wow. He just asked me to get into the hot tub with him. I felt my heart racing and I felt dizzy. I realized at that moment that he had offered me the hot tub, but he was going to bed. Well, what a buzz kill.

"Oh no thanks, the thought of being alone outside at night just doesn't appeal to me!" I replied. I didn't want him to know what a chicken I was, but there was no getting around it.

"Wow! You are a scardey cat aren't you!" he joked. My cheeks flushed red and I felt like a big baby at that moment. Yeah, he definitely would never see me "in that way."
"I can hang out with you for a little while if you want, I don't work tomorrow so I don't HAVE to go to bed now. I am mostly going for lack of anything better to do. Old people get bored too, ya know." He said.

Oh wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I was having a mental freak out, I was screaming and mentally jumping up and down. He wants me and him to sit in his hot tub in our swim suits, alone. OH MY GOD.

I decided to forego the food and go straight for the hot tub. I literally ran to Brittany's room, found the cutest swimsuit she owns, put it on, and ran back out. On my way to the back yard, I felt sick from nervousness. My knees felt weak and I could feel the sweat start to form on my forehead. I didn't know if I would be able to make the trip. I was also surprised at my reaction to Eric. I had always thought he was hot, but he was nothing more than my friend's dad. Tonight, however, I was seeing him in a whole new light, I was a woman and he was a man. I wanted him.

I stepped outside into the cold night air and shivered. The air was shockingly harsh against my flushed body.

Eric was in the middle of drinking a beer, and he stopped the moment he saw me. I even thought I saw his eyes widen and mouth drop.
“Could I possibly be giving him this reaction? No, it’s wishful thinking. He wouldn’t see me as anything more than a silly teenager. “ I thought to myself.
I climbed into the hot tub, the steamy water felt amazing in contrast to the freezing air outside.
“Thanks for staying out here with me, this feels really nice.” I commented awkwardly. Brittany and I always took dips in the hot tub when I stayed over, and her dad knew how much I loved it.
“Thanks for keeping me company since my daughter ditched me..” he said jokingly. I was surprised at the way he looked at me. He was staring at my body intensely, and I think he was trying to hide it. I also noticed that his face started to blush. “Wow, he’s embarrassed,” I mentally noted.
Eric and I sat in the hot tub awkwardly for about five minutes. I was trying to think of a way to break the ice, but I was drawing a blank. It was all I could do not to stare at his body, and I had the feeling that he was having the same problem.
Finally, Eric spoke.
“Destiny, can I ask you something? This may not be any of my business, but why don’t you have a boyfriend? You are the only one of Brittany’s friends who still bothers to come over because the rest of them are too busy with their boyfriends.”
I have to admit, I was shocked by this question, and a little confused. Why does a grown man care about the love life of a teenager?
“Well,” I started “I just haven’t found a guy as great as you I guess.” I said while running my fingers through my red hair. The moment that came out of my mouth I panicked. I couldn’t believe those words just escaped my lips. I laughed nervously to try and make him think I was joking.
Much to my relief, Eric laughed and said “Well that’s a pretty good reason.”
I got brave. “What about you? You don’t have a girlfriend, and all of the neighborhood MILFS have been chasing you for months. What’s up with that?” I asked.
“I just haven’t found a woman as good as you, I guess,” He replied. He then placed his hand on my knee and winked.
I was so confused, was he flirting with me?
He removed his hand and we sat in awkward silence for a few minutes.
“Destiny, I know I probably shouldn’t say this, but since my wife left I haven’t been able to think about anyone but you. You were only 16 at the time, and it was wrong. But you’re legal now and I just want you to know how I feel” Eric nervously spouted out. “I have never had feelings for anyone your age, and I always thought anyone who could have feelings for anyone your age was sick. I don’t understand why I feel this way, but I do.”
“How do you feel, exactly!?” I gasped. I could feel my hands shaking and my mind racing. I never in a million years imagined I would ever have this conversation with my best friend’s dad.
“Destiny, when you’re here I am absolutely giddy like a school girl. You are like a warm drink in the middle of winter. You are more than beautiful, you are unique, kind, and intelligent. You are my perfect woman. Hell, you are any man’s perfect woman. I know you could never be interested in me, and even if you were, the situation would be too weird for you to put yourself in. But I think I may be in love with you.”
“Eric,” I coarsely whispered. It felt weird to say his first name aloud. “I think you’ve had too much to drink tonight.”
“Yeah, I have had way too much to drink tonight. I knew it was the only chance I would get to tell you this while we were alone. I knew drinking was the only way I’d have the balls to tell you any of this. I’ve wanted to tell you all of this for a long time, but it wasn’t right. It still isn’t right.”
“If my dad found out any of this, he would kill you and I would never be able to see Brittany again. Oh, and Brittany, if she found out about this.. well SHE would kill BOTH of us!”
I decided it was best if I got out of the hot tub and went to bed. As much as I wanted him, I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. I felt like I would be destroying his family and his friendship with my dad. But God, he was so gorgeous and vulnerable right now.
I showered and crawled into Brittany’s bed. I heard Eric shower then close his bedroom door.
As hard as I tried, my mind wouldn’t shut off. I kept replaying the night in my mind, wishing I hadn’t shut him down. I tried to imagine what it would be like to be with Eric. I tried to imagine my life with him. It seemed silly for my imagination to jump that far ahead, after all, he hadn’t proposed to me. But I had an epiphany. I realized that I had been in love with him for a long time. I had stayed friends with Brittany this whole time, despite her sour personality and disregard for my feelings, just to see him. I am not sure why it had never occurred to me before, but I knew now. I was in love with a man 25 years older than me. I guess that made me a glutton for punishment.
I decided to do something that took a great deal of courage. I walked down the hall and knocked on Eric’s bedroom door. I was sure he was asleep.
“Come on in,” he called out.
My hands trembled as I turned the door knob.
“Sorry for waking you up. I couldn’t sleep, and thought we should talk.”
“Destiny, I’m sorry for putting you on the spot like that. I had a few too many beers. But, I can’t say that I didn’t mean what I said. Also, I haven’t been able to sleep either. I was actually just laying here contemplating waking you up to talk, but I didn’t want to freak you out again.”
“Eric, as I was laying in Brittany’s bed I realized that, and please don’t get too offended, the only reason I was even friends with Brittany is because I love seeing you.”
Eric laughed and walked over to me. He took my hand and led me to his bed. I sat down on the edge of his bed and he sat beside me.
I cautiously reached out and stroked his cheek. I could feel my blood rushing to every part of my body. I felt like something was awaken inside of me and I felt more alive in that moment than I had ever felt. I moved my face toward his, staring into his eyes for a sign that he wanted me to stop. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me the rest of the way to his lips. I pressed my lips into his incredibly soft and full mouth. I stayed in the same position for a few seconds, enjoying the warmth of him and the amazing butterflies I felt all over my body. He then started feverishly kissing me, exploring my lips with his moist tongue, stroking the back of my head with one hand and moving the other hand down my back. It was, undoubtedly, the most erotic kiss I had ever experienced.
He soundlessly mouthed the word “wow” when I finally moved out of the kiss.
I stood up and slowly removed my t-shirt and shorts, leaving only my zebra print panties.
“MMM” he groaned.
He then stood up, walked behind me, and put his arms around my bare stomach. I felt so warm and secure in his arms.
“Do you really want to do this?” He asked.
“Oooh yesss,” I breathed.
He put his mouth to my neck and brushed up my neck and jaw line with his lips while simultaneously running his hands gently up my stomach and chest, carefully avoiding my breasts. The feeling was indescribable. I wanted him inside me right then. I wanted his mouth engulfing my nipples. I knew he had better things in store than a quickie, however.
I turned around and kissed Eric on the lips once again, this time for over five minutes. As we kissed, I pressed my body into his and felt his hard cock straining against his boxers. I had never really thought about his penis size, I wasn’t the type of girl that imagined fucking every guy she met. But I was quite shocked at what I felt in Eric’s boxers. It felt big, REALLY big.
Eric stopped and looked me in the eyes. “Destiny, I need to ask you something. Have you done this before?”
Wow. That question shocked me and I was immediately embarrassed. I’d technically only had sex once, but I didn’t really count it. I was sick and had taken a sleeping pill and my boyfriend, at the time, had sex with me while I was out of it. It was also the reason why I hadn’t had a boyfriend since, because I didn’t trust any men at all. I wasn’t sure why I trusted Eric, but I did.
“Yeah, once,” I answered. I didn’t want to tell him the whole story, because I didn’t want to ruin the moment.
“I asked because I don’t want to hurt you.”
“You won’t hurt me.” For some reason, I knew he wouldn’t hurt me.
I laid down on the bed and motioned for him to come too. He laid down beside me and slid his hands up my legs and thighs, stopping at the top of my panties. He tugged on the elastic and carefully slid them down my legs and off my body. He then climbed on top of me, and started kissing my lips again while hovering over me. I felt heat radiating off his body and I never wanted him to move. I wanted us to stay pressed together forever.
Eric’s hands were exploring my body, moving up and down my sides and over my stomach. I was also doing some exploring myself, running my hands over his biceps and down his arms and back. I realized that he was teasing me by deliberately avoiding my nipples and breasts, and it was annoying me. I wanted him to touch me there. I grabbed his hand and moved it toward my breast, but he resisted and laughed. “Not yet, miss impatience.”
He then began kissing ever inch of my face and neck, stopping to pay special attention to my ears. His hot breath on my neck sent surges of pleasure to the rest of my body. I knew I was wetter than I had ever been, I could already feel it on my thighs. His mouth worked its way down my chest and stomach. He finally decided to end my misery and he started planting kisses on my breasts. He kissed around the nipple on each breast, then finally pulled my nipple into his mouth.
“ooh my mmmm,” I moaned.
He grinned with my nipple in his mouth. He gently sucked on my nipple while simultaneously swirling his tongue around. It felt like nothing I had ever felt before.
He then moved down to the bottom of my body. I was nervous, because I had never had anyone kiss me down there. He started with my inner thighs, using his tongue to lick and grazing my skin softly with his teeth. I wanted to grab his head and make him lick my pussy, but I knew I had to wait patiently. He finally made is way up to my pussy.
He kissed all over the outside softly.
“mmm Destiny, you are so wet, and you smell amazing.” He mumbled between kisses.
He took my pussy lips into his mouth and gently sucked on each side. I felt like I was on the brink or orgasm just from that. When he started to slip his tongue between my pussy lips, I started to moan loudly.
“Eric this feels like nothing .. ever.. oh God this is.. mmm” I managed to coherently say.
He then gently flicked my clit with his tongue a few times and it sent me over the edge. I felt my pussy contracting and felt the waves of intense pleasure surging through my body.
“Eric please don’t stop, I’m cumming!” I nearly yelled.
Eric continued to flick my clit and suck on it through my orgasm. When it had subsided, he moved up my body and kissed my lips again. I tasted myself on his mouth .
“Are you ready?” He asked.
I bit my lower lip and nodded my head. Was I ready? I had never been MORE ready in all of my life.
He grabbed my arm and placed it around his cock. It felt so soft yet so hard. I stroked it a few times then placed it at the opening of my pussy. Eric slowly slid it into my wet hole. The intensity of feeling every inch of his warm cock sliding into me made me lose my mind. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t see, I could only feel…him. I felt like I was complete with him inside me, like that’s exactly where he belonged.
He slowly moved in and out of me, and his eyes never lost contact with mine. Every time he would pull his cock out of me, I would want to beg for him to put it back. Every time he pushed it back into me, I moaned with pleasure. As his speed increased, so did my pleasure.
“Eric this feels soooo good,” I moaned. “Please.. don’t stop.”
With my encouragement, he started fucking me even harder. I could feel an explosion building up inside me, and I felt like he was close too.
“Fuck Destiny, you’re so beautiful, so hot, mmm you feel so good. Please cum on my cock baby.”
That was all I needed. I wrapped my arms around him and begged him to fuck me harder. I felt my body start shaking uncontrollably and my pussy start squeezing him involuntarily. Intense pleasure rippled through my body, and it felt like every inch of my body was electric. I screamed and yelled “Oh Eric, I’m cumming. Oh Fuck yeah!” He then slammed his cock into me as hard as he could and kissed me harder than I’ve ever been kissed before while he moaned into my mouth. I felt his cock pulsate and felt his hot cum shoot inside me.
When our orgasms were over, we both laid in his bed next to each other just enjoying the blissful feeling.

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