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to start off this is the true story involving me and my younger sister. it happened when she was young.

My little sister was 5. she was usually had pigtails and did not wear very much. she has brown hair and eyes.she was curvy and had a very filled out butt. i was 15 when this happened. i also have brown hair and the time my penis was only like 4 inches long .I had been having a lot of fantasies about her at the time. One day when i had to watch her and my little brother we were wrestling in the living room with my brother and he had accidentally pulled her shorts off. so i went over to put them back on as i was pulling them back up i ran my fingers over her young pussy. she looked at me and said that when i did that it tickled and she ran off to go play.later that night after i put my brother to sleep i went to her room to read her a bedtime story.which was the only way to get her to go to sleep. i started reading her the story and she told me to stop.she asked me if i could tickle her were i had i greedy started to play with her pussy again. i took off her underwear and i started go in her young pussy with my fingertips. i did that for about five minutes then put her to bed. i quickly went up to my room and turned my attention to my very hard dick after blowing my load to what had just took place. i then started to plan out how i could take this further. the next time i would be watching her i had a plan.about a week later my chance came. she asked me a couple questions that day that i did not see coming. she wanted to know all about what i did to her asking me questions like, what her vagina was called,what did i have, and so on.i answers all of her questions. and last i said that i had a penis and asked her if she wanted to see it she said i took out my half hard dick and we sat there for about a minute. then she asked if she could touch it and i let her. she put her hand on my fully erect dick although she couldn't reach all the way around it. i thought her how to masturbate me and she learned and loved doing it very quick.she would rub me slowly then speed up and slow down again.all i had to do was lean back and enjoy her young hand.then i started to blow my load right on her and her hand. she stopped and asked me what it was and so i told her what it was and how it only happens when im really happy.then it was my turn i started to play with her again pushing my fingers in a little farther this time. rubbing in slow circles then i kissed her you pussy and she really licked it so i licked her faster. pushing my tongue into her pussy. i enjoyed her taste and every noise she made. she tasted like any freshly cleaned pussy does.and she was making moaning sounds and she would laugh every now and then to. i started to worked my way up kissing her belly button and then made my way up to her small nipples and sucked on them. licking one and rubbing the other then i would switch.that was as far as i got that day with her.the next time i watched her we were watching a move on the couch she was sitting next to me. and she climbed up on my lap and i was very hard in no time. she would move her but around or bounce a little trying to figure out what was poking her but. she turned to me and asked me if was happy again and so i told her i was.she got off and started to masturbate me like she had before. then i asked her if she could lick me like i had done to her so she slowly put her head down. at first she just licked the tip of my penis.i talked her through what to do and then she took it in her mouth.her tongue flicking my head. while she boobed up and down.i told her to go as fast as she could. so she sped up boobing her head almost as fast as she could. i felt my load coming so i had her slow down. when she was going slow i put my hand on the back of her head and pushed my dick to the back of her throat. she gagged at first but she did not stop boobing on my dick. she went a little faster again and i let her knowing i would be blowing my load soon.she kept up her speed and was still deep throating my cock when i blew my load in her mouth. she stopped as soon as my first wave hit. my second hit her face and my third and final was all over her nipples and neck. she told me it tasted weird but she kinda liked it. later that day she asked me if any one else did what we were doing. i already had some child porn on my computer so i loaded on up and showed it to her.she watched a little girl about her same age giving a blow job to an older guy. after that one was done she wanted to see more. i loaded up my favorite one it was a lesbian orgy. i was sitting in our computer chair and she was standing in front of me.all i could do was stare at her young butt. so i reached out and grabbed it slowly rubbing both cheeks. i switched to another one of a little girl i had. she was doing anal getting pounded by a guy. i asked my sister if we could do that and she said she wanted to. i knew how tight she would be so i grabbed some lub covered my dick and her ass with it. and we went into the living room she got on her hands and knees just like the girl in the video had done.i slowly pushed my dick in she said it hurt. and i explained to her it was supposed to at first but it would feel better soon.i pushed my dick all the way in her ass. slowly letting her ass muscles tighten around my dick.after it was in for about a minute and she told me it felt good. i grabbed her hips and started to hump her ass picking up speed she even started to push and pull. i laid back on the floor picking her up as i went back.she was bouncing up and down on my dick . she was loving anal. she would go slow and i could fell her ass tighten around my dick. she started to moan and yell she said it felt really good now and was bouncing as fast and as hard as she could. i blew my load in her ass and she kept her speed. while i blew load after load of hot jizz in her ass.after that we stooped and she took a bath.washing off all of that days jizz off of her body.i did not have a chance alone with her for two weeks. when we were finally alone again she wouldn't let stop doing something with her whether it was anal or oral. then she asked if i could put my dick in her front. i told her i could but it would hurt her vagina and i did not know how much it would hurt her young pussy.she looked up at me and said she still wanted to even if it hurt. she said her butt stooped hurting so her front would stop hurting to.i got the bottle of lub out again and rubbed my dick and her vagina with some.i started off slow pushing letting her tight pussy wrap itself around my dick until i got to her hymen i stopped and told her to get ready for some pain she said ok . i pushed hard a poped her cherry she let out a very loud scream for 3 or 4 seconds then she stopped again i waited like a minute. then i started to hump her tight pussy hole picking up my speed going faster pushing my dick all the way up her. she was moaning and had an orgasm but she was too young to cum so it was just a lot of moaning and yelling.her body thrashed around and then she laid still and told me how it felt so good to have my dick in side of her. i picked her up and let her hump my dick. while she was riding my dick she told me to blow ,y load inside of her. then she started to hump as fast as she could. i started to have my own orgasm letting out grunts of pleasure.then i had my climax i blew 7 loads of jizz in her pussy more than i had ever blown before.i was moaning and then she started to. we were both screaming in pleasure. then someone opened the door and came in.

Comment and let me know if you like my story. and i will make a part two of our story.


2011-01-19 03:44:40
i loved ur story but wat happen who opened the door n came in n did ya get caught i want 2 read of wat happen next


2011-01-19 03:44:28
i loved ur story but wat happen who opened the door n came in n did ya get caught i want 2 read of wat happen next


2010-07-20 05:58:35
To the reader on 7-13-2010 that said who said you were going to report this story to the POLICE you couldn't even spell police right. That makes you a dumbshit in my book. Not to mention if you don't like these kind of stories DON'T read them and then spout PURE shit.


2010-07-14 19:33:52
i know im a bad spelling and grammar sucks ass. i simply wrote a story from my past to let go of it. most of this is true some parts are a little stretched. i also know its rape i was convicted of this and spent some time in a treatment facility for it. so even if u do call the cops they can't do a if u are so against this kind of stuff why did u read it? thank you to all that like our story as i write on here i will work on my grammar and spelling issues.

The EditorReport

2010-07-14 17:11:00
Have you ever tried using a word processor? Your sentence structure and punctuation are horrible. Your grammar is on a 3rd grade level and your over all composition and editing are nonexistent. Your only redeeming factor is that you have a fairly vivid imagination, since I truly doubt that this is based on real life events. It has already been pointed out that your story flow is to fast and you do not take the time to develop your segment scenes. I would highly recommend that you continue writing but PLEASE find an editor program to assist you in the future.

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