intro: this is my first time writing a story so please tell me if you want me to write more :)
this is a fantasy of how i want to fuck my neighbour.

I am a young 18 yearold teenager and as you can imagine very horny!!. i am around 6" tall with short brown hair n brown eyes. im still a virgin, but i am hoping that my first will be with a neighbour of mine.

My neighbour is called kelly, she is around the age of 30 and has 3 children all very young. she is a single mother so she has quite a lotbof time on her hands. kelly is a very attractive women with a nice tight round arse with c cup breasts.

I dont really speak to her but one day when i was walking my dog i saw her in her front garden doing some gardening she bent down in front of me and she was wearing a pair of hot pants which barely covered her arse, and a very low cut top. As she bent down her thong poked up out of her pants and i just stood there drooling over this fox. she turned and saw me gawking at her and she smiled. at this point i had a huge bulge in my pants. i think she saw it because she started to blush. "im sorry i should not stare" i told her and she let out a little giggle and replied "well maybe i should dress more sensably in public". at this point i had no clue of what came over me becuase i blureted out "i dont mind but i know you would so much better with them off"

"well maybe you should take your dog home and come back as soon ad you can" after she said this to me i wasted no time at all to get my dog home, i put him in his cage and rushed back to what seemed to be a very eager nieghbour.

As soon as i got back to kellys house she was standing outside waiting for me , she even greeted me with a luttle kiss. I followed her into the house where she lead me to her bedroom. i had a look around her bed room and there was sex toys everywhere.
"do you use these very often?" i was very nervous as i did not know what she had planed. " yeah i use them every night" you could see that one of the sex toys had been used quite recently because it was glistening with pussy juice.

I looked oer at kelly and i could see that she was just laying there on the bed with just he thong n bra on. i saw this and it just made my cock spring into life. "come on get undressed im waiting", i took no time at all in getting my clothes off.

we then locked lips and we passionatly kissed for around 3-4 minutes and buy this time the precum was oozing out of my cock. when she broke the kiss she told me to start to rub on her clit and being a virgin ment i had not dont this before but i didnt mind i tried my best and it seemed to working because before long the juices were dripping out of her hot shaven pussy. "why dont you go ahead and eat my cunt", i was so horny i couldnt care what i was doing right or wrong so i started to munch on her beautifull pussy and in the proces of this i got a mouth full of her sweet juices i tried to swallow as much of her juices as i could but they were flowing to quickly.

After about 10 minutes of me eating her cunt she finally got on her knees and started to lick the tip of my cock. my cock is 7" long and 2" wide and when she got sucking she could fit the whole thing in her mouth this made my precum ooze even more. she sucked me off for around a minute or so and then she told me to fuck her! for me this was a dream come true we did not worry about protection because she is on the pill. i entered her tight pussy slowly and then started to pump away gradually getting faster and faster. "why dont you fuck me in the arse?" i was totally down with this her arsr is like an image from heaven it is so gracefully round and it was sooo smooth, i started to lick around the ring of her arse to lube it up and then i stuck my finger in and i could not belive how tight she was it wad heaven.

I got onto my knees and started to enter her arse this was so hot, i was pounding her arsehole for around 10 minutes before i went back to her pussy she was still on all foyrs so i could have eady acsess to both her arse and her pussy so i plunged into her pussy and then plunged her arse. a few minutes later i could few my balss starting to swell and cum starting to build up." im going to cum!!" at this point my cock was still in that perfect arse of hers, " cum in my arse" so i did i pumped my whole load into her arse.

Kelly then told me she wanted to taste my cum so i said to her "well maybe you could let me suck my cum out of your arse and give it to you by kissing?". so i layed down on her bed while she squatted above me with her arse hole on my mouth so i could suck the load out. it felt so hot to do this, when i had the whole load in my mouth we locked lips and kissed for a while swapping my cum around but she wanted to swallow it all down and swallow is what sje done.

this is my first storey so please be nice. please comment it and tell me what you think. please also tell me if you want me to write a chapter two would love to hear your feed back!! :)


2011-01-01 18:14:52
Very hot stories :) Congratulations and we waiting for next chapter :)


2011-01-01 18:14:41
Very hot stories :) Congratulations and we waiting for next chapter :)


2010-07-13 23:20:13
Your on the right track to continue writing. The important part of stories you are on the way to mastering, a good plot with a quick flash fiction type story. Very focused on short area. In the specific masterbaiting parts, it seems to fast with little description. Now dont bother just using it was hot, try using a metaphor or simili or just something that describes it but at the same time leaves it to the reader to interpret.


2010-07-13 17:07:36
i wrote this sotry at 3 in the morning but thanks ill check it next time :)

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2010-07-13 15:48:44
Great story but you want to learn to spell better.

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