Alice's mother stopped right outside of her daughter's bedroom door and put one ear to the wood. She could hear Alice giggling from within. She must be on the phone, her mother thought. With one hand on the doorknob, she almost went in to tell her it was lights out, time to turn off the phone, but then she thought better of it. She'd been away alot from her daughter lately and she knew it must have been hard on her with her mother working so late the past few weeks. She'd let her stay up a little and talk to her girlfriends. She'd had no one but her dad to hang out with lately, poor girl.

Her fingers trailed away from the doorknob and she turned back down the hallway. A pair of boxers on the floor caught her eye and she bent to pick them up. She rolled her eyes, realizing that her husband must have dropped them on the way from the laundry room. At least he had done some work, she conceded. She started down the hallway amused, wondering if her husband had finished masturbating and gone to sleep for the night yet.

Alices' father's eyes flew open when he noticed the thin shaft of light appear on the wall opposite his daughter's bed. Behind him, the door creaked slightly and he froze, all the moisture in his mouth drying immediately with fear. He knew he was seconds away from his wife walking in the bedroom to find her husband lying on top of their daughter, his cock still twitching inside of her ravaged pussy.

But nothing happened. The door didn't open. Then all at once, the light shifted in the hallway and he heard his wife's footsteps receding into the house. He breathed out, relief flooding his body just as he'd flooded his daughter's cunt with his hot seed only moments before.

He had to get out of there quick. He could already feel his cock starting to grow firmer against the tight walls of his daughter's pussy. If he lingered too much longer, the temptation to fuck here again would surely get him into trouble. His luck wouldn't last that long, he was sure.

Carefully, he lifted himself over his daughter's body and slowly slid his cock from between her moist lips. He shuddered as they tightened around the head of his penis, milking it for the last few drops of his precious cum. Alice shuddered too, her sensitive little cunt still pulsing from the pounding it had received.

"Hmm, Josh.. Lay with me, baby" Alice pleaded sleepily, turning on her side as her father lifted himself from her bed.

"Shhh" he said again as he placed his finger to her mouth.

"Call me later," she whispered, drifting off to sleep even as she said it.

Worried for the first time that Josh would call his daughter eventually, letting her in to the fact that it was not him who fucked her that night, Alice's dad stepped lightly to the head of the bed and picked up his daughters phone, disconnecting it from the main line and tucking it under his arm. He knew she'd talk to him eventually, but maybe the delay would give him time to think and cover his own tracks.

Still naked from the waist down, his half-erect cock swaying with each step, Alice's dad made it to the door and waited for just a moment, wishing his wife had turned off the hall light before she'd retreated.

As he opened the door and stepped into the hall, he chanced a look into his daughter's room. For the first time, he could see his daughter asleep in the dim light. She'd turned on her side and pulled one leg up and her father could see just the smallest hint of her tiny cunt hiding below her cute little bare ass. A pool of their mixed cum lay in the sheets below her, more of it slowly dripping from the depths of her pussy. He couldn't remember if his wife had put her on the pill or not, but he hoped to God that she had. Nothing quite like getting caught impregnating your own daughter.

He tore himself away from the sight of his daughter and softly closed the door behind him, retreating to the back of the house. He deposited his daughter's phone in a pile of dirty clothes and silently picked up a pair of his boxers from the laundry that he'd forgotten to do earlier. Collecting himself, he fixed his disheveled hair before walking past his daughter's room again, making no effort to be quiet this time.

"Where were you?" His wife asked as he entered their bedroom.

"Outside, did you just get home?" He asked, desperate to appear normal.

"Yes, I told you I'd be late," she said, unbuttoning her blouse and looking in the mirror at her husband. Something was up with him, she thought. "What were you doing outside?"

"Oh, I thought I heard something, probably Alice's boyfriend," Alice's father said, walking towards the bathroom.

"Hope not," his wife replied, removing her shoes and yawning. "I talked to her about that boy - er - man. He's much too old for her." She looked at her husband again. "You dropped a pair of boxers by her room, by the way," she said, gesturing to the corner where they lay crumpled in a pile.

"Oh, must have fallen from the pile," Alice's father said distractedly, not able to catch his wife's eye. "I think I'm going to grab a shower real quick."

In the shower, the image of his daughter's freshly fucked body was burned in his mind. As the water coursed over his body, washing away her scent, he masturbated again, even while hoping it had all been a dream.

The next morning, Alice woke up with a smile on her face. She felt amazing, better than she'd felt in a long time. Last night, after Josh had left, she'd relived her experience in her dreams, fucking her boyfriend again and again. She turned over on her back and tossed the bed covers to the side. She was still naked, her panties tangled around her knees and her bra laying on the edge of the bed beside her. She'd never woken up this horny before, she thought. She stretched out on the bed, spreading her legs to either side of the bed. As she did, she could hear the lips of her pussy separating with a wet sound and she moved her fingers down to investigate.

When her finger passed over her little clit, she shuddered and breathed in. Her mind flashed images from the night before. Her boyfriend, just a dark figure, entering her room and pressing up behind her, sliding his huge cock deep inside her. Again she wondered how he'd felt so much larger than ever before. His delicious shaft had fucked her silly and she couldn't even remember how many times she'd cum. She closed her eyes and moved her legs, feeling her fingers slide down her tiny slit. She slid one finger inside and smiled again when she felt her boyfriend's cum still pooled inside of her. She wet her finger with it and rubbed her clit with the fluid, pleasure coursing through her body.

Reaching under her bed, she felt around until her fingers closed on her hairbrush. She wet it with her tongue and suddenly wished she'd had the chance to suck Josh's cock the night before. She smiled, moving the hairbrush down her body and positioning it at the entrance to her tight little slit. She slid it deep inside, spreading her legs wide to open herself up and breathed in again as the walls of her pussy gripped the hairbrush. She slid it in and out while she rubbed her wet clit with the other hand. It wasn't long before she came hard, her body shuddering under the intense orgasm.

Alice's father stood at the kitchen sink, wiping the same dish clean over and over, his mind still going over the events of the night before. He was terrified that his daughter knew and worried that his life was over. He didn't know how she would know, but he just knew she did. His wife was looking for her briefcase before heading out the door and called out for Alice to hurry.

Alice bounced down the hallway, a wide smile plastered to her face.
"I'm ready, mom."

Her father averted his eyes, still wiping the same dish, but her body drew his eyes. She was wearing a pink skirt that went to the middle of her creamy white thighs and a white cotton top. The tight fabric clung to her in all the right places and she skipped as she entered the kitchen, clearly in a good mood.

"Alright, we're leaving," his wife said hurriedly, grabbing her purse and setting her coffee on the counter.

"Okay," he said, still wiping the dish, his eyes fighting the urge to follow his daughter's tiny little ass right out the door. She caught his eye and rolled her eyes at him, wondering why he was staring at her. "Dad, mom said I could wear this."

"Oh, okay, that's fine," he replied, turning away sharply.

By the time his wife and daughter had left the house, Alice's father had already mentally lifted her skirt and fucked her all over again. As he turned to watch the car leave the driveway, his cock was rock hard.

He knew he had to have her again.

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I'd fucked with a lot of boys by the time I was fifteen then I met George. George was Greek, about forty, very muscular and handsome and I actually asked him to fuck me I fancied him so much. His cock was longer than my two hands together could hold and so thick I couldn't join my fingers round it. It was and still is the biggest one I've ever had in be and it was wonderful. His knob end was like a ball and once he'd got that into me he pushed right up to my cunt end and after a while I found I could take it all. He kissed me, nibbled my tits, fingered my slit and wiped my juice on both our lips. He fucked me continuously for nearly an hour and then cum into me. Without pulling out he rested for a while and started again and I could feel his cum lubricating us and trickling down my bum. Three times I was fucked and cum into and later the same day I saw him fucking my mum. She later told me she knew about him fucking me and she'd been getting him into her for years.

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