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Uncle and nephew warm up after a swim
We had got cold spending too long in the sea.

"Come on Joe," I said. "Let's get back to the hut and get changed."


We ran out of the water and up the sandy beach onto the esplanade, slowing to a brisk walk along the concrete past all the brightly coloured huts and right up nearly to the end. Our hut was third from last right up by the small red sandstone cliff beside the little cove.

As we got close I untied the cord of my trunks where I had knotted the keys to keep them safe in the water. Unlocking the door we almost fell inside the 6 foot by 8 foot beach hut, the stable door banging against the side. I bolted the top open so we could still see the sea and beach and closed the bottom half to keep the breeze out.

Grabbing towels we started to rub ourselves down, trying to warm up a bit. Joe wrapped himself up in his towel and stood there shivering.

"Come here, I'll give you a rub down." I rubbed him vigorously across his shoulders and chest through the towel to get some heat back into his body.

"Uncle, you're rubbing too hard," he said.

"Don't be such a wimp." At nearly 13 years old he had no fat on him so I was not surprise he was cold. I must weigh nearly twice him and I was chilly. I rubbed down his legs, crouching down in front of him.

I suddenly realised my face was right in front of his crotch. I have never had any interest in youngsters, never mind boys, but as I knelt down there I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his swimmers. Involuntarily I felt my own cock stir and quickly stood up before it got embarrassing.

I had always been very close to Joe, my sister's boy. She had been left a lone parent since he was only 3 years old and I suppose I had become something of a father figure to him. We spent a lot of time together and I had taken him fishing, to football matches and even played the part of dad in father and son races at school.

As he stood there in his trunks with the towel draped over his shoulders, still giving the occasional shiver as the chill breeze caught him, I suddenly saw how much he had grown up in the last year or two. No longer the little boy but now the young man venturing through puberty and growing everywhere he should. I felt the stir again.

"I'll put the kettle on and make a hot drink, that'll put some heat into us." I tried to concentrate on the task in hand rather than this new sensation I was gaining looking at the boy in front of me.

I filled the kettle and lit the small stove. "Come here Uncle, I'll give you a rub down." And without waiting for me to move he stepped over and started to rub my back every bit as hard as I had rubbed him.

"Steady on sport, I'll have no skin left at that rate."

"I told you it hurt." He giggled that infectious little laugh that was so endearing, but continued to rub. "Turn round." I knew I had to let him do it but the stirrings kept coming. My cock was swelling and bulging the front of my trunks. I couldn't help it.

I turned towards him and he reached up to rub my shoulders and down across my chest. He rubbed across my stomach and then suddenly stopped, looking down at my trunks. "Looks like you're enjoying this!" He laughed again.

"Ok, ok, I think that's enough." I went to take the towel from him but he snatched it away and threw it in the corner, grinning. "Oh, so you want to play, do you?" I grabbed his towel and yanked it away from him, almost making him spin round as I pulled it from around his shoulders and threw it into the corner with mine.

I glanced down at him and he too was sporting a growing bulge. "Looks like I'm not the only one enjoying it." We both laughed, but the laughter seemed to quieten as we stood there looking at each other.

Joe was obviously embarrassed by his arousal and started to blush, the smile fading from his lightly suntanned face. "Don't be embarrassed, Joe. It's what it's meant to do."

"I know, but you're my uncle. We shouldn't get like this when it's just us, should we?" He looked up at me as though seeking approval.

"Hey, it happens, OK. Particularly for someone of your age it can just happen at any time for no real reason." He still seemed quiet as though he was thinking about this and formulating another question.

"What are you thinking, Joe. You look like you are trying to ask me something."

The boy in him returned as he sort of shuffled from foot to foot, trying to decide whether to say what was on his mind or not.

"Come on, out with it. You know you can talk to me about anything."

He hesitated a moment longer. "Unc ... how big should it be?"


"My ... you know ... cock. How big should it be?"

I remembered my own concerns about size when I was his age. I wished I had had someone I could ask then so I was determined to be as frank and honest as I could with him.

"Look, you are not even 13 yet so you have a few years more growing to do. Judging but what is pushing against the front of your swimmers I'd say you have nothing to worry about and by the time you are 17 or 18 you will be very proud of what you've got. In any case, blokes are all different sizes. It's not the size that matters but what you do with it."

"How big are you," he asked quietly.

I thought about this for a minute, the stirrings in my own trunks getting decidedly uncomfortable. I hadn't measured myself since I was about 15 so I couldn't tell him in inches. He could see the ever rising outline of my cock so I guess he had a good idea.

"Do you want to see it?" It seemed like the only answer to give him.

"Can I?"

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and with the cord already undone I slipped them down to my thighs, my cock springing out from the restraining material.

I don't consider myself big, probably about 7 inches and not even very thick but I've had no complaints, but Joe's eyes went wide as he stared at it and just muttered "Wow!"

The devil in him made himself known and I said "I've shown you mine, now it's your turn to show me yours."

He knew he would have to, whether because I had said so or because he wanted to neither of us were sure. He pulled the ends of the strings to undo the bow and, mimicking my actions, hooked his thumbs into the waistband and slowly dragged his trunks down. I could see his cock getting pulled almost straight down as the material caught and then as it was released it sprang straight up and hit his belly with a slap.

"Shit." I couldn't help myself. His cock was beautiful. It must have been nearly 6 inches long already, hardly a hair in sight, the tight foreskin straining round the head and being pulled back slightly by the strength of his erection. "I tell you boy you have nothing whatsoever to worry about. By the time you are in your late teens you will have girls slobbering all over you to get at your cock." Mine grew until I too was sporting a full, hard, throbbing erection.

A big smile spread over his face from hearing the approval of someone he trusted. Now his embarrassment was gone and instead he stood there proudly, his fledgling manhood still standing almost straight up.

At that moment we heard footsteps and knew that someone was strolling up the esplanade, their hard heels tapping on the concrete surface. Joe and I glanced at each other and as one pulled our trunks up, trying vainly to cram our cocks back out of sight.

We scrambled to the back of the hut to sit on the small box seat which ran full width, hoping we could hide our embarrassment by sitting down. Joe grabbed our towels as he moved and we both wrapped them around our shoulders as we sat so they draped over our laps.

An elderly couple walked slowly past, glancing inside the half open door. "Good evening," they said cheerily.

"Hello," we said in unison with a little wave.

The kettle started to boil and I hoped the couple would not come back in front of the hut but instead head round the back. I had to stand up to turn off the gas but knew my cock was still poking up, almost half of it outside the waistband and very noticeable. As they disappeared from view I almost crawled on hands and knees to reach the stove and stop the kettle from boiling dry.

We looked at each other again and burst into hysterics and so nearly being caught with our cocks out, playing "I'll show you mine if you show me yours".

I made 2 cups of tea and we sat back down to slurp the hot liquid.

Joe was quiet for a few moments then ventured "Unc," I rather liked the abbreviated form of my title, it was more like a nickname than a relationship. "Do you ... you know ... wank?"

I could see this was going to be the time for him to ask all the questions. "Yes, sometimes. All guys do. It's how we find out what we like, and it feels good and it helps to get rid of stress."

"So how often should I do it?"

"As often as you feel like it." It was my turn to ask a question. "So when you wank do you cum? You know, do you squirt?"

"Yeah, a little. I've seen some stuff on the internet and those guys cum gallons. Should I be doing that?"

"All blokes will cum different amounts. Some cum lots, some just a little. If you've cum already then you probably won't cum as much that day. Your body needs a little time to make more. But you'll squirt more as you get older." We sat quietly for a while, sipping our drinks, until I suddenly thought about what Joe had just said. "And what have you been looking at on the net anyway."

"Well I was round at Gary's house and his older brother has a computer in his room and he was showing us some of the porn sites he looks at." Having starting to tell me about this he seems to go into top gear, his words tumbling out in a torrent. "He showed us stuff like girls sucking on guy's dicks and guys putting it up their arses and all sorts of stuff. Is all that sort of thing normal?"

"When you have a girlfriend whatever you do together is normal providing you are both happy about doing it and no-one is getting hurt. It has to be whatever you are both agreeing to."

Even with the topic of conversation, all this talk had caused my erection to wane and I had to rearrange myself to get comfortable again. I glanced down at Joe. His towel had gaped open and his cock was still clearly hard and poking up past the waistband of his trunks.

That demon in my soul took me over once again and before I knew quite what I was doing I reached out my hand and put it squarely over his erection, the head in the heel of my hand, my fingers brushing his balls. I stroked him gently, seeing what his reaction would be.

I expected him to jump up and yell at me but instead he slid his bum forward slightly to give me better access and laid his head back against the cedar wood wall, closing his eyes and letting out a long sigh. "God, that's nice," he said.

I was almost shocked by his acceptance of this new level of our intimacy. A thought occurred to me. "Joe, has anyone else ever touched you like this before?" I was afraid someone had got to him.

"No, I wouldn't let anyone else unless it was my girlfriend. Will you pretend to be my girlfriend?"

"What do you mean?"

"Will you suck me like a girlfriend would? I really want to know what it's like but you must promise not to tell my mum about any of this."

Now I really was shocked. My almost-13-year-old nephew was asking me to suck his cock and telling me not to tell his mum. Surely it should have been the other way round - I should have been asking him to suck me and telling him not to tell his mum.

Like I said, I have never been attracted to youngsters of either sex before but I was now totally beguiled by this wonderful boy. All my instincts of right and wrong went out through the open half of the hut door and disappeared over the horizon. It was like I was a different person.

I stood up, not caring that my cock had grown once more and was again poking up and clearly visible to anyone looking in. I unbolted the top half of the door and pushed it closed, making sure the catch had caught securely.

I turned to face my nephew and sank to my knees before him. I was his slave to do his bidding whatever it may be as long as it was with him.

My hands took hold of his swimmers and, as he raised himself up off the seat to help, slid them down and off his feet. There was almost no light in the hut, just a glimmer from a vent above the door.

I nuzzled forward, my nose rubbing against his scrotum as my tongue extended and I licked across his balls and up that beautiful shaft. My lips closed over the head and as I slid down on the first ever penis I had sucked, the tight foreskin was drawn back behind the rim. I sank lower and lower, feeling him touch my throat, forcing my head to go right down until my lips were locked around the root, trying to get his silky, hairless balls into my mouth as well.

He was panting hard, his hips making involuntary thrusts forcing himself still deeper into my. I drew back to the tip, taking gasps of breath through my nose, not wanting to let go of this throbbing organ, before sinking down again, repeating the process again and again as his thrusts become more and more urgent.

His body went rigid, his hips raised right off the seat supporting himself with his feet on the floor and his back on the wall, his face screwed up in a look of almost tortuous pain before one almighty gasp and a stifled scream as I felt the throb of his cock and the spurt of his semen hitting the back of my mouth. I sucked eagerly, desperate for more of that wonderful fluid, his body shaking and twitching violently as my tongue rasped over his supersensitive head.

His hand scrabbled at my head desperately trying to get me off him to stop his convulsions. I relented and let him go, as I licked the last drop from the tip of his still hard cock and swallowed it all down as though it was the nectar of the gods.

"Fuck me," Joe gasped - an expletive not an instruction.

"Maybe later," I quipped, and once more we both fell about laughing.

He sat slumped on the box seat for several minutes regaining his senses as I stayed on the floor between his legs, smiling at him with a feeling of total exhileration that I had given him so much pleasure.

With a grin as wide as the Mississippi he said "OK, change places. It's my turn." He stood up with his cock still hard and moved around me.

"Oh no," I said hurriedly. This had already gone way too far and there was no way I was going to let him suck me. But ...

I stood up and turned, slipping my trunks down and kicking them off across the floor. I sat where he had been, feeling the warmth he left in the wooden seat. He kneeled down in front of me, spreading my left and forward on his knees as his hand reached out and grasped my hardness.

His hand slowly drew the skin down revealing the throbbing head of my cock, a smear of pre-cum leaking from the tip. "Wow, it is so hot and so hard," he breathed.

My eyes closed as my head rested against the wooden wall, my mind reeling with the new sensations rocketing through my brain. And then I felt it, his mouth, sliding up the shaft like I had done to him, his tongue licking the slimy liquid from the tip. His lips parted and slid down over the head, I could feel his tongue flatted against the floor of his mouth as he sank lower until I lodged at the back of his throat and he coughed at the unnatural intrusion pulling back.

"Don't hurt yourself," I said. "Just taken what you are comfortable with."

But he shook his head and once more pushed his lips down over my shaft until once again I hit his throat. He coughed again but stayed there, pushing harder, trying to get used to the feeling and getting another half-inch down before withdrawing to the head again.

I was powerless to try and stop him, overtaken by the indescribable feeling of him sucking me. Again and again he sank himself down onto me, each time stopping as I lodged, then forcing a bit more down. And then it was as if I had broken through a barrier and his mouth seemed to slide right down, the whole of my adult cock deep in his throat. He held it there for as long as he could, until his breath ran out and the gag reflex forced me out of him.

He gasped for breath then went back for more, redoubling his efforts to take all I had to offer and more. Again I hit the barrier and again he forced his mouth down until I broke through and slid as deep as possible into his throat.

The tightness of him, the wetness of him, the sheer joy of him sucking me were all too soon just too much for me to withstand and I grasped his head to pull him back off me as the rising tide of my sperm drove its way up my shaft. With just the head in his mouth and him sucking for all he was worth my cock felt like it swelled to double its normal size and the first burning gush shot from the tip, filling his mouth with my warm, sticky, salty cum. Then another. And another. And another.

It was running out of the corners of his mouth, he coughed again and it came out of his nose, he swallowed for all he was worth but was no match for the torrent I let loose.

Inside my head I was screaming and wailing with the fantastic, joyous explosion of feelings, but I knew I must keep my noise to a minimum as there could be people around, hearing us through the closed doors and thin timber structure of the hut.

As my orgasm subsided and my eyes swivelled back to the front of my head, I looked down at the beautiful boy. The huge grin was still there but this time covered in creamy white stickyness. He was licking his lips and swallowing hard, trying to clear his mouth of my cum.

"Fuck me," I said, mimicking his reaction earlier.

"Ok," he said. And I realised he was serious.

"Oh no, no, no," I protested. "We have gone far enough. Way too far in fact. We need to think about this."

I stood up and wiped myself on one of the towels. Joe stayed kneeling on the floor and reached for his cup, taking a couple of deep swallows to help clear his mouth and throat.

"Ok. Next time." He grinned at me and I knew he really was serious.

We cleared up the hut in almost silence, rinsing the cups with the remaining water from the kettle. It stank of our combined orgasms but that would dissipate before anyone else came to use it.

"Right, you." I said with a grin still on my own face. "Home."

We dressed with no embarrassment at our nakedness after the experiences we had just shared. His cock was still hard and he had to tuck it carefully back into his pants before zipping up. How great to be so young and so horny all the time.

As we entered the front door of my sister's house Joe called "Hi mum."

"Hi Joe, Bob," she answered. "Had a good time?"

"The best," Joe called, with the biggest wink I had ever seen!

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