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Donna's car breaks down while on a trip and she does not have enough money to pay for the repairs
While passing thru a small town in Georgia, Donna's 2004 Toyota started skipping and then stalled. She got it started again and stopped a few blocks down the street at an auto repair shop she spotted. Donna sat in the lobby of the shop while they checked out the trouble that she said she was having with her car. She read three of the old magazines that were on the table and watched a little of the TV that was on. She was the only person waiting for their work to be done. Everyone else had left their cars and would come back later.

At 1:30 the manager called to her to the desk and told her that the problem was in the computer and that they could have the part in an hour and have her back on the road by the end of the day. He told her that the part cost $765 and the labor would be $210 for a total of $975 plus tax.

"Oh, my god. How could it be that much? It's out of warrantee and I don't have that kind of money but I need my car" Donna moaned. "I'm sorry lady but that is what it will be if you want us to fix it." "Can I pay you a hundred dollars a week till it's paid for?" "Sorry, we can't do that. We can take a credit card." "My card doesn't have that much available. Is there any way we can work this out?" Dave, the manager was quiet for a minute and then with a small smile on his face he said, "Well, there was one other woman a while back that had the same problem paying and she finally offered to show me and my boys a good time in exchange for fixing her car and we agreed."

"Holly shit, are you suggesting that I have sex with you to get my car fixed?" "I'm not suggesting it but if you were to offer to do it I would ask the guys and see if they agreed." "I can't do that. I won't do that,” Donna stated. "Then I would ask you to take your car out of here Mam. The bill for checking the problem is $50." "Is there another shop in town?" "No Mam, we’re the only one." Donna stood there in silence for two of three minutes. "What would you want me to do? How many of you are there?" Dave got a bigger smile on his face, "There are four of us and we would want to do anything that came to our minds."

Donna paced back and forth a couple of times and then in a sharp voice said, "OK, fuck me and then let me get out of here." "I've gotta make sure that boys agree. Hey guys, we have a young lady out here that wants to pay us with her body. Anyone interested?" Donna heard three voices from the back say, you bet. Dave went to the phone and ordered the new computer and told the parts house that he wanted it delivered in about an hour, not sooner. Then he went over to the door and put the closed sign out and a note that they would be open again at 3 o'clock. Dave came around the desk and motioned Donna into the back office. The three mechanics came out from the back work area and followed them into the office. Dave shut the door and opened the couch into a bed.

Donna was a bottle blond in her early thirties. She was 5'6", attractive and very well built but maybe a little overly thin. She was single but had a serious boyfriend. She was far from being a virgin. She was fucked the first time when she was twelve by her older brother. Dave was in his late forties, also 5'6" and probably weighed close to twice what Donna weighed. The three mechanics were 24, 28 and 33 years old. They were all slim and between 5'8 and 6'2". The three mechanics, Roger, Tom and Bob had been working for several hours and were covered with grease and grime but had not stopped to get cleaned up. Donna looked at them in disgust.

Dave stepped in front of Donna. "OK lady, let's get you out of those clothes." He reached for her blouse and began unbuttoning it. Donna stood there passively, not helping but not fighting him. He pulled her blouse back over her shoulders and she let it fall to the dirty floor. Her bra was next. Dave reached around her and pressed his chest against hers as he unhooked her bra. It fell to the floor too when Dave backed away slightly. He then bent down and put his lips around one on Donna's nipples and bit it less than gently. Donna's nipples got hard and she moaned softly buy quickly cut the moan off and just stood there.

While Dave was doing this, the three mechanics had stripped out of their overalls and shorts and stood there naked. They were dirty almost up to their elbows and their faces were also dirty from wiping the sweat away during the day's work. As Dave reached down and started undoing her slacks, Roger stepped behind her and reached around, cupping her 32 C tits in his greasy hands, putting black grease hand prints on them. He squeezed and rolled her nipples between his fingers. Donna closed her eyes. Now she stood there in just her panties. Dave started to undress and he told her to take her panties off. Donna had not planned to help in any way but she put her thumbs in either side and pushed her panties down and stepped out of them.

Now they all stood there naked. Donna looked around and saw four erections pointing at her and four pair of eyes staring at her naked body. Dave had about a six-inch cock. She hadn't bothered remembering the names of the mechanics even though she had seen their names on their overalls. One was about the same as Dave except with a sharp upward curve in it. One was almost eight inches and the last was only about six but very thick. They were all hard as a rock.

Donna thought for a second and then spoke. "You have to use condoms. I'm not on the pill." Dave answered her, "You don't have to worry about that. We have a little game we like to play that we call rotation, and we are only going to use your other two holes." Donna stood there in shock. Bob reached out his hand and grabbed her mound, then pushed his finger into her fuck hole. "Good news guys, she's wet as a leaking sink." Tom reached over on the table where there was a jar of Vaseline and scooped some up with his fingers. Dave told her that if she wondered why there was Vaseline there it was because Debbie, the eighteen-year-old parts delivery girl usually fucked one or another of them each time she made a delivery and that she just loved to have a cock shoved up her ass. "Get on the bed on your hand and knees." Donna did as she was told. She did not tell them that she also enjoyed getting ass fucked.

Dave got on the bed in front of her and put his cock to her lips. With one push Tom pushed two lubed fingers into Debbie’s asshole. Debbie yelled in pain allowing Dave to shove his shaft into her mouth. He hit the back of her mouth and she gagged but Dave did not stop till her was fully into her throat. Donna could deep throat but she always set the pace and controlled how she did it. Next Tom ran his fingers in and out of her shit hole a couple of times and then took them out and replaced them with his curved six inches. He pushed it in as quickly as he had pushed his fingers in. If Donna had been an anal virgin she would have been in great pain. However, this was the first time that she had ever been fucked by two men at the same time.

Tom held her hips and pounded away at her asshole and Dave fucked her throat. After a few minutes Dave came, filling her mouth and told her to swallow his spunk. Then Tom pulled out of her ass and was replaced by Roger and his eight inches. Dave pulled out of her mouth and sat in the chair and Tom put his cock to her lips. Donna had never sucked a cock that had just been in her ass and she never planned to do it so she kept her lips shut tight. Tom squeezed the sides of her jaw hard till she had to open her mouth. Then he pushed his cock in. Donna could taste the sharp taste of her asshole on his cock as he deep throated her. Donna was able to breath each time his cock was mostly out. Roger slammed into her bowels while Tom fucked her face. After a couple minutes of throat fucking, Tom came down Donna's throat. She did not have to swallow as Tom shot his load while he was pushed fully into her throat.

Then they switched again. Now Bob had his very thick man meat in her ass while Roger's shit covered eight inches deep throated her. Bob stretched her backside more that any cock she had ever had in it. Donna had started pushing back each time a cock was shoved up her ass and sucking in earnest on each cock in her mouth. Again they fucked her holes till her mouth was filled. This time Roger held his cock just at her lips as he filled her mouth with his hot, thick salty cum. Again they switched. Bob went to her mouth and Dave was hard again and he plugged her ass. Donna was surprised when she was able to get Bob into her mouth but he had didn't give her any option. When he came it was like somebody opened a faucet, he came so much. Donna thought she would drown from his cum. This time Dave came too, and filled her ass with his cum.

While Bob and Dave were draining the last of their load into Donna's holes there was a knock on the front door. Roger opened the office door a crack and peeked out seeing Debbie there with the new computer. He went out still nude and let her in. They entered the office with Debbie holding Rogers cock in her hand as they walked. Dave said to Debbie, "We have a special tip for you today. This young lady, Donna, is going to eat you out." Donna turned and said, "I don't do girls." "You will today if you want us to get your car done. Otherwise it may not be finished till tomorrow sometime" Dave sent Bob out to put the new computer in Donna's car. He left reluctantly but he went. "When you make her come you will get your car back."

Debbie was out of her clothes in seconds and jumped up on the bed and spread her legs. Donna knew she didn't have any choice. She had never eaten another woman but she knew just what she liked so she knew that she could do it, and if she was going to do it she was going to do a good job at it. Donna got on the bed, on her knees, with her face between Debbie's legs. She pushed her tongue between Debbie's pussy lips and started licking her clit. Debbie had not wiped well the last time she had gone to the bathroom and Donna could smell and taste the piss in her crack but that soon went away. She lapped away and shoved her tongue onto Debbie's twat hole. Debbie moaned and held onto the sheets. While Donna was eating Debbie the three remaining men took turns spanking Donna's ass till it was bright red and burning.

After several minutes Debbie told Donna to take the bottom. Donna lay on her back and Debbie startled her head and lowered her pussy onto Donna's mouth. As Donna licked away, Debbie rocked her hips, rubbing her cunt and clit on Donna's face. Donna was almost smothering but she kept at it. At least in this position she was not getting her ass slapped. Now with her cunt exposed the guys decided to take turns finger fucking her. Dave went first. Hey everyone, it feels like our Donna here has had several orgasms today. She is soaked with her cum. This continued for almost ten minutes with Donna licking and sucking on Debbie's cunt while she rocked herself on Donna's face. At the same time the three men finger fucked Donna as hard and fast as they could while also rubbing her clit.

The timing was perfect. Both Donna and Debbie had huge orgasms at the same time. Debbie was a squirter. The first big stream of her cum filled Donna's mouth and then more went all over her face. Everyone called it quits. Debbie threw on her clothes and went back to work. So did the men. Donna was such a mess that she felt that she had to go to the restroom to clean up before she could put her clothes back on. She picked up her clothes. To get to the restroom she had to go out into the lounge area for a few feet. As she passed through the lounge naked she never noticed that there was a man looking in the front door waiting to see when he could get in. Dave changed the sign to open.

When Debbie came out, the man had left. She still looked pretty messy but was as good as could be hoped for after what had just happened to her. Dave told her that her car should be ready in about another half hour. Donna sat in the lounge area and waited, with Dave's cum leaking from her asshole. Dave called her to the desk and gave her the keys. "Your car is ready and your bill is paid in full." Donna took her keys and said, "I'll be coming back thru town in about ten days. I'll probably stop and have you check to make sure everything was fixed right." She licked her lips and smiled, went out to her waiting car and continued on her trip.


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