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This is Part II of Papa and Megan- Cabin at the Lake. If you have not read the first three parts of this story, you are invited to read Papa and Megan-The Beginning, Papa and Megan-Summer of Fun and Papa and Megan-Cabin at the Lake, Part I. I hope you are enjoying reading them as much as I am writing them. Please vote and offer your constructive comments.
Two hours later, she had managed to take a hot bath, get her pajamas on and was again, fast asleep when I went into her room to check on her. She woke, grinned sleepily, and stretched her arms and legs. Then she curled up once more and closed her eyes. I knew she must be exhausted from her repeated orgasms but I began to worry that she was acting awful strange and wondered what to do. I sat down beside her, put my hand on her shoulder and said, “Megan, honey, are you going to be alright?”

She opened her eyes and saw the concern in mine. She smiled again, stretched, and said, “Oh, poor Papa, are you worried about me? You should have warned me that your “Big Bubba” has wonderfully, strange affects on girls. Yes, I think I’m going to recover, but not just yet.”

I bent down and kissed her on the forehead, then I made a suggestion. “Since Gramma and the boys should be arriving any time now, let’s say that you started coming down with the flu yesterday evening and have been in bed trying to get better. That way, you can regain your strength without anyone being the wiser.”

She agreed, gave me a big kiss and rolled over and drifted off the sleep.

A few minutes later, Marty, Bobby and Josh arrived at the lake and I put our plan into effect. Marty was a little upset and went up to check her out. But after sticking her head into the room for a minute, she slowly backed out of the doorway and closed the door. She said that the poor child was asleep, so she will check again on her later.

The next day, Marty left bright and early for town so she would be to work on time. This left the boys and me to fend for ourselves. After they woke up , cleaned up and ate their breakfast, they went off exploring the countryside. I assumed Bobby knew his way around the lake and I knew both of them could swim, so I let them go be the boys that they were. I was cleaning up the dished when I saw Megan going to the bathroom to relieve herself. She looked terrible, like she had been ridden hard the night before. Well, I guess she had been, so she looked pretty good in reality. Anyway, when she came out I noticed that she was walking like she had something between her legs. She caught my glance and asked, “Where’s Bobby and Josh?”

“They’re off exploring,” I answered.

“Well, I won’t be riding any bikes for a few days. Boy am I sore!” she said, rubbing her crotch. “You’re too much man for me, Papa,” she joked with a grin on the face. With that, she returned to her room.

I broke out my laptop and started to work on the project I brought up to the lake for work. I worked about three hours on it with just a few breaks for coffee and to uncoffee. Pretty soon the boys came running up the path, full of excitement and tales of their adventures. Since in was about noon, I figured that they needed to refuel so I opened some soup and make them sandwiches for lunch. After devouring what I made, they ran back down the path, thanking me over their shoulders. I prepared another sandwich and cup of soup for Megan and, placing it on a tray with a glass of soda; I ascended the stairs to her room. Knocking gently, I opened the door and leaving it open, peered in. She was awake, just lying there, pondering life I guess. She thanked me for the food that I brought and propping herself up with pillows and began to eat.

After a few bites, she asked, “Papa, I was wondering, how do I know if a guy is going to know that much about how to make a girl feel great down there, like you do? I mean, well, do I have to sleep with him to judge. I don’t want to just ask him, “Hey, are you any good in bed, guy.” I mean, you have been so great. You know so much about making me feel good. You know where to touch me, how much pressure to use. How does a guy learn so much? How did you learn so much?”

“Well, I don’t know that I know that much about what a girl wants, but what knowledge I have gained comes from observation, trial and error. What would I want to do, where would I want to be touched. I hate to say it, but it comes from lots of experience and patience,” I said. “And to answer the question of how do you know if a guy is going to know how to make a girl feel great, well, look to the non-sexual ways he treats you. Does he open doors for you? Guys still open doors for girls don’t they? Does he treat you with respect or does he always put you down? Does he always have to be the center of attention? Does he show his tender side to you? Does he put your feelings above his own? If you can honestly answer yes to these types of questions, then he, chances are, will be receptive to you teaching him what you want. And he will always want to please you in every way.”

I thought for a moment, then continued, “Megan, if you give in to boys just because it “feels good”, you will soon be known as a slut and rightfully so. You are much too attractive to be giving yourself to any boy with raging hormones. Most of the times, with most of the boys, they are after that one thing that you are giving away. They will tell their buddies “Hey, Megan’s easy. I got her last night and wow, what a piece of ass she is.” Then, all of a sudden, you have all these guys calling you wanting dates. You think, “Wow, I’m so popular.” So you go out and all the boys want is to get into your pants. But that’s all they want. Remember when I told you what jerks boys can be? Well, that’s being a first class JERK! Honey; don’t fall into that trap, please, for me. You are too bright and beautiful to have to give it away to anyone who wants it. Treasure it! Save it for someone special, someone who will appreciate it and enjoy it with you.”

She looked up at me and started to cry. She sobbed and buried her face into my shoulder. Raising her head, she gave me a big kiss of gratitude and said, “Oh Papa, how can you be so sweet? What will I do if I don’t have you around to teach me everything?” We chatted for a few more minutes, and then I got up, picked up the tray and told her to get some more rest.

Later that evening, Marty made the turn into the lane and stopped her car in front of the cabin. When she came in, I had a JD on the rocks waiting for her. She went into the room and changed and, when she emerged from the bedroom, she inquired about Megan. I assured her she was on the road to recovery and she went upstairs to check on her. About fifteen minutes later, she came down and pronounced her well on the mend. We chatted about her day then she inquired about the boys. I had almost forgotten about them so I said that if she would start dinner, I would start a search party of one and see if I could locate them.

I heard them long before a saw them. They were up a tree that overhung the water, shouting at the top of their lungs as the pirates were chased away. I stopped and observed their play and thought, I hope that Marty is not bringing this boy into manhood too soon. I approached them with a hearty “Ahoy, mates, who goes thar?”

They responded, “Ahoy thar, who dares to set foot at our castle?”

“Only I who brings thee news of vittles o’er the other side of the sea,” I answered in character.

“Well, shiver me timbers” Bobby exclaimed. “We be off then.”

They played their parts all the way back and when they arrived; Bobby went up to Marty, gave her a slap on the rear and bellowed out, “What have we now, me winch?”

Marty’s eyes grew wide with shock, the shock of the swat on her rear end and the demanding sound of Bobby’s voice. The look on Bobby’s face was priceless. “Oh, I’m so sorry Gramma,” he exclaimed. “I didn’t mean to slap your, ah, there,” he stammered, looking at Josh who looked horrified.

“Well, I’ll give yee the back of my hand then, Laddy,” and drew her hand across her chests as if to strike, then burst out laughing at the scene she had created. Bobby suddenly joined in, as did Josh. He must have thought, “What kind of family is this, anyway?” Even Megan stuck her head out of her room to see about the commotion. I saw her go back into her room and I thought it was good to she her up again.

That night, after the boys went to bed, Marty joined me out on the porch with a drink. She sat in the other rocker and said she had had a rough day at work. It seemed that there was some trouble being caused by some secretaries that heard that someone said that blah, blah, blah… I’m so glad I don’t have to put up with that whole office scene. I just do my work, have it approved and go on to the next assignment. I guess I’m really lucky or something, but I just couldn’t stand being confined in an office setting.

After awhile, Marty inquired as to Megan’s condition. I said I thought it must have been a 24 hour bug and I would see if she felt like getting up tomorrow. She then asked about Bobby. I told her that I didn’t see much of either of them the whole day. They came back to eat and drink and they were off again and she had seen them when they got home last night. She said she wondered if I shouldn’t supervise them a little more. I asked if she really thought I should interfere with their play and she said of course not. But she worried about them playing at the lake. What would happen if one of them fell in or something? I reminded her that both of the boys were excellent swimmers and if one of them fell in, I’m sure the other one would pull him out if he had to. She said that she worried too much and finished her drink. She gave a seductive look and asked if I was ready for bed. I said I would beat her there.

That night we made passionate love. Like two mature adults, we displayed our true feelings for each other. It was soft yet hard, frantic yet peaceful. It was the kind of love making only people truly committed to each other could make. Afterwards, I thought of how much I cherished my wife. How much and for how long I had loved her. We had had our differences, but we always talked our way through them and never went to bed at night angry with each other. So, if we are so much in love then, why are both of us cheating on each other with our grandchildren? Now that is the sixty-four thousand-dollar question.

The next morning was as the first. After Marty left, the boys came down to breakfast and where planning their day at the fort instead of the castle. When they left, for Marty’s sake I said, “You boys be careful now.”

“We will,” they chimed, as expected.

After they had disappeared around the corner, Megan made her appearance. Coming down the stairs gingerly, she came over to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and sat down at the counter. She hadn’t been asleep for some time but had stayed I her room until everyone had left.

I said to her, “Well, you look like you are part of the living once again. Hungry?”

“Famished!” she said.

“Well, I could fix you up with some bacon and eggs.”

“That would be great!”

Starting the preparations, I inquired, “Still sore down there?”

“Just a little, but I’m feeling better,” she replied.

“Well, after breakfast I thought we could take the bikes on a ride into town or something,” I said teasingly.

“Yeah, right!” she replied.

“I’m sorry you are so sore, Megan. If I had known it would hurt you so bad, I would never had allowed you to ram it in so hard so deep.”

“Yeah, and if I had known it would have hurt so much, I would have never tried it,” she exclaimed. “It is funny, after the first little bit of pain, it didn’t hurt at all. It felt wonderful, in fact. But, later, it got really sore.”

“On the inside? I asked.

“No, right at the opening. Like I put something in there I shouldn’t have…well, that’s obvious, but it sent me wildly over the top and even higher.”

“How about the rest of you down there?”

“Oh I’m fine. Want to see,” she said, then waited for my reaction.

“Sure I do.”

“Well, maybe by Thursday evening, maybe…” she was saying coyly.

With that I handed her the bacon and eggs and told her, “Eat.”

I told her I had some work I had to accomplish this morning, about an hour or hour and a half, so whatever she wanted to do. The boys were over at the other side of the lake down by the lake edge. She should be able to hear them. Or, she could hang out here, either in the living room or out on the porch. She indicated that she would go up and take a shower, wash her hair and get cleaned up. Maybe by then, I would be free for a leisurely walk around the lake. I said that it sounded like a plan and turned to my computer.

I was getting way ahead of my self imposed schedule, so when Megan came down the stairs, with shiny hair, wearing tight little shorts that barely covered her ass, I stopped to stare and all she could ask was, “What?”

I just smiled and finished logging off the computer.

We agreed to go find the boys at their fort or castle or whatever was in their imagination at the time. We held hands as our arms swung back and forth. I noticed that Megan was walking freely now, so the pain she had experienced had, more or less, left her. I was glad, because I was really starting to become concerned. Maybe I really did damage her. But she was now running freely ahead and turning around, encouraging me to keep up.

As we approached the position of the tree fort/castle, whatever, they could be heard in the distance. I think it was now a stand from which they could spot the enemy patrols as they approached below them. When we were within shouting distance, after of course we gave the password, were allowed to advance and be recognized. We must have passed muster, because we were allowed to continue our walk around the lake.

“Papa,” she started an inquiry. “I was thinking about what you said yesterday up in my room, about boys being jerks and everything. Are all boys like that?”

“Well, honestly, I don’t know for sure. I know I was a jerk before I met your Gramma,” I confessed. “All the boys I knew were jerks. I’m sure there are some boys that are not jerks. But the vast majority of them are.”

“Why are they that way? she asked.

“Well, I guess because, that’s the way they are suppose to be,” I replied.

“What do you mean? I thought people were supposed to be nice to everyone.”

“It is this way, the animal known as man, hasn’t always lived to be as old as we now live. People married younger than our society deems acceptable now. But the kids, your age, instead of getting married, now have to go to school, play sports and get along with the opposite sex. Girls have many urges and, most control them well. But boys, also have urges that they figure they have to act out on. What I’m doing a poor job of explaining is, boys talk with other boys and brag and boast about their sexual exploits. Girls talk with other girls but they mostly don’t brag but keep it to themselves. They are afraid of being classified as “easy”. So while boys brag to each other, sometimes they just make it up to save face. Girls share but don’t brag for fear of repercussions. Does that make any sense to you and did I answer your question?”

After thinking about it for a moment, she nodded her head and said, “Yeah, I think it does. So when a guy tries to put his hand down your panties and you stop him, he can tells all of his friends that you didn’t stop him, then all the other boys want to take you out and try to put their hands down your panties.”

“Well, that’s pretty close,” I said.

“So, if they are going to say it happened when it didn’t happen, what should I do?”

“Just don’t let anyone put his hand in your panties,” I commanded. “Your reputation should speak for itself. If you have to, confront him in front of his friends and call him a liar. That usually embarrasses him enough that he will stop telling lies about you. And, other nice girls, when they find out, won’t have anything to do with him.”

After a brief moment of reflection, I asked tentatively, “Have you had someone put his hand down your panties?”

“Well, yes,” she said in embarrassment. “YOU!” she said giggling and ran ahead.

“I walked into that one,” I muttered to myself and ran after her.

When I caught up to her, I grabbed her by the arm and swung her around into my arms. “You are a little “she-devil” aren’t you?”

She just laughed and tried to get away. Holding her closer, we stopped our struggling and our lips met in a warm, passionate kiss. We opened our mouths to each other tongues as I hugged her back. She jammed her breasts and crotch into me and I instantly pulled her leg up and she rubbed her pussy into my cock. I backed away reluctantly, then said, with just a little hint of sarcasm; “You are feeling better, aren’t you.”
We continued on around the lake and we stopped at the front porch and sat and rocked the rest of the morning away.

That night and all the next day, we spent playing, swimming, some work on my part but generally relaxing and having a good time. Before we knew it, it was time to say good bye to Josh and send him home with Marty on Thursday morning as planned. That evening when Marty returned to the cabin, it was just the four of us. Marty announced that she didn’t have to work the next day, so we agreed to do something special. We would all go down to the dock for a swim the first thing in the morning. Then do whatever we wanted the rest of the day. Although the water temperature had been a little chilly when we had arrived, Bobby swore that he and Josh went in and it was fine. We all retired for the night in anticipation of having a lot of fun tomorrow, just the four of us.

The next morning, we all sauntered out to the kitchen wearing our swimsuits. After a quick breakfast, we went running down to the lake and Bobby and I dove in and came up screaming. Regardless of what Bobby said about the temperature the other day, that water was COLD! After we swam around a little, we started warming up and by the time we talked the girls into the water, we were either so numb we couldn’t feel anything or our bodies had adjusted and it felt fine. We swam and played in the water for most of the morning. Occasionally, one of more of us would exit the water and lay on the deck to warm ourselves.

Once when it was just Marty and Bobby on the deck, I noticed Marty’s eyes wondering over Bobby’s trim, muscular body. Bobby noticed also and he started to get an erection. I dove under the water and grabbed Megan’s crotch and came up to shrieks and howls. Her look of indignation was perfect and she dove down to grab my cock but I fought her off. None of this was observed by the two on the dock, they had other things on their minds to notice such antics.

About noon, we came up from the lake to have some lunch. We were almost out of sodas, so I suggested that Megan and I could walk to the small store in the town about two miles away and buy some more. I said we would probably be gone about two hours or so and asked if there was anything we could pick up for anyone else. Not hearing any requests, Megan threw on a cover-up and I put on a shirt and off we went.
We decided to follow the trail that led down the lake until we came to the fork that led to the town. As we walked, we held hands and then we walked with our arms around each other. Within a few hundred feet, we had stopped and were kissing each other passionately. My hands were all over her back and down to her ass. I drew her up and she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. This was putting pressure from my growing cock directly onto her pussy and it was driving her crazy with desire. I grabbed her by the ass and put my fingers inside her bottoms at the leg hole. She squirmed and commanded me to take them off. Being obedient to the command, I pulled the ties and as she raised her hips, slid the bottoms off. She jumped down and had my trunks down to my ankles in a flash. Then positioning my cock skyward, she mounted me again, this time riding my throbbing cock. I put my arms under her legs at the knees and pulled her up. Taking one of her hands, she positioned my cock at the opening of her vagina and then, slowly, lowered herself down on my waiting cock. It took her breath away for a moment, but she soon was moaning out loud as we started raising and lowering her pussy onto me. With each plunge downward she would let out a little shriek, then rock up and thrust herself down again harder and harder. I asked her, “Does it hurt?”

“Oh, no, Papa. It feels great. It feels deeper than ever, oh, I’m about to cum!”

With that she began frantically pumping her hips up and down on my cock as her octave rose in her throat. When she climaxed, she shuttered briefly then slowed her assault, then, exploding within, she rammed her pussy down on me as a shot my cum deep into her vagina. I could feel her twitch from within and then she sprayed her juices all over my mid-section. Going limp, she clutched my neck and hung there for a few moments as she came down. She slowly slid off of my now limp member and stood on the ground with buckling knees. We found a place to lie down, still in each other’s arms.

We dozed there for awhile and when we awoke we kissed again tenderly. Running to the water’s edge, Megan, removed her cover-up and top, then we plunged in the cool water... After swimming for a while, we made it back to the shore, retrieved our swimsuits and decided to walk back along the lake and forsook the trip to the store.

When we arrived back at the cabin, no one was there. Marty and Bobby must have gone for a walk or something. Megan came in and was about to say something, when I heard an all too familiar sound coming from our bedroom. Megan and I froze for a moment. Then looking at each other, we heard it once again.

“Oh yes, Bobby! Push it in deeper! Oh my god, Bobby, you do that so good! Now harder, deeper! Yes, oh, yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, AHHHH!” Marty’s voice was at a shriek when she exploded into a climactic orgasm that shook the windows.

“Oh, Gramma, I’m going to cum too!” exclaimed Bobby.

“Take it out and cum in Gramma mouth!” she commanded. “Let me taste your sweet tasting cum. Oh yea, ummm, that tastes go good.”

After standing there listening to this, I looked at Megan and walked to the door, knocked gently and said, “Marty, will you and Bobby come out after you’ve had a chance to calm yourselves and clean up. Honey, I love you both very much. Megan and I will be out on the porch waiting when you come out. Take your time, but the four of us need to talk this thing through.”

“Oh my god, George, no! Say you didn’t hear that! Oh no, oh no. George?” she waited for a response, then adding humbly, “I’m so sorry, George, I’m sorry.”

“I know, Honey, I’m all right. We are all right. We just need to talk,” I said.

“Ok, George, give us a few minutes, Ok?”

“Take all the time you need. We’ll be outside on the porch.”

As Megan followed me out, she looked at me with horror in her eyes. Sitting down she asked, “What are we going to do?

“Well, we can do one of three things. We can pretend that we didn’t hear what we heard and therefore pretend that nothing is going on between them. We can call them out and accuse them of everything we are doing and keep our little arrangement quiet. Or, and I think this is the most logical and beneficial, we admit their relationship. We will mutually have to keep the family secret and we can carry on as a foursome instead of a twosome.”

“I see you logic, Papa. Yes, I can see where that is the only choice we have at this point.” Smiling at me, she got out of her chair, put her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss. “You are so great,” she added. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Sweetheart, but it’s not over yet. Just play along and we’ll see how it turns out. There is may be prison time in it for us.” I winked at her to indicate that I wasn’t being totally serious.

About a half-hour passed and I began wondering if I had misjudged Marty’s loving spirit. The screen-door open and out walked Marty and Bobby trailing her to take a seat in the remaining rockers. They both looked like they had been through hell. Their eyes were red and swollen; their clothing was wrinkled and thrown on. And they had the look of two school kids walking into the principal’s office. I took one look at them and, despite myself, burst into laughter.

“I’m sorry,” I said, trying to control myself, “but you two look so pitiful, I can’t help it.” And again broke into laughter again.

Marty slapped my thigh, grinned sheepishly and started to cry all over again. Bobby soon followed suit and they were sitting there crying their eyes out.

“Marty,” I said, “I know what you must be going through. I didn’t mean to overhear what went on in the bedroom. I didn’t want to know, but I do know what you must be going through,” I repeated. “I know that you love Bobby very much and that you want the best for him. You want to protect him from the pain of growing up in a cruel world of ridicule and abuse. I know how you feel about being ashamed of your cardinal love for your grandson, how you didn’t want it to come out. Bobby, I know how all you wanted was to experience the joys of making love with someone you could trust totally. Someone you could ask any questions to and you would get the answers you needed without the ridicule that comes with someone else’s agenda. I know these things because,” I paused, “We’ve been experiencing them also.”

Marty looked suddenly into my eyes, then hurriedly to Megan’s, then back to mine questioningly. I just gave her a small nod. Then Megan smiled and agreed.

Marty burst into tears again as Bobby looked confused and lost in the subtleties off my confession.

“Not Megan, oh no, George, not Megan,” she cried.

“Yes, Gramma, Megan, your Granddaughter,” she confessed.

Bobby finally catching on to what was happening, opened his mouth and said, “Cool. Alright Megan!”

“Bobby, quit being a jerk!” spat Megan. “You could’ve been in so much trouble and we make this confession to relieve you of some of the pain and all you could do is make a dumb remark. You are so right Papa, boys are JERKS!”

She gave her younger brother such a contemptuous look that Bobby immediately looked the other way and silently started to cry from embarrassment. Seeing this Megan got up from her chair and went to her brother and gave him a hug, which broke open the floodgates. He was now sobbing into Megan’s shoulder as he apologized over and over for his crude remarks and Megan kept saying to him, “That’s alright.”

After we all got a hold of our emotions of the situation again, I looked at Marty and asked, “Now what are we going to do about this, ah, what so you want to call it?” I asked cheerfully, trying to break the mood.

Marty chuckled and said, “I don’t know, maybe the affair.”

“The Family Affair!” chimed in Megan. That seemed to break the ice because after everyone stopped laughing, we began to talk about it seriously.

“Well, we have some options,” I began, “some of them good and some of them not so good.”

“How about the awful ones, too,” Marty inserted half jokingly.

“Well, we can look at those, also,” I said, wanting to cover all the bases.

“Now, before we start,” I said, “let us agree that anything that we do agree on here must be unanimous. Is that agreed? We do not want anything shoved down anyone’s throat.”

Everyone started to snicker and then I caught the double meaning of my words.

“This is going to be hard,” I said, and everyone burst out into spontaneous laughter. I just threw up my hands.

“Anyway, can we all agree to the principle of the idea if not the exact wording?”

Everyone nodded their approval, so I moved on.

“Megan Sweetie, could you act as secretary of these proceedings?”

Megan sprang up and into the cabin, emerging a few moments later with a tablet and pencil. Writing on the top “O.F.A.” she settled down to take notes. After looking at the puzzled looks our faces, she explained, “Our Family Affair”

Bobby chimed in, “Or what I did this summer on my vacation with Gramma’s and Papa’s.”

We all had a chuckle and then proceeded.

“One,” looking at Megan to start her notes, “we could just forget about today and go on pretending that it just didn’t happened. That Megan and I didn’t hear what we heard and that this meeting never happened. Comments?”

So, for the next two and a-half-hours, we deliberated our situation, using three pages of notes and two potty breaks. We all entered into our discussion with a free and an honest discourse of the topics. Not always did we agree, but after some realistic explaining of our predicament, those few issues were overcome and we kept moving forward.

We were taking another quick bathroom break, I was out in the kitchen pouring the last soda, when Marty came up behind me and put her arms around my waste. Nuzzling my back with her cheek she said, “I love you, George. How did I ever catch such a man like you? You have handled this thing, well, unbelievably. Whatever we decide to do, just know that, you will always have my love and admiration.”

She then loosened her grip on my waste and both of the kids said in unison, “No fair plotting a conspiracy.”

We went back to work and we came to an agreement that we would vote on after we each had time to think about it for awhile. The vote was scheduled for exactly one hour from now and everyone was to go off by themselves and think about it. We were to meet back here and a secret ballot would be taken. I went off towards town, to the store to buy the sodas Megan and I were suppose have purchased earlier this afternoon. On the way, I had ample time to mull over in my mind the events of this afternoon. I knew how I was going to vote. It was the only logical choice to make. We were to keep our secret between the four us, forever. We were to continue the education of the grandchildren whenever we could and we were to include the other two whenever possible. This may have been the coward’s way out but it was the most logical.

Arriving back at the cabin just as everyone else was returning from their hour-long exile, we all grabbed a soda and when to the porch to sit down and vote. Handing out four pieces of paper, I asked, “Are there any questions before we vote? Ok, then.” Megan tabulated the vote and we all agreed that we were on a course to a brave new world. With the vote came a calming joy amongst us as we all rose and gave each other hug and kisses. When I hugged Bobby, I even gave him a kiss on the cheek. He hesitated a little, but returned the gesture with one of his own.

It felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from our shoulders. Marty was overjoyed with relief as she playfully hugged the kids. Both hugged her back and I even saw Megan give her brother a warm hug. He didn’t know quite how to handle all of this affection stuff, but as he was getting used to it, he seemed to enjoy it and a few times actually instigated it.

After Marty and I prepared the dinner and we all had our fill, the kids volunteered to clean the table and dishes. I fixed us two drinks and Marty and I went out on the porch to rock. As we sat there thinking about the day, I said to her, “Well, ready or not, here we go into the unknown.”

“Do you really think of it as “the unknown”,” she asked. “After all, you know about me and you know about Megan. All you don’t know is about Bobby.”

“Bobby and you together,” I corrected.

“Yeah, I guess so. Does it bother you?” she inquired.

“Bother me, no, not at all. It will be different watching the two of you make love the first time, but it doesn’t bother me. You do actually make love, you know, intercourse?” I asked.

“Yes, about a week ago we did it for the first time,” she explained.

“At the baseball camp,” I inquired.

She looked at me puzzled for a second, the shoved me in the arm and said, “You knew all along. How did you know?” Then with realization she blurted out, “You knew everything all along what we were doing and yet you waited until today to say anything. Why?”

“I suspected but I didn’t know for sure until today.”

“Bobby?” she yelled out.

“Yeah?” came the inquiry.

“Papa knew all along you didn’t go to baseball camp,” she yelled back.

“I thought so,” was the response.

She put her arms through mine and pledged, “I will never lie to you again. I promise.” Then she laid her head on my shoulder, and repeated, “I promise.”

When the kids came out after cleaning up the kitchen, we all sat and talked and joked. As the talk started to fade into silence, then into awkward silence, I decided to confront the issue head on. “Where are we sleeping tonight?”

Again silence. “Well, we’ve got to sleep somewhere,” I said. “Tell you what, we’ve got to talk about this so I’ll be the first.”

I led them all into the living room and when everyone had settled, I started taking my shirt off. My shorts followed then my underwear. Standing nude in front of everyone, I asked, “Any questions about the male anatomy?”

Going in front of Marty I said, “Surely you don’t. I turned around, bent over and spread my ass cheeks wide for inspection. “No questions? Ok then what about you Megan.”

Looking embarrassed and a little nervous, she just shook her head. Then, I went on to Bobby. He was bright red. Not knowing what to do, he turned his head in embarrassment.

“Well, we took a vote today and I thought we all agreed to share everything with each other, but I guess we need to define everything. Does everything mean everything except things that are embarrassing or does it mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. My gosh, Bobby, don’t you want to know where your scrotum is and how it feels to be touched. Marty don’t you want to know how tight Megan’s pussy is or her ass hole. You think she had the flu the other day? Well, the truth of the matter is that I rammed it into her ass the day before so hard that she was sore for two days.” I was letting my frustrations out with avenges. “What does it feel like when she shallows my cum down her throat or…”

“That’s enough George.” It was Marty interrupting my tirade.

I came out of my rage, looked down, sheepishly and returned to my chair. There was a long silence then Marty said, standing up, “Papa, is right.” With her hands going to the hem of her shirt and pulling it over her head, she said, “We voted this afternoon to share everything with each other and now we are too embarrassed to look at each others bodies and ask the questions that we have.”

She was continuing to remove her bra and, when it fell away, her firm round breasts were exposed to the others to see. She pulled on the nipples until they hardened and slipped her hands down to the waste band of her shorts. “I want to know how it felt when Papa put his big cock up your ass, Megan.”

“It felt great,” she said hesitantly. Continuing on, she said, “It kind of hurt me at first but the jelly stuff he found down in your bathroom really helped a lot. It still hurt some until it went all the way in and when it did, oh my gosh, it was wonderful.”

Marty was pulling down her shorts exposing her white little panties.

“It felt so big in me down there, but all I wanted was for him to stick it in further and further up my ass. I was pouncing and pouncing on it and then I came with the biggest orgasm I’ve ever experienced.”

Now Marty was rubbing her pussy as she slowly slid her panties to the floor. Her eyes were closed and her tongue escaped her mouth. Megan looked on in disbelief and soon she had to rearrange the front of her swimsuit. In doing so she spent a little too much time at the crotch

Marty was now nude and standing in front of the grandkids. She said, “Want to ask me any questions?”

Megan asked, “Are your breast about average?”

“In size, I guess so. I’m a 34, C cup,” she explained. “Not too small and not too big. Girls always want big breasts until about 10 years after they have them. Then they start to sag from the weight, because they are heavy. They always stick out over your bra and they really are a pain in the ass. I like mine just the way they are.”

“What about your hair down there?” ask Megan again

“What about it?”

“Well, mine is so light and you can hardly see it. Will I ever grow hair that covers me down there?”

“Well, let’s take a look.” Marty pulled up Megan’s cover-up, and before Megan could voice any objection, untied her bottoms of her swimsuit and pulled them away. Megan looked a little embarrassed with her Gramma looking at her bare pussy, but soon got use to it

“Oh, I think you have nice coverage for a fourteen year-old,” she said. “And as far as the color goes, I think that it’s sexy. What do you think, George?”

“I can’t agree more,” I replied.

“What about you Bobby.”

“Well, yeah, I, ah, guess so,” he said, obviously very flushed by the first digit of his sister’s bare pussy.

“Oh Bobby, come over here,” she commanded.

“Take off the rest of your things, Megan,” Marty said, taking charge.

“Bobby, now what do you really think about the color of Megan’s pubic hair?”

“Oh, my gosh, I think it is beautiful,” he was gushing all over himself. He could not take his eyes off her crotch area, but as soon as the rest of her features became visible, his gaze soon expanded to take them all in.

“Why don’t you undress your brother,” I chimed in. Megan looked at me as if to take in my request, then, asked Bobby to stand. Reluctantly he stood up, but he was bulging at the crotch.

“Don’t be embarrassed about being excited like that,” I said. “Look, I’m getting excited too.” I stood up and exposed my own swelling cock.

Megan started unzipping his shorts as he looked down at his bulge. She managed to get the zipper down over his cock but as she had to touch it with her hand, it jumped even higher in its quest for escape. As she unbuttoned the shorts, they fell open and his underwear pushed its way out of his pants in relief. She looked up from her kneeling position and asked, “What have you got there little brother?” She started to fondle his cock through his undies and he started to react

“Oh, Megan, I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” warned Bobby. That seemed to encourage her all the more.

With her other hand, she proceeded to fondle his balls as his head jerked backward and he took in a great breath. Now Marty was behind him unbuttoning his shirt and removing it to the floor. Her hands were all over his bare chest, up to his nipples and down to his abdomen. As Megan hands moved to the waste band of his underwear, he stopped her with his and warned, “It’s not as big as Papa’s and there isn’t much hair down there.”

“Bobby, you are the youngest and least developed,” she said matter-of-factly, “you can’t compare yourself to others.” And with that, she slowly started removing his underwear. As his briefs exposed his cock, it sprang to life as if to say, “Free at last, free at last!” As she slid the briefs to the floor, she took up the challenge of cupping his balls in her hand. He was right about not having much hair on his crotch yet. Just a little mustache of hair was trying to emerge to cover his crotch. But he had started developing a nice sized cock that would make some men jealous. You could tell that the size of it had impressed Megan and that the texture of his hairless crotch was starting to affect her. With her other hand, she started rubbing the staff. Up and down she was manipulating the foreskin. With every stroke, Bobby would grow bigger and moan a little louder. Marty was watching her granddaughter with amazement. I wished to trade paces with Bobby. Soon Megan moved her face closer and placed Bobby’s throbbing cock into her mouth. The gasps of Bobby and Marty were drowned out by my own.

“My god,” I thought, “I’m watching my granddaughter suck my grandson’s cock right in front of me.”

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I moved over to Marty’s position and started fondling her breasts and pussy. My eyes were glued to Megan’s mouth around Bobby’s cock, gliding in and out, frantically now. I was playing with Marty’s clit, driving her close to the edge, when Bobby stiffened and yelled; “I’m going to cum! Oh, Megan I‘m going to cum!”

Hearing his cries made her take even more of it in her mouth. Deeper and deeper yet, she took it but when he tried to remove it from her mouth, she just clamped on him that much harder. Finally, giving up on extracting it from the suction of her mouth, he threw back his head and cried out, “Oh my gosh, ahh, I’m cummmming!”

She took it all into her mouth and down her throat, swallowing every drop. Gulping down the last of his cum, she continued to stroke and suck his receding cock until he fell away from her on the floor. Marty, seeing her take all of Bobby cum down her throat, couldn’t stand it any longer and exploded her juices all over my hand and onto the floor below her. She staggered over to the chair and slumped down, spent. I looked over at Bobby. He was out. Then I saw Marty. She was out. Then I saw Megan, sitting there on her knees smiling at me saying, “Next?” I laughed, came over to her and helped her up off the floor, then we went arm in arm outside to sit down and rock.

We sat outside watching the sunset over the lake. Megan got up and came over to sit on my lap. Being still nude from our time inside, the touch of our bare skin touching each other was erotic. We rocked and cuddled, thoroughly enjoying the skin on skin sensation. The screen door opened and out stepped Marty with Bobby right behind her. “Looks kind of cozy,” she said. “Want to come in and do some more playing?”

Megan and I looked at each other and said, “Sure,” and off we went back into the living room.

Marty was taking the lead again when she said that it was our turn, meaning Megan and I.

I asked, “What do you have in mind?”

“Bobby suggested that he would like some instruction on how to stimulate a girl,” she said and Bobby nodded his head.

“Well, who do you want to stimulate?” I queried.

“I want to watch you play around with Megan,” he finally said.

“Well, you have to follow my lead, so you can play with Gramma.”

“Oh my gosh, I don’t know how many more times I can stand “Playing around”’, she said. But she didn’t back away when the time came.

“Ok, Bobby, most girls like to be kissed first,” I started, “lots of kissing. Guys just want to go for the good stuff, like feeling her tits or putting their hands in her panties. You have to remember; the girl’s wishes always come first. Now take Gramma waste in your arms and gently kiss her.” I watched for a moment, then a turned to Megan, caught her smile and gave her a tender kiss.
After parting our lips, I continued by saying, “As you kiss her gently, tenderly, you can increase the pressure of your lips and your arms by pulling her into you. Gently,” I said, “remember, you are gently seducing her, not raping her.” I kissed Megan’s lips again but this time with greater force as I pulled her into me. “And separate your lips a little. Now put your tongue into her mouth and explore around a little bit.”

In between my instruction I was trying to perform the act as I was giving instructions. It wasn’t working for me and I knew that it wasn’t working for Megan. “Bobby,” I interrupted his kissing, “would you mind if you just observed what I’m doing with Megan and, if you have any questions or don’t know what’s happening, you can ask me later or, better yet, you can ask Gramma?”

“Sure, I would like that better, anyway.”

“Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, just about here.”

I took Megan into my arms again and started kissing her mouth with exploring lips and tongue. Each time I kissed her, my hands were also exploring her back. With more and more pressure, I was holding her closer to my naked body, pushing my swelling cock into her stomach. She was responding with roaming hands also as we built up the steam between us. I slowly lower my face down to her hard little nipples. There were sticking out waiting to be licked and suck. I obliged them roughly as Megan gave out a little gasp.

Circling my tongue around and around them with little nibbles in between, I then took one, then the other between my lips and sucked on them in turn. I loved the firm little sentinel, standing at attention guarding the fleshy mounds. Taking them in my grip, I worked and squeezed them over and over. I bent down and picked Megan up in my arms and carried her to the unattended couch. I noticed Bobby’s hands on Marty’s breasts and he was lowering his face so he could lick them. Marty’s eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. As I stretched Megan out on the couch, I smiled at her and she smiled back at me. Then, dropping to my knees about at her stomach, I brought my lips to her breasts again and started sucking and licking all over again.

Soon Bobby and Marty realized that I had moved and crowded over to observe what I was doing. I was starting my descent down her tummy to her abdomen, then down to her pussy. Stopping to look along the way at those beautiful little lips, covered by that soft mound of hairs, trying their best to cover the slit down the middle, I was mesmerized, once again, at the sheer beauty of her pussy. Its sleek little slit protecting its hidden jewels that were locked up inside of those sweet little lips, were almost too much to take in one sight. I needed to come back and look and marvel at the simplicity of her pussy over and over again. Down at the bottom was the entrance to her cavity, but hidden under her hood up near the top was her pleasure button waiting to be touched. But first the lips needed to be separated. This was accomplished with one flip of the tongue. Sending shock waves throughout her entire body, my tongue licked its way up from her canal to her hooded nodule. When it touched this sensitive little node, another wave shook her body.

I sat up and spread her lips with my fingers and took a moment to visually examine between her slit. It was bright pink, sticky wet and up by the hood, it was white and shiny. Down at her opening, was wetter with a slight sweet smell emanating from its depth. I resumed my journey back up to the hooded node and took that into my mouth with a sucking action. She again shuttered and closed her legs slightly, then opened them back up to my touch even wider. Finding her vaginal opening with my finger, I circled and massaged it until I could see the fluid dripping out of her entrance. I knew she was nearly as aroused as I could manually bring her, so spreading her legs wide and drawing up her knees, I fronted her between her legs and positioned my cock at her entrance. Slowly inserting my cock into her vagina, I raised her legs straight up in the air and pushed my hips forward into her. She sighed and moaned then spreading her legs as wide as she could, grabbed me by the butt and pulled me hard into her.

Propping my weight on my hands at either side of her head, I started pumping my pelvis into her pussy harder and harder. She was crying out now for more pressure and deeper until, letting out a plea for satisfaction, she worked her hips into a frenzy, driving them up and down and thus driving my cock in and out of her wet steamy hole. With a shout of release, she pumped and pumped, then collapsed in a shivering pile beneath my withering cock. We lay there, spent for the moment. When I looked up, Bobby was laying on top of Marty, his limp cock still inside her; both were on the floor beside us.

That night Marty and I decided to sleep with the grandkids of choice. Megan and I went to bed up in her room and Marty and Bobby downstairs in our room. We felt that we would be there to answer any questions that may arise and console any misgivings of our actions. As it turned out, both kids accepted our decision well, even greeted it with enthusiasm. Megan and I chatted briefly and went right to sleep. Curling up in the double bed, I felt like I was guarding her from the world. I had great dreams and slept the whole night through having wonderful dreams.

When I awoke, Megan was fast asleep on her back lying outside the covers. One look told me why I loved her so much. I watched her sleeping for a few moments, then, hearing someone down in the kitchen, a slid out, put on some shorts and when down to join the early riser.

I hoped it would be Marty and I was rewarded with the sight of my beautiful wife. Coming down the stairs, I watched her preparing a pot of coffee and, before she heard me coming, I admired her grace and composure throughout this ordeal. The stairs creaked from my weight and she looked up and smiled at me. Her smile warmed the entire room, as she walked over to greet me. We hugged, then kissed, as we greeted the new day together.

We said our good mornings, then she looked up at me, still in my embrace, and said, “Have I told you how much I love you, George Adams?”

“Not today,” I responded.

“Well, consider this an acknowledgement.” Then she proceeded to give me a warm and sexy kiss. As I started responding to her, she opened her mouth to me and my tongue darted in to the exploration of the orifice. My hands were all over the back of her silky robe looking for garments. They found none so they went to the hem of her thigh length cover and started up her legs to her rear-end. She was breathing heavily and my other hand was opening the front of her robe. It found what it was looking for and started massaging her fleshing mound. This caused her to intake a breath of air through her mouth and let out a little gasp through clenched teeth. She kissed me harder and her tongue went way in to my mouth. My hand left her ass and when 180 degrees around and found her bushy pussy. My fingers immediately found her slit and up to her clit. Her response was expected and verbal. Then we heard someone clearing their throat with an obvious, “Uh, hum?” We stopped, looked at each other and started to laugh.

As we turned, both of the grandkids were standing there, sheepishly looking on. Megan’s red face had a smile plastered all over it. Bobby’s looked downward at his bulge in his pants.

Megan said, “Sorry for the interruption, but you were making so much noise, you woke me from a sound sleep and I had to come down to see what I was missing.”

Bobby agreed with a “Yeah, me too”

“And you just couldn’t watch in silence and learn something?” I asked somewhat perturbed, then, seeing the looks of horror come over their faces, I smiled to let them know I was just kidding.

Relieved, they smiled back and stood there in awkward silence.

“Well,” I said, holding my arms out to indicate I wanted a hug, “good morning?”

They both ran to get their hugs. Megan first jumped into my arms and planted her legs around my waist and gave me a big, warm kiss. Bobby greeted Marty in a similar way but without the wrapping of the legs.
Then they changed places with Megan giving her Gramma a kiss right on the mouth and Bobby giving just a hug to his Papa. I noticed the kiss that Megan gave to my wife was somewhat protracted in length and when it broke, both girls looked a little embarrassed and flustered. Megan backed away kind of sheepishly, and asked, “Can I help with breakfast?”

Marty in confused thought, hesitated a moment, then said, “We haven’t started breakfast yet. What would you kids want?”

I went over to the coffeepot and poured a cup for myself and asked Marty if she wanted any. I caught her eye as if to say “What just happened back there?”

She said, “Please,” then responded in a, “Beats the hell out of me”, look, then went back to help with the preparations. Taking my cup out to the porch to sit, think and drink, I suddenly ask Bobby to join me. He looked at Marty, where he would rather be then said ok and joined me with a glass of juice.

We settled into our rockers and proceeded to rock and sip our drinks. Finally I asked, “How did you sleep last night?”

“Fine.” was the answer.

“What do you think of the arrangement we’ve made here?” I asked, trying to drawn him out in conversation.

“It fine,” he replied again.

“Bobby?” I said, a little frustrated, “if we are going to share a secret of this magnitude, not to mention the same women that we love, don’t you think we can carry on a conversation with a little more acknowledgement then, “Find?”

“I’m sorry, Papa,” he said and lowered his head. “I guess I’m still kind of scared and shocked about this whole thing. I mean, I was just curious. Gosh, I’m eleven years old. I don’t know nothing about anything. Then I accidentally see Gramma coming out of the shower, naked. She sees me staring at her and invites me in to her bedroom and asked me if I had any questions. I said yes and two years later, we’re caught doing it and I’m promising to take part in this sex ring with my sister and grandparents. I mean, how did I get into this mess anyway?”

Still looking down, he added, “You and Gramma have just to teach me and Megan how to make love. We have to learn and keep our mouths such. If we slip, just once, you two can go to jail. That would be terrible. If that happened, I would feel so terrible, I don’t know what I would do, knowing it was all my fault.”

“Bobby, everyone feels that burden. I could slip one day and say something to the wrong person, and…well, you can read the rest. It could be any of us. I know it is a huge responsibility, Bobby, one that maybe was too much to ask of an eleven-year-old.” I thought for a moment, then said, “Bobby, if you are having any doubts about our decision, I’ll will call for another vote and we will talk about it again, the four of us.”

Bobby thought for moment about my offer, and then said, “Thanks Papa, Megan is right, you are so understanding and kind. I don’t think we need another vote, I’m happy with our decision.”

“If, later at any time, you want to talk about this or any other topic, just call and I’ll try to answer or just listen.” With that, I stood up and gave him a big hug and pat on the back. About that time, Megan came out on the porch to announce that breakfast was ready and asked wryly, “Male bonding?”

“Yep,” is all I said.

We ate our breakfast, happily engaging in ribbing and comments. Marty and I took the brunt of those comments. The kids just won’t let it go. They just kept going on and on about the old folks doing it in the kitchen. Finally, I looked at Marty, she looked at me, we both smiled then sending the dished flying from the table with one arm, I cleared a path for us to do it at the dining room table. It was a good thing we used plastic dishes because they flew everywhere.

The look on the kids faces were priceless as I grabbed Marty, tore open her robe and started passionately ravaging her body with my mouth and hands. Quickly she responded to my rough handling of her body and reciprocated my grabbing my cock through my shorts and pumping and pulling it. The kids got up from the table and backed away to stand with their mouth opened, gawking. I threw her on to the table, spreading her legs and diving down onto her waiting pussy. She cried out because I was taking her roughly and savagely. As I was kneeled down between her legs, sucking and tonguing her pussy, I looked up and saw both of the kids up at her breasts, one on each tit, sucking their little hearts out. The sight of my two grandkids sucking my wife’s tits and bringing her to an arousal state, also doubled my desire to bring her to climax. But before I could stimulate her clit to that degree, Bobby had removed his shorts, left her breasts and tapped me on the shoulder.

Looking around, I saw his stiff little cock sticking straight out at me, begging to be plunged into Marty’s waiting pussy. I stared at it a second, not fully understanding what he wanted me to do. For a second, I thought he wanted me to take it into my mouth. Only after seeing his stare into Marty’s crotch did I understand that I was in his way and he wanted me to move. Obligingly, I got up to find Megan up on the table, straddling Marty’s face. Marty was sucking Megan little pussy for all she was worth, sending Megan writhing with pleasure. Suddenly, I was atop the table, standing, knees bent at Megan’s head. She opened her eyes, seeing my waiting cock before her, started sucking on it fast and hard. I was the first to cum. Feeling the urge growing from our little interruption to the stimulus of seeing the family in various forms of sexual activities, I blew my load down Megan’s throat, causing her to choke momentarily. She removed her mouth from my cock, cleared the cum out of her throat and stuck it back in to finish the job. Then it was Bobby’s turn. He was pumping into Marty’s pussy with his small but proud little soldier as it gave up his newly found manhood in a squiring onslaught that sent Marty up over the brink. Convulsing widely she shivered, then cried out in ecstasy as she reached her climax and started to descend down the other side. Megan was not far behind.

Sensing Marty’s orgasm by her grinding into her sensitive node, Megan went willingly into an ear-spitting scream, followed by uncontrollable convolutions that poor Marty face took the brunt of. After everyone had calmed down, Megan removed herself from Marty’s face, looking very sheepish. The she excused herself and went to the bathroom. Marty suddenly, regrouped from the orgasm, followed her exit to the other bathroom, leaving us two boys sitting there wondering what just happened.

They were absent for quite awhile. When they emerged, first Marty and about ten minutes later Megan, they were fully dressed and asked if anyone wanted to go for a walk around the lake. “We can all go,” I suggested, but it came out more like a command. Every one agreed so after Bobby and I changed into more appropriate attire, we set off.

We walk in silence at first, and then I finally broached the subject. “What happened back there this morning between you girls?”

There was more silence.

“Don’t you want to talk about it? It looked as though you two were enjoying yourselves. Didn’t look that way to you, Bobby?”

“Looked that way to me,” he said.

“Well? What gives?”

“George, do you have to meddle into everything?” questioned Marty, a little perturbed.

“I just thought maybe you wanted to talk about it, that’s all. I don’t mean to be forceful or noisy. If you don’t want to talk about it then consider the matter closed,” I flatly said.

“Good, I don’t want to talk about it,” was Marty’s response.

“Well, I do,” Megan said. “Why don’t you want to acknowledge what actually happened, Gramma?” Megan asked. “How it felt, what you were thinking?”

“Oh, Megan,” Marty said in a discussed tone. “What do you want to know, that I enjoyed it, sucking your pussy? That it turned me on to have my granddaughter’s crotch in my face? Does it give you sort of perverted pleasure to know that your Gramma enjoyed eating you cunt out? Is that what you want to know?”

With that Marty broke into tears and ran ahead of us three. Megan immediately ran the other direction sobbing her eyes out. Bobby and I looked at each other in dismay.

“Women are irrationally emotional sometimes,” I commented matter-of-factly. “Especially when they’ve been caught enjoying something that is considered taboo in the social world.”

“Is that what just happened?”

“Yep, big time.”

“Well, what’s so taboo about Gramma enjoying our times together like that and not being able to enjoy those times with Megan?”

“Well, at least with you it is still boy and girl. With Megan, its girl and girl and some people would consider that an act of homosexuality. That is the social issue we are talking about.”

“Then it’s not the “Our Family Affair” thing? You know, the ol’ hush-hush thing.”

“Well, it’s that too, a combination of both. Let’s say the tables were reversed and it was you and I who engaged in that type of sexual activity. What would you think then?

He thought for a moment, then answered, “Well, I think it would be kind of weird, but I think, since it was you and we could stop at anytime, I would like to try it.” His confession hit me like a bombshell. I didn’t know what to say. I had NEVER had any thoughts, whatsoever, about a gay relationship with ANY man, especially not my own grandson. Did I hear him correctly?

“Are you saying that you would like to experiment with me and have your cock in my mouth or my cock in your mouth?” I asked in bewilderment.

“I think so, Papa. What do you think? Would you enjoy that as an experiment?”

“Wow Bobby, I don’t know. You’ve caught me off guard with that one. Are you serious about asking me to so this?”

“Well, I think so. Is it wrong?”

“Well, that’s the question isn’t it. Now you see why Megan and Gramma ran away in tears. To answer your question, I don’t know if it’s wrong or not. Would I do that with you…well, I guess, yes I would be willing to experiment, just this one time though.”

“Ok, this one time.”

“When do you want to do it?” I asked, almost wishing to get it over with.
“I think we should do it back at the cabin in front of Gramma and Megan,” he said.

I thought my hearing had finally failed me, but I realized that it made perfect sense, so I said, “Ok, back at the cabin then.”

We continued our walk around the lake. We never caught up with Marty and we didn’t see Megan either.
When we arrived back at the cabin, both were sitting on the porch, rocking in the chairs. They must have talked it out because they were laughing and joking as if nothing had happened. We greeted them cheerfully and I ask if everything had been resolved. Marty indicated that a good start had been made and that they felt good about the situation as it stood.

“Well,” I started, hesitantly, “Bobby and I had a discussion after the two of you left in different directions. He asked why you were upset so I told him that you both had experienced something that a considered taboo in the social world. In an attempt to explain it better, I suggested what would have happen, how he would have felt if the tables had been reversed. He indicated that under certain conditions he would like to try it.”

I paused to let this revelation sink in. The looks of astonishment from the girls told me that I could continue. “I was as shocked as you both are now, even more so because I have never even remotely contemplated, desired or fantasized about sucking a man cock before in my entire life. But, for my grandson’s sake, I will do it this one time only, in the presence of family members, who, I know, will not judge us negatively in any way.”

“Papa agreed to do this for me. I just wanted to see what it was like, that’s all. I’m not queer or a homo or anything like that. I just want to know what it feels like. Can you understand that?” asked Bobby.

Looking at each other and smiling, Marty said, “Yes we can, Bobby. And you have a special Papa for going along with you.”

“I know.”

“Well, shall we start,” I asked nervously. “Who goes first?”

“You do me first,” was Bobby command.

With that, I knelt down at Bobby feet and looked up in his crotch and wondered, “Where do I start?”
Not having a clue as to how to begin, I just started rubbing his crotch in front of me. I soon detected a reaction and felt the swelling definition of his penis coming to life. With each stroke it became more defined until it was a solid rod reacting to the stimulus I was providing. Feeling him get aroused before my very touch was somehow exciting to me also. I slid my hand between his legs to gently caress his balls. He pushed just a little into my hand as he bit his lower lip and ran his tongue around his mouth. Then I slowly went to his zipper and unzipped his pants and then unbutton his shorts. His cock burst out of his pants to greet my hand as I massaged it through his undershorts.

I glided my hand up and down his staff as he started to breathe heavily. Then, hooking my fingers on his waste band of his briefs, I slowly pulled them down, with his outer shorts all the way down to the ground. He was standing there totally naked from the waste down with his eleven-year-old cock standing there at attention. Audible sighs came from the gallery as they looked at this sight, too. With one quick motion, my hand grabbed Bobby’s cock and started stroking its length, back and forth, rubbing the foreskin up and down his shaft. With the other hand, I went between his legs to fondle his balls. Then with my middle finger and slid it to his scrotum and sent him through the roof. I then circled his anus with my finger, but he jumped and squeezed his legs together. I figured that Marty had not indoctrinated him in the art of frigging yet, so I removed my hand from between his legs and grabbed his cock with it.

I figured it was now or never, so, I bent down to kiss the head of his cock, running my tongue up to, then in his little hole. Then, I inserted it into my mouth, all the way to the end, as far as it would go. I could feel his little mustache on my upper lip then closed down on it and sucked hard as I withdrew it from my mouth. It was small enough in length and girth that I could do this comfortably. Giving it all of the saliva I could muster, I repeated this action with my mouth, sucking his foreskin up and over his hard little cock. Over and over, faster and faster, I was pulling his foreskin up with each stroke until it twitched in my mouth and I knew I was about to be unloaded upon.

He grabbed the back of my head and jammed his cock deep into my mouth. Then it came, a shot to the back of the throat. I tried to swallow. It was slimy and salty tasting. Not much taste though because it was mostly missing my taste buds. Then another shot. This one had caught me on the way out and it stuck in my mouth. I swallowed hard but it caught in my throat. I swallowed again and cleared the passageway. I took it back to my throat and kept it there; not wanting to risk choking on my grandson’s cum. I sucked with a mouth full of cock as the squirting finally started to subside. I continued again to take it in and out, sucking it hard until I could tell that it started losing its stiffness. Then, again reaching between his legs, I gently fondled his now stiff sack. As I stroked it, he started coming down from his orgasm and letting it fall out of my mouth he collapsed down to his knees. He knelt there panting, and spent.

Looking up from my kneeling position, I caught Marty and Megan’s stare. “That was beautiful,” was all Marty said.

“Yeah, Papa, that was incredible. Thank you so much for sharing that with us,” chimed in Megan. Then she ran to me, knelt down and through her arms around my neck.

“Papa, you are so, so, I don’t know, so giving of yourself. I’ve never seen anyone sacrifice so much for anyone.” With that she gave me a deep, warm kiss. Bobby had slid to floor, lying there, out of it for now.

Getting up and helping Megan get up; I walked over and sat down beside Marty. She smiled at me and gave me a warm hug and kiss. “Now you know why I married this man, so don’t get any ideas about getting rid of me and grabbing him for yourself,’ she joked with Megan. Megan squeezed down between the armrest of the couch and I, cuddling my arm.

After a few minutes, Bobby came back to this world. Megan asked him, “Which blow job did you enjoy better, Bro, Papa’s or mine?”

“Don’t forget about me,” inserted Marty.

Bobby looking perplexed for a moment, and then grinning he said, “I don’t know, can I try it again, one at a time?”

Everyone let out a howl as Bobby managed to duck that question. He smiled at himself with pride.

We decided to have a bite to eat. Everyone chipped in with the preparations and when it was complete, we took it down to the dock and enjoyed an impromptu picnic of sandwiches, chips and sodas. We lounged there after lunch for quite awhile. Bobby asked what happen to smooth over the argument from earlier that morning between Marty and Megan. They just looked at each other, smiled and said they had come to a mutual understanding. Not wanting to leave it at that, he pressed on with his questions. I told him that what was said didn’t matter, so long as it was said and both agreed it was helpful. Marty gave my leg a little squeeze and remained silent. Bobby must have taken the hint because he stopped his inquiry.

Megan though, after a moments thought, inserted her feelings on the subject. “I think we should answer Bobby question. Gramma told me that it was wonderful having me sit on her face. That it was as wonderful as anything she had ever experienced. But she never wanted it to happen again. She said that I tasted so good and felt something special for me but she didn’t want it to happen because it could become a habit and she didn’t want that for me. She was willing to sacrifice her enjoyment just for my sake. I’m sorry Gramma, but the whole story needed to be told so they will know you are giving something up too.”

She looked over at Marty and said, “I love you, Gramma.”
“I love you too, even if you can’t keep a secret,” she said laughingly.

We cleaned up of stuff from the picnic and headed back to the cabin. We put what utensils we used back in their places and were just filing out of the kitchen, when Megan said, “When is it Bobby’s turn to suck off Papa?”

“Yeah,’ Marty chimed in

“Not until he’s ready,” I said.

Bobby looked a little sheepish, the smiled and said, “I guess am ready to try it.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, not wanting to rush him.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Well, where do you want me?” I asked trying to be helpful.

“I don’t care, over here I guess,” signaling me to come over and stand in front of him.

Walking over to him, I thought he seemed awful confident. Maybe he can pull this off. I hoped he could.

He knelt down on his knees and was staring at my crotch. Remembering how I started, he began rubbing my cock through my shorts. He rubbed and fondled me, but there was no reaction. I wasn’t getting excited to his touch. I slowly reached down and took his hand and let it between my legs to the scrotum. He rubbed there and I started responding. As it continued to grow, he found the form it was taking and began stroking along the staff with one hand and rubbing between my legs with the other.

Finally I was nearing full erection when he stopped to remove my shorts. Unbuttoning and unzipping my shorts, he released them to the ground. Then taking the waste band of my underwear gave it a pull, but caught my cock in my briefs and he had to take them down over the cock and release them down my legs. He was a little embarrassed until he saw my cock. I’m not the biggest in the world, but compared to the eleven year-old’s cock he was used to seeing, having mine up close and personal like this, made him stop for a moment and think what he got himself into.

After eyeing it for a few seconds, he put his tongue at its tip and licked the head all over. Stopping to admire his work, he continued to lick the head, and then slid down the shaft with his tongue and then back up to the head. He remembered to fondle my nuts and grabbed them tenderly. He reached up to my scrotum and I began to finally feel something down there. I sighed intentionally and jerked my hips just a little for effect. I didn’t want to disappoint the boy, but I was not turned on in the least. That all changed when he started encircling my ass hole. Wow, did it ever.

All of a sudden, he inserted his index finger about two inches up my ass as he took the head of my cock into his mouth. I separated my legs a little more to give him space and encouragement, as he put it deeper into his mouth,. His finger when fully into my ass, and I could feel his fist banging my balls. In and out, he was thrusting is finger, as his bobbed up and down over my cock. His suction left a little to be desired and the depth of each thrust was minimal, but combined with the thrilling sensation of feeling his finger up my ass, I was getting aroused and was building up to a climax. With every stroke of his mouth, accompanied by a thrust of his finger, I was rising higher and higher. Then, fighting the urge to grab the back of his head and jamming it down on my swollen, throbbing cock, I could take no more and exploded into his mouth.

The first shot went to his throat and gagged him immediately. It was down hill from there. Releasing his grip on my spurting cock with his mouth and releasing his finger from my ass, he left me nothing to do but to plaster his face with my cum as he gagged and coughed. I though he was going to throw up or something. He was coughing after I stopped pumping my sperm into the air. I came down rapidly and dropped to my knees in front of him, took him by the shoulders and ask him, “Are you alright?”

He coughed and gagged some more, then muttered, “That was awful! I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t shallow, all this slimy stuff shooting all over my face. That was just awful!”

I handed him my shorts to wipe off the cum that was dripping down from his face. Megan, trying to be helpful, said “Next time try to take it further back into your mouth and…”

“Next time? There isn’t going to be a next time! No way, no next time! I’ve learned my lesson, once is enough.”

Getting up, he headed to the bathroom, gagging as he hurried up. Soon, we could here him throwing up into the toilet.

Marty got up a said, “I’d better go check on the poor guy. See what you did, Papa? That big thing of yours has caused even more trouble,” she smiled back at Megan and I, then went into the bathroom. “Are you ok?”

My climax was not earth shattering, but it had its effect on me, so I begged off and went in to bed and took a nap. I slept quite awhile and I awoke, no one was in the cabin. I stumbled out into the living room and there was still no sign of anyone. Oh, well, I thought maybe I’d do some catching up on my project for work. I brought my laptop out and booted it up. It was whirring away but I could not get into the thought process so I logged out and put it away.

I went down to the lake and wondered out to the dock. Not seeing anyone, I returned to the cabin and sat down on a rocker, then got up to get a drink, a nice JD on the rocks. I finished that drink and was about to go in and fix another, when I heard them rounding the bend. They were laughing, shoving and having a good time. Marty was trailing behind them so as they came into eyesight, I only saw the kids and then I spotted Marty. She was a special person, fun loving, adventurous and ready for anything, as witnessed the last couple of days. It didn’t surprise me that she was willing to go along with this whole “OFA” thing. In fact, nothing she ever did surprised me. Marty was, well, Marty and I loved her.

“Who’s the next lesson for, Papa?” Megan asked.

It was later than night after we had had our dinner.

“It won’t be a demonstration lesson,” I said, “I’m pooped.”

“Oh, Papa, did we wear you out?” Megan asked teasingly.

“What’s the matter, can’t keep up with us young studs?” Bobby joked.

“Well, its quality not quantity,” I said and smiled at Bobby.

He looked down and I said, “You are a young stud, so it’s you and Megan tonight. So both of you go take a shower, get dressed and come on back out so I can set it up.”

With those instructions they both ran to the two bathrooms and we could hear the showers running.

“What hasn’t he done with you,” I inquired from Marty.

“Really, we’ve just played around until last week,” Marty replied. “He hasn’t experienced going down on me yet, nothing oral. In fact, he’s been oral with you more than he has with me,” she commented with a smile. “I felt sorry for the poor kid. How embarrassing and it wasn’t very good for you was it?”

“Well, I can say that he got me off. I’m really pretty glad he had a bad experience, because I trust he won’t want to try doing that again. I hope not anyway.”

“Oh and he has not experience anything anal, in fact, I was surprised he inserted a finger up yours earlier.”

“I know. That’s what got me off. You know I love that. I thought maybe you gave him a heads up.”

“Not me. I didn’t say a word to him. It was all his idea.”

“Maybe we’re not giving him enough credit,” I said. “Maybe we should just give him his rein and see what he can do.”

“Maybe, but just in case, be ready to jump in with instructions,” Marty warned.

“Don’t worry, I will. I want to build his confidence but it is so easily lost, like this morning.”

“I know.”

We decided to just let them play around and see what they do. If we observe anything dangerous or harmful to the other party, we could always step in. When they gathered back in the living room about a half-hour later, all showered and dressed we told them we were just going to watch. They looked at each other, then said, “That’s cool” and started kissing and making out.

They kissed standing up at first, just to get the ball rolling, I guess. And as they warmed up a little, they switched to the couch. Bobby was a little awkward at first, not knowing what to do. Megan helped him along by placing his hand where she wanted it. But as he got into it more, got the ol’ juices flowing, he started being more assertive with his desired also. Bobby was sitting on the right side and Megan on the left. They were still in the kissing mode and were opening their mouth and exploring with their tongues. Bobby’s hands were all over Megan’s back, as he kissed her more and more aggressively. Then he took his left hand and moved it to her bare little knee that was exposed under her mini-skirt. She started to move herself a little forward to his touch and spread her legs just a little.

As if taking the signal, Bobby’s left hand started moving up under the hem of her skirt and came to rest on her inner thighs. This caused a groan to escape from Megan’s mouth as she opened her mouth even further to except his eager tongue thrusts. Taking her right hand from his back, she started to caress his chest and upper torso. Then, she found the buttons on the shirt. One by one, she slipped the buttons free and soon her caressing hand was touching his bare chest. His nipples were her targets and when her hand found them, he reacted to her touch with enthusiastic moans.

His hand went up her skirt higher and higher, then finally came to rest at her junction. She let out a gasp and removing his shirt off his shoulders, started to kiss his bare chest. Her legs were wide open to his touch now as she undid he belt buckle and unfasten his trousers. He stood up before her and she pulled hard on his pants and they gave way to the floor. Before he could stop her, she had her hands on the inside of his briefs and was stroking his cock. He tried to back up but her hands pulled down his underwear to his knees and his cock sprang from its confines and jetted out straight at her eager face.

I thought I had better step in at this juncture, so I said, “Let him catch up with you Megan. You’re rushing way ahead of him. Slow down a little.”

“Ok,” she managed to mutter but she couldn’t resist licking his cock before putting her head back and scrounging down into the couch and opening her legs up to his prodding hands. As she sat there in that position, Bobby started massaging her pussy masterfully with his left hand. But now he was on his knees in front of her between her legs. He was placing both hands on her now wet pussy and it was starting to have an even greater affect. Her skirt was hiked up to her hips by this point as he stuck both hands in her leg holes of her panties. Feeling her nearly bare pussy with his hands he began removing her soaked wet panties as she raised her hips off of the couch. As they cleared her feet, she swung her hips further down on the couch as she lay there with her feet in the air.

He rubbed her pussy up to the clit and then continued his march up to her stomach, then to her breasts. She wiggled her hips as he proceeded to massage her mound through her clothes. Sitting up, she helped him take off her blouse and then guided his hands to her breasts and removed the straps over her shoulders. He brought down her bra so that her breasts were exposed to his touch and he had to take them into his mouth. As he sucked, she undid the hook in the back and threw the bra to the side.

After sucking the nipples to attention, he squeezed them as he lower his head back down to her stomach. He stopped there, under her skirt at her belly button. He stuck his tongue in and this caused her to shutter with anticipation. Then lower he moved his head until he was no more than an inch or two from her pussy. He moved his finger up to her lips, but acted as if he didn’t want to taste her. He opened her lips with his finger but kept his mouth away. Megan was waiting, anticipating that rush of pleasure but it did not come. She reached down between her legs and grabbed his head to pull it down to her waiting pussy, but he would not budge.

Finally Marty stepped in and said, “I know I haven’t taught you this before, but you almost have to taste her now. Put your tongue into her pussy and run it up to her clit. You remember that a clit to a girl is the same as a penis is to a boy. So put your tongue on it and your lips and suck on it.”

He did what he was told and soon had Megan writhing with pleasure. As she was getting close to orgasm, I suggested that he get on top and mount her. He got up on his feet as Megan swung her legs around so she was laying the length of the couch. She moved her skirt up out of the way and spread her tender legs to him. He went on his knees between her legs and settled down onto her belly, then, reaching down to guide it in, he entered her and started to pump. She accepted him eagerly and started pumping him back. Before she was ready though, he yelled he was coming and shot his wad into her wanting pussy. All she could do was to accept it and get the most out of it for herself. As he came down from his orgasm, she praised his performance and said how satisfying it was for her. If history is to judge, it was the first of many lies to come.

After several minutes, Megan sat quietly, thinking about what she and Gramma had discussed earlier. Then she blurted out; “I think its Gramma and my turn.”

“Oh Megan, no I don’t want to do this again! No way!” exclaimed Marty, shaking her head emphatically. “No Megan, not again…”

“But Gramma,” Megan interrupted, “Why not? Papa did Bobby, then Bobby did Papa, then Bobby did me and I did Bobby and you did Papa, aren’t we being open about this thing? I thought we were experimenting amongst everyone. Well, you and I are the only ones that haven’t none it just the two of us so far. Don’t you think that it is only fair?”

“Megan! I said NO!”

“But Gramma,”

“Megan?” I said, “Gramma said no and you have to respect that.”

“But Papa?” Megan started, “I want to eat Gramma out and have her eat me. I want to taste her and she taste me, I want to…”

“You want to do this, you want to do that. What about what Gramma wants? She said she didn’t want to, so that’s final.”

Megan felt rejected, burst into tears and ran to her bedroom sobbing her eyes out.

I followed her with my eyes for a moment then they shifted to Marty’s face. It was all drawn up in absolute horror, horror at the thought of rejecting Megan’s advances, knowing that she would have loved to say yes, and at the awkward situation that had been exposed, because of them.

“It all sounded so pleasant, “Our Family Affair”, didn’t it, just one big happy family? Well now we have the other side of the coin, don’t we?” I asked.

“Oh George, you don’t understand!”

“I don’t understand? Are you kidding me? I suck my grandson cock, I swallow all his cum down my throat, in front of God and everyone, and enjoyed it by the way,” glancing at Bobby, who was sitting there not saying a word, “and all you can say is “I don’t understand?” I think you need to re-evaluate your thoughts, Honey, because I’m not buying it.”

Before she could respond, Bobby interjected, “Gramma, I don’t know what’s going on here, but as far as I’m concerned, I want to set the record straight, I enjoyed it when Papa sucked my cock, but when I sucked Papa’s, well, I’m sorry Papa, but that was terrible.”

Marty looked at Bobby with a blank look on her face, and then she looked at mine for understanding, then back out into space. She tilted her head back and let out the biggest laugh I have ever heard from her. I could not help myself and joined in on the moment. Bobby looked puzzled, then realizing that the tension had been released, somehow, and joined with us in laughter, not really knowing what he had said.

After we had restored our demeanor somewhat, I asked, “Well, what are you going to do about Megan’s request?”

“I don’t know but I’ve got to do something.”

“In front of everyone?”

“In front of everyone.”

With a sigh of trepidation, she called out; “Megan, will you come on back down, Honey, Gramma’s sorry. Can we all talk about this, Megan?”

A few moments later, the door of Megan’s bedroom opened slowly and Megan appeared at the top of the stairs, teary-eyed. She had put on a nightshirt to cover her nudity but responded “What do you want to talk about?”

“Just come on down, Sweetheart, I’m so sorry I rejected you in that manner. Will you forgive your stubborn ol’ Gramma?”

“You’re not old, but you can be stubborn,” she said starting down the stairs.

“I know and I’m sorry about that.”

As she approached us, she sat on the chair by herself; you could see her red eyes and tear stained cheeks. Marty had genuinely upset her and now had to make amends.

“Megan,” Marty began, “I am so sorry to abruptly dismiss your suggestion, so off handedly and with such finality. It wasn’t fair to you for me to be so insensitive.” Then, taking a moment to think out her thoughts, she continued, “The truth of the matter is that the thought me being with you that way really turned me on, too much so. You see I’m not worried about you getting hooked on a relationship with another female, but it is I that I’m worried about.”

This confession caught me off guard and my jaw dropped hearing it.

“George, I love you more that life itself, but sometimes, I fantasize about being with another woman and I get turned on. I know I shouldn’t, I’m a happily married woman with kids and a loving husband, but God help me, I have these dreams about doing things with other women, and it scares me. Then, my own granddaughter asks me to have sex with her, well, I just freaked out. I didn’t mean to take out on you, Sweetie, but I panicked. Can you forgive me?”

After thinking a moment about this revelation, Megan said, “Gee Gramma, you could live out those fantasies with me. I would love being that other woman in your dreams.”

Again my mouth flew open. I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing. My wife of many years had just confessed to having fantasies about being with other women and my granddaughter had just propositioned her to live out those fantasies. I looked over at Bobby and his jaw was open also and when he looked at me, he gulped and started blushing.

Marty, contemplating her response, slowly started to speak, “Megan, dear Megan,” was all she could muster. She then rose up out of her seat on the couch and walked over to Megan chair. She knelt down before her and took both of the little girl’s hands into her own. “That was the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Will you do me the honor of making love with me.”

“Oh Gramma, I’d want that more than anything.”

Megan just leaned forward and gave her answer in the passionate kiss to Marty’s lips. Marty accepted her kiss with reciprocation and opened her mouth a little in return. Megan’s tongue darted into and around Marty’s parted lips and fenced with her tongue. They opened their mouths widely to begin this passionate display of lust for Bobby and I to enjoy. It wasn’t intended to be anything but between the two off them but was quickly turning into the hottest exhibition of womanly lust imaginable. Megan’s hands started roaming all over my wife’s back, pulling her deeper into her mouth. Her lips were wide open and her tongue was probing the depths of Marty’s eager mouth. Marty, in turn, was rubbing her chest into Megan’s small chest and kissing lustfully her waiting chasm. As Megan’s hands roamed over her back, they moved around onto the front of Marty’s top. Marty released her mouth from Megan’s with a gasp as Megan’s small little hands grasped her breasts through her clothes. Squeezing gently, Megan began fondling her breasts with both hands. Marty’s head rolled back and she let out a small moan.

“Oh, that feels nice,” Marty said, encouraging Megan on. Marty dropped her arms from around Megan’s back and they went limp beside her. She was enjoying the massage she was getting from the young girl and with each caress of the boobs, Megan’s grip on them increased. As she continued her kneading motion on my wife’s breasts, Marty breaths were becoming deeper and more excited. When Megan stood up in front of her and lifted her top from the hem over her boobs, Marty let out a little gasp of anticipation. As Megan placed her hands on the bra-covered breasts once again, Marty pulled the top over her head and threw it to the floor. This time Megan rubbed her boobs from the outside of her bra, then slid her fingers down the front and onto the bare flesh. Marty let out a cry as she felt the thrill of having her granddaughter play with her bare boobs.

Around and around Megan’s fingers encircled her nipples. Then her full hands enveloped Marty’s breasts. Another gasp escaped Marty’s mouth. She loved Megan’s touch and she wanted more. Megan moved her finger to Marty’s bra straps and slowly slipped them over her shoulders, and then folding the cups down off her breasts exposed them to the world. She adjusted her hands once again to pinch each erect nipple and gently at first, pulled them away from the flesh. This created another moan from Marty’s lips. Again she pinched and pulled on the hard nipples until they were standing erect and hard.

Then as Megan leaned forward and unhooked the back of Marty’s bra, my wife’s arms came alive and started moving up under Megan’s nightshirt. Her hands tracked up the back of her Megan’s legs and gathered at her small little ass cheeks. It was Megan’s turn to let out a little moan. She spread her stance a little wider and allowed Marty’s fingers to probe and massage her rear end. Marty’s bra lay on the floor beside of her as her hands encircled Megan’s firm ass. As Megan hands went back to Marty’s breasts, she felt my wife’s gentle prodding of her crotch. This caused her grip to increase on Marty’s breasts and Marty reciprocated with her firm insertion into the girl’s tender little crotch. This escalation continued until Marty adjusted her attention to the front of Megan’s legs. “Oh Gramma, that feels so good. I love the way you excite me,” Megan softly whispered to my wife.

“I love to excite you, too. And you are doing a pretty good job on my breasts.”

“Well, stand up so I can get the shorts off of you,” commanded Megan.

Marty slowing released her hands from Megan’s thighs and stood up in front of her granddaughter. Megan sat back down and her hands went first to her breasts, then to the waistband of Marty’s shorts. Slowing unzipping the fly, then unhooking the button, Megan put her hands on Marty’s ass and pulled her shorts over her hips and dropped them to the floor. Marty was left standing there in her pink bikinis, her nipples hard as pebbles and a spot forming in her crotch.

Megan’s hands began tracing the panty line between Marty’s legs. With a shudder, Marty adjusted the width of her stance to encourage Megan’s probes. With that encouragement, Megan proceeded to trace a finger up Marty’s pussy to the top and then retrace her finger back down her slit to her hole at the bottom. Marty’s moaned and the twitching of her hips caused Megan to duplicate her actions again and again. Then with her thumbs over the waistband of her bikinis, Megan slowly worked them over the hips, pulled them from her wet pussy and dropped them on the floor.

The sight of Marty’s glistening; hairy pussy lips sent all of us into heightened awareness. The aroma emanating from her damp crotch sent chills down my spine. It must have affected Megan in the same way, because she instantly started probing and separating Marty’s pussy lips and went straight up to her clit with her finger. Marty jerk uncontrollably as Megan repeatedly hit her hot spot.

“Wider,” Megan commanded. “Now move forward a little.” Megan lowered her head to the bush before her and, with her tongue extended into her slit, moved up and down and around the clit causing Marty to twitch and moan loudly as she rocked her head backward.

“Oh my God, Megan. You don’t know what you do to me,” she said. I wondered if Megan knew exactly what she did to my wife and enjoyed every minute of it. Then Megan sat on the floor between Marty’s legs and placed her hands up in her crotch. Probing with her thumbs, she exposed Marty’s hole to her other hand and with her stiff finger, plunged it deeply into her waiting, hot hole.

“Oh yes, Megan, put your finger in my pussy. Oh deeper, yes it feels so good.”

Megan inserted another finger, then a third, then a fourth. Marty was beside herself with desire as she squatted down to meet Megan’s thrusting fingers. Then Megan curled her thumb under her four fingers and inserted her entire hand up Marty’s pussy hole. Marty gave out a cry of ecstasy or pain, I didn’t know which, but exploded into orgasmic bliss as Megan fisted her madly and she spewed fluids out her pussy. She continued to scream and gyrate her hips up and down on Megan’s fist and then pulled it roughly out of the cunt and pulled Megan from between her legs to the standing position in front of her. With one motion, she grabbed Megan’s nightshirt and literally tore it off of my poor little granddaughter.

Marty dropped to the floor, between Megan’s legs, and, grabbing her roughly by the hips and pulled her down onto her face. Megan came to rest straddling Marty’s face with her hips, facing Marty’s pussy. Marty forced Megan’s head between her legs as she brought up her knees and wrapped her legs around Megan’s shoulders. She immediately dove her face into Megan’s hot little pussy. Megan fought for air as Marty smothered her with her legs, forcing her face into her abdomen. Marty didn’t realize in her excitement that Megan only came to just below her tummy. If Marty was going to lick Megan’s pussy, the Megan could not lick Marty’s. Megan, understanding this dilemma, started working her hand on Marty’s pussy once again. She resumed her fisting of her gaping wet hole as Marty moaned and drove her tongue into my granddaughter’s clit. Both of the girls were going wild with excitement.

Then Megan took her fist out of Marty’s hole, aimed it at her ass hole and slowly inserted one then two and then all four fingers up Marty’s ass. Marty let out another cry and she started bucking up and down with Megan riding her expertly. Then, raising her feet up over Megan’s back proceeded to expose her tight ass hole to Megan’s fist. She let out an animal growl deep from her throat, then plunged her thumb deep into Megan’s ass hole. Megan let out a cry and redoubled her manual assault on Marty’s, each of them plunging their fingers deep into each others asses and crying out loud in reaction to the stimulus. Marty had stopped sucking Megan clit at this point and was ramming her thumb into her ass.

Bobby, having watched this display in amazement, could take it no longer. He tapped Megan on the shoulder and rolled her off. Then he inserted his throbbing cock into the hole that Megan had vacated and grabbing Marty’s ankles started humping her ass for all he was worth. Megan was lying flat on her back, looking bewildered, then caught my stare and smiled. She invited me to join her with a look so I instantly straddled her face with my rock hard cock sticking her in the chin. She adjusted it to her mouth and took it in to the hilt. I almost came instantly. Before I knew it her finger went up to my anus, circled it once or twice, then drove it home. It went in roughly with no lubrication, and then it came out. I waited a second for her to place it between her legs, getting her whole hand wet, then finding my anus once again, drove two fingers up as far as she could. I jerked with the sensation of having my ass hole reamed but started to enjoy it and wanted more.

My mouth went to her waiting pussy and into her hole. Tasting her wetness sent me nearer the edge, as my tongue found her swollen clit. She dug her heels into the floor and raised her hips off the ground to meet my eager mouth, all the while, jabbing my ass hole with her fingers. Then it was three fingers and I was going crazy. I found her anus and it was well lubricated. I shoved three of my own fingers up her ass as she cried out with a mouth full of cock. I was loosing the battle of restraint and I knew I had to cum.

It started deep within my loins with my balls contracting. I knew it was imminent and I growled and groaned and let out an ear spitting, animal-like noise coming from deep within. Then I frantically thrust my cock further down her throat and plunged my hand as far up her ass as I could reach. Over and over, I made these motions as I shot wad after wad down Megan’s throat. She was gyrating her hips high in the air as I drove my teeth down on her clit. She started to spasm and cried out deep in her throat. Then she was humping and driving her hand in my ass like a mad woman. Her juices flowed out of her pussy as she continued to hump and cry out. Then we both tensed up for a moment, and then we collapsed.

That was the last thing I remembered, until I awoke an hour later. I had rolled off of Megan but my leg was still on her tummy. My limp cock was lying next to her mouth and her hand was still resting on my ass. She was sound asleep but my fingers were still in her ass hole. I removed them slowly, but she awoke, looked up at me, smiled and went back to sleep. I turned myself around, took her spent body into my arms and settle back down into slumber.

I awoke sometime later, in the wee hours of the morning. Marty and Bobby were no longer with us down stairs. In fact, I didn’t know where they lighted for sure. But assuming that they went into Marty’s bedroom, I carefully picked up Megan and carried her up the stairs to her room, placed her on the bed and crawled in next to her and went back to sleep.

A gentle kiss on my lips stirred me later that morning as I woke up. It was my beautiful Megan, smiling into my eyes as they opened. What a wonderful sight it was, my loving granddaughter, with her smiling eyes, looking longingly into my sleepy face, kissing me gently on the lips, she said softly, almost a whisper, “Good morning, Papa”

“Good morning,” I said giving her a warm little kiss on the nose. “You’ve been awake long?” I asked.

“Just a little while,” she answered. “I love looking at you when you wake up. You look so content.”

“You make me content,” I said. “Just knowing that you will be next to me when I open my eyes, that makes me content.”

She snuggled up to me and placed her arm over my shoulder, and then she draped a leg over me also. I moved my hand to her rear and caressed in softly. We stayed that way for what seemed like hours, just loving each other’s closeness. I finally had to pee so badly that I excused myself, went out unto the balcony and towards the bathroom. Looking down to the kitchen and living area, I saw no one. They either are outside or they haven’t yet gotten up. I looked at my watch, it was 11:30, almost noon! We had to get ready to leave today. My gosh, where did the time go?

I found them out on the porch, rocking in the chairs. They were just sitting there, rocking and looking into each other’s eyes. I knew how they felt. I could just sit and stare into my Megan’s eyes for hours. But now was not the time to pine over a love one. Unfortunately, it was time to pack up and go home. It had been an unbelievably, wonderful vacation, one we all will always remember. But we had to call it over now and head back into our real world. With this realization, it made everyone a little sad.

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2016-08-23 14:28:01
Just far too much emphasis on continuous sex. Yeah, I know, you are writing for the debauched and psychotic wankers, but jeez they really are in the minority; you should consider the other 85%, give us a blend of story and minor sex.

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2010-12-10 15:28:27
you took a lovely love story between a gandpa and his grand-daughter; a grandson and a grandma and went totally of track dude. why ruin a good story with homosexual events. if you wanted to suck your grandson's cock then you should have made a story about granpa and bobby and listed it under the gay section as well as grandma and meagan. the twist didn't work for me

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2010-09-03 03:54:50
I dunno, it's one thing for a man to want a young tight pussy, but I don't know why a woman would want a little boy's cock. I mean, I like big cocks. I want fucked, not tickled.

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