Zack and Sam Part 6
Released Twice In One Day
Zack and Sam Part 6
As you might remember from my story before I was taken in a police van naked and with two huge black men. One put me over his knee and the other took off his belt and handed it to the first. The first man called me a bad boy and started belting me mercilessly on my ass and legs. I was wailing and begging him to stop. By the time we stopped at the police station my ass was red raw and my legs coved with welts.
The man pushed me off his lap and onto the floor of the van. I was dragged into the station and made to stand naked in front of everyone while Forms were filed out .I was in tears and hung my head as people stopped and laughed at me. I was taken to a cell and with no word was put in with two young men. I lay on a bunk as the two guys checked me out.
“Looks like we have some amusement for the night “he said
I looked up at him and pleaded with him just to leave me alone I explained that I had had a rough night but he grabbed my nipple and started twisting it, the other young guy came over and grabbed the other one “You’re going to do as we say and like it or you’ll leave here without these”
I nodded because I knew I was trapped. They began to undress and showed me their young cocks and balls which I was ordered to service. The blonde got on the cot and started fucking my face .I gagged as his cock went into my throat. The other guy had my balls in his hand stroking and teasing and twisting and squeezing them. I moaned and writhed and sucked hard .It wasn’t long before the young punk was coming down my throat wad after wad of stickygoo.I hardly got a breath before the other mongrel had replaced the first shoving his thick cock into my mouth. He didn’t take long before he came so tune on by watching his mate abuse me. As he got off me the cell door swung open and in walked the two young policemen who had arrested me. Without saying a word they dragged me out of the cell and into an interview room. I was thrown onto the floor and they unzipped themselves. My tear stained face was soon being invaded with cop cock and the blond one began by pushing his cock into my open mouth. I began sucking him with power hoping to get this over quick, I licked and sucked as he got hard in my mouth .Then my hair was pulled towards the other naked cop and started to suck him .For the next twenty minutes I would suck one and then my hair was pulled and I would suck the other back and forth and back and forth and then one came on my face and the other on my chest. Without a word I was taken back to the cells only this time it was not the young guys cells but a cell with about half a dozen rough looking men including the two black men who had beat my ass in the police van. I begged them not to but they threw me in the celli lay on the ground and I was soon surrounded .I looked up and saw them all opening their pants. Hands grabbed me and one guy sat down and my face was forced straight into his smelly crotch. I was soon sucking him and was lain across three guys the other two paddling my aching ass with their hands and I felt one guy put his finger at the opening to my ass but heard another say “Don’t do it remember the rules”. Once the first guy had been satisfied and had shot his load then I was passed to the second. Passed around like a cheap whore someone said and I ended up sucking all 6 men and then being told to start again. This went on for hours and my stomach was full of man cum.It started to get light and I was thrown onto the floor where the men stood in a circle around me and spat on me and then all six aimed their cocks at various parts of my body and started pissing all over me. The cell door opened and all six men did up their pants and I was left on the floor. I crawled to a cot and laid there crying until I fell asleep.
I didn’t sleep for long and the two policemen came and dragged me to the showers. They stood me in a corner and hosed me down with freezing cold water then told me to turn around so they could do my back and made sure the water hit my sore butt making me cryout.I was then taken to a courtyard to dry off. Finally I was told that Zack and Sam were waiting for me and the police said that I could leave the station naked so they got a washer and stuck it to me using masking tape. I was then led to the counter where Zack and Sam were waiting.”Looks like Mr M has had a big night. I was completely exhausted and they took me by and arm each and Sam got in the driver’s seat and Zack got into the car with me. I was still handcuffed as they were the boys cuffs. Once we moved away from the police station Zack removed the masking tape off me which hurt like hell and made me cry out.Zack took the key to my cock cage and said “A promise is a promise. We said all you had to do is run across the road and we would unlock the cage”. So saying he took the lock off and my cock was free but I couldn’t touch myself as I still had the handcuffs on,
Oh Mr M looks like you still have a problem hey.We said we’d take the cock cage off but never mentioned the handcuffs.”
Zack could see I was upset so he leaned over to Sam and said “Have you got the key to the cuffs”
Sam said he did somewhere at home. So we drove back to the boy’s house and into the garage .I were led into the house and Zack and Sam made a mock search for the keys. They both pretended that they couldn’t find them and I was desperate. My little cock was hard and they told me to hump the air which I did. They knew that I would do anything so the put on music and made me dance naked for them .They laughed and took photos. Then Sam stood up and starting undoing his pants.
?think I remember where the key might be but I’m busting to do a piss and if I go to the bathroom I might forget where the key was. Has anyone got any ideas?”
As he said it I dropped to my knees.”Please sir.Piss in my mouth”
“You really want that?”Sam quizzed knowing that I really would do anything.
I nodded humbly and begged him for his piss.So Sam walked over to me his cock limp and put it in my open mouth and started to piss down my throat at first a slow throw but then he increased the force till it was a jet down my throat. He took his cock out and sprayed my face which made some fall on the wooded floor below me. He then put his dick back in my mouth and I took the rest of his piss. knew why some had got on the floor and without hesitation as soon as he had finished and taken his cock from my mouth I went flat on the ground and licked up the rest of the piss “What a good bitch”,said Zack who had been watching his brother piss in me and on me.”Now head bowed as Sam finds the key”
I bowed my head I had no resistance and I heard Sam walk away. I must have been on the floor for over twenty minutes frustrated and desperate on that hard wooden floor. I was aware of my own breathing and of Zack’s close presence as he watched me to see I didn’t move. Finally Sam came out and said “You won’t believe it. It was in my pocket all along “I could believe it but I got to my knees when Sam told me and he came behind me and undid the cuffs. My hands were free but my wrists were red and sore. I was now free to masturbate but they had one more trial for me. They led me into the lounge room where all the lights were out. The lights were turned on and there were all the guests that had been at the dinner party when I was the nude waiter including that mean Mark and his poor brother Steven and the gorgeous Carl as well as others.
“You all know Mr M’Zack began as Sam moved me to the middle of the room.”But what you may not know is he has been in a cock cage for over two weeks but because of his good behaviour he has been released and he has all this pent up sexual frustration. So he is going to pull himself to climax right in front of you. As he does he is going to spin around slowly jerking and making eye contact with all you sexy guys. Now once Sam and I are seated you can start”
I waited as the brothers sat and then started pulling my hard little cock.I watched each young man and stopped a couple of times as I went past Carl. I knew he wanted to fuck me hard and fast and I received a slap for stopping too long. The young men started calling me names which only turned me on. Finally all my pent up frustration came to the fore and my cock spurted wad after wad of hot cum.It splattered on the table and onto the floor as I moaned and yelled and the guys cheered. Finally I was spent and exhausted fell to my knees in front of Zack and Sam thanking them. Carl walked over to me and felt my ass.
“Will you do I a favour and fuck this ass this week so I can have some?’
Sam cradled my head in his hands and looked at me ‘Looks like that virgin ass is going to be no more. Now get over there and lick your cum up”
I did so and thought about my ass going to be pounded and felt my cock start to move

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