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he loves being his Mistress's toy.
Whips and chains,
They give me pains.
Leather and lace,
Are on my brains.

I feel the sting,
There on my thing.
Mistress is love,
Goddess from above.

If I’ve cried,
When I’m tied.
I expect no less,
Than to be in a dress.

Each time I am spanked,
Mistress will be thanked.
Willing and able,
To be her table.

I beg to be used,
My body abused.
Mistress’s words are sage,
As she puts my parts in the cage.

She shows me my place,
Dolly made up face,
She gives my hair a curl,
To make me her girl.

Mistress Lexi,
Bondage sexy.
I know it’s not a sin,
Please let’s begin.

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2012-09-09 05:03:34
Dean, thank you so much:) I could tell too!! It was wonderful to ccennot to you when I did, a critical, beautiful juncture. Feels so good to ccennot under these circumstances too. Thanks so much for your support. How's that artist retreat center you are building? Can I come:) Did I dream that? xo

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