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If I could remake the world it would be full of BBWs and they would all be safe and loved.
I wish I could go back to the beginning,
I would make a new world in the garden,
Each girl would be cute and plump,
Earth mothers to birth this new world.

In my Eden they would spend happy days,
No snakes to tempt them,
No one would hurt or abuse them,
Never would anyone laugh or poke fun at them.

I dream of them floating in a river,
Several come to embrace the creator,
I have a playful game with them,
They lay in a line as I tease their holes.

Then we rest in a meadow,
They have gathered fruit and water,
We all feed each other,
Each of my creations wants my attention.

In the end I pick the sweetest and shyest one,
Her sisters are jealous but will never abuse her,
We lay under the stars away from the rest,
Her legs around me as we couple in the soft grass.

She bares a new daughter in my Eden,
Another girl who will know serenity and peace,
Living and growing in a world,
Where never a harsh word is spoken about size.

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2013-02-26 14:08:55
Zumba rocks, I loved it, I hurt my hand playing scoecr and gee, there is a lot more exercise in zumba than most sports, the mixx is darn hard. Like these classes, weight, cardio resistance too. I keep bringing up the rear pounds, down to 187, i'm a guy, 6 feet, possibly some muscles not to brag.


2012-11-10 16:38:40
Thats pretty. I enjoyed that very much. Makes me wish I could live there.

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