Just a poem inspired by someone I'll probably never be able to have.
I want to feel your lips against mine
your desperate passion filling me
I want to feel your arms wrapped around me
your body pressed to mine
I want to feel your teeth graze my lip
my back arched
I want to feel your hands in my hair
tight and pulling, erotic
I want to feel your skin between my teeth
elastic and pulling, so full of life
I want to feel your nails scoring my back
the warm, sweet, metallic trails
I want to see the fire in your eyes
the dire need of another's ardor
I want to see your head thrown back
your lips parted and slack
I want to see your raised scars
rough and perfect under my touch
I want to see your face
your need finally being met
I want to feel your need within me
your body writhe in ecstasy
I want to feel my body tighten around yours
our release

Anonymous readerReport

2014-08-31 06:38:44
At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prlbeom!

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-16 02:45:01
I love it, i honestly appreciate lust over the actually act. The visuals, the effects of the act is like amazing. Love your poem

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-13 01:06:46
Ok, I understand were your coming from. Ya gotta lot of lust goin on. The problem is poets is SIMPLE yet beautiful. Less is more my friend

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