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Chapter 3

Tracy scooped up the dog cum from her tits and lapped it greedily from her palms, not wanting to waste a single drop of the lovely stuff. She eyed Major, wondering if she might manage to milk another load from him. But the Great Dane looked drained and his prick had diminished and receded, the naked cock-knob drawn back into his sheath.

Tracy decided to call on her girlfriend, Jennifer, who lived next door. She was just bursting to tell someone about what she had done. Jennifer might be shocked or disgusted, of course. But, somehow, Tracy had an idea that the sexy blond girl would be fascinated.

And Jennifer, too, had a doggy ...

* * *

Tracy rubbed the last dregs of spunk into her fat tits, then put her bikini on, tugging the tiny bottom up over her simmering loins and tucking her tits into the halter. She winked at Major, as if to let the doggy know that he would soon be in for another treat.

Nubile hips saucily swinging, Tracy crossed through the adjoining back yards to Jennifer's house. As she had hoped, Jennifer was also sun-bathing beside her pool, wearing a skimpy black bikini that tied at the sides, leaving her sleek flanks bared, and the outer rims of her well-rounded tits exposed.

Tracy paused to admire her friend for a moment, before she announced her presence. Tracy had never made it with another girl, but she had thought about it a great deal and, when she did -- usually while playing with her pussy -- she generally thought about Jennifer.

Jennifer was every bit as nubile and sexy as Tracy, but in a different and nicely contrasting fashion. She had blond hair, worn curly and tumbled, big blue eyes that could look both innocent and sultry, and a shapely figure that had certainly inspired many creamy wet dreams and hand-jobs among the local lads.

Tracy wasn't the only one admiring lovely, blond, bikini-clad Jennifer at the moment.

Eighteen-year-old Joe, tall and athletic and pubescent, had also been staring at his kid sister and getting a booming hard-on in the process.

Joe had been screwing his pounding fist while entertaining incestuous thoughts for some time now. The boy figured it was wicked to lust after his sister, but what the hell -- that only made him cum more. Joe lurked around the house, constantly hoping to catch a glimpse of the sexy sibling in a state of undress, changing her clothing or taking a shower or sunbathing topless.

Joe, at the moment, was sitting in the arbor across from the pool, concealed in the leafy shadows, his eyes glued on Jennifer's trim body and his prick thundering in the confines of his tight jeans.

Soon necessity would decree that he haul his cock out and empty his balls by hand, he knew, but he was waiting as long as he could, even at the risk of creaming his jeans, in the hopes that his sexy sister might decide to remove the top of her bikini so that he could beat his meat over the mouth-watering sight of bouncy tits.

Lying on the ground beside Joe, the family dog, a big German Shepherd, was also regarding Jennifer with a certain interest.

Joe, concentrating on Jennifer, was unaware that the dog was also getting aroused.

Then the little nymphet from next door showed up and, with two nubile teenagers to admire in those tiny swimsuits, Joe groaned. He knew he could not endure much longer before he whipped his cock out and jacked off ...

* * *

"Oh, wow!" Jennifer gasped.

She turned over onto her back, staring up at Tracy with her wide blue eyes. The dark-haired teenager had knelt down beside the blond and, after a casual exchange of commonplace conversation, had assumed a very impish look that told Jennifer that she had just been very naughty. Jennifer had shown interest, of course. And then Tracy, blushing but grinning, admitted that she had been fooling with her dog.

"Did you really?" Jennifer asked, intrigued.

"Yeah -- it was fun, too."

"But how -- what did you --"

Tracy leaned forward conspiratorially, her heavy tits falling in her halter so that the deep cleavage and the globes almost to the nipples were bared much to Joe's delight, although he couldn't hear what they were saying.

"I was asleep by the pool, see -- and I was having a lovely dream -- and then I woke up and realized that Major was lapping my pussy!" Tracy said, her face all radiant with her naughty confession.

"Yeah? Oooooh -- what did you do?"

Tracy grinned wickedly. "I took my bikini bottom off and let him finish the job."

Jennifer squealed with vicarious delight.

"Did -- did you cream his tongue?"

"Ummmm -- I sure as hell did."

"Oh! You're so naughty!" Jennifer cried -- but she obviously approved of her friend's misbehavior.

Tracy hesitated, wondering whether she should also tell Jennifer that she had jerked the Great Dane off onto her tits and into her face and mouth? She wanted to, but she was afraid that maybe Jennifer wouldn't be ready for that much naughtiness. Tracy didn't want to risk putting Jennifer off and ruining all the interesting prospects.

"You gonna let him do it again?" Jennifer asked.

"Oh, yeah. All the time." Tracy gave Jennifer a speculative look. "I just had to tell somebody about it and -- and I thought maybe you might like to come on over and find out what some doggy tongue feels like."

Jennifer blushed, lowering her eyes.

"Oooooh -- I couldn't!" she said, but there was no much conviction in her tone.

"Or -- the damned dog really enjoyed himself, wallowing around in my cunt, you know? It made me wonder what it would be like to suck a cunt, myself --"

Jennifer swallowed hard.

"I thought maybe you and I might give each other some head, Jenny," Tracy blurted out. "Just for the hell of it you know, just to see what it's like."

"But -- but we aren't lesbians!" Jennifer squealed.

"Shit, no. But a girl doesn't have to be a damned dyke to eat some pussy," Tracy declared.

"I -- I don't know," Jennifer said, huskily. "I'd have to think about it, I guess."

Tracy nodded, satisfied. Since Jennifer hadn't declined, there seemed to be a pretty good chance that the blond girl would be willing. But Tracy didn't want to ruin things by rushing or insisting. She figured that she had sowed the seeds and now it would be better to wait and let Jennifer make the next move. Things like cunt-lapping were obviously better by mutual initiative. Anyway, Tracy was eager to get back home and see if Major had another hard-on.

Grinning at Jennifer, who was looking slightly stunned, Tracy got to her feet, her tits bouncing in her halter.

"Well, come on over, if you want to," she said. "We can have a lot of fun together -- and with the doggy."

Grinning, she turned and walked away, her heart-shaped little ass swinging like a pendulum.

Jennifer stared after that departing ass. The girl was surprised to find that Tracy had bisexual inclinations, but not at all shocked. She was fascinated. What would it be like to sink her tongue up Tracy's wet, bushy cunt? she wondered. How lovely it would feel to have Tracy's raven-dark head clamped between her thighs! What would be the harm of it, after all? Since neither of them was a lesbian, it would only be sort of girlish fooling around, right?

Not to mention the cunt-lapping Great Dane! Jennifer began to pant, her fat tits surging in her scanty halter. She was sorely tempted to rush after Tracy and suggest they eat each other out immediately. But then she figured it wouldn't be wise to appear so eager -- that it was better to play it modestly, almost reluctantly, so if it didn't work out right it would be Tracy's fault for instigating it and she could play the seduced innocent.

But her cunt was on fire, and Jennifer knew that she had to do something about that. She got to her feet on shaky legs, her face all flushed and her loins all juicy. She started toward the house, intending to finger-fuck herself in her bedroom.

But then she changed direction and, not realizing that it was occupied, headed for the arbor. Jennifer often frigged her cunt there, enjoying the variation of scene and setting, thrilled by an open air orgasm.

Her pussy was steaming like a live ember between her legs and the crotchband of her bikini was soaking wet. Her cunt squished juicily at every stride. The teenager was hotter than she had ever been before, and ready for just about anything and, fantasizing frantically about lesbianism and bestiality, she found herself confronted by incest ...

* * *

Joe had just opened his fly and hauled his considerable cock and balls out, about to beat himself off. Then, seeing his kid sister heading toward him, he desperately struggled to jam his hard-on away again. Stiff as a crowbar, his prick bucked and levered as, groaning, the tormented youth forced it into his jeans. He yanked the zipper up. But the incriminating bulk of his erection still bulged unmistakably, pulsing and throbbing, in his denim-clad groin.

"Oh!" Jennifer exclaimed, stepping into the arbor and finding her brother there.

She was annoyed, wanting privacy to play with her pussy, and started to turn away.

Then she noticed Joe's swollen crotch.

Too excited to act modest, Jennifer inclined her head at her brother's groin.

"You been spying on me?" She giggled.

Joe looked sheepish.

"You gonna jerk off, or what?" she asked. Joe blinked, startled by his kid sister's boldness. Then the lad realized that she, too, was sexually aroused. The crotch of her bikini was soaking wet and a trickle of pearly cunt-nectar glistened on her inner thigh. Nor was Jennifer making any effort to hide her horniness. She was even standing with her legs apart.

"Errr -- yeah, I guess," he muttered.

"Oooooh -- can I watch, Joe?" Jennifer squealed.

"Jeez, Sis ... " he croaked.

It amused Jennifer -- and greatly increased her confidence -- to realize that she was more forward and less inhibited than her older brother. She felt wondrously naughty. And as long as they just looked at each other, it wouldn't really be like incest, she reasoned.

"Wanna see me rub my cunt?" she chirped. "I'll finger-fuck myself and you can jack off and we can watch each other while we cream, okay?"

Joe groaned. A damp, sticky patch spread out where his cock-head flared in his jeans. The youth could hardly believe this was happening. He thought that so much blood must have rushed into his cock and balls that he had blacked out and was having a wet dream. He closed his eyes.

Then he opened his eyes again and saw that Jennifer had her hand pushed down inside her bikini panties, cupped over her cunt-mound and slowly moving.

It was too much for Joe.

Gasping, he ripped his zipper down. His prick sprang out like a rocket. He reached in and dragged his bloated balls out, then moved his hand away, letting his kid sister gaze at his naked cock.

"Oooooh!" Jennifer moaned.

Joe's cock-head was vibrating and humming. The dark vein pulsed up the underside of his cock, spreading out in the delta of his swollen cock-knob. His balls were enormous, holding promise of a most abundant cum load.

"Oh, Joe -- you're so big and hard," she purred.

He pumped his prick muscles, making his towering cock jump and jolt.

With her eyes glued on her brother's prick, naughty little Jennifer began to squirm out of her bikini. She tugged it down and, raising one knee to kick it off, gave him a clear look at her smoldering cunt. Her pussy was open like a flower, all frothy with her spillage, her whole crotch lathered and her clit standing out like a bullet.

She removed her halter and her tits swung free. She stared in fascination at her brother's cock and he stared back at her creamy crotch, groaning. His cock was beating like a drum, and his sister's cunt was rippling and fluttering like a suction cup.

"Can I touch your cock, Joe?" she whimpered.

He nodded, dumbly, stunned.

Jennifer reached out and ran her fingertips up his cock-stalk and onto his sticky knob. She moaned, feeling him throb. Joe reached out and hesitated.

"Ummmm, touch me, too," she said.

Joe's hand, palm up, dipped into Jennifer's crotch. Her cunt spilled a creamy pool into his hand. He rubbed and squeezed, feeling her clit swell and her cunt-lips slowly unfold.

Standing there, face to face, brother and sister fondled each other.

Jennifer wrapped her hand around his cock-shaft and slowly pulled up and pushed down, making his cock-head flare. Joe's fingers traced through her wet cunt and pulled at her clit.

"Yeah -- let's frig each other off, okay?" Jennifer rasped, her voice husky. "That's not really incest -- just giving each other hand-jobs."

She shifted closer, holding his hot cock against her rounded belly. His cock-head branded her like a hot iron and his cock pressed an elongated indentation into her smooth belly. His balls were jammed up against her golden-blond cunt thicket.

Wanting to feel her brother's smoking-hot cock against her tits, Jennifer slowly slid down. His iron-hard prick inched up her stomach and then nudged into the deep cleavage between her plump tits. She sank lower, until she was kneeling before him, her face level with his belly. As she went down, Joe continued to stand, and his hand slipped out of her cunt.

But Jennifer was so fascinated by her brother's cock and balls and the prospect of emptying his cum load that she didn't care if he wasn't caressing her at the same time. Instead of frigging each other off simultaneously, the girl had decided that it would be a lot better if they were to take turns doing it. That way she could really concentrate on milking him off without any distractions and then enjoy having the favor returned.

She squirmed against him, rolling her fat tits over his thunderous cock. Joe moaned and gave a little thrust, sliding his cock up and down between her tits. His hands rested on her shoulders.

"Ummmm -- yeah -- fuck my tits, Joe!" she purred.

He reached lower and cupped her tits in both hands, pushing them up and together so that her cleavage tightened around his cock. Christ, it felt good! he thought, still hardly able to believe what was happening. He pulled at her nipples as he held her tits around his prick and slid up and down between the mounds.

His swollen purple cock-head came squeezing out from her tit-cleft and nudged slowly up her breastbone, nuzzling into the hollow of her throat.

Jennifer tilted her lovely face down, staring at that huge purple slab.

He humped again. His cock-knob disappeared between her tits, then pushed back up into her fluttering throat. His pisshole was weeping steadily now, laying a slippery trail of frothy pre-cum up her breastbone.

What was incest? the sex-crazed girl wondered, licking her lips and panting onto his cock-head. As long as they didn't actually fuck, it was just fooling around, right? A blow-job wasn't any more naughty than a hand-job.

His cock was all slathered with spunk now, looking like a fat purple plum drenched in heavy cream, so delicious that it made her drool.

Her cunt was drooling, as well, and Jennifer figured that if she gave Joe some head he would be only too pleased to return the favor. Jennifer yearned for her brother's hot lapper as much as she was yearning for a mouthful of his creamy cock-meat.

Joe humped again, his pounding prick surging up through her smooth tit ravine. She could feel the heat of his cock waft into her face and, sniffing, inhaled the delicious aroma of spunk-soaked cock.

"Shall I lick it, Joe?" she whispered. She looked up at his lust-twisted face, smiling and showing him her tongue, switching that moist, pink lapper slowly back and forth across her parted lips.

"Jeez, Sis, yeah!" he gasped, his mind spinning as more blood rushed into his loins.

Her blonde head turned down again, her chin resting on her slippery breastbone. Joe pulled back and his cock-head vanished in her cleavage. Then he shoved it up again, and as his smoking cock-knob emerged, Jennifer slid her tongue out and lapped at it.

Joe jerked as if he had been electrocuted as he felt a tongue on his cock-head for the first time.

"Ummmm -- Yummy," Jennifer sighed, thrilled to the core by the succulence of cock-meat and creamy seepage.

He humped her tits slowly and steadily and she tongued at his cock-knob each time it came sliding up to her face. Joe's hands slid up and he held her head between them. Jennifer cupped her tits around his prick, keeping her cleavage snug, as her deft tongue flashed over his slimy cock.

"Wanna shoot in my mouth, Joe?" she whimpered, totally abandoned to lust.

His pre-cum had whetted her appetite and she was hungry for the full dose that was bloating those brotherly balls like balloons.

Joe tried to speak, and failed. His vocal cords were as stiff as his prick.

Jennifer glanced up through a web of fluttering eyelashes. She would have giggled at the stricken expression on her brother's face, had she not been drooling so heavily. Instead, she only gurgled, saliva and spunk bubbling from her lips. Those wet lips parted.

"Hummmm? Wanna cream in my fucking mouth? Wanna whitewash my tonsils, Joe?" she moaned. She lapped at his cock-head again, not taking it into her lips yet. "Wanna use my mouth for a cunt, big brother? Yeah! Fuck my face!"

Joe shoved his prick up. His sister's nimble tongue bathed and washed his cock-knob. He drew down and plunged up again and this time the naughty girl bobbed her head down and took his slimy purple cock between her lips.

"Ahhhhh!" she sighed, suckling on his cock-head with relish.

Her cheeks drew in and her lips stretched, collaring his thick cock-stalk. Sucking his prick was even more thrilling than licking it and the girl began to gasp and gurgle as she nursed on his prick.

She moaned, slobbering heavily down his cock-shaft. Joe fucked her tits and plowed on up into her willing mouth, going deeper. He fed half of his long, hard prick into her face, tilting her head back. Going suck crazy, Jennifer turned her face from side to side, screwing her lips down onto his prick like a juicy nut onto a meaty bolt. Her blonde head ducked up and down, jumping onto his cock.

Her tongue was still flashing, slurping at the underside of his cock-head and shaft as it slid in and out through the suckling collar of her lips. His prick flared in her maw, the thick vein pulsing. His swollen balls rolled up her stomach and nudged against the slopes of her tits as he shoved his prick up through her cleavage en route to her mouth.

"Unghhh!" She gulped as his huge cock-head slid right into her throat, his balls dragging up and brushing her under the chin as they lay on her tit mounds.

She turned her face, taking his cock-knob into each cheek, then back into her throat again. His pisshole was flowing so heavily now that even though the potent youth hadn't shot his wad yet, his sister's hungry mouth was already filling up with creamy fuck juice. Mixed with her saliva, the stuff poured down his prick, soaking his balls and flowing in foamy streaks over her up-thrust tits and into her cleavage. She gulped greedily, swallowing some, then sucked for more.

His prick jerked down until only the foaming lip was in her lips. Jennifer whispered down his prick as if she were speaking into a microphone.

"Cum, cum, Joey," she whimpered. "Fuck my mouth and feed me your sweet jism!"

Joe moaned and thrust his prick all the way into his sister's hot mouth again.

Jennifer gagged on his flaring prick, holding it deep in her maw, then sucked back up his stalk, worshipping every throbbing inch of his cock-rod.

"Cream my mouth, Joe! Slime my fucking mouth!" the girl wailed, desperate for the joy of feeling his prick explode and his cum spurt out.

Joe fed his cock in frantically, tossing Jennifer's blonde head up and down as his cock hooked in to the hilt, filling her greedy maw to the brim.

His hands tightened on her head, holding her face steady as he pumped his prick in.

"Here it comes, Sis!" he howled.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" she gasped, sucking voraciously on his ballooning prick.

She felt his balls explode against the slopes of her tits, felt his cock-shaft expand as his fuck-juice came rushing up, then wailed in ecstasy as his steaming hot jism drenched her mouth.

She had never known that so much cum could explode from a single set of balls! His first jism jet hit the back of her throat. Coming on the rebound, his second torrent skimmed over her flashing tongue, making her taste-buds tingle. He hosed her cheeks and squirted slime up against the arched roof of her mouth. His cock was going off like a machine gun, flooding her eager maw in creamy geysers and deluges. Her tongue was floating in his slime.

Jennifer swallowed and gulped, but his load was too much for her. Spunk overflowed from her lips and ran down her chin.

Her head bobbed down, gorging on his prick. She sucked and swallowed with rapture. Joe jolted in, more jism jets spraying her. Moist whimpers bubbled from her lips.

Joe began to stagger, feeling as if his life force were spilling from his cock and balls. His last spurt gushed onto her tongue and he stopped humping, standing there with his head and shoulders thrown back and his loins thrust up, his prick buried to the root in her drenched mouth.

A few last trickles came squeezing out of his pisshole as Jennifer continued to suck adoringly. The girl was filled with joy at having swallowed her brother's delirious load, yet sorry that it was ended, still greedy for more. She nursed on his spent prick greedily, loving the taste and the texture. She fed it all into her mouth, then drew her lips up, slurping the dregs from his cock-shaft and suckling on his knob again.

His prick slipped from her lips, swaying, starting to soften and shrink slightly. Jennifer ducked after it and used her tongue to gather up the errant cum drops that had seeped down onto his balls.

She looked up at her brother's face, smiling happily and sticking her tongue out so that he could see his slime streaking the pink flesh.

"I love to drink your jism, Joey," she purred. Brother and sister gazed at each other in awe, stunned by the emotions that were tumbling through their minds and their bodies.

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