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Chapter 9

Major had been observing the girls as they cavorted, with curiosity to begin with, but then with a growing urgency as the sight and the sound and, above all, the scent, of their arousal stimulated his lusty nature.

His balls were full once more and his giant prick was jutting out, hot and hard and ready for attention.

Tracy and Jennifer looked at the doggy, then glanced at each other, eyebrows lifting. They both wanted that big prick and it seemed a shame that there was only the one lovely doggy cock available.

But help was at hand.

The fragrance of those two creaming cunts had drifted on past the Great Dane's nostrils and wafted into the yard next door, where a boy and his dog both lay, exhausted, under the leafy arbor.

Joe had been thinking very imaginatively about his sister and her sexy girlfriend, summing up the graphic details of their relationship. He was a bit confused, since it was obvious that they were not dykes.

An hour so two ago, the lad might have been shocked to think that his kid sister would make love with another girl. But his outlook had changed radically now that he had discovered how boundless her naughtiness was. Jennifer had sucked and fucked with her German Shepherd and she had sucked and fucked with her own brother and, knowing that, Joe could hardly be surprised to realize that the girl was also a cunt-lapper.

The thought was turning him on.

His balls, thoroughly milked, were swelling with renewed vigor and his big cock was starting to rise again in a series of jerks and jolts.

The German Shepherd, of course, did not have the benefit of a human imagination to inspire him. But the dog had another advantage.

His sensitive nose.

And that flaring black snout was inhaling the fragrance of not one, but two, steaming cunts as that pussy perfume came drifting over from next door.

Joe inclined his head and gazed thoughtfully down at his rising cock. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and gave it a few tentative and experimental frigging strokes, causing it to swell and tense. He studied the results with interest.

Since adorable little Tracy had never seen his prick, Joe wanted to make sure that it was big and hard and presentable before he approached her. He pulled up and down, rolling the sheath over his cock-head and then dragging it back down so that the fat cock-knob flared out, flushed a dull red and swollen to a shapely wedge.

Adolph, although only a doggy and acting out of instinct rather than a desire to impress Tracy, had arched his shaggy neck around and was bathing the slick red tip of his cock-head with his slurping tongue.

Both erect, the boy and the doggy glanced at each other like conspirators. Then, by tacit agreement, just as if the youth were taking the doggy for a mere walk, they both rose and headed for the yard next door -- arriving to find action in progress.

* * *

The tall Great Dane was standing over the girls, his cock bucking and jolting, while the oversexed nymphettes decided who got his next cum load.

"Too bad we ain't got another doggy," Tracy mentioned -- and glanced across at Jennifer speculatively, knowing that the blonde girl had a lovely big German Shepherd but not sure if Jennifer would volunteer her dog's services.

Jennifer smiled, looking a bit coy.

"My brother's gonna bring Adolph over -- as soon as they both get hard-ons again."

"Your brother!" Tracy cried. "Are you --?"

"Yeah. I've been sucking and fucking with my brother and our German Shepherd," Jennifer admitted, seeing no reason to be secretive with her raven-haired girlfriend.

Tracy gave a little squeal, excited by the idea of incest -- and wishing that she, too, had an older brother. Her lively imagination sparked. She wondered what her daddy would say if she offered him a blow-job or a fuck. Hell, for that matter, what would her mom think if Tracy were to offer to suck her pussy! Such thrilling ideas caused her to squirm, her cunt steaming and her mouth watering.

"Let's suck the dog's cock a little, while we wait for your brother, huh?"

"Um -- hum," Jennifer agreed. "We can both give him some head and if he shoots we can share it, okay?"

She licked her sensual lips in anticipation. Then, still running her tongue across her mouth, she leaned forward and kissed Tracy. They swapped saliva, French kissing and sucking tongues, tastebuds sparking with the tantalizing flavors of previous cum fluids that lingered in their mouths.

Tracy slid down and began to suck on Jennifer's stiff tits, her dark head shifting from fat tit to fat tit as she drooled on the rosy nubs. Then she leaned back and Jennifer did a bit of nipple nibbling. The girls finger-fucked each other as they took turns tit-sucking while the neglected doggy eyed them mournfully.

Then the girls turned to the dog.

Tracy laved his cock-head with her tongue, slurping all over the moist, hot slab, her tongue pink and her slobber frothy and white on the flushed red cock-meat. She lapped him thoroughly, then selflessly drew away and offered his prick to her girlfriend. She held the brute's hairy cock-shaft in her closed hand and turned his flaring cock-knob into Jennifer's face.

Jennifer eagerly began to tongue his tasty crown and lick into his open pisshole as Tracy frigged his stalk a few times, making that massive hunk of naked red prick pulse in Jennifer's lips.

They took turns, licking his cock-head, then began to work on him together. As Tracy mouthed his cock-knob, Jennifer lapped his scumbags and ran her pursed lips up and down the underside of his vibrant shaft, playing him like a furry flute. Her mouth drew up to the top, slobbering, and the two girls kissed each other passionately, with the animal's cock-head throbbing between their lips.

The Great Dane's knob began to dribble.

"Ooooh," Jennifer purred as she flashed her tongue against his oozing cleft, tasting his pre-cum with relish.

She drew back and Tracy slurped up a tongueful of the gamey cum. The naughty girls kissed each other, letting doggy slime run back and forth between their mouths. Blended with saliva, the stuff was delicious.

Major began to hump, stabbing his big prick out against the girls' faces as, cheek to cheek, they tongued merrily away on his hot cock-head, greedily lapping up the slimy spillage from his pisshole.

Then Joe and the German Shepherd arrived.

"Oh, wow!" Joe cried, finding the girls savoring the big brute's cock and cum. He jammed his loins out, shoving his formidable cock toward them. Both girls glanced at him, eyes glinting impishly and promisingly. But by this time Major was humping away furiously, getting set to blow his wad, and it was no time for them to stop what they were doing. Joe and Adolph simply had to wait their turns.

Adolph whined impatiently, but Joe didn't mind waiting and watching the sexy spectacle, knowing that he would soon be sinking his own prick into one of the girls.

"Yeah, lick the fucker off!" he rasped. "Drink that fucking dog's jism, girls!"

"Ummm, yummy doggy cum!" Tracy sighed as a thick glob flowed onto her tongue, spreading out, tantalizing her. She pushed her tongue out and Jennifer sucked it into her mouth, nursing hungrily on a lapper drenched with doggy spunk. The Great Dane jabbed his steaming prick against her cheek, and Jenny turned away from Tracy and took his cock-head into her mouth, suckling with relish.

Suddenly, Jennifer's mouth was full of jism.

Major had shot his bolt abruptly, surprising the blonde cock-sucker. His spume gushed down her gullet. She gulped and sucked, then drew away, generously allowing Tracy to share his succulent load.

The Great Dane spurted once into the air, his spunk splashing on Tracy's cheek. Then Tracy had his cock-knob in her mouth and his next foaming dose slathered her tongue as it skidded on back to her throat.

The girls were cheek to cheek, both mouths wide open. Major humped, aiming his squirting prick into one maw, then the other.

Between them, the girls milked the doggy dry, then tongued up the overflow from his stalk and balls. Drained, the doggy stepped aside, panting. His prick was still jutting out, big and hard, inspired to a remarkable potency by the magic of their mouths.

Tracy and Jennifer kissed adoringly, letting dog spunk flow between their grinding lips. They rubbed their fat tits together, embracing passionately.

Joe lurched closer, sticking his cock and balls out in their faces, thinking that the girls might like to give him the same sort of double blow-job that they had treated the Great Dane to.

"Wanna suck my brother's cock?" Jennifer asked.

Tracy, eyeing that succulent-looking cock, nodded with enthusiasm.

Jennifer slid down, licking her way over Tracy's tits and down her trim little tummy. She looked up at her brother, making sure that he was watching her -- wanting all of her naughtiness known and witnessed. Then she buried her head in Tracy's pussy.

"Jeez, Sis -- you're sucking her cunt!" Joe gasped, thrilled, watching Jennifer's nimble pink tongue slide around in Tracy's black-bushed pussy.

Jennifer gurgled and gobbled, drinking out of Tracy's flooded cunt. She tilted her face so that her brother could clearly see all the juicy details. Her hot tongue splashed in Tracy's cunt-gash, her lips sucked voraciously, and she slobbered into Tracy's pussy. Grinding her groin on Jennifer's blonde head, Tracy turned her radiant face toward Joe's loins and opened her mouth invitingly.

Joe pushed his prick into the oval opening of Tracy's lips. She sucked with pleasure, enjoying the sweet flavor of a human prick for a change. Joe held one hand behind her dark head and fucked her frantically in the mouth.

His fat cock pumped in, running across the arched bridge of her tongue as he plowed his cock-knob back into Tracy's throat, tossing her head back on his thrust. As he pulled out, his prick dragged her lips along with it.

"Shoot in her mouth, Joey!" his sister whimpered. "Cum in her mouth while she creams my tongue!"

The thick, pearly juices were already spilling abundantly into Jennifer's eager maw as Tracy's pussy began to contract again. Her clit exploded and her fuck-hole dissolved, juicily overflowing.

"Suck her off, Sis!" Joe wailed.

"Ummm, she's spunking me," Jennifer moaned, letting some cum dribble from her lips so that her brother could see that Tracy was creaming.

That sight inspired the horny boy as much as the action of Tracy's head on his prick. His kid sister was a cunt-lapper and it was driving Joe wild.

He plunged his cock into Tracy's mouth and howled like an animal as his scumbags burst and his hot, thick cock-juice jetted onto her tongue and down her throat. Tracy swallowed his slime with joy. The tangy stuff slid down her gullet and flowed into the gamey dog spunk she had already drunk, as her own cum fed Jennifer.

Tracy took Joe's cock in to the root and sucked out the last of his fuck-juice. He swayed and staggered, stepping back, his legs trembling.

His long, thick prick came sliding from her lips like some slimy serpent. The knob stuck fast for a moment as Tracy nursed on it, pulling a final glob of juice out of that tasty prick. Then his cock slipped free. His cock swayed up and down like a divining rod seeking moisture, all slippery and dripping with her saliva.

Glowing with contentment, Tracy leaned back, arching her slim body and grinding her ass and hips as Jennifer sucked off the last of her climax, tonguing and slurping greedily. A last spasm shook Tracy.

Jennifer spread Tracy's cunt-gash wide open with her hand and shot her tongue as far up the dark girl's fuck-hole as she could, spooning out the creamy dregs.

Then Jennifer leaned back, and looked around.

The Great Dane's prick was still stiff and her brother's saliva-drenched cock was still hard, and Adolph, who had been neglected recently, was bounding around in a frenzy, his huge cock hard as a rock and his scumbags bloated with a massive load.

Tracy had been well creamed by Jennifer's tongue and lips and had just swallowed a mouthful out of Joe's cock and balls and now it was Jennifer's turn to get some prick. She looked back and forth between her brother and the two horny dogs, wondering which of those lovely cocks she wanted next -- and in which hot hole.

Major pranced up, lapping at her face and then dropping his heavy tongue onto her tits.

Adolph was trying desperately to sink his muzzle into her foaming cunt-slot.

Her brother stood over her, pumping his prick muscles and making his cock leap and jump excitingly.

Jennifer wanted all three of those lovely cocks -- and she wanted them all at once!

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