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A different take on the Medusa and Gorgon Myth.
Do not seek the Gorgon,
Her hideousness will,
Make you turn to stone.

The prize was too tempting,
He journeyed across the island,
To seize her head for a trophy.

Into the labyrinth he went,
Down cold and darkened corridors,
Searching out the thing born of fear.

After several twist and turns,
His target presented itself,
White wrapped prey on long pale legs.

She looked to him in nervous surprise,
Her full lips quivered and made a smile,
In disbelief he lowered his sword.

Her hair was not a nest of snakes,
It was limp and hanging at her face,
Golden blonde streaked with gray and white.

Her face was not moist reptilian scales,
It was lined and wizened,
Looking still gentle and soft.

She did not wear armor,
Only a sheer white wrap,
Her breasts still swollen and full underneath.

She did have the power,
She turned him to stone in his manhood,
He rose swelling and painfully stiff.

The Gorgon ran but she could not go far,
He was close behind younger and stronger,
He caught her and held her to feel what she had made.

She tried to pull away,
She begged him off as he unwrapped her breasts,
He grabbed her hair and held her close.

Finally his kisses quieted her protest,
He forced her to her hands and knees,
Then stood on her hair as he uncovered below.

Their coupling was wordless,
Passionate cries met each thrust,
She bucked back more willing by the moment.

He yanked her head back by her hair,
Groaning and growling against her cheek,
As he filled her empty hole with his seed.

Now many years have past,
He keep the island and Gorgon for himself,
And he uses the same warning to others.

Do not seek the Gorgon,
Her hideousness will,
Make you turn to stone.

Those who do not heed the warning,
He takes care of on his own with sword,
The Gorgon’s body a prize for him alone.

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2011-07-04 05:53:07
Gosh, I wish I would have had that ifnoramotin earlier!

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2010-12-20 22:18:05
incredible i love it

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2010-07-17 22:42:57
Good one ! I like this re-interpretation. Well Done !

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