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Ravishing My love in a haunted graveyard.
Have you ever seen a graveyard sunrise?
Rays of light break around ancient stones,
Orange and purple pour across the sky,
Painting a backdrop for pale colored clouds.

My love sighs and stirs on top of a grave,
Her bare breasts heave,
Nipples red, hard and riding,
My spent seed sticks in her auburn down.

Her eyes open and she looks to the sun,
Oh, what beauty, she says,
What pure natural beauty,
She pushes herself up against the stone.

Together we had watched that sun set,
Drab purple night fell across the ground,
As the points of light broke the cloak of night,
Ghost and spirits played among the mausoleums.

We ran with them laughing and mad,
I ripped at her clothes until they were shreds,
She shrugged them off among the rows,
Looking back she smiled to me in the moonlight.

Into a large vault we ran,
I grabbed at her waist,
We kissed and groped each others’ bodies,
Pushing her against a name plate I took her.

Later we walked back into the darkened rows,
The ghosts part and make us a path,
My love stumbles her feet unsure,
She wants more until she is unable to walk.

I laid her on the grave and took her again,
Her cries blended and melded with the spirits,
I emptied my seed into her time and again,
Until came the graveyard sunrise.

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2012-11-24 00:46:56
- Kylle4he4n je4rkke4rille4 saa aina erilaista sytyyvte4 kuviin ja se mahdollistaa monta eri juttua. Riippuu tietty kamerastakin :) Mutta kylle4 pokkarillakin saa loistavia kuvia, jos vaan olosuhteet on mallillaan.Kopsaa vapaasti. <3Palan halusta palata pian Lappiin. Ylle4s on ehdottomasti lemppari, mutta olisi muitakin paikkoja kiva ke4yde4 le4pi. Ehke4pe4 joskus. :) Tai ei ehke4pe4, vaan ehdottomasti pite4e4 se joskus tehde4.

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2012-05-14 15:17:42
That was the best poem I haven't read a poem that good in a longgg time. Keep writing.

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