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My discovery of hot tub sex
This is a work of fiction based on real life. MOST of it didn’t happen, some of it did. If you really want to know what’s what send me a message. Also this has gay sex in it, and not everyone is over 18 so if you’re not in to that DON’T READ IT!!! If you like it please let me know, if you hate it let me know too.
Summer 2007 I was 15, and completely average. I was skinny, pale, and awkward, my hair was too long, and I was constantly horney. I was lucky really, I think by most girls standards I was “cute” sandy blonde hair blue eyes and I looked good with my shirt off.
I was spending the week at my uncle’s cabin in Oregon. My uncle offered to have me over while my parents were on a cruise, I was a little pissed until I saw the cabin. It looked more like a private resort. I Several cabins surrounded a central pool and each had a private back patio area, my uncles had a hot tub. The whole thing looked like it was out of that show Cribs.
I spent a lot of the week around the pool in the afternoon, there were a lot of girls there my age. Also a lot of pervs like my uncle, there to check them out. I still remember the feeling that I was always being watched, I think all of the boys and girls served as just an attraction the cabin owners enjoyed watching. But I was too young to care or give it a second thought. One girl in particular Crystal, she was gorgeous curly platinum blonde hair down to her shoulders, milky smooth skin, short likely only 80 pounds soaking wet, but huge breast. She and I hit it off well, we were making out by the end of day 1, on day 3 my uncle told me he would be gone until the next afternoon, it was my chance to have her over. I told her to meet me at midnight at my uncles hot tub. She was all for it, her cabin didn’t have a hot tub.
That night I sat out on the patio from 10 pm until 1230, she never showed. I figured she got caught sneaking out or fell asleep, whatever the case my chance was lost. I climbed in to the hot tub and turned on the bubbles, lay my head back and closed my eyes imagining how nice it would have been. I let my arms float on the surface, the bubbles from the jets felt tingly all over. I had a raging hard on my trunks couldn’t cover it, I could feel it sticking out the bottom of my shorts. I dipped one hand under the bubbling water and ran my fingers over it. I let out a slight sigh imagining it was her hand as I started stroking my shaft. I pulled my other hand down and cupped my balls as I stroked my cock a little faster. I thought about how soft her lips would be wrapped around my shaft, while she sucked my cock.
CLANG… I heard the gate shut to the patio. My eyes shot open and I nearly jumped out of the water. I was terrified, I thought she had just caught me masturbating. When I saw it was my uncles neighbor Rod I was strangely relieved.
“Oh hey boy what are you doing up so late?”
Hmm… what the hell am I doing out here? “I… umm… well, I was…”
Rod laughed “its ok I guess I’m the one that shouldn’t be here. Your uncle normally doesn’t mind if I use his tub.”
Shit I’m glad she didn’t show up then. “Oh well that’s cool I was just going to bed anyway.” I started to get out of the tub when I remembered I was sporting pole like it was flag day. I sank back in to the water.
Rod stood there grinning, “Tell you what have a beer with me then off to bed I’m not going to tell.”
“Thanks, Rod…”
He opened a beer for me and handed it to me as he stepped in to the bubbling water. I took a sip I had a beer before never really liked it but I tried to pretend.
“Lot of young ones here this week. You got your eye on anyone special?”
“yeah kind of.”
“Come on boy, don’t make me drag it out of you. Did you get lucky?”
I laughed “No she didn’t show up.”
“Ah so that’s why you’re out here so late. Which one was it?”
“Crystal… short skinny curly blonde hai…”
He interrupted “OH yeah! Nice, huge tittys.” He looked back at the gate realizing he said that too loud. Still making the motion with his hands under his chest.
I smiled “That’s her…” just then the bubbles turned off, my hard on was still too large to fit back in to my short trunks. The head was still well past the bottom and the shaft held the shorts open completely exposing me. I panicked and quickly covered up.
Completely relaxed he took a long swig of beer. “Would you chill boy, fer god sake were both men here.” I slowly uncovered myself. He smiled and took another swig of his beer finishing it. He stared right at my cock as he pulled another beer from the pack. “not bad boy, I bet she would’ve enjoyed that.” I shifted uncomfortably throwing back my beer wanting to finish it an leave. “you a virgin boy?”
The friendly look on his face was gone now. I could feel his eyes sizing me up. “Ah I have… done some stuff.” Stuttering I quickly stuck the bottle in my mouth downing the last of my beer. Before I could set it aside he had already pulled another out and held it out to me. “No I have to get…”
“Take it boy come on. Just two men having a beer together…” His tone was harsh almost threatening. I took the beer cracking the top. I only just then noticed how big he was, 6 foot at least his chest and abs were well toned, his arms were thick but not overly so. He was covered in dark brown hair from his chest to his ankles. He looked like he was probably in his late 30s but in great shape. He had green eyes that reflected the light from the hot tub, messy dark hair, and a dark 5 o clock shadow. That’s when I noticed he had a full erection too. Some how my eyes got locked to it. It looked almost too thick pushed up against his trunks, he must be sitting on it, it looked almost like it was coiled under him, with only a small part of his shaft bulging against his swim shorts. When I looked up he was grinning at me. “You like it?... Huh, boy? Answer me.”
“what? I mean… I’ve never seen… uh what do you mean?”
“Don’t get shy on me now boy. You cant stare at my cock for over a minute and expect me to pretend it didn’t happen. So tell me, Do… You… like… my cock?”
Oh my god! What’s happening!? What do I do? “I just… I mean it looks…. Very… good.” Shit! Did I just say that! What the hell I got to get out of here… He held out his hand motioning me to come closer. “I Got to go, sorry.” I stood to get out of the tub.
“Bull shit boy.” He grabbed me by my trunks pulling me back in to the water. I felt my trunks rip as he pushed them down. They caught on my ankles as I struggled, water splashed but I was silent I was afraid if I woke someone they would catch us and I would be forever humiliated. He ripped the trunks the rest of the way off of me and held my back against his chest, pulling me down so I was sitting on his lap. “Boy this doesn’t have to be bad for you. Calm down.” He was just whispering, I relaxed all I could hear was the splash of the water still sloshing around from the struggle. “That’s it boy, relax…”
He held my arms down and my mouth shut but I whispered. “Please…” and shook my head no.
“Shhh, Shhh… Its ok boy. I’m not going to hurt you unless you make me.”
I could feel my bare ass resting on his cock. And I was still fully erect but I didn’t understand why. He let my mouth go, I knew I should scream… but I didn’t… he pushed down his trunks carefully. I could now feel his thick shaft slightly wedged between my cheeks. When he adjusted himself I could look between my legs and see his cock. It was long enough that while I was sitting at the top of the shaft the rest extended between my legs under my balls past the tip of my cock. It must have been at least 10 inches maybe more. I thought the swim shorts he had on were making it appear thicker than it was but now that I was looking at it I could tell the shorts were actually hiding his girth. It must have been as thick as my wrist, I was a small framed boy but it was still much too large for me. He shifted rubbing the shaft between my cheeks. I squirmed a little letting his veiny pole rub between my tight ass cheeks. I let out a whispered moan. Fuck what am I doing?! Am I enjoying this?!
“That’s it boy… keep it up…”
I rocked forward and back over his shaft. I felt it sliding back and forth parting my tight ass cheeks. I reached between my legs and grabbed the tip of his cock stroking it while I rocked on it. Maybe if I finish him off he’ll just leave. Just as I was getting a good rhythm he picked me up and turned me to face him. He positioned his cock between our bellies. Sting on his lap his cock still reached above my belly button. He pulled me in to kiss him. Our cocks rubbed together between us. His tongue pushing past my lips, deep in to my mouth. I could taste the beer we were sharing as he probed my mouth, I had never been kissed like this… and I liked it.
I could hear him moaning as we kissed passionately his hand firmly locked to the back of my neck and my ass. His cock rubbing across my belly, his hands slowly massaging my firm butt. I couldn’t help it I was loving everything he was doing to me, it just made me want more. He must have heard my thoughts because his hand rubbing my ass was now slowly parting my cheeks. I squirmed and arched my back to give him better access to my boy hole. His finger found my puckered button immediately, and he began to rub it. It felt amazing, I pulled away from our kiss to gasp, but all that came out was a needy whine. He moved straight to sucking my neck as his finger pushed harder, and harder on my tight bud. Slowly it sank in to me, the pain and pleasure shot up and down my body and I shook from head to toe. He bit my neck hard as he pushed his finger in to the third knuckle. I yelped, I no longer cared if someone heard I was literally putty in his hands.
He worked his finger in and out, and our cocks rubbed firmly between us. I felt that it was time. “Oh god… OH GOD!” I forced my tight boy puss down on his finger and my balls tightened. I released my load, several jets shot between us in to the steamy tub water. My body relaxed and I let my head rest on his shoulder, he slowly pulled his finger from my twitching man hole. I had never in my life felt so completely satisfied, so fulfilled, so… dirty… what had I done? I let this man use me like a whore… and LOVED it.
My legs were shaking. He grabed my hips and picked me up. He pulled himself out of the hot tub sitting on the side his massive cock still looking me right in the face. I knelt on the seat between his legs. Steam rose off of his body like he was on fire, My legs still shaking, my head spinning from the beer and hot water. I knew what he wanted and I wanted to give it to him.
His large hand rested on the back of my head squeezing my hair between his fingers. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and lowered my face on to his cock. I fit the head and first few inches in to my mouth, gagging a little, but I wanted it. I wrapped both my hands around the long shaft. The hot tub had made his cock extremely hot. It tasted like chlorine and faintly like sweat, salty. I couldn’t keep my teeth off of it at first but soon realized I could wrap my lips over my teeth. I just had to keep my mouth as wide as I could. I stroked him as I moved my mouth over the bright red cock, I began to moan as I worked. Soon his hips matched my stroke. His grip on my hair tightened, and he pushed his shaft deeper in to my mouth. I gagged but he held me there firmly. The movement was all him now as I let him fuck my mouth. I simply concentrated on not gagging and keeping my lips over my teeth.
He began to grunt with each thrust. I heard something loud behind me. A beer bottle maybe. I don’t care… his trust filled my mouth and now my throat too. I gasped for air between his thrusts. He plunged his fat cock in to my throat one last time and let out a groan. His thick load shot down my throat and filled my mouth. He released my face and I shot up choking and sputtering for air, as he violently stroked his cock shooting jet after jet of thick cum on my face. I tried to swallow hard, but his cum spilled down my chin when I opened my mouth to catch more. I swallowed again I could feel his soothing cum washing down my sore throat.
He sat back breathing heavy. And I licked my lips, hungrily devouring what I could push in to my mouth with my fingers.
“WOW!” came the soft beautiful voice I had come to know the past few days. I spun around and there she sat. Crystal had her bikini bottoms off and a hand between her leg. A beer bottle was knocked over next to her. He sat there seductively smiling at me. I stood in the center of the tub cum still dripping down my face. My new lover just catching his breath behind me sat up and said. “Shall we take this inside kids?”

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