a young Girls trip through puberty with dog and lesbian sex!
A Black haired Lesbian a Blond 15 yr Old and a Dog named Thunder!

Estelle was a naive blond15 yr old school girl her parents had divorced when she was very young. She had seen her father only a few times and her mother had become ill shortly after. So she had been sent to live with an older unmarried aunt at a very young age. She did not know anything about sex, only that this feeling she had about it was quite wonderful. The fact that she was going through puberty and had developed large breasts along with more than a passing interest in sex was normal. These thoughts fantasy's and some lesbian porn on adult cable TV had conspired to perk her interest in being somehow sexually submissive to older dominating women.

This thought had become more appealing, and even sensually overpowering! It apparently had been influenced partially by her aunts hatred for men in general and Estelle's father in particular. The reason being was her aunt had been saddled with the care responsibility and upbringing of this young child and had really resented it. Estelle had gotten little in the way of a concerned parent or motherly advice from this woman? She had no friends at school, was a loner and quite the introvert! The girls gym teacher seemed to be one of only a few to befriend her. This older woman was a strict domineering bitch of a female that the other girls were not only afraid of, but many thought she was a lesbian and a bull dyke of one at that . Many hi school gym teachers had the reputation of being lesbian's and for Estelle this had become her focus and fantasy as this older woman was very nice to her and had taken quite an interest in not only her, but in all of the young girls especially when they were naked and in the girl's showers!

The fact that this older woman always seemed to be looking directly at her gentiles, and seemed to always give her special attention didn't hurt. The other girls had made some snide remarks as to the fact that Estelle for some reason had no pubic hair on her sweet pink little pussy! Apparently this was either caused by heredity or the fact that she was in her early stages of puberty or by some freak of nature, this had not helped her self esteem. The gym teacher and her assistant had been quite interested in Estelle and both went out of their way to be friendly. They always seemed to be around, especially when she was naked much to the other girls dismay!

Estelle was blessed with some rather large tits for such a young girl well over 38”DDs with the most provocative upturned nipples. This along with her shamelessly bare crotch had garnered her both scorn, and envy from the other girls her age, and had regulated her to being a friendless outcast! The gym teacher Ms Crystal and her assistant Bobby had invited Estelle into her office on several occasions and had done so when she was still naked and on her way from the showers to the girls gym lockers! She of course being so naive and innocent had easily excepted their offer and was totally nude with only a small towel when in front of them as they seemed to be her only friends!

She had this strange feeling, and really liked the way they looked at her and the fact that they commented on what an attractive and shapely young girl she was. Quite a contrast to what her aunt and the other school girls thought of her! This attention made her feel special, as no one had ever said anything nice to or about her looks. She had been so self conscious and was really starting to think, she really was ugly. When these older woman had taken an interest in her, all she wanted to do from this point on was to please both of them. When it finally dawned on her that they really liked to see her naked she went out of her way to prolong her bare exposure to them usually not even using a towel while in their presence!

One time while in the office long after the other girls were gone and school was out for the day. She had been there for some time answering questions about boy's and sex. Did she have a boyfriend and had she ever had sex with one? The answer to both of course was no. This was followed by the question did she know what “Sex” was? And if so was it something that interested her? Again the answer was yes to both of these questions. For Estelle having these two older women ask questions about her personal sexual intimacy was quite thrilling and made her feel so grown up. It was only when she was asked by Ms Crystal what would it feel like if another woman made love to you and wanted to have sex with you! Estelle of course did not know quite what to say or how sex with a woman happened and what was expected, but was trembling with excitement and just barely able to softly speak the words telling them yes, OMG this was one of her most intimate fantasy's to have an older woman take full advantage of an innocent young thing like her. It was a very sinful delicious and wonderful thought! The feeling and thought about this had made her genitals wet and trembling something that was very new to her and that she had never experienced before.

The other thing that Estelle loved to do was walk around the local public park by herself thinking about her fantasy's it was her favorite place and only a few blocks away from where she lived. She had been exploring some of the little used trails in a more secluded area of the park, and had heard some very strange noises and decided to investigate? She quietly followed the noise and then peering through the thick bushes, she was astounded to see an older woman that was down on the ground laying on her back in this small grassy area. The woman had her dress pulled up above her waist her legs were wide apart and a big German Shepard was happily licking her bare shaven and fully developed cunt and clit! Estelle had never seen a grown woman's bare pubic area especially this woman's rather large swollen and very stimulated clitoris? The fact that she, like Estelle had a totally bare pubic area, not realizing that it could be shaved. For Estelle this was quite a shock as she thought of herself a freak and that her bareness down there was the only one!

This woman was blissfully unaware that Estelle was right next to her as she was close to sexual climax, this was something that Estelle also did not quite understand, orgasm? She had been so mesmerized by this sinful act that she was almost on top of the woman before they both realized she was there! The woman had jet black hair was big, strong and as Estelle was to find out very mean! Even at the time she was having an orgasm from the shepherds attention! She had the presence of mind to grab Estelle and hold her tightly until this pleasurable ordeal was over Estelle had felt her trembling release as the woman climaxed! The dog had satisfied her and himself for the moment and as she held her tight, she said in a very threatening voice a pretty thing like you shouldn't be sneaking around out here in in the bushes, as something awful could happen to you! Estelle was at first terrified she had been caught and even more terrified as this big older woman's tight grip was hurting her arm! She then pulled Estelle across her chest and held her hands tightly behind her back with one hand, at the same time with her other had lifted the thin dress up above her waist exposing her bottom and white cotton panties! It was obvious to this older woman that Estelle's panties and hairless muff was soaked in preadolescence virginal secretions!

Estelle was frozen, not daring to move and was really scared now! As the older woman's fingers moved up and down along the cheeks of her bare bottom and between the wet loose fitting strip of thin cotton! She pushed its wet looseness to one side and carefully inserted one of her long fingers into the virgin folds of her little mound and then into her wet little slit! Estelle was now trembling with fear anticipation and adolescent excitement and had feelings she did not know existed! OMG What was happening to her, and what else was this older woman going to do? Several more fingers entered her, stretching her tight little opening wider than it had ever been, it was strangely uncomfortable at first, but it had awaken mixed feelings? Those strange feelings instantly turned into one of the most physical stimulating things that had ever happened to her, as this older woman's thumb found Estelle's swollen and very sensitive fleshy little orb-ed shaped clit and rubbed it against the thin flesh, between it and her pelvis bone! She almost melted into this older woman's arms as she had her first orgasm! Estelle was unable to move for several minutes and just laid there trembling with her hands held tightly behind her back in helpless bliss!

The older woman then said wow! you are a tight horny little thing and I would just love to give you some personal attention! Her dog the big Shepard had been drawn to the moist release of a female virgin and now had his nose in her wet little snatch and was greedily licking the juices, the older woman had commanded the dog to stop and leave the girl alone, but made no attempt to stop him! Estelle was still trying to recover and regain her composure when first the dogs snoot followed by his warm wet raspy tongue found her clit and this new even more sinful sensation had brought on an even more lengthy and forceful orgasmic release!

She again just laid there not being able to move at all!.... as the older woman loving called the dog! “Thunder” leave the girl alone! Thunder, Thunder! Leave her alone!

But thunder was having none of this and she again made no attempt to stop him. Estelle was now beside herself and was spent as the third orgasm flooded uncontrollably through her young virgin body. Wow three in only a few moments! Estelle just laid there shuddering with her panties wetter than they had ever been. This older woman was about 40 yrs old and was fairly attractive in a manly sort of way. She rolled the young girl off of her and the dog still had his snoot in her crotch. Estelle was still unable to move as the pleasurable sensation remained OMG she did not want this feeling to stop and the dog was helping to prolong this perverse pleasure. The older woman finally got up and practically had to drag the dog off of Estelle by his collar.

With the dog in one hand she offered the other to Estelle who first sat up and then with help was barely able to stand. The woman then said hi I am Irene and it looks like you have, just had your first orgasm!... Now that I look at you what a pretty shapely little thing you are. You should be careful out here in the back woods of the park as someone could really do terrible things to you? Estelle wasn't sure just what she meant as the woman went on to say you need to come to my house as it would be much nicer and a lot safer. I would love to see if we can do the same you again. Besides she said the dog really likes you and he has a friend that would really be disappointed if he to didn't get a little taste of that sweet pink little pussy of yours. Estelle was speechless blushing and still trying to recover from her new found sexual experience. Irene went on to say come over to my house later this afternoon I don't live very far. Estelle was torn, she was afraid to go to someones house that she just met and did not know. But the sexual pleasure she had just experienced was so overpowering all she could say very quickly was yes OMG when?..

What was she going to tell her aunt? Irene sensing her dilemma then said don't worry just tell your parents you are going to stay at one of your schoolmates house for the weekend and you don't have to bring anything as I have exactly what you need and you wont need much at all! She said as they parted ways handing her a piece of paper with the address. I have several friends that would love to see you as well! Estelle was worried as to what she was going to tell her aunt. This turned out to be no problem at all as her aunt said are they going to feed you? Barely looking over her paper realizing that she would not have to worry or do anything for Estelle as long as she was someplace else. Estelle could not believe her luck and had only a sweater as she left the house her aunt made no comment as she said she would be home late Sunday. Estelle was starting to have second thoughts as she walked along not knowing at all what might be expected of her. She was surprised when she came to the address as it was a big three story house surrounded by lots of trees and was quite a ways from the street.

She walked up the long driveway and onto the porch as she reached for the door bell the door opened and Irene was standing there in this most unusual outfit! Estelle had never seen anything like it. It was a tight black leather corset that left her breasts pubic area and legs sinfully exposed. Estelle was flabbergasted and speechless again she could not take her eyes of of Irene as she felt strange and wonderful feelings again deep in her genitals and herself become instantly moist and tingling. All her feelings of concern were instantly gone and she could not wait to experience another orgasm or what ever it was called. Irene escorted her in down a long hall and into a small dining area next to a big kitchen an older black woman about Irene's age dressed almost the same as her had cooked some wonderful food the smell was heaven as Irene said I thought you would be famished. Set down and eat, this is my friend Dotty she also likes beautiful young girls like you. I hope you don't mind I also invited several other friends. Estelle hardly heard what she said as between the food and the thought that another older woman was really looking her over and thought she was beautiful made her feel strangely wonderful.

The food was so tasty better than anything her aunt had ever made and it was all she could do to keep from wolfing it down. Irene said slow down and take your time remember you are going to be here for the weekend. You will have lots of time to eat Estelle still had a hard time forcing herself to eat more slowly. Irene then said take a minute and when you are done I want you to meet Thunders pal his name is Lightning. Estelle was again slightly uneasy and unsure as what to expect, but then remembered what Thunder had done to her earlier in the park and was eager to see both of the big dogs. Irene said Estelle you need to take all of your clothes off before you go out there, as Lightning gets very uneasy if those around him are wearing clothes especially men that's why I cant take him with me to the park and why you are going to help me make him a very happy and very satisfied dog!

Estelle said where do you want me to change? Irene said right here in front of us I have been telling Dotty what a beautiful young girl you are and she would love to see you naked! Estelle had not changed at home and still had the same thin little dress and her cotton panties were as wet as ever from not only what the dog had done, but she was even more excited about stripping in front of this older black woman the thought had given her goosebumps especially in her genitals. Both of these older women were almost drooling as Estelle slowly removed, first her dress unbuttoning it and slipping it over her head the then removed her wet cotton panties giving them to Irene. Who handed them to Dotty she smelled them lovingly at first and the draped the wetness of them over her face for a moment as she made the most wonderful sounds Umnnn! Estelle had ever heard. She then wadded them up and handed them back to Irene who got up walked through the kitchen and opened the back door. Tossing Estelle's panties out into the back yard.

This was followed by the sounds of two dogs viciously fighting over it! finally there was a hurtful whimpering yelp followed by a pleasurable and very satisfying low lustful growl. Estelle wasn't sure what had happened as Irene said Lightning is ready now! You can go out and meet him he has your scent and should usually behave!. Estelle was standing there in front of these women totally naked she was a beautiful round faced and round bottomed girl at 5' 5" inches tall blond with 38" DD tits that were quite large compared to the rest of her petiteness, but her bare little virgin muff now had her cunt lips an little clit sticking out quite pronounced from all the attention they had recently received Oh one more thing Irene said, you don't mind getting down on your knees as both dogs especially Lightning isn't threatened at all by a naked young virgin especially when she is on all fours. Irene had produced a pretty red leather collar that had sweet little bitch embossed on it. She also attached red leather cuffs first on her wrists and Dotty did the same to her ankles. Once this was done Irene started connecting short chrome chains to the rings on Estelle's collar as she pushed the young girl down on all fours. Then connected the chains to all of her cuffs that went through a ring connected to her collar that was pulled back just below her breasts. The result of this left her unable to straighten out her legs or stand as the chains were very short. Irene then grabbed her collar quite forcefully and roughly almost drug Estelle helplessly through the kitchen, OMG Estelle had fantasized about having this kind of treatment as Irene opened the back door and shoved her through along with giving her a good swat on her rump as the closed the door behind her.

She then said go have fun with your new friends I know they are waiting and are going to love seeing you!!!..... The other girls will be here in a while until then you need to get better acquainted with my two friendly and loving dogs! If you really like them and get along well I might even let you sleep with them tonight!....

To be continued in part 2

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