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Kidnapping forces girl to live out her fantasies.
The Kidnapping of Baby
After hours on the computer doing homework, I turned in my final assignment and was free for two whole months. I got done and began browsing some fetish sites, the ones that drove me absolutely crazy. I checked out a few sites, but just didn’t feel in the mood so, I decided to take a break and go for a walk, nothing extreme, just around the block to clear my head. I had lived on my own for the past couple of months, a gift from my parents for my 17th birthday, and was enjoying taking the time to just go to school, although I liked the breaks too. I loved lounging in sweats and a t-shirt, although friends told me that it looks too slouchy for my 5’7 frame. I had a few pounds to lose but I was not considered heavy. My Internet explorations were about to catch up to me.
The Van
I noticed a delivery van driving slowly in my peripheral view as I looked around. I chalked it up to they were looking for an address and dismissed it. I soon got lost in thought, thinking about what I was going to do during my time off. I snapped out of it when I heard a voice come from my right. “Excuse Me” I jumped a little and laughed while I apologized for being mentally elsewhere. A nice looking man stood to my right, 5’10ish, sandy blonde hair, nice I thought. “Yes, I am so sorry, is there anything I can help you with”? Are you Lisa? I was puzzled at how he knew my name. Feeling kind of defensive, I told him he was mistaken me for someone else. “No, I don’t think so you need to come with me? Um, no I don’t”, I barked back. He grabbed my arm and yanked me toward the van. I went to scream and he put what I thought was a gun into my ribs. There were a few people around however; with the wind it would be hard for them to hear me and I was afraid to risk it. I was shoved into the van and told to shut up.
“You have been a very naughty girl Lisa”, the driver said as he slowly turned to look at me. He had short dark brown hair but that was pretty much all I could tell as the cab was so dark. He said “You have been a very busy girl on the internet, haven’t you. The sites you have been looking at would get you banned from your family for sure, do you agree? The fear was just registering and although I still tried to lie my way out of it. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” The one that pushed me into the van turned on a computer and showed me that he had access to everything that I had been looking at, from homework to the sites. Oh my god, the sites. Mortification was hitting, I did that in private, the sites, going through my head the sites I had visited extensively, incest, bestiality, spankings, forced sex, the list went on. “Why go through my things” I blurted out furiously. As the hand came across my face, I found myself flying across the back of the van. Getting my bearings straight, I sat up and looked around the van for the first time. It was extremely dark, like everything in there was the same color, black. The windows were covered with peg boards, although I couldn’t tell if there was anything on them, just the shadowing of some of the holes.

The Rules
While looking straight ahead, the driver said “from this point on, you will call me daddy, if you are nice to me, I will be nice to you. If you are not a good girl, you will be punished by your uncle there, motioning to the guy in the back of van with me. “You will do exactly as we say, when we say it, without question, do you understand? “No, I don’t” I said sounding scared for the first time. Uncle turned me over and pulled down my sweats, leaned over and smacked me hard on my ass. “Now do you understand?” Uncle said. “Yes, I understand” “Good”, said daddy while uncle pulled my pants back up. He said the rest of the drive is quiet time. After about 45 minutes of driving we pulled into a barn. I was told to get out and go into the house as they followed closely behind. The farm was large and very nice. There were a few dogs running around, some chickens and a tire swing. One thing I did not see was another structure anywhere in sight. The door opened and standing in the doorway was a woman about 45 years old, she wasn’t much to look at and didn’t seem to fit the house at all. I would have thought a woman living in this house would be more upscale. Her straggly blonde hair looked uncombed and her clothes didn’t quite fit her body frame. She stepped aside as I was told to go in. I looked behind me to see the two men pointing to the inside. As I walked in, the woman stopped me, looked me over, turned me around and said, “She is a nice one”. I looked down wondering if this nightmare would ever end.
The House
Once inside I was instructed to go into the living room and strip. “WHAT”? I said in disbelief. “Do you want to be punished, we talked about the rules, now do as you are told.” I was nudged into the living room and all three watched as I slowly began to take off my clothes. I was shaking and crying so hard it was difficult to move. “Mother”, daddy said as he turned to look at her. “Yes, daddy”, mother said. “What would you like her to do first?” “Well” mother said. “She needs to be bathed, for you know, but she cannot do it herself, she might run”. “Uncle, why don’t you do the honors, or daddy, would you like to wash your new daughter?” Daddy said he would do it. He led me upstairs and had me sit on the toilet to make sure I went the bathroom while he ran the water. He told me to open my legs while I peed, so he could watch. I looked down, humiliated but complied. I spread my legs a little, and he came over and moved my knees far apart to be as wide as I could to give him a good view. While I peed, he rubbed my thighs and forced them open more. His hands rubbed up my thighs and his thumb caressed my cunt as I peed on his hand. I tried to close my legs and he smacked me with his free hand. He said he wasn’t going to do it but since I was wasn’t being a good girl he pressed his thumb inside me. I jerked and another smack came down hard. I went to wipe and he stopped me, he grabbed some toilet paper and wiped me slowly and deliberately, then told me to get into the tub.

The Bath
I stepped in the tub and proceeded to sit down. “Oh, no, little one, on all fours and spread your legs. We want to make sure we clean you really good.” I got in and spread my legs, he began to wash my back, legs, arms, than I felt something cold. I turned to look and he was douching me. I felt sick, then I hear, wait until the enema, that is next. When he was satisfied with my clean pussy, he washed my hair and told me to get out and get on the floor on all fours with my head down on the ground. Having had an enema before a surgery, I knew that is what I was being prepped for. Tears had been flowing and soon I found myself gasping for air. I felt a sharp pain on my butt cheek, “OW”, “shut up or I will do it again” daddy said. Before he began the enema, he told me to arch my back and show daddy his new little girl. I didn’t respond quick enough and he pushed on my back hard with one hand almost knocking me over. “GET THAT ASS IN THE AIR NOW!!” he screamed as another blistering burn hit my ass. I stuck my ass in the air as high as I could. “Good girl, now, take your hands, reach back and spread your cheeks young lady, daddy wants to take a look at his new peach” he said with a sadistic excitement in his voice. My fingers spread my cheeks, making sure to open wide. I felt his fingers violating me, running his fingers up and down my slit, than the sound of him licking his fingers. He said he was going to wait to play and that we had lots of time. He then licked my star which sent a strange bolt up my body. “Enema time” daddy said as he probed my ass with his finger saying he was making room for the tube. I wanted to die. He inserted the tube and watched as my stomach bloated with the fill of the fluids. As I felt the pressure he would rub my stomach and back and telling me it would be easier if I just took slow breaths. He said I would have to hold it until he told me I could release, an impossible time of 15 minutes. I think I got to 12 and began to go. He told me to hold it or he would have to plug it up until I had reached my time. 13 came and more leakage, he grabbed a butt plug and inserted it into and already painful situation. I began to cry harder and daddy reminded me that punishment would be harsh if I didn’t stop. I was sobbing as I reached the 15 minute mark. “Good girl” he said as he removed the plug and helped me to the toilet. Once I was voided, he again wiped me, saying that at no time, was I allowed to wipe myself. The adults in the house were the only ones allowed to wipe me. He had me get into the tub again, cleaned me off, claiming it was going to be fun to give me baths, he then dried me and escorted me down stairs.
Give Me a Reason
Uncle and mother were sitting in the living room waiting for us. Casual as though nothing strange was going on, I stared in disbelief. How could these people do this and not think anything of it. Looking at the stairs, mother said, “come sit next to me.” I went over and sat on the sofa next to her, it was more comfortable than it looked. I sat on the edge of the sofa and she shoved me back, I quickly scooted so that I was sitting straight up. She looked at uncle and daddy and motioned them over. They got up and the next thing I knew they were in front of me, pulling my legs so my ass was almost off of the couch. “Whoa” I said as they jerked my legs. “You’re going to love this, little girl” daddy said.”Hacking into your computer was the best thing we ever did” uncle said as he giggled while holding my leg. “Spread her” mother said “If she gives you any trouble, bend her over the ottoman and tie her doggie style.” Are you kidding me, I thought as my limbs were being pulled in different directions. “Give me a reason” daddy said as he spread my leg in unison with uncle and lifting my knees up to my chest. “Please, don’t do this” I begged as tears began to flow again. “Mother, she is quite the baby; we will have to see to that later” uncle said. Before ordering me to get on the floor, uncle told me to lay still. They held my legs open and uncle leaned down and licked me, sticking his tongue deep inside me. “I think she is getting wet guys” uncle said as he touched my clit and pretended to get me off. “On all fours girl, by the way, from now on we are going to call you Baby, since all you seem to do is cry” daddy said.
Spread EM
Pointing to an ottoman on the floor, daddy told me to put my stomach on the ottoman and stretch my arms out to reach the rings coming out of the floor. “No, PLEASE, don’t make me to this. You don’t have to do this, PLEASE.” I pleaded. “SPREAD EM BABY!” Mother said, and smacked me with a wooden spoon on the side of the leg. “No more talk like that, you agreed to the rules.” Daddy said. “I didn’t know about these rules, you sadistic fuck!!” I said, getting pissed, like that did a lot of good. Daddy and uncle grabbed my wrists, stretched them and cuffed them to the rings bolted into the floor. My legs were strapped to the side of the ottoman, I felt like a jockey straddling a horse. My ass and pelvic area were exposed and unprotected hanging off the ottoman. I started blubbering and felt another smack, than another, daddy was spanking me with his hand as hard thunderous smacks coming down making my ass feel like it was on fire. He said if I wanted to cry, he would give me something to cry about. I begged him to stop and told him I promised not to cry anymore. I slowed to a whimper and then heard uncle and mother whispering. Something about are they ready, oh my God, what next. This has to end. The doorbell rang and my heart sank. Uncle came into the room and put a blindfold on me, saying that they don’t need to see who I was, just as much as I didn’t need to see them. I was so nervous I had to pee again. I asked uncle if I could go the bathroom. He told me to hold that thought. I heard what must have been ten different voices, and then heard the words, let the games begin.
The Game
I could hear them discussing the rules. Each person was to write down and put a command or act into a bowl and they would be chosen at random. They had to be unique but anything went. It could be anything from a short term act up to 24 hours of “Baby” sitting. Short terms went in one bowl while long terms went in another. “Couldn’t have her gone for 24 hours right off the bat, where would the fun be in that”. I heard mother say. Once the bowls were full, uncle grabbed the first one out of the short term bowl almost immediately. He couldn’t wait to get started, reminding everyone that I had to pee, he even went as far as turning on a faucet in a bathroom off the living room in hopes that it would make me pee faster. “Ready everyone” uncle said. Probably getting a hard on by the sound of it, I thought. He opened the first one slowly looking around the room and building up the anticipation. “Drum roll please, and the winner is……Ladies choice”. Uncle said with disappointment in his voice.
Ladies Choice
I heard people moving about, then felt hands on my back, I couldn’t tell how many, four or five at least. Teeth hit my ass and bit down hard, making me jerk. “You were told about that Baby” mother said as a hand smacked my ass. I felt fingers running up and down my lips and a tongue gently penetrate my pussy; it began to feel good as I allowed myself to surrender for a moment. Someone pulled my hair back hard and tell someone was moving in front of me. My head was forced down between legs onto a very wet cunt and ordered to lap like a dog. I did as I was told as I thought about the websites that had gotten me into this mess. Every site I had ever looked at was coming back to haunt me. I licked like I had never licked before, while tongues probed my ass and cunt. Just as I was starting to get turned on, I was snapped out of it by the words.. Times UP!. I heard uncle say the next act…Triple penetration…My stomach convulsed in fear. I had only done it a couple of times but never with more than one person and it was by someone in love with me, not psycho’s.
Triple Penetration
Still on the ottoman, several guys moved toward me and I could hear zippers and snickering. “Who is going to dare put his dick in her mouth” a voice said. “I will” daddy said, a baby would never hurt her daddy.” I could feel the air move as he positioned himself in front of me, I could smell his musky smell which under other circumstances would not repulse me as much as it did at that moment. He stroked my hair gently and asked if Baby was going to be nice to daddy and his friends. Tears streamed down my face as I nodded. “That’s a girl” daddy said in a tender voice continuing to stroke my hair and face. He began stoking himself and moaning. I could feel a cock head around my anus and began to cry and almost scream. “Smack her ass when she does that” daddy said. “I have something better” a voice in the back ground said. “Here, put these on her, give her something to take her mind off of it.” A clamp was placed on my nipple and I thought it was going to rip it off. I heard someone spit, and the next thing I knew a cock was inside my ass. Because of how I was strapped to the ottoman, my cunt had to be penetrated sideways, he had to have been laying down on his side, while the other one bent down for my ass. Either way, it hurt like hell, I tried to scream and daddy put his cock in my mouth. “Suck on it Baby, suck on it good” daddy said as he began pumping my head in time with his hips. I sucked on it and held back the gagging as he pushed my head down to the base of his 6” cock. “If you bite or hurt me, you will be punished” he barked as he pulled my hair tighter in his fist. It didn’t take long for the men to start pumping harder; I know when I read the stories about it that I was wet by that time. One man came, then another and finally daddy came. I held back my disgust and urge to vomit. They left me there and I lowered my head while juices flowed out of me. Then I heard those words again….Times UP!! “We are done with her anyway, for now” a voice said.
Mother must have pulled out the next one but said it wasn’t at random. They couldn’t play with such sloppiness and I needed to be cleaned up. I could hear her unfold paper, than unhappy with that one, got out another until she came across one that she liked. “Here it is” she exclaimed. “Everyone can relax on this one and either play with themselves or each other while this one takes place. Enjoy” She said. “Chief” she called in a loud voice. I could hear panting and my mind raced as to what she had in mind. “Clean her up Chief” mother said as she patted my ass and inner thigh. “If anyone would like to hold her open while Chief does his thing, you are more than welcome.” Like I am not “Open” enough, I thought, as pain shot through me from every hole in my body. I felt a cold nose between my legs and flinched. Daddy came over and said he would be happy to help with Chief. He rubbed my ass with his hands before he put his fingers in my slit and opened it wide. The nose delved deeper and a long tongue licked me from cunt to ass. He began lapping up all the juices left behind; his tongue easily penetrated me with daddy holding me open for him. Daddy held me open so Chief had access to my clit. He licked furiously and once again I was beginning to get turned on. I felt so ashamed; I couldn’t let them think this was turning me on, God only knows what they would do. So I thought of different things, homework, would I ever be allowed back? The thought made me start crying again. Daddy spread my ass cheeks apart so Chief could be thorough; my ass must have still been open from the assault because I could feel his tongue on the inside of my anus wall. I shuttered and daddy said, “you have been a very good girl, Baby.” “I have to go the bathroom”, I whispered, “please let me go the bathroom.” Daddy told mother to get things together, that it was time.
Mother came up to me and patted my back. “There, there Baby.” Since you are so inclined to cry over every little thing, you will be treated like a baby. My hands and legs were soon untied and I was told to lay on my back in the same position, knees up to chest and spread open and arms over my head. I did as I was told without fail. Mother sat down in front of me and examined the damage left by the men, using her fingers to play with my cunt, more than see if everything was ok. She moaned a little while she was touching me, she said if I was good my blindfold could be removed. I shook my head and promised I would be. Someone else removed the blindfold and I could finally see who else was violating me. Three other men besides daddy and uncle and two women besides mother, all look like normal people, I didn’t understand it. I thought they would look deranged or something. The three men ranged from 5’6 to around 6’, all of medium build. The two women were the same height approximately 5’7, both brunette and nice looking. Why can’t people just be warped in silence, I thought to myself, I was… I thought. Mother continued to play with me and I could feel an orgasm getting close. Two people now held my legs back while another held my arms as mother played. “Hmmmm”, mother said. “She is close, but could probably use a boost, hand me that” pointing to a dildo. She turned it on high and placed it on my clit. It didn’t take long before I was forced to orgasm.

Mother grabbed a diaper and baby powder and put it on me with the tenderness a mother would actually diaper a baby. She put my legs down in a bent spread eagle position. I was given a bottle with water in it and was told that was the only way I would drink while in the house. I was so thirsty I began to suck on the bottle hard. I couldn’t believe all these people were getting off on this; the humiliation was almost too much to handle. Mother talked to me as she caressed the inside of my legs. “You will remain like this until we decide otherwise, no sooner. Do you understand?” I nodded as tears ran down the sides of my face. “The people here today will become familiar faces to you; they all have the ability to change your diaper, and might even fight over it, feed you, bathe you and if they ask daddy, uncle or I permission, they can have you and you will need to comply with our decision, do you understand? Again, I nodded. Daddy came up next to me and said it was time for bed and would need to rest up for tomorrows activities, further stating that the bowls still had plenty of commands to be fulfilled. The pressure to pee finally got the best of me and released my bladder into the diaper, filling it almost immediately. A sensation that I had never felt before, it was hot and wet and turned the diaper into a gooshy mass between my legs. Mother just looked down and smiled, looked at daddy and told him to clean me up. He told me to stand up, it was hard with such a full diaper, I began to walk and it leaked a little. Mother told me to stop where I stood. Her tone had become hard and strict. “Squat,” she said in a rough tone. I just did it, no thinking involved; the tone of her voice was enough to scare me. “Daddy, take off her diaper now, she can walk to the bath naked, I refuse to let her leak on my floor, and discipline her, Baby will NOT do that again.”
Daddy took the diaper off, folded it and put it in the garbage. He grabbed my arm and squeezed and he pulled me toward the bathroom. While he ran the bath he told me to sit on the toilet like I had done when I first got there. I did, spreading my legs in the same manner. When he was satisfied he wiped me and helped me into the bath. He washed me as before and had me stand up and face him so he could finish rinsing. I was told to squat as he took the removable massager head and rinsed me good inside and out. He dried me off and had me go into the next room. It looked like a giant nursery or a nursery for giants. He told me to lay on something that looked like a changing table. Sure enough, I laid back and he pried my legs open wide. “My, you look delicious Baby, now are you going to be good for daddy?” He said. “If you are good for daddy, I won’t punish you tonight. I nodded and said “yes, I will be good for daddy” “Good girl, now pull your legs back for daddy, daddy wants a taste of his Baby” he began as he started moving his head down between my legs. He inserted two fingers inside me as he sucked on my clit. His tongue was skilled and I began to feel aroused. He took his other finger and began to play with my star, which was sore, but I was starting to give in, and it felt good. I allowed him to bring me to orgasm and he drank the juices happily. He put the diaper on me and secured it snuggly. He said I would not be allowed to sleep in a shirt and that I would have to earn that privilege. He picked me up and carried me to a large crib and put me in face up. As I lay in the crib I was hoping he would leave me alone, but he leashed me to the bed. He told me to spread my legs open. I was compliant and did as I was told. He stroked my legs and slipped his thumb in the diaper lining to get one last feel for the night. He then stroked my face before resting his hands on my chest. He explained that for the next month this was going to be my life. Saying if I did what I was told, I would be allowed to go back to my old life, if I wanted to.
To be continued.

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