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It wasn’t a good night. I sat and nursed my beer at the table just off the dance floor. It was good beer but I wasn’t happy. Off to my left, somewhere amidst the sea of dancers, Ricky was dancing with Michelle, I could see the occasional glimpse of her yellow silk top as she gyrated wildly- I couldn’t see her breasts but I knew they were sizeable and Ricky must be getting a good view. It wasn’t the fact that Ricky had pulled that had pissed me off, but her friend (Sharon) had decided that I wasn’t up to scratch and blown me off. Such choice phrases as “You dance like my Dad” and “What’s an old git like you doing here anyway” had not been designed to improve either my mood or the evening’s experience! Michelle had stayed with Ricky (he was buying a fair number of drinks) and Sharon had moved on- she was out there too at the moment, grinding her hips into some other guys crutch.

I sighed just as a wave of dancers crashed on the floor and washed Ricky in my direction like some foam-covered flotsam. He was grinning for ear to ear- well good luck to him!

It was quite a few years since Ricky and I had gotten together, our joint consummation of Lauren (see Sticky Fingers) had lead to a series of joint adventures. We made good use of rohypnol and a few other home-made substitutes and so happily fucked our way through Uni and beyond. Consensual fucks were the rarity- they simply took too much time! Still tonight it seemed Ricky was on to a dead cert, no pharmacological assistance required.

He dropped into the chair next to me, still grinning like a gibbon and picked up his neglected pint, gulping deeply.

“Ahhhhhh” He wiped the froth from his lips and grinned at me

“I reckon I’m in there”

“How d’ya mean?”

“Dance before last- the slowbie- I grabbed her bum- no panties! I’m telling you she’s up for it!”

I smiled back “Maybe you are at that mate”

I didn’t begrudge him his success at all- after all he didn’t get much - but I was bothered by my failure. Worse still, I hadn’t brought any of the chemical knicker-loosener with me and I knew Ricky had none either. Looked like I was in for an uneventful evening.

“I gotta get back”

Ricky departed and the sea of bodies engulfed him, I returned to me contemplation and my beer. I was definitely getting a little too old for this.

Another pint later I was on my way to the loo. It was late now and many of the dancers had paired off into the darker recesses of the club… hands were vanishing up blouses and dipping below waistbands, plenty of lips locked together.

I made my way to the loo, pushed past the guy desperately trying to get a condom out of the machine using two quid and an unknown combination of pesetas and relieved myself into the urinal. The release felt good and it was pleasant to get my prick out. I felt disappointed that I wasn’t going to get it inside a girl this evening. The flow subsided and I zipped up and left.

I was going to go home and get Ricky’s blow-by-blow version of events tomorrow, when I saw him and Michelle in one of the corners. Her yellow top wasn’t that good at fading into the darkness and I could see there was a certain amount of agitation, she seemed to be wriggling. I could hear voices as I came closer.

“Get off me”

“Just a little…”

“No!! Get off me piss off you pervert!”

For my part, I couldn’t see what was at all perverted about groping a girl’s titties- pretty natural I would have thought. Ricky was obviously surprised too. As he withdrew his questing hand from her blouse, he looked shocked, almost as if she had slapped him.

“But I thought…”

“You don’t think! It’s up to me and I don’t feel like it! Get your hands off me, I’m going home”

With that Michelle stomped off to get her coat and Ricky was left looking a little forlorn. He saw me looking at him and smiled sheepishly. This was always the problem with conscious women; too bloody picky and too bloody lippy!

I went over and he explained his woes. Michelle had drunk the best part of 8 vodka and tonics; she had consumed a plate of Sushi with a (very expensive) glass of champagne. Melting compliance on the dance floor, she had hardened into frigid opposition as the evening drew to a close. I gave him a knowing look, in truth we both knew the type: she was a prick-teaser and my mate Ricky had been duped!

Michelle emerged from the cloakroom carrying her coat. She looked around- presumably for Sharon but she was nowhere to be seen. She glared in our direction and then stomped over to the door with her head in the air- making quite a show of ignoring us.

Ricky was furious, I was furious for him.

“Come on” I hissed

“What for- we’ve, got no stuff”

“Maybe not but let’s wait and see…”

I dragged Ricky after me; we retrieved our jackets and stepped outside. The cold air hit me like a door slamming in my face. It was October, there was frost in the night –and maybe a little something else too from the atmosphere in the club. The shock should have sobered us both, but the alcohol was just sufficient to combine with our feelings of frustration and injustice, the mood held! Keeping to the shadows we started to pick our way unseen in the direction Michelle had followed. I could hear her clipped footsteps up ahead as we hung back out of sight, biding our time and awaiting opportunity.

In the ten years since Lauren’s unconscious body had unknowingly satisfied both of us we had never taken a conscious girl by force, although we had taken many once they were unconscious! Perhaps ten years of successfully covering our tracks had made us blas?perhaps it was the frustration of the evening, maybe it was sheer anger at Michelle- perhaps all three, but whatever reason I could sense a determination in Ricky and feel the same in my own loins. A tingling of excitement, a gaping hunger and a steely determination.

Michelle walked along the high street, there were few people about. She turned left and stumbled, I heard her curse at a broken heel - the vodkas were clearly having an effect. Her walking was decidedly unsteady as she struggled on with one heel but then she turned left, again into Church Street and headed into quieter parts. Her walking was very distinctive now, her steps clear we could follow at a distance quite easily. As she came to the church I realized our opportunity had arrived. She was taking a shortcut though the churchyard- dark, quiet, private - and definitely unsafe, but then with one dodgy shoe, a prodigious amount of vodka and a full bladder maybe it seemed more inviting? She vanished through the gate; I glanced at Ricky, with one mind we quickly made up the distance between us and our prey. If we had doubts they were buried, we both knew that action demanded conviction.

We slipped from one shadow to the next, taking advantage of the gravestones to conceal us. There is something about the nearness of death that provokes intensity in life and in the basics of life itself- sex! I was feeling more excited than ever before, the thrill of the chase, the burning in my prick giving me a monster of an erection that made moving with grace and fluidity rather more difficult than it might have been.

Ricky was in the lead, and he stopped behind a gravestone, I came up behind him to see why he had halted. Michelle had crouched down by a large flat tombstone as was pissing in the dark. I could hear the trickle of her urine splashing and soaking into the earth, the tone getting lower as the spray dug through the frozen surface of the ground and spattered into the unfrozen soil beneath.

We exchanged a glance- it was now or never and so as one, we rose and strode purposefully over to the tombstone. No need for concealment, Michelle knew us and would know us even in a hood. Ricky spoke first

“Hello Michelle”

The shock of the disturbance clearly fazed her; she rocked on her haunches, nearly falling over and probably wetting her shoes.

“What the fuck! - Oh its you Ricky, piss off pervert! Leave me alone”

“Not this time Michelle”

Ricky and I rose to full height over the crouching girl and advanced towards her.
Michelle’s tone was less confident as we approached, her voice rising as she realized this was not going to be entirely in her control

“Wait, No what is this?? Get away…”

We grabbed her arms at the shoulders Ricky on the left, I on the right

“No, No, Let go, Let me GO!”

“Not this time Michelle” Ricky repeated.

She seemed frozen with the shock, unsure of what was happening, how far it would go. She looked from Ricky to me and back again. I had expected fear in her eyes but it was mainly surprise and anger.

“Fuck you, Get off me!”

Between us we raised her to her feet. She started to struggle, gently at first, testing us but getting stronger and more violent in her squirming as our grip simply tightened to hold her fast. She managed to wrest one arm from my grasp and slapped Ricky across the face- “That’s gotta sting” I thought. For the first time Ricky seemed to loose it a bit, he snarled and slapped her in return, the force snapping her head back. When she raised her face again there was a red weal on her cheek but still the anger and defiance in her eyes.


We regained our grip and started to pull her backwards over the tombstone, holding her down, stretching her out, laying her flat.

“OK, OK, if that’s what you want. I aint about to get myself killed resisting – just be quick and then piss off”

We looked at her in surprise and I realized Michelle was a big girl now. Big enough to realize that sex was just sex; it was survivable and generally not painful. Unpleasant though this was undoubtedly going to be it was going to be preferable to a forced struggle. Ricky and I exchanged a glance, I nodded,

“You first”

We couldn’t be too sure of the extent of Michelle’s acquiescence, so I moved to the head of the tomb and held both arms her above her shoulders, Ricky moved to the feet and removed the wet shoes, dropping them all on the ground. He separated her legs and ran his hands up the inside, running over her thighs and groping for her sex.

“No panties” he repeated, Michelle simply grunted.

Ricky’s hands found her cunt and began to separate her lips, the hair was wiry and twisted, I guess he must have pulled it in his fumbling as she flinched


Ricky withdrew his hand; He raised it to his face, sniffed and licked, whether for lubrication or scent I do not know. Then he pushed the hem of her skirt up over her hips so that her snatch was exposed to the cold air. He bent his head and sniffed again- His tongue darted out and licked her nether lips, slurping around as he moistened her ready for him. Michelle bucked her hips upwards with distaste.

“Get on with it pervert” she hissed

Ricky needed no encouragement, he unzipped himself and his prick sprang out. I guess he was finding the concept of celebrating the consummation of life in the midst of death as exciting as I did. He grasped her ankles and tugged her down the tombstone, her bum grazing on the engraved stone until her sex was positioned at the edge of the stone table.

“That’s better” he said Why couldn’t you have done this in the first place?”



With that he raised her legs and thrust forward. I felt her arms tense as his cockhead contacted her. She even gripped me arms more tightly as he penetrated her, the force of his entry wringing a grunt from he throat.

“Get on with it pervert”

Ricky started to buck into her; an expression of surprise momentarily crossed Ricky’s face. Then he closed his eyes and surprise was replaced by determination. I had not seen him look like this in a fuck. Usually we simply give in to the pleasure and revel in the sensations afforded by the girl’s body. This time there was more than simple bliss; there was also anger, revenge, justice and dominion. These things seemed to fade as he fucked her. In out, in out, with a regular, smooth humping; his hips slapping against her thighs at the end of each thrust. I could hear the wet slurping of each successive passage into her body and her arms gave a little push against me as she absorbed the force of each thrust.
Ricky was looking more relaxed now, more like his usual fucking self, and his features were relaxing with the bliss provided by a tight cunt.

“Don’t come in me dickbrains”

Even now, prick-stuck as she was, Michelle was still trying to control the situation- some chance, this was not her call! Ricky’s expression at once hardened again and I saw him renew his efforts, bucking into her more forcefully. Certainly he was using her body for his pleasure, to climb that mountain, to seek that ecstatic release at the top, but also to affirm and enforce his control. I heard the first gasp- I knew he was near and then

“Uuuh Uuuh Uuhhhhhhh”

He was coming, still buried deep inside her, using his sperm to underline just who was now boss, who was the pestle and who the mortar, who the gardener and who the garden.


Michelle screamed as she felt him pulse within her. Ricky’s eyes popped open, he still looked determined but more relaxed. Quietly confident. He released his hold on her legs and pulled out of her with a gloopy plopping sound. She struggled as if to get up.

“Oh No you don’t, we’re not finished yet!”

Perhaps that was the first time that Michelle realized I had a deeper role to play, something more incisive than that of simple sidekick. For a moment she seemed to contemplate struggling, maybe even screaming, but when Ricky took my place holding her arms she knew the moment was passed. She looked daggers at me but didn’t struggle. I took my place between her thighs and eased my engorged prick into her. The head stretched her lips and they closed tightly around me as I eased myself into her.


Centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch, deeper, deeper, I entered her. Her warm damp walls clung to my prick as I advanced, encircling me, grasping me- not consciously I am sure. If she could have denied me all pleasure and reward from entering her then I am certain she would have done so, but there was nothing she could do to loosen the natural tone of her vagina. Her cunny tube was narrow and firmly muscled, it held me tightly simply because it was tight. The sensations were delicious. I hadn’t expected her to feel so good and I recalled Ricky’s expression on penetration. I guess my face probably mirrored his at that stage. I pressed on, feeding my prick into her, I was bigger than Ricky, she seemed to be grunting more as I stretched her, even with the extra lubrication kindly provided care of Ricky.

She was deep as well as tight and I bottomed out without finding her cervix. I started to ease myself out and as I did so the ring of her cunt held me tightly, again not consciously I am certain, but simply because it was delightfully stretched. In any event the feeling was as if she wanted me to stay within her and so I chose to adopt that interpretation. The night air was cold outside her so I thrust back in, only to repeat the delicious slide of prick into vagina, helmet on rippled cunt wall, frosty coolness to deep womb-heat. It was simply delicious. I reached up and sent my hands in under her blouse, groping for the lace-covered tits within, they were large and firm. I was sorry I couldn’t get them out but there really wasn’t time. I hadn’t been as directly affected by Michelle’s behavior so maybe I had less to prove; in any event I seemed to come all too quickly. Soon I was up there on the mountain ledge, poised to jump off. I will swear that just at that moment her cunt twitched, and that was it, the final stimulation! I fell and fell! Tumbling though space. In the real world I exploded in her, my prick pulsing to send my gloopy gift to join Ricky’s in bathing her cunt walls, swirling upwards to seek her womb. Gosh that was good!!

I opened my eyes to see her glaring at me. Still angry, still in opposition

“Get what you wanted prick?”

“Oh yes! Definitely, yes I did”

“Then get the fuck off me and bugger off”

My prick slipped wetly from her body and I stood up. Our pooled emissions joined with whatever moisture she had provided and drained out of her in a gloopy flow onto her crumpled clothes.

“Shit what have you done to my skirt?”

Michelle was wiping her skirt trying to prevent our sperm from staining. She had not been cowed by her experience. It had certainly not been of her volition but she was no stranger to sex, and we hadn’t hurt her.

“Piss off losers”

We had had our way; we felt that justice had been served.

“See you ‘Shell”

The next few days we were a little worried but there was no comeback. Our first conscious rape and we had got away with it. Afterwards I found out Michelle had a regular boyfriend- definitely not a guy to tangle with and Michelle was not the only girl whose favors he enjoyed, but only he was allowed to come inside her. I doubt she ever told him about Ricky and me, which suited us well. In time I found myself wondering was it even rape? Certainly she had not been willing but I guess it’s really a matter of how you think of it. Personally I don’t think it was. Teasing in a woman is pretty much like a naughty child and so I see it as Ricky and I simply being firm. Like when you tell a child “You will stop playing and you will go to bed Now!” All the same Michelle never spoke to either of us again. There had been nothing in the experience for her, and she had simply tolerated our insistence with a practical resignation. She did tell some of her girlfriends though- and most then avoided us too although not all seemed to view it in quite the same way. In time for instance, we did get to know Sharon rather better ….

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