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4 fustrated students give teacher a lesson
The Teachers Summer Vacation

He was a new teacher at the high school, (he was young, hung and single) and all the girls thought he was dreamy. Because he was able to teach both chemistry and several math classes he had gotten the job of his choice. I was a very upscale suburban area and it was close to the small tract of woods he had with the cabin he was building. It was a very modest log cabin but he had some interesting additions. There was a solar outdoor shower and a wood fired sauna. Down the hill was a small one acre pond. The property was forested mostly by evergreens.

The entire year at school had been very trying, not because of the work load but because the fact that every one of the girls in his classes was head over heel in love with him. They would giggle coming into class and giggle going out. There were love notes in his books and desk and once when he bent over in a crowed hall someone grabbed his ass. Every one of his classes was booked solid. The principle had commented several times about this but just put it down to the push for science education in general. We all know the science involved here, the science of male and female attraction better known as sex.

Things had gotten even worse as the weather got warmer and the skirts got shorter. For the last two months he had ended the class period with a pulsing erection because some of the girls were actually spreading their legs and giving him a real show of panties. He had not known that panties came in so many colors and styles and then the other day the blond that sat in the second row by the wall opened her legs wide and had no panties on. He had dropped the beaker he was holding and made a real mess. She knew what happened as she gave him a big smile and wink when he looked up again.

Then there was the brunette in fourth hour with the really nice breasts and big eyes. She not only wore short skirts and showed her panties every day but she wore the most revealing blouses and bras possible. She would come up to his desk and bend over and he was sure they were going to fall out on the desk. Then the other day she did not wear a bra and all through class all he could do was stare at her nipples. Again he had to sit at his desk most of the class because of his throbbing erection.

There was the red head and she was no different than the other except she had a real temper and had talked back to him on several occasions. He would have thrown her out of class except for the fact she was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen and he would fuck her any time if his job was not at stake.

Then there was the girl with black hair and olive skin and a brazen attitude. She had actually come up to him one afternoon after school and told him she was going to fuck him some day. All he had said was, not till your 18 girl. She had replied she was 18 in May and expected to see him.

Well there was only a week till summer vacation and he was going to be working on his cabin for at least a month.

The bell had rung and there were few students left when she came into the room. Maria had long black hair that reached the middle of her back and that combined with her olive skin slender body and well proportioned figure in a very tight mini skirt and carousel top made her a girl to stop your heart. The inhale of breath was very audible as she walked up to the desk with a strut to turn men to mush. He just stared as she approached and then she bent over the front of his desk exposing two very nice breasts in a black bra. He swallowed and asked,” What can I do for you Maria?”

She looked straight into his eye, which had returned to the sockets and were now looking at her face, and said.” I want you to fuck me and I want it soon as school is out, If you don’t I will say you did anyway.”

Oh shit, he thought I’m fucked now. For several moments he just sat there wondering what to do. Hell she is 18 and looks great.

“Okay I would be very pleased to and I know just the place. I have a cabin in the next county and we can go there right after graduation.”

She smiled and reached out touching the side of his face bent down and kissed him very lightly. “Be sure to give me a map with time and detail before then”, and then walked out.

The smile on her lips and the look in her eyes made him start and think twice but he discarded the notion that crosses his mind.

Now he had no idea that the four of them were friends and that they had planned on all of them getting fucked by Mr. Johnson. Very little changed and all the girls continued to act as they had done all along.

John had given Maria a map and details on how to find his cabin and had arranged for her to meet him on Monday a week after graduation. He had no idea that all four of the girls would be showing up.

It was a warm summer day and he had been up early working on things and cleaning. Today he was going to get to fuck one of the most beautiful girls in the area. Actually he had thought many times about fucking her but fear of losing his job stopped him. Now there was no chance of that as she was 18 and no longer a student.

Then he heard the vehicle approaching and then saw the car as it came through the opening in the trees. He looked hard as it seemed there was more than just Maria in the car. Dam what is she up to and he got a little worried as he was not real keen on surprises from young girls. The car stopped in front of the cabin and the four girls got out looking like the hottest little street walkers ever. His eyes were wide and his mouth too.

“Hello John, we are here to have some fun”, and with that two of them moved to each side taking an arm. Before he could do much they had him on the ground with his hands in handcuffs, a collar around his neck, and some sort of shackles on his ankles.

“What the hell is going on, let me up,”

“There is no sense making a big fuss as nobody can hear and we are in control so either you be quiet or I put a gag in your mouth understand?” and she held up a nasty looking thing he did not want in his mouth.

“Okay Okay no gag but what the hell are you doing”.

Maria then stepped forward and explained. “Well Mr. Johnson it seems that we have offered ourselves to you all year long and you did nothing so now we are taking charge and you will do as we want. Many times we saw you with a hardon as we sat in class wishing you would fuck us but no we had to find other ways to satisfy ourselves or each other and now you’re going to get a taste of that frustration.” With that the girls tied him to the posts on the porch and unpacked the car.

John was not real unhappy as he got to watch four very sexy girls walking back and forth. Jean the blond was a 34 C and had a very cute ass, Ruth the brunette was a 36C with an even bigger ass as she had some extra weight but then at six foot she could handle it, and then there was Shelly the redhead with a 34B maybe and she needed a belt to hold up anything. Maria was tall dark and a 36D and matching hips and ass. They were all in shorts and tank tops and all but Shelly had on bras. He liked the view he got as they in turn bent over to get stuff from the car and show off the cute ASSets each possessed. All the shorts were very tight and pulled into the ass crack nicely showing off the cheeks. In a couple the ample cheeks bulged a little and showed below the shorts in that nice little hand holds. John was getting an erection just watching and thinking about what was to come.

Maria walked up to John and looked at the bulge in his shorts. “Well seems you like what you see here”, and she reached down and rubbed his cock which jumped at the touch. All the girls stopped and looked. “Let’s see there is not too much sun here so you don’t need all those clothes on”, and with that she proceeded to strip John bare.

He had a woman or two undress him but not like this. She was not gentle and he was soon naked feeling just a little vulnerable. The girls all gathered around and looked at him smiling and then they moved in and started to touch. They were exploring his body with gentle caresses and his erection was at full hardness.

He shivered at the feel of so many hands touching his cock and then caressing and playing with his balls. Then someone was caressing his butt and wow someone was probing his ass. He jerked up and wiggled. “Hey, what are you doing back there”?

“Oh we are going to check you out and we are going to explore every part of you” and with that a finger was pushed up his ass.

As first he was a little put off but then a sexy girl with her finger up his ass was a turn-on and he relaxed which allowed her finger to go deeper.

Now they were kissing his body all over from lips to inner thigh. Hands were touching him in ways that sent electric shocks through him. They knew every sensitive place on a man and they hit them all. John’s body was quivering as he neared a climax. Then it all stopped cold and he looked at them with a pained questioning look on his face.

“You got us all hot and horny and never gave us satisfaction and so now we are returning the favor”, and with that they walked away.

John looked incredulous as his body quivered with the anticipation of a climax that was not going to come. He thought, shit this is not going to be fun you bitches will pay for this if I can ever get free.

The girls had finished unpacking and were in the cabin changing clothes and when they came out again they were dressed much as they had for classes. They got chairs and sat on the pouch facing John showing him their young legs and as they crossed and spread them, the panties were easily seen. He was filled with desire for the four most beautiful girls he had ever seen but he could not reach them. They just smiled and then taking turns they stood and then very slow and seductively stripped.

The first was Jean and she was wearing a cute white pleated skirt with a blue blouse. The blouse came off a button at a time revealing a very lacy blue bra holding very nice but smaller breasts. The dark areola showing about the top edge made his mouth water with the idea of sucking on your young nipples. Then she removed the shorts leaving the dark blue boy cut panties that matched the bra. She walked up and turned and wiggled her ass in his face. His hardon pulsed.

The girls saw the cock jump then pointed and laughed. Then Jean sat down and Ruth stood up wearing a camisole and very tight black leather skirt. She walked up and just whipped off the skirt showing the black thong she was wearing which covered very little and then pulled the top off. Now she stood in front of him with her 36D tits straining at the black bra and then she turned and showed him her bar butt cheeks with the black string running down the crack. She wiggled the butt and then reached around and pulled the cheeks apart and bent over. He got a close up view of her tight rosebud of bunghole and the back of the pussy lips. His cock pulsed again and the girls pointed and laughed.

He was getting very agitated and horny and well he wanted to fuck someone soon preferably one of these girls.
Shelly got up after Ruth; she was wearing a very short skirt and a shirt. She never wore a bra and so when she took off the top the biggest thing were two very hard nipples. She turned then bent over and he could see her iridescent green panties, she had worn them many times to class, and she pulls them off. Wearing only the skirt she sat down.

Now it was Maria turn and she walked right up to John reached out and grabbed his cock. Her touch sent thrills through his body and his mind raced with visions of what might be ahead. John’s imagination could never have come up with what the girls had in mind. Maria stroked his cock so nicely and then his balls causing his body to shiver with anticipation.

Now the girls were gathered around him again touching and caressing his body. Then the rest of their clothes came off. His head swiveled around and around and still he could not see everything. Then he realized that he was now surrounded by four young beautiful naked girls. His mind could not comprehend it all and it just swirled with excitement.

All of the girls were shaved clean, very clean and the pussies were all varied. Maria had full puffy lips while Shelly had the tightest pussy lips. Jean was the biggest of the girls but not fat in that way. She had fleshy thighs and big pussy lips.

John was taken from the porch posts and laid on a blanket while his limbs were tied to stakes in the ground. The girls circled him looking at him and causing some worry on his part. After a couple of minutes of this treatment they all knelt down around him and started to kiss, lick and suck various parts of his body. One was sucking his cock while others were kissing and sucking nipples and then his balls. His cock was so hard and it kept pulsing. There was a finger in his ass and then one of the girls sat on his hand. He now could finger a warm wet pussy and he looked he saw it was Shelly. She wiggled her butt to force his fingers deeper. Then his other hand felt a warm wet pussy and it was Maria. She smiled and she took his hand and forced him to put two fingers deep into her.

Now he saw Ruth reach down and stroke his cock and the straddle him and squat down. He felt the head of is cock rub against her pussy lips and then felt it slide into her very wet pussy. His body shuddered with the lust and passion surging through him.

He could not believe the feelings running through his body and the three of them were working their bodies to bring him to climax when all of a sudden Jean straddled his head and squatted. He saw the beautiful pussy descending and thought of how good it was going to taste. She lower to his lips and she let him lick and suck her couple of time before she squatted completely burying his face (mouth and nose) completely. For a moment he was in pussy heaven and then he realized he could not breathe. He wiggled and tried to turn his head but was trapped between her ample thighs. He was getting desperate and started to pull against the restraints. His desperate thrashing did not solve the dilemma and he started to run out of oxygen. He panicked and thrashed even harder with his entire body bucking and convulsing about. Of course all the thrashing about had given the girls riding his hand and cock a real thrill and Ruth had a small orgasm as did Maria. Shelly simple rode on. Jean kept his head buried in her pussy (it did feel very good even when he bit her lips trying to get free) and squeezed harder.

He was desperate and scared. Death seemed to be just waiting for him now when all of a sudden they all got up. He gasped for air coughing and spiting. Maria held up the gag and shook her head. He said nothing.

“There now wasn’t that fun?” “We thought we would give you some idea of the level of frustration we felt every day.”

He thought, hell girl that was not frustration that was pure fear of death. These girls needed an English lesson in word definitions but English was not the subject in hand, cocks and pussy were.

Even though he was scared to death the thrill of the sex was overpowering and he wanted to climax in the worst way. They all just stood there looking at him now and all he could think about was please suck it or sit on it but please make me cum now.

One of the girls now straddled him and squatted taking his cock into her pussy. She squeezed his cock with her tight pussy lips and moved up and down with increasing speed. He had been close before and so he exploded after only a few strokes. It was Jean and she also had an orgasm as the hot cum filled her pussy.

She got off and Shelly stepped over him. She looked at him with a look that made him a little afraid again.

“That cock had better not get soft mister or I just might cut it off” and with that she grabbed his cock and pulled and massaged it till it was fully erect again. Then she sat down with such force he thought she would drive it to her belly. She moved up and down with such force he thought that each time she drove it deeper. Then she sat down hard and twister side to side and this caused him to shoot another load were upon she jumped up while he was still leaking.

Now Ruth moved over him and bent down and took his cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked the cock while caressing his balls with one hand and the other giving him a prostate stimulation. His cock got hard again and she mounted him. The pumping up and down with increasing speed and the sight of a beautiful woman on top of him caused him to climax again, but this time there was not much liquid. After his ejaculated she bent down kissed his lips and stood up.

Maria moved over him and straddled his face and turns and faces his crotch. She bends down and takes his cock into her mouth and sucks hard. Then she is licking and sucking and working his cock with energy built of passion. His cock gets stiff but not like before. She is sucking, licking and stroking it like a real pro. He loves the feel of her mouth around his cock and the tongue is so nice. Then her pussy is just above his mouth and he tried to reach it but she keeps it just out of reach. He wants that pussy, he needs her pussy to suck and eat, and he begs. She works him until he can stand it no longer and again he climaxes but this time there is little cum.

Maria gets up and looks down at him. “It seems the well is dry ladies so what should we do?”

The others all say together; “let’s fuck him till he shrivels up like a prune”. Four beautiful naked women fall on the helpless John again each in turn forcing him to climax. Well he never thought he could climax that many times or pump out that much cum but he did or they coaxed it out of him. No matter what John was exhausted when they untied him. He could barely stand up but they made him as he was lead by the collar to the cabin.

“We have had a good start and tomorrow there will be a lot more.”

Tomorrow John thought, oh god they are great and I thought this would be fun but more tomorrow.

The girls had planned on a weeks’ vacation, or so they told everyone. The second and third days were the same except for the fact John was getting weaker. They fed him and gave him some rest but still in the middle of the night one of the girls would show up looking for sex a little something extra something special. John was happy to oblige as best he could.

It was late morning when he woke up and he tried to think what day it was, Oh right it’s Friday, I think. He had been having sex steady for the last 3 or was it 4 days. There was nothing left in him and he wanted it over but the girls had other idea.

They got him up and fed him then took him to the shower. While taking a shower he had fucked Jean and Ruth, and then as he was drying off Shelly wanted his body. By the time they got back to the cabin he was exhausted again.

Maria was on the porch and there was a box beside her, “well Mr. Johnson have you had enough?” and he nodded yes. “Well I don’t think so and I think you are starting to need help keeping the old cock hard”.

She then proceeded to empty the box of strange things he could only imaging what they were for. There was a bicycle pump with a large plastic cylinder attached by tube. She held this up and said; “this will make you big and hard again” and with that slipped the cylinder over his soft cock. While Maria held the cylinder Shelly began to pump. The tube was connected to the intake not the outlet and so each stroke took air out of the cylinder creating a vacuum. As the vacuum increased Johns cock grew and swelled in size. The whole thing felt like a giant cock sucking and for awhile it felt good. Then it got to be a little too much suction and his cock could not get any bigger. Maria took the cylinder and started to pull on it pulling on his cock. Then she released the pressure and took the cylinder off. Before he could think, she was on him riding his cock with frenzy. His cock was hard and it felt good going deep into her wet warm pussy. His body quivered and he pumped a load of cum deep into her well used cunt. He liked that thought, well used cunt. Even though he was exhausted he was enjoying it.

When Maria was done the process was repeated for each of the other girls. When the pumping and fucking was done John was sure his cock had gotten at least 2 inches longer and half inch bigger in diameter. He was not sure where the juice was coming from as he had been dried out several times over the last days.

After lunch the girls had been in a circle talking and laughing and pointing and looking at things in the TOY BOX.
He saw Shelly waving something in the air and then running toward him. She threw it on the ground, a strapon, and then stripped off all her clothes. There was a cock on one side and a smaller protrusion on the other. She strapped it on and the others took John and bent him over the porch railing while spreading his legs wide.

He felt the cool end of the hard strapon push against his asshole.

Oh god he thought, they are going to butt fuck me, and he felt it enter. There was a certain amount of pain as it slid into his ass. At some point it hit the right nerve endings and then he relaxed and started to enjoy the sensations. In the mean time Jean had come in front and offered her tits to him to lick and suck and Ruth was sucking his cock. The sensations he was feeling because of his ass being fucked while his cock was being sucked were incredible. His body vibrated and he came with such pleasure he wanted to scream and then he collapsed.

He had passed out and the girls were a little worried. They took him in the cabin and started to wash him off with cool wash clothes. He shook his head and came around looking at the four naked girls. They were all smiling at him and he could only smile back thinking, what a way to die, and then started to black out again.

The girls figured they had better stop now as he seemed to be the end of his rope and they did not want to ruin a good man. They took off all the straps and cuffs.

When he woke he was lying on his back with a girl along each side looking at him with very tender expression and what one might consider loving eyes. Both of the girls were wearing bras and panties. On the other side of the room the other two girls were busy in the kitchen area also in bra and panties, except for Shelly. He realized that he no longer had the restraints on him but did not make a move. He did not know exactly with to do or think at this time. For almost a week he had been FORCED, (big smile) to have sex with four of the most beautiful girls he had know. If this is what they meant by being a prisoner of love then I wanted to be given a live sentence.

Maria walked over to the bed and looked down and said, “well you can talk now it is over and we will be leaving soon, I doubt that you will make any complaint about us right.”

For the first time in several days John was allowed to speak and all he could say was, “thank you, thank you girls so much.”

Jean rolled over John and kissed him softly and rolled back and this was followed by each kissing him softly.

John just looked at them and finally said, “you know I wanted each of you for some time but well I just could not being your teacher and the adult, gees I hope you are all 18 now.”

Jean looked at him and smiled, “you’re in trouble now because I won’t be 18 till next week”, and kissed him again. She knew she would never cause trouble for this man, she loved him.

They all gave numbers and email addresses to John and took his private addresses and numbers. I seemed there would be a lot of private tutoring for the students and teacher.

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Great story, a mans proper fantasy, all you men wish that would happen to you don't you ? Don't lie !! I think I would like to be the only one with access to him and his nice big sounding cock and outstanding stamina, think I'll take some pointers from this for my hubby. I need it all the time and he's happy 3/4 times per week. I think he'd be catatonic at the end of the month though !. Thanks for the laugh. Luvsalik xx

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I loved it. Some of the girls i know from high school would definitely do that.

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