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Mike opened his locker and barely managed to catch the folded sheet of paper that fluttered out, almost dropping his books. He looked around to see who might be watching, but all the other kids were busy gathering up their things to go home for the end of the day, so he tossed his books in the locker and unfolded the note.

‘I want you to be the one that takes my virginity, that fucks me for the first time. I want to feel your cock pounding into my pussy as you fuck me, and feel your cum spurting inside me as you and I both reach our orgasm, my wet pussy trying to suck the very cum out of your throbbing cock. I want you to be the first, my love, the very first to fill my virgin hole with your cum…’

There was no signature, just a printed half page deion of how this girl would like him to be the first to fuck her, how she wanted to suck his cock afterwards and lick his cum from it, then a couple of pics, copied from some porn site no doubt, of a young girl being fucked hard, and another of the same girl sucking a guy’s cock. He looked around again, scanning the area more slowly this time, looking to see who might be spying on him as he read the note, but didn’t see anyone paying him any special attention. Dammit, he thought, trying to stand so the bulge of his erection wasn’t as visible in the front of his pants.

Ashley could see the bulge in the front of Mike’s pants from where she stood at her locker a few feet away. Mike had transferred to the school just a month before, near the end of the school year, and Ashley immediately liked the quiet kid with the emo look and athletic looking body. He seemed quite shy, but she had heard him talking with some of the other kids from time to time, cracking jokes about himself and his family’s seemingly endless moves as his dad was transferred from job to job, and she had grown to love his quick wit. She was shy as well, though, too shy to simply introduce herself and ask him out, so she had hit on the idea of leaving notes in his locker, unsigned of course. She quickly ducked her head and pretended to be putting something in her locker as he glanced around, then checked him out again as he stuffed the note into his backpack.

She was excited by the bulge in his pants, and could only imagine what was behind it, and how much she would love to have that cock filling her virgin pussy. She had never had any sexual contact with a boy, had in fact never even been kissed by a boy, but she had seen enough pictures and videos on the internet, as well as some of her parents’ own collection of videos they thought they had hidden well away, to know what Mike’s zipper held back from her. She wanted so much to walk over to him and tell him she had left the note, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it, not just yet. And she had to admit, teasing him this way did give her a thrill. She could feel herself getting wet as she stole glances at the front of his pants, imagining Mike’s cock entering her, and thought she might just have to ‘borrow’ her mom’s vibrator when she got home…

Mike walked home alone, thinking about the note and wondering who had written it. Ashley was walking with a group of girlfriends, and a couple of boys, maybe half a block behind Mike as they walked home, chattering and talking about the day. Ashley kept glancing ahead to Mike, watching the forlorn figure as he trudged home alone, wishing she had the nerve to reach out to him.

After she had gotten herself off in her room with her mom’s vibrator, Ashley used her computer to search online until she found exactly what she wanted. It was a beautifully written deion of a blowjob, written by a woman who obviously knew what she was talking about. A few minutes editing as she sat in front of her computer, her panties growing wet as she read the deion and retyped bits of it, and Ashley had almost a full page to print out and leave for Mike the next day. She looked around the internet and found a nice pic of a pair of a woman’s lips wrapped around the head of a cock, a bit of cum seeping out between the lips and the cock, and pasted it into the middle of the page. She then printed it out, and smiled to herself at the thought of his reaction.

Ashley had a study period for her last class of the day, and no one was really very concerned about taking attendance or making sure everyone was there on time, so she slipped her notes into Mike’s locker as she was going to her last class, after the bell had rung and the hallways were cleared. One day she saw him in the hallway after the bell had rung, lingering, hoping to catch a glimpse of whoever was leaving the notes, so she walked on past his locker to her study hall, then got a pass to go to the restroom later. She made sure he wasn’t still lingering in the hallway, slipped the note in his locker, and went on her way.

She teased him this way for over a month, until the end of the school year. There were times she wanted so much to let him know she was the one who had been leaving the notes, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Finally, the last day of school, she had to face a choice. She could let him know who she was, and hope they might still see each other over the summer, or she could remain anonymous and take the chance she might not see him at all once school was out. She agonized over the decision for a week, and finally decided she had to let him know and hope he would still want to see her over the summer.

After that last day of school, after Ashley had mustered up the courage to tell him she was the one who had been leaving the notes, Mike walked her home, all the way to her door, even though they had to pass his house to get there. Shy as they both were, now that her secret was out in the open, she found him remarkably easy to talk to, and they got along well together as they walked home, then sat on her front porch chatting for a bit after they got to her house. Mike was hoping he might be invited in for a chance to fool around a bit before her parents got home – after all, she had been writing him notes for over a month describing various sex acts she would like him to perform on her – but all she allowed before he left was a chaste kiss on the cheek as they exchanged phone numbers and he promised to call her that night.

He did, and Ashley spent over an hour on the phone with him, finally working up the nerve to describe to him how she wanted to suck his cock for him. She did this as she watched a video on the internet of a woman giving what was billed as ‘the best blowjob ever,’ describing her every move to him as the woman in the video sucked her partner’s cock. She could hear Mike grunting and moaning over the phone, until she heard a long sigh, then silence for a bit, and realized he had cum. She was nude and had been fingering herself as she watched the video and relayed the deion to him, becoming more excited by his reaction over the phone, and once she realized he had cum, it triggered her own orgasm.

Mike had a drivers’ license but no car yet, so he was able to talk his mom into letting him borrow her car the next day, ostensibly to take Ashley to a movie. Together they deliberately chose a movie they had both already seen, in case anyone asked them questions about it later, and Mike drove them to the theatre. It as a Saturday afternoon showing, the first weekend after the end of the school year, and naturally the place was overrun with kids. After sitting in the car a few minutes watching the crowd lining up for tickets, Mike suggested they go somewhere else and maybe just park for a while, and Ashley agreed, though a bit apprehensive about the idea.

They found a secluded spot to park behind a row of businesses not far from the theatre, under a nice shade tree where a pair of dumpsters hid them from view of the back doors of the businesses. They moved to the back seat and sat and talked a while, inevitably turning to the subject of sex, and Mike moved closer to Ashley. He put one arm around her and pulled her close, but only got a light kiss on the cheek. He reached across with his other hand to the front of her top, but barely got to brush his hand across one of her breasts before she gently fended him off.

Mike kept talking to her, telling Ashley how horny she had made him with her notes and the chat on the phone the night before. He kept slipping his free hand over to the front of her top, and Ashley kept brushing it off, until she finally let him rest it on one of her breasts. He gently squeezed and kneaded her breast, just feeling a hint of her nipple though her bra as she leaned her head back slightly and moaned softly.
Ashley desperately wanted to go on, to let him slip his hand up under her top and play with her breasts, even lift her top up and lick and suck them a bit. She felt herself getting incredibly wet, and began to fear it might show through her jeans. She gently removed his hand from her breast again, deciding that was far enough for now; as much as she wanted to go ahead and let Mike have his way with her, she wanted to keep teasing him even more.

Frustrated but determined, Mike lowered his hand to Ashley’s lap and began massaging her thighs a bit as he turned toward her as much as he could. Ashley responded by half turning toward him, and spreading her thighs, allowing his hand to rub and caress her pubic mound through the front of her jeans. Again, she wanted to let him go on, but she was just as determined to give him just a taste of what was in store as she strung him along, enjoying being a tease. After a couple of minutes, still amazed her wetness had not soaked through her jeans, she turned back around and made him stop.

Mike’s cock was rock hard in his jeans, and was beginning to get a bit uncomfortable. He unfastened the front of his jeans and slid them down, allowing his cock to spring free, and turned again so it was facing Ashley. He grasped it with one hand and began stroking it, offering it to her and hoping she would at least give him a blow job such as she had described to him.

Ashley had never really seen a live cock up close, well, except for her father’s once when she accidentally walked in on him in the bathroom. She stared at it, fascinated, as Mike stroked it, asking if she would like to kiss it for him. Instead she reached across with one trembling hand and wrapped her fingers around it as he released it, and began to stroke it for him, ever so lightly, near the head. Mike leaned back and watched, still hoping she would suck his cock, but settling for at least a hand job.

He knew Ashley had said she was a virgin, and had gotten most of what she had written and talked about from watching videos. She was nervous as she stroked his cock, not sure she was doing it right, but to Mike it didn’t matter, any touch on his cock was just fine with him right now. Within minutes, she felt his cock tense in her hand, then it began to twitch and jerk as the cum spurted from the tip, getting on her hands and wrist and onto the car seat. Mike was able to find a rag under the front seat to wipe up the cum before it stained the seat, and Ashley used it to wipe the cum from her hand and wrist as well.

Mike’s father had lined him up a job working with him during the summer, so Mike and Ashley didn’t get to see each other much during the week, instead talking on the phone every night, very sexual talk about what they planned to do to each other the next time they got together. None of those plans ever came to fruition, however; though they saw each other every weekend and usually went ‘to the movies’ together, Mike was never able to get past feeling up a bit, finally getting to suck some bare tit and play with her pussy, and getting her to give him a handjob. He grew more and more frustrated as the summer went on, wanting so much to get a blowjob or give her a good fucking like those she described to him every night.

Late in the summer, just a couple of weeks before school was to start again, Mike’s parents went out of town for a long weekend. He and Ashley had never really tried to do anything at either’s house, because there always seemed to be family around, but Mike saw this as his chance. Maybe Ashley would feel more comfortable going further in a home setting rather than in the back seat of his mom’s car; he certainly hope so, anyway.

His parents left Friday afternoon, and he had asked Ashley to stop by in the early evening. She did, and he took her on a tour of the house, which actually wasn’t that much different from hers, since they only lived a couple of blocks apart in the same planned subdivision. He showed her his weight machine in the basement, where he worked out a couple of times a week; that explained his athletic build, since she knew he hadn’t gone out for any of the sports at school.

Back upstairs, sitting on the couch in the living room, Mike again tried to get Ashley to go a bit further than just letting him feel her up and giving him a handjob, but she was having none of it. She did take her top off, though, something she had never done in the car at their parking spot, and removed her bra to allow him to suck and explore her titties more completely, and even took her jeans off – but not her panties – to give him better access to feel her pussy and fingerfuck her a bit. Finally he had stripped naked in front of her, and she actually knelt in front of him, and he thought maybe this time…but no, she simply took his cock in both hands and masturbated him again. This time, though, rather than let his cum run down over her hands, she held him as he spurted his cum onto her neck and chest, jets of his cum hitting her titties and leaving trails across her upper body. The closest he got to fucking her was to rub his cock against the wet crotch of her panties as he lay on top of her on the couch.

After she left, Mike was as frustrated as ever, despite being allowed to cum on her titties and hump her through her panties. He desperately wanted to fuck her, and had been trying to do so all summer. Angry, wanting something to help him relax, he went to his father’s bar in the living room and rummaged around, finally pouring himself a shot of bourbon – then it came to him.

As she had promised, Ashley came by to visit again the next afternoon. Again she played her game with Mike on the couch, stripping to her panties and letting him play with her with his hands and suck her titties, but balking at removing her panties. He again stripped naked, and they repeated the handjob of the day before, then he lay on top of her on the couch and humped her through her panties a bit. After a few minutes, he asked if she would like a Coke, and she agreed it would be nice to have something to drink.

Mike went into the kitchen and got a couple of tall glasses and dropped some ice cubes in each one, then poured a generous amount of vodka in hers before filling it the rest of the way with Coke. His was pure Coke, and he made sure when he got back to the living room she got the right one. She barely seemed to notice the vodka as she drank half of hers right down and set the glass on the coffee table. Mike had a couple of sips of his and set it down as well, then began to play with Ashley again.

A while later, after he had sucked her titties again, Ashley finished her drink, and they humped on the couch for a bit. Finally he stood and offered his cock to her, hoping for more than a handjob this time, and she sat up on the couch and took his cock in both her hands. Just as he resigned himself to nothing more than being masturbated again, she lowered her head and kissed the tip of his cock, then took it in her mouth.

He was in heaven as Ashley sucked his cock. She had never had one before, he knew, but she had watched enough videos on the internet at home to have a very good idea how to proceed, and Mike was quickly ready to cum again. He placed one hand on either side of the back of her head and gently pushed her mouth down onto his cock, forcing it deeper into her throat, as he began to cum. Inexperienced, slightly drunk and not expecting that, Ashley began to gag, and Mike quickly released he to let her pull back. She did, but kept his cock in her mouth, taking his full load of cum. He felt her swallow it, then begin sucking again, licking his cock, getting all the cum she could before finally releasing his limp cock from her lips.
She sat there as though stunned for a minute, then mumbled she had to go home and began collecting her clothes. Mike had hoped she would stay longer, maybe even go further, but she fended him off whenever he reached for her and insisted she had to leave.

Ashley had known the Coke had been mixed with something when she first tasted it, but she had been sure she could handle it. And she had, she told herself, until the last bit, when she lost control and gave Mike a blowjob. Well, that hadn’t been totally unpleasant, though she hadn’t planned to do that for a while yet; she finally decided she hadn’t slipped up too badly, only giving him oral after seeing him for over three months. She still had him so horny to actually fuck her it was driving him crazy, and she would settle for that right now.

She called him again that night, and they had a long chat about how much he had enjoyed the blowjob, and she admitted she had actually enjoyed it as well. She ended the call after agreeing to see him again around noon the next day.

Mike knew where he had screwed up, he hadn’t put quite enough vodka in her Coke. Just a bit more, he thought, and he’d have been nailing that sweet young pussy, something he had wanted to do now for over three months. Maybe he could get away with it again the next day…

After sucking her titties the next afternoon, Mike again offered to get them something to drink. Ashley hadn’t told him she knew about his trick of the day before and expected the same thing again, but she knew now she could handle it. Besides, now that she already had sucked him off the first time, she was already planning to do it again anyway.

Just to prove to herself she could handle it, she sucked down her entire drink before she began to play with his cock. She didn’t realize Mike had put a bit more vodka in it this time, or that drinking it down even faster would cause it to take effect faster. By the time she finished sucking him off, she was woozy, and felt like she couldn’t stand up. Mike helped her to her feet and onto the couch, and she immediately passed out.

As much as he wanted to fuck her, Mike decided against doing so while Ashley was passed out. Still, he wanted a good look at that pussy that had tantalized him for so long, and he peeled her panties off her as she lay on the couch. He fingered her pussy a bit, then decided to taste it, and a few minutes later was happily licking and sucking at her slit as she slept.

Afterwards, sure she would want to get dressed and leave once she came to, Mike debated his options. Finally he picked her up and carried her to his basement weight room and laid her on the weight bench on her back. He thought about it a bit, positioning her so her ass was just on the edge of the bench, and tying her ankles to the legs of the bench. He tied her hands together and then to the supports at the head of the weight bench, so that they were over her head as she lay there. She was just starting to come around as he finished putting one of his father’s belts over her waist and strapping her to the bench with it.

She asked what he was doing, and Mike explained he intended to finally fuck her; he was tired of being strung along. Ashley tugged against the ropes that held her hands and ankles but couldn’t get anywhere, and the belt held her flat against the bench. She did manage to get her knees together, but Mike was easily able to push them apart and get between them. She was helpless, and despite her pleas that he not take her this way, that it was rape, and her promises to stop teasing him, Mike seemed determined to continue.
He knelt between her knees and began licking and tasting her pussy again, not able to get enough of it. Ashley was trying to buck and wriggle away, but was completely unable to move as he ravished her with his tongue. She finally gave up and gave in, actually beginning to enjoy having him eat her pussy, when the phone rang.

Mike started to not answer it, then thought it might be his parents and decided he should. He almost answered it on the basement extension, then realized if Ashley called out they would hear her, so he bounded up the stairs and took the call in the kitchen. It wasn’t his parents, just a friend from down the street, and Mike started to put him off, then had an idea. He looked at his watch and saw his parents weren’t due home for several hours, early evening at best, and came up with a plan.

Once he returned downstairs, Ashley saw Mike had an old black t-shirt with him. She asked what it was for, and he replied by cutting off about a three inch wide strip from the bottom, all the way across the front and back. He took this, two layers, and placed it over her eyes, then tied it behind her head, so she couldn’t see. Ashley had been warming up to the idea of getting fucked as he had been eating her pussy, but the blindfold was a complete surprise. Mike explained it was part of a game he wanted to play with her for a bit, and he might leave it on as he fucked her as well. Ashley reluctantly agreed, though she really didn’t have a choice.

Mike had taken a feather from one of the hanging decorations his mom had upstairs, and used it to lightly touch Ashley at different places on her body. She had no idea where he was going to touch her until he did so, and the not knowing and the lightness of the touch enhanced the effect, making her rather horny. Mike stroked the feather under her arms, across her breasts, her neck and throat, down her belly, up and down her thighs, and finally concentrated on her pubic mound and pussy. He stroked her clit with it a few times, the light touch of the feather just enough to make her incredibly wet.

He began eating her pussy again, his tongue exploring her slit, lapping up and down to get her juices as they flowed from her. Ashley was moaning and crying out softly as he did so, finally trying to hump up toward his tongue as she began to cum. He stopped then, and a moment later she felt his cock enter her pussy lips, slowly easing into her, until she began to beg him to hurry up and put it all in her.

Mike fucked her slowly for several minutes, taking his time stroking his cock in and out of her, teasing her with it as unmercifully as she had teased him over the preceding months. After several minutes, he let his cock slip out of her, and when she asked why, he said to take a break for a moment so he could last longer.

She was begging him to put his cock back in her when she finally felt it slip into her again, and again he fucked her nice and slow, despite her pleas to speed up. She wanted him to fuck her hard and fast, but he refused to increase the pace any, still fucking her with long, slow strokes. Still, she felt herself beginning to cum, then he pulled out again…

A few seconds later he began to fuck her again, still with the maddeningly slow strokes. Ashley was close to cumming now, and almost literally begging him to fuck her harder, faster, to jam his cock into her. She began to cum, twitching and bucking on the bench as much as the restraints would let her, and still the cock inside her kept up it’s slow pace, stroking in and out.

Another pause, but Ashley was in mid cum and barely noticed, then the cock was inside her again. She continued cumming, her pussy contracting and releasing, trying to squeeze the cum from his cock as it continued its relentless, slow thrusting in and out. Ashley came continuously for several minutes, and again the cock was removed. She was beginning to come down from her orgasm now, and welcomed the respite, but it lasted only a few seconds, then the cock was back in her again.

This time, though, there was no slow, relentless in and out thrusting. The very first thrust was brutal, sinking the cock deep inside her, then it began pounding in and out of her as fast as it could go. Ashley was quickly riding the crest of her orgasm once again, trying hard as she could to fuck back against the cock that was ramming into her pussy, over and over, bottoming out with each stroke. Unable to move, all she could do was lie there and take it, her orgasm washing over her in waves now, each one seeming larger than the other as her pussy was brutally assaulted.

Something splattered onto her belly, but Ashley barely noticed, then several more splatters hit her breasts, her nipples, and even her face below the blindfold. She could feel the cock inside her cumming, spurting its load deep inside her now, the pounding stopped as it was rammed as deep into her pussy as it would go. She was splattered again, on the lips, and licking them, she tasted something familiar…

Mike ripped the blindfold off, and Ashley looked up to see his cock over her mouth, cum still dripping from it onto her lips. There was another boy standing on the same side as Mike, his slick cock still in his hands from where he had shot his cum onto her body, and two more boys on the other side in the same position, one of them still spurting cum onto her. She could still feel the cock inside her and looked down to see a huge black kid crouched between her legs, his cock still buried in her pussy as he finished cumming inside her.

Mortified and angry, Ashley struggled against the bonds, but could get nowhere. She began to scream and curse at Mike, threatening to report them all for rape, until Mike pointed out the video camera he had placed at the head of the weight bench, perfectly positioned to capture the expression on her face and the fucking she was getting. He offered to play it back for her, to show her how much she had enjoyed it and begged for it, and Ashley began to settle down. She was well and truly fucked, she thought, in more ways than one. Each of them had obviously had a turn at her, saving the black kid and his huge cock for last, when she would be so carried away she wouldn’t notice the size so much.

Mike talked to her as he untied her, calming her down, and finally getting her to admit that yes, she had asked for it by teasing him so much the last three months, and that she had actually enjoyed it. As Mike finally undid the belt and she was able to sit up, Ashley looked around, and saw all the boys still standing there, all their cocks once more stiff and pointing at her. She sighed and lay back down, taking Mike’s cock in her soaked pussy and another in her mouth, and one more in each hand. The black kid, well, he would have to wait - she wanted him in her pussy last, to finish her off again…

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