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The clerk rang his bell
Hotel Desk Clerk
It had been another long business trip and some really rotten clients what a day. He was feeling a little down and a lot pissed off as he walked into the lobby of the hotel and feeling sorry for myself. Without looking he slammed his credit card and reservation info on counter, “I hope the room is ready, I know I am early but I have appointments.”

In a small sweet voice he hear, “Oh yes your room is ready and early is fine you can go right up”.

The voice has caught his attention and he look at the clerk and stare. She is so cute or is it beautiful, no matter, he was very much taken with her. The maroon short skirt, white shirt and maroon vest uniform only enhance her beauty. The hair is shinny auburn with hazel green eyes; there are breasts but not the kind the fall out of the bra. Speaking of bra, is that black lace showing there?

“Here is your key card and is there anything I can do for you”, she asked in the sweetest voice he had heard in the past three days and she asks what I can do for you. If she only knew what he was thinking she could do but no matter he never seem to have any luck lately with women besides she looks to be 15 maybe 20 years younger than him.

Still he could not resist saying with his nicest smile and a commanding voice, “You could have dinner with me tonight, it’s been a rough week and I would enjoy having someone pleasant to look at instead of complaining clients.” He never expected her to accept but then miracles sometimes happen.
“Oh thank you, but it is against hotel policy and I could lose my job” and then she wrote something on paper and slid it to him along with his card.
“Sorry but you are well, I was wishing anyway” and he turned and went to his room. At the room he read the note that said she would like to have dinner and gave a cell phone number. He called it immediately and it rang several times and then that sweet voice answered. His heart jumped a couple of times and he could not explain why.
made a date to meet at a restaurant in town, a very nice restaurant and he had asked if she liked to dance.
He was a fairly good dancer and likes to dance especially if he got to hold the woman.

She closed the phone and looked at the ceiling and smiled then squeezed her legs together and rubbed the front of her skirt over the pubic mound. She had a date with a guy staying at the hotel and he looked great. He was tall and nicely proportioned but he looked older. She had not thought about the age because his presence just somehow made her do what he said. There was a strange attraction to this man. She continued to rub and then as she stood behind the desk her hand moved down. She pulled up her skirt and let her middle finger rub across her panties exciting her pussy lips and sending tingly sensations from there to every part of her body. The finger moved up the lips and sought the little pleasure button. Direct contact was not made but the pressure on the clit made her clinch her lips and moan to herself. The finger then slipped between the panty and skin and was not in direct contact with the clit. She wiggled the finger and ever increasing speed as she clinched her teeth to keep from moaning out loud. The shock wave of pleasure surged through her body and she started to shake and vibrate. She held the counter with the other hand as her knees got rubbery. The orgasm ran through her and she jerked several times. She quickly removed her hand straightened her skirt and smiled at the next customer.

For the rest of her shift all she could think about was the man in the blue suit and what the night may have in store for her.
She was wearing a little black dress that came to her knees but was slit to her thigh. The front plunged to almost her naval and the back to the low small just about her cheeks. She had put on a very sexy black patterned panty hose and black stiletto heels. She entered the restaurant and gave John’s name and was lead to the table. He stood and stared looking up and down in a most desiring way.

He could not believe what he saw, she was a knock out and that dress was going to be well, he hoped it would be coming off tonight.

They ate, drank some wine and when to a lounge where there was nice band for dancing.
She seemed to be drinking a lot and it seemed to be going to her head. The pain pills she had taken before going out, she had some pain in her hip from a fall, were working with the alcohol to make her very drunk.
The dancing started out nicely and he enjoyed holding her close. The feel of her body next to his made him want to take her home soon but she was acting very drunk and he could not understand it.

It had gotten to the point that she could barely walk and he had suggested that maybe they should call it a night and they had taken a cab to her place. He all but carried her to her apartment, which was a small one bedroom unit on the 3rd floor.

The apartment was neat and nicely decorated. As they entered she passed out completely and he picked her up. She was light in his arms and looked so nice. The feel of her body was making him horny and he started to get an erection. He saw the bedroom and carried her to it where he put her on the bed. Looking down at a very sexy young woman made all sorts of things go through his head.

He thought; hell man you can fuck her now and she would probably never know it, but you would so, dam, just put her to bed and see what happens.

He could not put her to bed dressed like that and so he took off her shoes and very gently stroked her legs. The feel of the nylon and the shape of the leg sent a thrill through him and his hand move higher all the way to the way up the exposed outer thigh. Finding no snaps or zippers he just pulled the dress off her shoulder and down.
Oh man look at the breasts on her, mmmm, so nice. He could not resist bending down and kissing each nipple, but she was out cold and they did not harden. He removed the dress and folded it on a chair. Then he removed the panty hose and as she had not worn panties he could see she was shaved. The pussy lips were small and tight and begged to be touched but he resisted with all his might.

Dam that is a beautiful pussy and I hope I get to taste it soon. He had found a large sleep shirt under the pillow and put it on her. Kissing her gently he then left a note by the phone in the living room.
She woke with a major headache and then realized she was in her sleep shirt in bed in her own apartment. She remembers the man, John, and sort of remembers dinner but then it got fuzzy.
Thank god I don’t have to work today, she thought as she made her way to the kitchen for aspirin picking up the note on the way.

She read the note which said, had a nice evening and want to see you again, call me.
Then is came to her about the pills and drinking and she realized she must have passed out.
The embarrassment and the questions flooded her mind. It was late morning and she called him right away.
He answered, “Good morning, I hope you’re feeling okay?”

“No I feel like hell and I’m embarrassed about last night”. She then explained about the injury and the pain pills and apologized over and over. Then she asked him about what happened when he brought her home and how she ended up in her sleep shirt in bed.
“A gentleman does not talk about certain things with anyone and I mean anyone, you are awake and I hope starting to feel better and I would like to take you out again.”
She explained that it was her day off. He had a lunch meeting and asked if he could pick her up in the afternoon.
She did not hesitate to agree as she wanted to know more about this rather strange man that probably undressed her but did not take advantage of her.

He arrive dressed in a sport coat and tie about mid afternoon and she was still in shorts, tube top and barefoot.
“Well you got her early and I don’t know what we are going to do”.
“Well we can do what every you want” and he smiled a rather devilish smile.
She notices the smile and thought, now just what does he mean by that and I wonder what happened last night.
She walked over to him and reached up and took off the tie. “This has to go first; we are not going to be that formal today.”

He liked the feel of her hands as they went around his neck and took the tie off. He wanted to reach out and take her in his arms and kiss her hard and with a lot of passion, but did not want to force the issue.
“Okay, I like casual”, and he took off the coat and opened the shirt two buttons.
She saw the unbuttoning and said “oh getting undressed are we”.
“Not unless you want me to”, at least not right now but later I hope.
She thought about last night again and asked, “Say talking about undressing, just what happened last night cause I know I did not do it alone.”
“I told you a gentleman does not talk about certain things with anyone and you can think or makeup what ever you want but I am not telling.”
“Ahhhhhhhh your mean” and she beat his chest with her fists.
He grabbed both arms at the wrist moved them down and twisted them behind her back. She was now held tight to his body and looking up she saw him looking at her with a very wonderful expression. She stopped moving and melted in his arms. The feel of his body and arms and the look he gave her ended all resistance, she wanted this man in the both the worst and a wonderful way. She wanted him to take her now.
His head moved down and their lips meet, gently at first but then as his lips parted and his tongue moved between her lips passion took over. Releasing her wrists his hands pulled her up as her arms went around his neck. He straightened up and because she was so much shorter and he was holding her so tight her feet left the floor. The kiss deepened and the tongues sought each other. She bit his lip and he sucked her tongue into his mouth.

His right hand moved down and cupped her butt cheek and held her up while the other hand caressed her back. She could feel the hand cup and then squeeze her butt and the electric tingles of passion surged through her body. Her nipples got hard and her pussy got very wet.
She moved her lips along his jaw to the ear and it the lobe and then tongued it. Kissing his neck and biting she moved to the lower neck and bit hard.
His erection was throbbing and straining against his shorts and pants. He wanted this woman now and he moved both hands to her ass and squeezed hard, very hard.
The reaction to the squeeze was not of pain but pleasure and he carried her to the bedroom.
Laying her on the bed he started to unbutton his shirt.
“Oh no let me please” and she reached up and unbuttoned his shirt.

He was not wearing an undershirt and as she exposed more chest she kissed each area. She then pulled the shirt open and kissed each nipple and moved down and kissed his belly. She then unbuckled his pants and as they opened his erection sprung up through the fly of the boxers. She gently took hold of his cock and kissed the end and then licked it and took the head into her mouth.
He moaned and held the back of her head as a shutter of passion ran through his body. He could not control himself and he pulled her head, thrusting his cock deep into her mouth and he moaned louder.

If she kept it up he was going to cum and he wanted that in another place for sure, so he bent down lifting her up and kissing her while his hands pulled the top up and off. Then the bra and as the sweet tits were exposed he kissed the nipples for the second time only this time they hardened and he sucked on each one. His lips moved down to her belly where he licked and kissed and sucked as his hands worked on the shorts. Once open he pulled them along with the panties down as his lips followed staying at her moist hot pussy. His hands moved to her butt and squeezed both cheeks as his tongue parted her pussy and sought her clit.
She moaned and gasped as his tongue found her clit and he sucked it hard. She felt his teeth on it as he bit down and sucked back hard. Her whole body was quivering as he lifted her and laid her on the bed.

He spread her legs wide, so wide she thought she was going to split, and then he was licking, sucking and biting her pussy. One hand was squeezing a breast and rolling the nipple between thumb and forefinger while the other hand was now probing her pussy. He had two fingers seeking her G-spot while his tongue whipped her clit.
Her body convulsed and the wave of pleasure moved through her as she had an orgasm. He pushed three fingers into her very wet pussy and she had another rush of pleasure.
He got up and moved between her legs with his very hard cock in his hand. He then rubbed the head of it against the wet lips and very slowly parted her lips and forced the head into her.
She felt the head part the lips and move into her pussy. She felt the head as it moved deeper into her wanting cavern. Her body was quivering with the pleasure surging through it. The strokes of his massive cock were getting faster and deeper and she moaned with an animal sound.

His passion built to such a level he could no longer control as he trusted with a madness, he wanted to rip her, fuck her so hard he could not stand it and he exploded. His cock pulsed and jumped inside her like never before. He could feel the hot sticky cum as it ooze back along his cock and out her pussy.
She felt his body tense and then the convulsion that lead to the load of hot cum squirting deep into her pussy. Then she felt her pussy fill with cum and the sensation as it leaked out and down her over her tight ass filling her crack with the sticky juice.
He continued to thrust but his erection was slowly going soft and it he took her in his arms and rolled to his side pulling her along. They lay together snuggling like old lovers each wondering what the other thought.

“Okay what are we going to do tonight, whatever it is no drinking” and he used a finger to tickle her side. She laugher and pushed him back and stared into his laughing eyes. This is a very different man; I’m having not only sex but just plain fun.

She got up and went to the bathroom, “I’m going to shower and you might want to as well you smell a little randy you know”.
“And just who made me smell randy?” and he got up and followed her.
He looked at her walking to the shower and thought, what a cute little ass I am going to have to kiss that now along with some other parts and he smiled and entered the shower with her.
“Hey I said you needed a shower but I did not mean now.”

“Oh be quiet and give me the soap and turn around so I can wash your back.”
She really did like him in the shower and washing her sounded like a nice idea. She relaxed as his hands full of lather started to move all over her back in a massaging manner. She like how he hit all the tense and sore spots making her feel oh so wonderful.
His hands moved her around so she was facing him and against his chest. Then the hands moved down and washed her cute little ass with special care and attention. He squatted and washed her legs, picking up the feet and washing every part, not a toe was missed.

She had never had such attention paid to her before by anyone and it felt like heaven, oh the foot massage was so good. As the hands moved back up her legs she started to get that tingly feeling in her pussy again and there was a warm flush through her entire body. The hands were now massaging the butt cheeks again and this time they were pulling them apart and fingers were moving up and down in the crack crossing the tight little bung hole. The sensation now running through her body was pure sexual arousal, she wanted him again.

He had lathered his hands and was rubbing her butt with special attention when his erection came back. As she was facing him it was immediately against her pussy and she opened her legs to allow it better contact. He bent down and as she looked it he kissed her softly while his arms went around her to lift her higher.
As she was lifted up his cock had better access to her pussy and the head was not rubbing her lips. He slowly let her down and the head parted the lips and moved up and he let her body down.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and tried to wrap her legs around his waist but she was just too short, so she just hung on and let him control things. She was quivering with sensation and the cock slid deeper and deeper and then it hit the cervix. She winched and bucked up and then down to let it hit the end again as she now like the feeling that she was filled with cock totally. She flexed her pussy muscle and her butt cheeks.
He slowly lowered her until he felt his cock hit the cervix and then he felt her buck up and back down. When she tightened her pussy around his cock he almost lost it as the sensation was so wonderful. The feeling of her butt flexing in his hands was nice and he could feel her nice little tits rubbing on his hairy chest.

Soon they developed a rhythm of him lifting and lowering and her flexing her muscles that soon brought them both to climax. Her pussy suddenly contracted around his cock so hard it was almost impossible to move in and out. He grip on his cock sent him into climax and he pumped what was left of his cum into the waiting pussy.
She hung on him for a couple of minutes just savoring the feelings and sensations. He held her like his life depended on keeping her close to him.
They smiled at each other and lathered up again.
“No more sex now or we are going to run out of hot water, besides I’m starting to look like a wrinkled prune.” She kiss him and rinsed off, stepped out and grabbed a towel.
“Here let me dry you off”.
“No way mister, if your drying is like your washing we are never going to go out tonight.”
They laughed hugged and kissed got dressed and went to a movie.

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holy shit you took my breath away


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2010-08-31 13:45:15
I just squirted everywhere!!

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