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What started out as curiosity turned into a pleasurable experience over the years between big brother and little sister.
Little Sister: Sweet Sixteen
By Blackdawn

Morgan had always been curious of herself and her surroundings, and when she begun hearing the noises coming from her older brother’s room had brought it to the attention of her parents, thinking he might be hurting himself and hoping to get the approval out of her parents that she had done something good, that she was looking out for her older brother, making sure he stayed out of harms way. She was surprised when everything backfired and turned around on her, she found herself being scolded, told that what he was doing was his private time, that she had no right to peek under his door. They asked if she saw anything. Scared, she said no, when really she did see him, she did see him running his hand up and down his penis.

She really did think he had been hurting himself, he was even making noises like he was in pain.

Lost and confused, the 12-year-old merely nodded and ushered out a sorry to her 14-year-old brother whom had been brought into the mix. He was blushing, and the look on his face said he was doing something he shouldn’t have been doing anyway.

Her brother was tall and lean, short and brown curvy with acne on his face, Morgan though was shorter, smaller with long brown hair. They both had hazel eyes.

Friday night came up and it was midnight, Morgan couldn’t go to sleep because Travis had his TV on, then she heard the same noises again. Their rooms were side by side. Wondering what was going on in there, she tip-toed out her room into the hallway and laid on her stomach at his door where she peaked under and saw the side of him sitting on the edge of bed.

She couldn’t really see what he was watching, but he was sweaty and naked, his hand was moving up and down on his penis again and it was really hard, she could see the veins poking out of skin. Like how it was with her dad’s forehead whenever he got mad, his veins would start popping out.

He was watching something on TV and moaning in a low tone, apparently not to wake up Mom and Dad. She watched as his penis got bigger and rounder, the more it grew in size the faster he got with moving his hand up and down it, after a few more minutes he gave a long moan then arched back, mouth open as white stuff came shooting out the tip of his penis.

It was gross to see it, but she was curious as to what that stuff was, she thought only pee came out.

Morgan was quick to jump to her feet when he turned for the door and waited, waited to hear if he would call her name, to see if she had been spotted. He said nothing.

After standing at his door for a few minutes, looking at her feet, she seen the light go out and heard the ruffle of his sheets, he was going back to bed.

The next day, Travis had one of his friends over, Erin, she hated him cause when Erin was around Travis turned into a complete jerk, the both of them would always pick on her, one time they even locked her in the closet and took the light bulb out. That gave her nightmares for two weeks and Travis had been grounded for a month.

Morgan had been playing outside on the trampoline with them in the house and when she gone inside, got herself some water and headed for her room when she found Travis’s room quiet, very quiet. They at least would have the music on or something.

Upon further inspection she found they had the stereo on but it was low, that’s when she heard the same moaning, but it sounded like Erin’s moaning this time. Wondering what was going on, she peeked under the door again and was struck with shock and surprise when finding the two of them sitting on the bed, the shorter, black-haired boy, Erin leant back with her brother’s mouth around his friend’s penis moving up and down.

Her gut knotted and the back of her brain said this was wrong, said to tell Mom and Dad, but they said this was Travis’s private time, and the last she told them she got scolded, so there’s no way she was telling them this time. It seemed almost horrifying to watch, but she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

They both looked to be really enjoying what was going on, Travis even seemed to make some sucking noises. After a few more minutes Erin gave out a long moan, she watched as his face scrunched and his body tightened. “Okay,” he whispered, “shit, I’m gonna fucking cum.”

A moment later Travis pulled back and more white stuff came shooting out of Erin. They both were looking at his penis when Erin said. “So, taste it.”

Travis looked to his friend in shock, “No way man. I gave you the blow job, you taste it.”

Erin shrugged, wiped two fingers across some of the stuff and tasted it, he looked repulsed. “Ew, and girls drink this stuff?”

“I heard,” Travis inserted, “That it taste different with different people.”

Her brother then shifted in his spot on the bed. “Can you do me now, I got a fucking hard on?”

“Sure thing.” Said Erin as he leaned forward and took her brother’s penis out of his pants. It was five minutes later when she heard the same long moan, but Erin didn’t move, he just kept his mouth locked around him. She could see the shaft of his penis throbbing.

Erin pulled back, the white stuff dripping out his mouth and Travis blushed. “I didn’t know you were going to do that.”

Erin wiped the stuff from the corner of his mouth then licked it. “Your cum tastes a lot better than mine.”

Travis chuckled, “Uh thanks?” But it had been a question.

Morgan jumped and just about screeched when her Mom called them down for lunch, she ran for her door and cringed when slamming it shut by accident. They could have heard that!

She heard Travis and Erin walk out the door a few minutes later and heard them whispering, what they were saying she didn’t know.

During lunch, she had been eating her sandwich and couldn’t help but stare at them, and she knew, deep in her gut, that they had done was wrong.

After lunch she ran for her room and played with her dolls, hoping that everything she just saw would magically go away on it’s own. That’s when she heard her doorknob click and heard the door open, her back was turned, so when she looked behind her was surprised to find her brother and Erin standing inside her room, Erin having shut the door.

“Hey,” Travis asked, “Were peeking outside my room earlier, before lunch?”

Her heart dropped to the floor and swallowed hard, she silently shook her head no.

Erin sneered. “The look on your face says you did.” He said.

Now Travis looked mad, “You’re not suppose to peek under my door.”

Morgan was too scared to say anything, she was scared they would hurt her, but after a few moments of them starring at her had begun crying. “Yes.” She squeaked through tears.

Erin raised a hand in silent protest as did Travis, then he got down to her level and whispered to her. “You can’t tell Mom and Dad what you saw, okay?”

Teary eyed, she shook her head in compliance.

“Promise you won’t tell Mom and Dad?”

She shook her head again.

Now Erin had his arms crossed, “I believe she won’t tell them, but she still might peek under your door again.”

“And promise you won’t look under my door again.”

Now she was wiping the tears away. “I was just wondering what you’re doing in there.”

Erin raised an eyebrow, “If that’s the case, we could always show her.”

Travis turned to his friend, standing. “No way man, she’s my sister.”

“Well you don’t have to do anything to her, she can do it to me.”

They exchanged a few words, words she couldn’t exactly hear and watched as Travis’s lip quiver, his lip always quivered when something bothered him. He leant back down, “Morgan, if you don’t tell Mom and Dad, Erin can show you one on one what it is we’re doing. He can show you, with you.”

“Like before?” She asked.


“Will it hurt?”

“Nah, it won’t hurt. But I’ll be here for you, in case Erin. . . Forgets it’s not me.”

She sniffled and shook her head. “Okay, Travis.” She trusted her brother.

Looking past her brother’s shoulder, she shivered some when seeing Erin unzip his pants and pulled his penis out. He got on his knees and told her, “Get on you hands and knees Morgan.”

She had been looking forward to this, not actually doing this, but had always wondering what it was her brother had been doing, what his “private time” really was. Now she was about to find out.

Her brother gave a reassuring smile, “If it will make you feel better, I can hold your hand.”

Nodding to him and replying, “Okay.”

She was both nervous and excited at the same time.

Erin brought his penis to her mouth which was now at full attention, “Okay Morgan,” he instructed, “You put your mouth around the tip of my penis then suck on the whole thing.”

She looked at the penis, which was now bobbing up and down and suddenly didn’t want to touch it. Looking up, she shook her head.

Erin looked pissed. “Look, once you say yes you can’t back down. That’s the rule.”

She thought he was lying and looked to Travis. Travis gave a nod, “That is true, but you don’t have to, I always can.”

“Can you do it with me?” She asked shakily.

Travis gave another reassuring smile. “Sure.” Then bent down and went to sucking on Erin’s shaft, his eyes closed and looked as if he was enjoying it, Erin meanwhile having laid a hand on her brother’s head and was groaning.

“Okay Morgan.” Erin said in a soft pant, “You have to suck my head.”

Looking at her brother, she touched the tip of her tongue to the head and instantly tasted something wet and funny tasting. She looked at the open hole at the tip and found it leaking something clear.

“That’s pre-cum Morgan.” Erin said. “Now stop gawking and start sucking.”

She was unprepared when he placed a hand on the back of her head and shoved her mouth clean over his dick. Either her mouth was too small or he was too big, whichever way it went, the head of his penis was stuffed in her mouth.

Erin gave out a long groan and Travis was greedily running his mouth up and down the shaft of his friend’s penis sucking away.

“Now start sucking Morgan.” Erin instructed.

She did so.

Erin gave another groan.

“Now twirl your tongue around the head.”

She did just that.

“Now go in and out really quick.”

She heard Erin gasp then felt his entire body shudder, looking up to see his entire face pinched, like he was in pain.

“Aw shit, Travis.” Erin gasped, “She’s gonna make me, I’m gonna fucking cum. . . . Travis!”

Another second later and Morgan felt something warm and wet hit the back of her throat just before Travis pushed her out the way placing his entire mouth on the tip of his head and was still sucking. Another moment later Travis pulled back, running his hand up and down his friend’s shaft letting all the white stuff squirt onto his hand, Erin meanwhile groaning and moaning loudly.

“Damn,” he gasped, “That felt fucking great. Too bad you couldn’t have swallowed Morgan, you might have liked it.”

Morgan looked at him like he was crazy and Travis gave him a hard shove. “Knock it off Erin.” Then turned his attention to her. “See,” Her brother said, showing her the goop in his hand.

She looked over the gunk and then it suddenly clicked. It was sperm.

Morgan looked up to them both. “So why is it that you guys do this to each other?”

Travis smirked and blushed. “Well, we’re horny all the time, and we have no girlfriends. So we just turned to each other for our needs.”

“So,” She started to say, “You guys are gay?”

“Absolutely not!” Erin protested, stuffing his penis back into his pants and zipping them up. “Gays are guys who like other guys. I don’t like Travis in that way, he’s just some one I can get off on. And once I get a GF, I’m gonna fuck her brains out every minute of the day.”

Travis laughed at that remark. “Whatever you say man.” Then he turned his attention to her. “Now that you know what’s going on, will you stop being so nosey? And don’t tell Mom and Dad.”

Morgan nodded, “Okay Travis.”

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