The Rise and Fall of the House of Stealth
Stealth attacked the first person who came at him, his blades slicing through the body like it was made of butter. The odd smell of mixed vampire and human blood filled the air as another body fell from Stealth’s kitana, the spray of blood covering his face. His tongue flicked out automatically, lapping at the warm thick liquid. As the taste soured immediately in his mouth, Stealth spat the nectar back out. “What the hell?” His brow furrowed as his brain tried to make sense of the odd taste of the blood. He was immediately sprayed with more automatic gun fire as three more soldiers appeared through the door. He plunged his blades through the first two. He took hold of the third one by the neck. Stealth quickly sunk his fangs into the man’s neck, the blood souring in his mouth.

Stealth gagged, vomiting the few ounces of swallowed blood back onto the floor. He pulled the man back to his feet and growled at him, “What the hell is wrong with your blood?” The man stared at him in wide-eyed horror. Stealth shook him, demanding yet again, “What have you done to yourself? You reek of vampire blood yet you are human. Why?” He shook the man again. “What’s been done to you?”

The man continued to stare open-mouthed at Stealth. Annoyed, Stealth ripped the man’s throat open with his nails, slinging the body down like a rag doll. He sheathed his swords and walked out into the hallway to encounter another half dozen of the soldiers. He was vaguely aware of Angel’s mental link urging him to her. Her fear was getting stronger and stronger with every passing second.

Stealth let out the high frequency warning again. Several of the men dropped their weapons to cover their ears. Some dropped to their knees, howling in pain. ‘What the fuck is going on here?’ he wondered as he ripped into the nearest body.

Stealth sliced and ripped his way through soldier after soldier, tasting each one as he went. Most of them had the sour tasting blood with only a few having the sweet flavor of human. The aroma of blood so permeated the air that it was all he could do to not go into a full frenzied bloodlust. He was afraid of what the blood would do to him if he should ingest it, so he was careful to keep spitting the blood out as he tasted each man that he came across.

Ingest. The word drifted across his brain, half-buried in his furious anger. That was it, he was sure of it now. But even as he thought he had these soldiers figured out, he rounded a corner to come face to face with a lycan hybrid that he had never in all his centuries seen or heard tale of.

The half formed human and wolf crossbreed stood over seven feet tall, the face elongated into a mouth full of wickedly sharp canines. The arms were abnormally long, the ends of the fingers ending in three inch long claws. The thing howled when it saw Stealth. “Now we have you,” it said, the words gargled but still recognizable.

Stealth took a fighting stance, easily jumping away from the arm as it came swooping down to disembowel him. He sliced at the hand as it started to withdraw, the blades cutting cleanly through the bone. The thing howled in pain, jumping at him. Not fast enough, the blow sent Stealth flying through the air. He landed across the far wall with a sickening thud. He could hear some of the vertebrae in his back cracking as he landed. Undaunted, Stealth got to his feet, side stepping the next attack. Taking advantage of the forward momentum of the hybrid’s assault, Stealth raised his kitana and struck the creature’s back, using his entire body’s force to follow through. The blade carved through the lycan’s flesh, severing the spinal cord.

Blood and bits of bone spewed forth as the lycan collapsed in on itself, the intestines slithering out of the body as the thing lay dieing. Stealth moved to the thing and stood on the one hand it had left. “Who do you work for?” he demanded. Blood gurgled up from the throat as the creature managed to speak one word, “S.H.i.E.L.D.” The kitana sliced down once more, separating the head from the body.

As Stealth wiped the blood from his blade he heard more howls in the distance and gun fire moving through the house as more and more soldiers poured in.

Angel. Stealth tried to connect with his companion, but she would not answer. “Damn,” he growled beneath his breath as he moved into an unoccupied bedroom. He slammed his hand on the trigger that opened up the hidden doorway to the escape passages in the mansion. He moved with lightning speed through the twists and turns before finally coming out at the lowest level.

Stealth stepped through the doorway to see another hybrid hunched in the corner. He could hear bones crunching as the leopard crossbreed munched on whatever it was crouched over. Hearing the vampire enter, the lycan turned its head. The thing had part of a human hand in its mouth, its jaws still chewing on the flesh.

Stealth felt his heart leap into his throat as he recognized his crested ring that he had given to Angel when she agreed to become his companion. An inhuman scream bubbled up out of Stealth’s throat as the realization sank in that the lycan in front of him had killed his beloved companion and was eating her flesh right before his eyes.

Enraged, Stealth leaped forward and onto the lycan hybrid, his nails ripping and slicing into the fleshy underbelly. The hybrid growled in pain and fury at the onslaught. He sank his teeth into Stealth’s shoulder and claws shredded the flesh of his back. Stealth grabbed hold of the lycan’s head with one hand and its shoulder with the other, forcing his hands apart and ripping the creature’s head right off its shoulders.

His breath coming in gasps, Stealth staggered over to what was left of Angel’s body. The creature had disemboweled his beloved, leaving her internal organs strewn around like pieces of garbage. Her once green eyes were already glazing over, the look of fear forever etched into the beautiful features of her face.

Blood tears streaked slowly down his cheeks as he kissed her cold lips for the last time. He took the crested ring from her finger, kissing the palm before placing the hand with the rest of her body.

A nearby explosion brought the vampire’s head up, his nose picking up the distinct scent of cyanide gas. He knew it wouldn’t kill him, but it could incapacitate him long enough for the soldiers to either behead him or subdue him.

Stealth barred his fangs, moving over to a control panel on the wall. He entered in a code and watched as a four foot thick steel door slowly opened. He entered in another code into the panel and slipped through the door of the bunker. Less than sixty seconds later the entire mansion exploded, killing every one and every thing within a hundred yards of the structure.

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Anon at the bottom if you don't like the way he writes then
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Oh lookie! My work has become so well known that I drew the troll out from beneath his bridge! Yippee! I have really hit the big time now!

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This crap puts me too much to mund of lubutt17 and the crap he writes. I really don't like the style of writing, too weak and unsophificated. Perhaps you could get the great one, ejls, to dispense some of her wisdom, she is the perfect writer, don't you know. I did wank twice during the reading, however.


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Fantastic! I read this on the forum and loved it!

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