Human Meets Vampire
Yes, this part of the story has sex in it. And thanks to everyone who has continued to read the story, even the parts that were not sensual in nature. Hope you enjoy this next part.

“It took me four days to dig myself out of the bunker,” Stealth said quietly. His head hung down in defeat as he told his story, but now he raised his head to look at Requiem.

Ethereal sat enthralled by all of this. She knew that vampires often had companions but she had never known of one to get killed before. His sorrow was almost a tangible thing inside the room. Her heart went out to the vampire, but for now her head was spinning with all the information he had just given. What was up with these lycans he was talking about? Lycans didn’t come in half human and half animal form. They were either the form of their wereanimal or human. There was no in between. And she wasn’t even gonna get started on guessing about the funny tasting blood. She didn’t have a clue where that came from.

“You are welcome here,” Requiem said to the other vampire. “You also have permission to feed from anyone who is willingly. I would offer you my own companion but I do not have one.” Ethereal snorted at that. She honestly didn’t know where he got his blood from. She had never seen him with any other human save for herself and he certainly hadn’t taken her up on any of her offers to be his donor.

Her unladylike snort caused Stealth to turn in his chair. “Oh, my apologies, I forgot I was in the presence of a lady.” With that he got up from his chair and glided over to where Ethereal was sitting. He took her hand in his own. She held her breath as his lips brushed against the back of her hand. The minor contact sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine.

“We have not been formally introduced. I am the vampire Stealth of the House of the Red Moon.” He bowed at the waist.

Ethereal sat there stunned for a second before recovering enough to stammer, “Ethereal. My name is Ethereal Oscurita.” She was acutely aware of the fact that he still held her hand in his.

Stealth raised an eyebrow. “That’s a very beautiful name,” he said. “Is it truly yours?”

Ethereal gave him a quizzical look. Requiem laughed, saying, “No, no, it’s her name. I have no claim over her. I just protect her careless ass.”

She blushed as she realized what it was that Stealth had been asking. “Damn straight you don’t.” Ethereal gave Requiem an angered look before turning her attention back to Stealth.

“Ah, I see,” Stealth said. “My apologies. I thought perhaps that you and he…” his voice trailed off.

“Hardly,” Ethereal said as Stealth released her hand. “And I’ve offered,” she said under her breath with a trace of annoyance. Oh, she had offered alright. At one point she had wanted to be his companion more than anything else in the world. Unfortunately, he was determined to keep her out of the vampiric world for as long as he possibly could. Until now, that is.

Stealth returned to his seat as Requiem asked, “Now what about the blood? You said it was distinctively bitter and that the men smelled of human and vampiric blood?”

Stealth nodded his head. “Yes. And some of them were unusually strong. Not as strong or fast as a vampire, but more so than a regular human. Their heartbeats were slower and quiet, like a vampire. And I think I know why.”

“What? Feeding on vampire blood? That’s suppose to be illegal.” Requiem pushed a button on his intercom.

“That’s what I thought, initially. But I don’t think they are just ingesting it. The contact high and increased strength and stamina does not last very long, usually half an hour at most. Even if they ingested it right when they got there, they should have been crashing around me like flies in a bug zapper. But yet they persisted. And then there are those lycan hybrids.” Stealth shook his head. “I don’t even know where to start with those things.”

Ethereal stifled a yawn. This whole thing was extremely interesting but she was beginning to feel worn down. Requiem noticed her drooping eyelids and got up from his desk. “We can finish this conversation in the evening. My apologies for keeping you, Stealth.” The door opened and his private maid came in. “Annette will show you to your chambers. If you would like some refreshment then let Annette know. She will bring you whatever you need.” Requiem moved to Ethereal, offering her his arm as the four of them walked out of the study and down the hall.

Requiem stopped when he reached Ethereal’s room, kissing her lightly on the cheek before bidding her good night. She waited until he was gone before slipping out of her room and moving as quickly and quietly as possible. It only took her a few minutes to catch up with Stealth and Annette. She kept as much distance between herself and the vampire as possible. She didn’t want him to know she was there, but she especially didn’t want Annette running to rat her out to Requiem. Ethereal hid in a nearby closet as Annette took leave of Stealth, her footsteps growing fainter as she moved further away.

“You can come out now.” The voice was so soft that it was barely audible, but Ethereal was caught off guard none the less. Her heart leaped into her throat as the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end as she became aware of a presence behind her. She turned slowly to see Stealth standing directly behind her, his breath caressing her skin.

Ethereal’s face flushed a deep pink. Now that she had been caught, she wasn’t really sure what to say. She almost sighed in relief when Stealth asked her, “Would you like to come in?” He held his hand out, gesturing towards the open door to his rooms.

Ethereal nodded her head, hurrying inside and sitting down in the first chair she came across. “To what do I owe this pleasant surprise, Miss Oscurita?” Stealth took the seat opposite her.

Ethereal wasn’t really sure why she had followed them. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. She did have a reason for seeking him out, but now sitting here in front of him, she felt incredibly idiotic.

She took a deep breath to steady her nerves. “I’m not sure exactly,” she stated. Stealth raised an eyebrow to this reply. “Oh, alright, so I do know why, it’s just that…..I….well….”

Exasperated, Ethereal threw her hands up and began pacing the room. Stealth sat quietly through the whole thing. Finally Ethereal sat back down. “Listen,” she said, looking Stealth in the eye. Immediately she began to feel dizzy, her mind feeling like it had been engulfed in a hazy fog. Her breathing and heartbeat slowed considerably until they were both in tune with Stealth’s own vitals. She blinked slowly, hearing his heart beating rhythmically in her ears. Ethereal felt as if she were slowly falling….

In the next instant Ethereal slammed back into her senses. Stealth was kneeling in front of her on the floor, his hands on her shoulders. She shook her head slightly, pushing her hair out of her face. She looked at him questioningly, but Stealth quickly averted his eyes from her.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to glamorize you,” he apologized.

Ethereal shook her head again, trying to clear the cobwebs from her fuzzy brain. “Is that what happened?” she asked more to herself than anyone. She smiled at him, noticing that he would not look her directly in the eyes. Ethereal laughed slightly as Stealth settled back into his chair. “Normally vampire glamour doesn’t work on me,” she said. “Sometimes I’ll feel a little woozy when I first meet them, but that’s about it.”

Stealth returned her smile. “You are part fey?” It was really a statement of observation more than a question.

Ethereal nodded, momentarily forgetting that vampires not just loved the taste of fey blood, but revered it above all other types.

“I thought that’s what the smell was.”

Ethereal’s brow furrowed. “Excuse me?”

Stealth laughed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that as an insult. Humans smell earthy, like the forest after it rains. Fey have a slight floral undertone to the earthy scent, especially the fairy. Sprites and elves smell less earthy and more like fresh lawn clippings with the floral notes. Your scent is very slight, but it’s there none the less. I’m guessing you had one full blooded human parent and the other was of mixed fey heritage.”

Ethereal nodded her head slowly. “Yes, my mother was human, my father half fairy and half elf. That’s amazing that you know that just from, well, sniffing me.” She grinned at him, letting him know that she had not taken offense at his explanations.

“I’m sorry to have barged in on you like this. I wanted to…clear the air, so to speak…about myself and Requiem.”

Again that eyebrow shot upwards. “It’s none of my business, Miss Oscurita.”

Ethereal rolled her eyes. “Ethereal, please call me Ethereal, or Ethy if you want. Miss Oscurita sounds so… stuffy.” She hesitated for a moment before plunging headlong into her little speech. “Requiem considers me a part of his household, but in name only. That is, he protects me, makes sure that I am safe and have everything that I need. He took me in when I first came to Shadow Cove, gave me a job and helped me get my own apartment. I’m not his companion or donor or whatever, never have been. He does not have any say so over me. I do what I want, I keep company with whom I want. I do not owe him any type of loyalty beyond friendship.”

Finished, Ethereal sat back, hoping that Stealth would understand what it was that she was trying to say. To her great dismay, he merely said, “Okay…” like he was awaiting further explanation.

She slapped her hand to her forehead, rubbing her temples with her fingers. “Are all vampires as stupid as you and Requiem or are you purposely being coy?”

Stealth kept quiet, only raising that now infamous eyebrow of his. “What, do I have to spell it out for you?” The vampire sitting across from her continued to stare at her as if he didn’t know what she was talking about.

Quickly losing her temper, Ethereal finally scooted to the edge of her seat and pushed her wrist right up under Stealth’s nose. “Blood! I’m offering you my blood, get it?”

Stealth took her wrist and gently lowered it from his face. “You do not know what it is you are offering.”

Ethereal looked at him like he was crazy. She got up from her chair and once again began to pace around. “It’s only blood! I don’t know why vampires make such a big deal out of feeding from someone. I have something you need to survive and I’m willing to give it freely, no strings attached. What’s wrong with that?” Ethereal stopped next to the heavily draped windows. She moved the drapes back even though she knew there was nothing behind them but a stone wall.

“That’s where you are wrong,” Stealth’s voice came to her softly. “It’s not just blood you are offering. When a vampire feeds, he takes part of the donor’s life force, a part of their aura. Feeding from another being permanently links those two beings together, forever.”

Stealth moved to her side. He wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around her and take what she was offering. But he knew what that would entail even if she did not, so he kept his hands to himself. “If I fed from you, the two of us would be mentally linked for the rest of our lives. I would always know where you are, what you are thinking, feeling…and you would always feel me in the back of your mind. I could call to you whenever I wanted, invade your thoughts and your dreams. You could never be free of me until one of us perished.”

He paused for a moment before continuing. “I know that you are use to that club of Requiem’s and seeing humans offer their blood up to whatever set of fangs are nearest to them. Fledglings don’t care where they get their blood. They often abuse the mental link to their donors. Most of them usually kill off their donors once they grow tired of them. Those people are the vampiric equivalent of a common street whore. Bloodletting is a consecrated act, the gift of life a sacred bond. It is not something that can be offered up or taken lightly.”

Ethereal looked at him then, her hand reaching out to touch his sleeve, forcing him to look at her. “You say that last part as if it were a bad thing,” she said softly.

He looked at her in wonderment. “You don’t think that having someone always knowing your thoughts and desires and feelings would be a burden? To know that someone could control you from thousands of miles away? To be eternally tied to another?”

She shook her head. “No, it doesn’t sound like a burden to me, Stealth. The thought makes me feel safer than I ever have in my life.”

Stealth searched her face for some clue to her true feelings. Had she been completely human, he would have been able to tap in to her emotions and would have known immediately if she had some ulterior motive to the gift she was offering. The fey, however, were not only naturally immune to most vampire glamour, their emotions were hid behind natural mental barriers.
“And what would you ask in exchange for your gift?”

A beautiful, patient smiled lit up Ethereal’s face as she moved her hand to cup his face. “Nothing. I ask for nothing more than for you to take what you want whenever you have the need. It is my gift and I give it to you freely, without any strings attached. You need never ask my permission as this is an open invitation.”

Stealth closed his eyes at the touch of her hand on his skin. He could hear her heart beating, feel the blood pumping just beneath the tantalizing flesh. Her blood called to him like a bee to sweet nectar. “I cannot, not without Requiem’s permission. It would be in very poor.... taste.... to not ask him first, if you'll pardon the pun.”

He went to turn away, but Ethereal’s touch tightened. “To hell with Requiem. I already told you, I do not answer to him. I am my own person and am free to offer my blood to whomever I choose. Besides, he would have told you as soon as you walked in the door if I were off limits. To date, you are the only other vampire he has allowed to sit in my presence. Said he was scared they were going to attack me or something.”

With that Stealth groaned, reaching out to take her in his arms. “He is correct to keep you hidden. You are temptation enough just from your smell. Yet, there is something else about you. You are not just a half-breed. There is something else lurking just beneath the skin.”

Ethereal grinned at him. “Well I do have a few unique tricks up my sleeve.”

Stealth chuckled before pulling her tight against him. He buried his face in her soft hair, inhaling deeply the scent of her skin and shampoo. His pulse quickened as his ears picked up the enticing tattoo of her blood rushing through her veins. He could feel his fangs begin to elongate. He had been nearly a week without fresh blood. He was old enough that he could easily go months without feeding. But he had had a donor for the better part of a decade, a fact that made it harder for him to go cold turkey.

Stealth pulled back from Ethereal, taking her chin in his hand and lifting her face to his. Knowing what his stare could do to her, she strengthened her mental barriers so she would not fall under his enthrall again. “I will only ask you this once more. If you want to retract your offer then you better speak now. Once you give your life force then your mind will no longer be your own. Our souls will be united forever. Are you prepared to take on the consequences of becoming my donor?”

Ethereal nodded her head, her eyes shining in the lamplight. “Yes, I am.”

Stealth brushed her thick auburn hair from her face and neck, the back of his hand stroking her cheek. His hand lingered on her skin for a moment before he tightened his grip around her waist. His left hand went to the back of her neck, pushing her head to the side so that her neck was outstretched. His right arm pulled her tightly against his body.

For one brief moment Ethereal allowed panic to set in. She involuntarily moved her hands to Stealth’s upper arms, almost pushing away from him before she forced herself to relax. Stealth waited until he felt her tense muscles loosen beneath him. He slowly lowered his mouth to her neck, his fangs elongated completely as he neared the vein pulsing just beneath the skin. “Two souls as one, forever entwined; my heart to yours, your life now mine.” He whispered the words softly, opening his mouth wide. His fangs sank deep into the skin, piercing the vein and releasing a torrent of the life giving nectar.

His body convulsed violently as soon as the fluid hit his tongue. Ethereal gasped as his teeth sank deeper into her flesh, the bite a piercing sting in her neck only momentarily. As his mouth closed on the wound, she forgot completely about the searing pain. He pulled her tighter against his body, molding her body to his. Her pulse quickened, allowing the flow of blood to race into Stealth’s awaiting mouth without him having to apply any pressure. His throat worked to quickly swallow each surge of fluid as soon as it entered his mouth. He groaned as each mouthful of nectar grew sweeter than the last.

Ethereal felt as if her soul had suddenly exploded outward, the natural mental blocks dissolving within seconds. She became aware of Stealth’s mouth on her skin as if it were her own mouth, tasted the sweet tang of her own blood fill her mouth at the same time that she felt the pull of her blood leaving her body. It was like she was herself, feeling everything that was going on with her body, but also as if she were Stealth, feeling everything that he felt and was experiencing simultaneously with her own. It was pleasure and pain combined, fear and elation, heaven and hell.

Another gasp left her mouth as Stealth’s grip on both her body and neck tightened. She began to shiver uncontrollably, her mind a swirling mist of images of the two of them locked together in the blood embrace. Her fingers moved to entwine in his hair, pulling him closer to her body. Stealth groaned, biting deeper into her flesh. Her mind pulsed in time with her heartbeat, cloudy images becoming clearer every second.

She saw herself standing, naked, in a stone room, her arms outstretched and shackled, her legs spread shoulder width apart and shackled to the pebbled floor. Her body exploded in pleasure as the skin of her back were beaten relentlessly with a leather whip. She moaned in agony and pleasure, glancing over her shoulder to see Stealth raise his arm to land another dozen lashes across her flesh.

Ethereal's closed eyes suddenly opened wide as she realized that she was seeing the secret desires that were hidden deep within Stealth's soul. "Oh, God!" she gasped, her body an aching, needy thing. "Yes! Oh God, yes, please, Stealth!" Her breathing was ragged as she cried out desperately for him, giving in to his sadistic cravings and yearning for even more. She wanted to be his, to be consumed by him both body and soul.

A long moaning growl emitted from deep within Stealth's throat as he shoved Ethereal against the wall. His left hand held her neck hostage as his right hand thrust her skirt up, his nails ripping through the material of her panties as if they were made of little more than air. His teeth loosened their grip on her throat but did not release her entirely, the flow of blood dwindling down to a trickle. Ethereal wasn't even sure when he had managed to release his engorged organ from his pants. She was only aware of her panties suddenly disappearing and then the feel of rock hard flesh pushing at her entrance.

Stealth had no time for gentleness. He wanted only to feel her flesh surrounding his member, and knew from their shared thoughts that she wanted nothing more in life at that moment to have him filling her. Just as suddenly as he had rendered her panties into tatters, he thrust himself deep inside of her body. Both groaned in unison as their bodies joined, Stealth setting up a quick and steady rhythm. Ethereal moaned incoherently as the waves of pleasure crashed down around her almost immediately, her inner muscles clinching around the nine inches of hard rod that was buried inside of her. Each orgasm barely ebbed before another one was building and exploding inside of her body.

Stealth's paced quickened as he felt the tingling in his testes begin to rise up. His teeth sank back deep into Ethereal's throat as he shoved himself to the hilt inside of her, his seed erupting forth to drench her insides. Ethereal screamed, her own body exploding one final time.

Slowly Stealth released his grip on her neck, his tongue licking the wound to close it. Ethereal slumped against him, so exhausted that she could not even stand on her own. Stealth whispered something in her ear, but Ethereal did not understand any of it. All she wanted to do was sleep, and before she realized what was happening, Stealth had carried her to the bed. "Stealth..." she murmured, but he only shushed her, telling her quietly that she should sleep. She was too tired to argue, but she did not want to be in the bed alone. As if reading her mind, Stealth finished disrobing and slid into the bed beside her. She struggled to get the remnants of her dress off, finally giving up and letting Stealth do it for her. Sighing contentedly, she snuggled up against him, her brain cutting off before she became still.


2012-04-17 17:28:13
I am enjoying the story, even without the sex. keep going!


2010-08-05 11:10:01
I think it's more like assholes are the problem on this site.

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-05 02:40:29
Maybe vampire knowledge 101 is the problem.

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2010-07-29 11:08:33
I think it was Anne Rice who used the term -glamorize- in her Vampire Chronicles to describe the hypnotic spell that a vampire casts on his victims. Similarly, writers have used the term -bespell- to mean the same thing. Laurell K. Hamilton uses the term -roll the mind- to describe a similar situation. Basically all these terms are describing a vampire's ability to hypnotize his victims into thinking, feeling, or seeing whatever he wants, thus he -glamorizes-, -bespells-, or -rolls- the victim's mind. It's basic Vampire Knowledge 101 as far as writers are concerned.

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2010-07-28 22:19:08
The word "ethereal" means "other worldly" which given her heritage and her parents' background makes it a perfect name. In the final story of this series, her namesake is explained more in detail. In the 2nd story of the series Stealth's namesake becomes apparent. It was not the name he was born with, but the name given to him when he became an assassin. But that is getting ahead of the story.

The names of the characters in this series were not picked at random; each name was chosen because of the character's specific backgrounds. Some of the words used in this story are throw backs from novels that were published in the 60s and 70s, and are such that are not normally found in a lot of today's literature. I also took the liberty of creating words that have never been used. With so many novels being published today in the vampire genre, an author has to really go out on a limb to make their work stand out above the crowd. They can't all be high school students after all.

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