Unruly Gina is given a punishment enema
What the fuck was I seeing? It’s midnight. I’m downstairs in my office surfing the net, checking out a little porn on xnxx. Giving it a stroke. The only light on is my monitor and Gina, my sixteen year old daughter didn’t notice it. I watched as she reeled across the living room. She tripped and damned near fell over her own feet. She giggled. She was drunk as the Lord. She just puddled in the middle of the floor. Puddled is right, she lost control and wet herself. She tried to crawl to the stairs. I watched it all, I wasn’t a happy father.

I walked up behind her, reached and snapped on the stairway light. Ever seen a deer caught in the headlights? That was Gina. She looked back at me, eyes agape and slurred, “Hi Daddy.”

She was on hands and knees. I slapped her on the butt. It squished, she was soaked. I gripped her arm and stood her up then walked her up the stairs. Took her to her bedroom and stripped her out of her wet things then led her to the bathroom. Sat her down and I was amazed. She peed again. Then she just looked at me and I looked at her. She was a mess. Her hair was disheveled, her lipstick was smeared from ear to ear, her mascara had run so it seemed she had two black eyes. My beautiful sixteen year daughter was out of control.

We’d talked about her misconduct several times recently. She misbehaved at school. She was slovenly and disobedient at home. She was sixteen and headed toward a world of trouble. I’d grounded her. I’d taken away privileges. I’d even spanked her once. It was over her jeans and didn’t really hurt her; I just did it to embarrass her. She’d put on a good show though, kicking, screaming and wailing but I know it didn’t sting much. I’d not hit her with much force.

I handed her a pad of toilet tissue. She wiped. When she spread her legs I got a view. I hadn’t seen Gina naked since she was a child. She wasn’t a child anymore. Her mound was covered with a wild tangle of auburn hair. Her slit was developed and pink. I had lurid thoughts. I dismissed them and helped her back to her room. I got out her nightie, dressed her and put her to bed. I told her we’d talk about this tomorrow, turned out the light and went to my room.

I sat and thought. I had a problem. Two in fact. First I needed a discipline that worked. Second I was bothered by my thoughts when I’d seen her. I hadn’t had sex in the two years. Since my wife, make that ex-wife had left. Truth be told, I wanted some pussy. Gina’s had looked luscious. Then the matter of discipline, what to do? I wanted it to be severe. She was getting out of hand.

I had an enema fetish but I kept my equipment hidden in my room. I only used it when I was alone. Gina didn’t know about it. But she was going to. I decided on a spanking and a punishment enema. She’d be a sorry girl tomorrow night.

At breakfast the next morning I told Gina we’d talk that evening after supper. I went off to work and she left for school.

On the way home I picked up a bottle of glycerin. I had everything else I’d need. Upstairs I got everything ready. Even put a rubber sheet on the bed. I didn’t think there’d be any leakage; I was going to use a double inflation nozzle but why take a chance. I put slipknots in two of my ties and affixed them to the bedposts then went downstairs.

Gina was nervous throughout supper. I think she knew intuitively that something bad was going to happen to her. She tried to apologize about last night but I wouldn’t let her. Told her we’d deal with that later. She finished eating and cleared the table. Then she walked to the living room and turned on the TV. I was right behind her. I switched off the television, took her by the hand and led her to the stairway. Told her to go upstairs to my room. I followed.

She sat on the bed. Didn’t even notice she was on a rubber sheet. Just started to plead and apologize. I told her I’d heard it all before, didn’t need to hear it again. Then I told her to come to me. I was sitting in a straight backed chair in the middle of the room.

She stood in front of me. I kept her waiting for a few minutes then said, “You’re getting a spanking. Undress!”

The pleading started. “Daddy please don’t, I won’t do it again,” was the main theme. It didn’t work. I repeated, “Undress.” She didn’t move.

I stood and guided her back to the bed. Sat her down and took off her shoes then removed her top and bra. She had nice firm tits, maybe a 34B although her nipples were shriveled. Probably from fear. I stood her up and unzipped her jeans. They fell to the floor, pooled around her feet. I told her to step out of them. She did. She was now clad in only her panties. She was wearing a petite thong that didn’t even contain all the hair on her muff. I knelt and pulled it off. I could smell her as she stood trembling in front of me; fear and girl. Standing, I led her back to my chair, sat, and pulled her across my lap.

I slapped her ass. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty times I hit her with my bare hand. She screamed and cried. Then she wailed and moaned. Then she lay limply absorbing the punishment. Her legs were splayed, any idea of modesty forgotten in the pain. I could see her tight little rose bud, my next target.

I let her recover for a few minutes then lifted her and walked her back to the bed. I piled two pillows in the middle of the bed and told her to lie over them. She complied without argument. Then I fitted the slipknots on the ties over her wrists and cinched them down, binding her to the bed. I went to get my supplies.

I brought in my hat rack to hang the enema bag on, a two quart enema bag, a two quart pitcher of warm water, lubricant and the glycerin. The nozzle on the enema tube was an expensive double inflation device.

“Gina I know you’ve never had an enema before. You’re not going to like this one. It’s punishment for last night. I want you to remember it in case you’re ever inclined to do something like that again. You’re going to suffer some severe cramping. I’m going to lubricate you so the nozzle can slide into you.”

I took a glob of the lube, rubbed it over her ring and stuck a finger in. She gasped, “What are you doing Daddy?”

“Getting you ready.”

I added more gel then lubricated the nozzle. I let her know it was coming and pushed it in, seating it against her anus. Told her she might feel a little discomfort as I inflated the two balloons. She moaned as the bubbles filled her and sealed her.

I poured six ounces of the glycerin into the bag. She’d get some air this way but that would only add to the cramping and bloating. Then I poured the water on top of the glycerin and opened the clamp. I’d hung the bag high so the water flowed at a more rapid volume. The cramping started in less than a minute.

“Ooo no Daddy, ooo no, please stop, pleeese.”

She’d only taken about eight ounces and there was a total of sixty-four. It was going to be a long night for Gina. I let her moan. The two quarts of water were forcing the glycerin deeper into her guts. The cramping intensified. She began to scream in agony. She still had another thirty-two ounces to go. I closed the clamp and put a pillow under her head. Something to cry on. I opened the clamp.

Gina was thrashing around on the bed but the ties held her in place. She pulled her knees under herself. She lifted her body off the pillows under her stomach. She was filling up and the pressure was getting to her. From behind her the view got better. I was looking at her pussy lips. I wanted to kiss them. Although it was nothing but pain for her it was getting a little sexual for me. I quit looking. I had an enema to finish.

Finally the bag was drained. I closed the clamp. Gina had rolled onto her side. Her knees were pulled up against her bloated belly. She was bawling pitifully into her pillow. I started rubbing her bare tummy, trying to ease the pain a little. I really hated to see her suffer so much but she was going to remember it. I took her hands out of the ties. Timed her retention for ten minutes then helped her to her feet. The cramping was so bad she couldn’t stand upright. I disconnected the tubing from the bag and helped her to the bathroom. Sat her down, deflated the balloons and pulled them out. There was a gush followed by a thunderous fart. The air that was in the bag. I think it scared her. She looked at me wide eyed. I told her to get cleaned up and come back to the bedroom.

I washed out the bag and affixed a normal nozzle then added a little soap and filled it with water. It was hanging, waiting when she came back. She looked like hell. Her hair was frazzled and her leaking eyes were tearful. I directed her back to the bed.

“Gina, I’ve got to rinse you out, that was glycerin I used. You’ll continue to cramp if we don’t rinse.” She climbed on the bed and assumed the position.

I lubricated her again then slid the nozzle in. Again there was a slight moan as it entered her, I twirled it and pumped in in and out several times, then I started. I kept the flow moderate and rubbed her back as the water filled her. When her tummy started to bloat I massaged her there, forcing the water deep. Washing her out.

Again I helped her to the bathroom and sat her down. She probably could have made it on her own but she was pretty beat. She evacuated and wiped. I helped her back to the bed.

“One more. Just plain water to rinse out the soap.”

I rinsed and refilled the bag. She was already in position. I lubed a finger and stuck it in her then pulled it out. The nozzle went in. I slowed the flow and rubbed her tummy. A low cooing sound was coming from deep within her. She seemed to like the warming flow. She settled back against my hand. The one holding the nozzle in place. I gently massaged her bottom. She cooed louder. The bag was empty. I helped her up.

She made it to the bathroom on her own. I went to get on more thing for her. I got a bulb syringe and filled it with six ounces of Merlot. She came back into the bedroom. She was beautiful. Perky breasts, wild auburn muff, trim narrow hips and slim thighs but her hair was a mess and her eyes darkened from crying.

“Come over and lie down on the bed. I’ll give you something to help you relax and feel a little better. On your tummy.”

I slipped the nozzle of the bulb into her and gave her the wine. I held a tissue against her rose bud while I rubbed her back. “Just relax, just relax.”

Five minutes later she looked up at me. Slightly slurring she asked, “Daddy what did you put in me. I feel nice, mellow.”

I didn’t answer.

In five more minutes she’d drifted off to sleep. I pulled the covers up over her and went downstairs. Poured myself a beer and turned on the TV. Had to get out of the bedroom. I wanted her too damned badly to be that close to her.

I must have dozed off. The TV was still on but Gina was sitting on the sofa beside me. She’d put on a pair of baby doll pajamas and was just sitting staring at me.

I looked up. “Hi sleepy head,” she said. Then she said, “Daddy, I really am sorry about what I did yesterday. Yeah, I’m sorry I got caught and I’m sorry I got punished but I am sorry I did it. It’s not fair to you when I act like that.”

“Don’t do it again,” I said but I smiled at her when I said it. “I don’t want to ever have to put you through what I did tonight, but I will.”

“Daddy I don’t want it again either. I thought my guts were gonna bust and I was gonna die. I’ve never felt so much pain. But those last two were kinda nice. The plain water gave me a nice warm fullness but the last one, boy did I like it, it mellowed me out. I felt like I was floating.”

Shyly Gina asked, “Daddy do you think you could just give me the last two again?”

I was shocked, I answered, “Gina baby that was punishment. If I only give you the last two it’s something else entirely.”

“I know Daddy. I know you like them. I like them too.”

“Whaaat, what do you mean I like them.”

“I’ve seen your stuff under your sink and I’ve found the bag still wet hanging behind your bathroom door. I know you do it. I want to, too.”

It was getting too deep for me. My sixteen year old daughter was asking me to give her enemas. Enemas that would be sexual in nature. I wanted to say yes but I couldn’t.

“Gina, I’m not sure that would be the right thing to do.”

“Maybe not but it’s what I want. You want it too.”

“What do you mean, I want it too,” I asked.

“Daddy, I’ve seen you looking at me. At my body. At my titties. At my bottom. You think I haven’t noticed? I noticed and I wanted you to do more than look.”

I just sat, spellbound, flabbergasted.

Was wearing a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt. Gina lay down and put her head in my lap. Face down. In my lap. She grinned up at me, pulled the leg of my shorts aside and took my cock into her mouth.

I should have stopped her. No way. I hardened under her ministrations. She pumped her head up and down on me. Taking me deeper and deeper into her. She made a little humming noise, like her throat was vibrating. She was driving me crazy. Up and down she went then she let me slip out. She licked the length of my shaft then tickled the underside of the head with the tip of her tongue. Then she took my back into her mouth. I was ready to explode.

I tapped her on the head. “Baby I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” She just sucked harder. Polly Palm had been my only lover for the past two years. Believe me, Polly was no comparison. I saw stars as pulse after pulse of my jizz filled Gina’s mouth. She swallowed and swallowed. Some was drizzling out the sides of her mouth. She sucked ‘til I was dry and limp.

She stood up and took my hand. “Come on, take me to bed,” she said as she pulled me toward the stairway. I went.

In my room she said, “Undress me.”

I lifted her PJ top over her head and admired her firm young breasts. Then, dropping to my knees I rolled her bottoms down. She stepped out of them and stood with her legs spread, inviting me. I pulled her to me and tasted her for the first time. In her hair I could smell the faint pungentcy of her urine. Her slit was moist with her lubrication. It had the light musky scent of a young woman. Her taste was slightly salty.

I rose and led her to the bed. Laying her down I splayed her legs and engulfed her sex with my mouth, laving her pink inner lips with my tongue. Gina began to moan with pleasure. I lifted her legs to my shoulders and folded her knees back toward her chest exposing her bottom. I wanted a taste. Nice clean wine scented bottom. I probed her with my tongue. I could still discern the flavor of the Merlot. Ambrosia.

Gina really squirmed when I lapped at her rose bud. Obviously anal erotic. Just like me. I enjoyed myself for a few minutes then went searching for her clitoris. I found it. A slim pink finger with a glossy pearly tip. I took it between my lips and sucked. Gina’s stomach muscles rippled like a washboard and her vagina was spasming as she screamed out, “Yesss, yesss, yesss.” Her sweet nectar flooded my mouth as climax after climax shook her body.

I pulled myself up between her parted thighs. Sliding my cock along her sopping slit I found her opening and pressed forward. I met resistance and was a little surprised. Gina was a virgin. With all of her recent escapades I’d imagined that she was sexually active. It was a pleasant surprise. I pushed into her tearing her membrane. Gina winced and mouthed oh at me then encircled my waist with her legs and pulled me deeper into her.

My God she was tight. I’m not huge, only seven inches, but I was filling her completely. I could feel her soft inner flesh being drawn out on my back stroke. Clinging to me, exciting me. I pumped her for about five minutes before I felt the spasms starting in her vagina, another orgasm was building. I pumped harder. My own climax was nearly upon me when hers hit. Loved the feel of her love juices flowing over my cock then I pulled out. My cum gushed over her belly and her lovely auburn bush. I milked myself dry.

Gina was rubbing my cum in, using it like a body lotion. She asked, “Why did you pull out?”

“Didn’t want to get you pregnant.”

“Daddy, I was thinking about doing it so I went to the school nurse. She put me on the pill six months ago. Next time I want you in me, ok.”

I lay down beside her. She looked at me and said, “Do I get my enemas tomorrow?”

“Yes baby, any time you want.”

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this gave me some good ideas. i have a sixteen yo daughter and she is so hot she presses up against me and has even rubbed my dick with her thigh when she hugs me. im gonna tear her virgin pussy apart this weekend.

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2010-07-1900:54:05 is right. I read "mouth to ass"...but no "Ass to mouth". I'm not an "Ass" man so-to-speak. I've fucked a few asses in my day, but that's not what moves me and oddly enough, I found myself really waiting for it in this story.
Nice story anyways. I'm gunna see what chapter two provides.


2010-09-02 20:17:07
What the fuck, do people really do that. Ok go blow out another hole. And what's with the Merlot syringe. Wow you learn something new each day. Thank Mars its fiction.

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i really liked the story it got me thinking i will try that with my daughter she is fourteen coming on fithteen. I have seen her naked a few times and managed to accidentally on purpose feel her cunt and she just gave a kiss,So i am going to do it this weekend while my wife is at her sisters i will let you know how i got on

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Really liked it. Need a follow-up. He's gotta fuck that tight little ass.

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