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This is a continuation of an earlier story, Taking Cherie Renee
“Hope there’s something left in that thing for me,” my sister said with a sly wink toward Cherie.

My mouth fell open at this. I’d seen my sister Ann, naked before, and she had seen me. We had played “doctor” when we were children, but we’d never made sexual advances toward each other in adolescence. Seeing her stand and stare at my glistening cock, and realizing that she’d just watched me cum inside her best friend’s ass caused an instant heat to rush through my body. The taboo of it bringing a flush to my face and a tightening in my throat.

My cock had no misgivings; he began immediately to rise to the occasion.

Ann stepped into the shelter with us, reached to fondle Cherie’s exposed breasts, leaned into her and began to kiss her passionately. The girls’ tongues danced across their lips and each took a turn sucking the lips of the other into her mouth. At this wanton display, my cock began to throb. Obviously, this was not the first time these two had made out with each other.

Cherie pulled away from my sister’s mouth and nodded toward me. “Don’t forget about Ollie,” she said.

Ann smiled at me, crossed her arms to each side of her pullover shirt at the bottom, and drew the thin fabric up and over her head. At fourteen, she was slightly more developed than Cherie, and her now naked breasts jiggled and swayed slightly with her movements. She continued to smile at me, humored by my fascination at her nudity. She stepped toward me and reaching up, pulled my face down the hers and kissed me as passionately as she had Cherie. The feel of her erected nipples on my lower chest was as exciting as her probing tongue was in my mouth.

My mind raced with all that was happening, and the senses in my body were sent into hyper-drive. My sister began kissing my face, then my chin, then worked her way down to my chest. She kissed my nipples and circled her tongue around them, teasing and pulling with her lips. She nipped them softly between her teeth before continuing her downward pathway along my body. My fully erect cock poked and prodded her as she made a trail of her angle kisses toward my waist.

Cherie, now standing behind my sister placed her hands on her shoulders and pulled her to a full standing position. She reached around from behind and unsnapped my sister’s shorts and said, “Let me help you out of those, girlfriend.”

She hooked her index fingers into the waist at either side and slowly lowered the denim to the floor. I watched, awe struck as my sister’s pussy became visible, a triangle of fine red hair trimmed neatly at the top, the rest completely shaved and smooth. I felt my pulse beating in my cock and in my throat; I knew I’d never been this hard before.

Cherie then position herself on the floor with her head at my feet. My sister, naked, squatted over Cherie’s face, lowering her pussy to the waiting mouth below. As Cherie began to gently nuzzle her face into Ann’s moistening snatch, my sister reached and placed her hands around my hips. She pulled me toward her opened mouth, licking her lips in anticipation of her first oral contact with the purple mushroom that was the tip of my cock. She encircled my shaft, her fingers running softly over the veined flesh, her thumb sliding along the ridged rise near my balls. She leaned into me, her tongue slightly beyond her lips and opened her mouth the receive me. I thrust forward a bit, and she pressed her lips onto the tip of my rock-hard pole, and warmly slid her mouth around the head. The warmth and wetness that engulfed me sent an instant shudder throughout my being.

I had only ten minutes before unloaded a huge blast of cum into Cherie’s ass, as my sister watched from outside, but her oral ministrations to my cock were undeterred. She sucked me deeply into her throat and gripped me tightly with her lips as she slid out toward the tip. She continued to stroke me with her hand and made mewing noises around the tip as she paused before plunging to the hilt again. Below her, Cherie continued to massage her own clit and slurped at the plentiful juices running out of my sister’s throbbing puss.

We rocked together, the sounds of grunts, slurps and moans filling the little shelter around us. My sister slowed her sucking on my prick and began to ride Cherie’s face, grinding her clit downward as her body shuddered and an intense expression shrouded her face. She pulled to the head of my cock and let me fall from her mouth. She held her mouth open, still pumping me with her hand. Her eyes closed as first one wave of tremors shook her body, than another. She tensed herself and arched her back as her orgasm swept through her. Her pert tits stood straight out and bounced as she continued to hump Cherie’s face. “Shit, shit, shit, shit,” she hissed through clenched teeth, “Oh fuck, oh fuck.”

When she had recovered a bit from her climax, Ann smiled up at me and breathed, “This is fucking awesome!”

With that, she lifted her snatch from Cherie’s face and turned around placing her knees against Cherie’s shoulders. She pulled me by my cock as she leaned forward, aiming her mouth toward Cherie’s dripping pussy below. I knelt between her spread legs, my rod bouncing against her buns. Nectar oozed from the puffy pink folds of her labia as I positioned myself to take her cunt with my cock. When the tip made contact I paused, then with one thrust I buried myself inside my sister’s tight pussy. I would never have believed that we would fuck each other, but the feel of her sex gripping and milking me was incredible. Just when I thought that my body couldn’t endure another sensation, Cherie began to lick my balls as they swayed with my fucking just above her face.

Ann rocked into my thrusts, meeting me with an audible slap each time our flesh came together. I could hear her moaning into Cherie’s pussy, even as Cherie’s lips and tongue made smacking noises around my balls. The shelter was filled with the musky aroma of our teenaged sex. Ann continued to suck on Cherie’s clit and the back of her head made circles as she worked her mouth in the same motion around the little bud between her lips. Her red hair was draped over Cherie’s body as I continued to pound into the hot, velvety wetness of her snatch.

We fucked for several minutes, knowing that no one could see or hear what we did. The excitement was made more intense by the incest, and the element of a third partner. Looking down, I watched my cock pistoning in and out of my sister’s pussy, and the movement of Cherie’s face below her. I placed my thumb lightly against the little darker circle of Ann’s ass and began to trace soft circles there. Without inserting, I applied pressure and my sister groaned loudly. Cherie lapped hungrily at my balls, then went rigid as another orgasm wracked through her thirteen year old body. She gripped my ball sack with her lips and moaned loudly into the dim light as my sister continued to suckle her writhing mound. With Cherie’s moans and thrashing beneath us, I felt my own release begin to build. The heat in my groin and the spasmatic thrust of my hips became more intense as the slap of my thighs impacted Ann’s ass cheeks.

My load began deeply and was shot in long hot spurts into my sister’s hungry cunt. I watched as my seed began to seep from her snatch around my still pumping meat. Before I’d finished unloading into her, Ann erupted in an orgasm of her own. She clamped down tightly on my prick, the wet walls of with her twat firm against me. She thrust her hips backward into me as I hammered into her, still shooting streams of my sperm into her depths.

We had all cum at virtually the same time, and I was thoroughly spent. I’d cum twice with Cherie earlier, and this third blast drained me completely. I rocked backward onto my heels and watched as my softening cock slowly plopped from my sister’s pussy. My load was overflowing and began to run down her flesh, and a small stream dripped toward Cherie’s face below. Seeing the droplet begin to form, Cherie raised her face to Ann’s cunt and began to suckle my ejaculate from her sex.

Ann, barely breathing and just beginning to recover, raised her head from Cherie’s pussy and said, “Get it all but don’t swallow, I want to taste Ollie’s spunk too.”

Cherie gave a final probe with her tongue. As she pulled away, a string of my cum mixed with my sister’s ample fluids strung out about three inches before separating and falling finally on her chin. Her face was covered with the creamy mixture and her mouth was obviously full. Ann raised herself off of Cherie and sat on her buns, leaning back onto her elbows. Cherie knelt on her knees at my sister’s side and leaned forward over her upturned face. Cherie pursed her lips and allowed the mixture of juices she held to trickle down and drip slowly into my sister’s open mouth.

While I thought my cock couldn’t be revived after all that had happened, he began to swell and throb at the girls’ vivid display. Cherie swallowed what remained in her mouth, licking her lips and wiping her face with her hand. Ann swallowed part of the spunk she held as I knelt at her side, opposite Cherie, and began toying with her breasts. I pulled gently on her erect nipples, and rolled her tits in my hands, each in turn. Ann reached and pulled my face to hers and opened her mouth. I leaned into her and our lips were pressed together in a passionate kiss. The collected fluids she held in her mouth were transferred into mine by the push of her probing tongue. We swished it back and forth, each taking a portion and finally swallowing. I’d tasted my own cum before; this was similar but with the added thrill of the snowball we’d made, I felt the urge in my throbbing meat swell with renewed excitement.

My cock was making contact with Ann’s torso and swinging tits as it jerked with our movements. She reached down and felt how hard I was and teased smiling, “I think you can go one more, big brother.”

Excited by her touch, I replied, “Ma’am, I’ll do the best I can.”

Ann leaned forward and took Cherie by the hand, “Come with me, baby,” she said raising to her feet. Together the girls stepped over to the large diameter irrigation pipe that extended to the outside of the shelter we were in. Still holding hands, they leaned across the pipe and lifted their asses slightly in invitation.

“You’ll need a little lube for what I want, Ollie,” Ann said coyly. “You can fuck Cherie in her pussy, then put that big cock in my tight ass, Ok?”

Unloading into my sister’s pussy had been awesome and really exciting. Her blunt suggestion that we also go anal brought a flush to my entire body. I felt heat and excitement and urgency all at once. I positioned myself behind Cherie, reached down to her dripping cunt and inserted my middle finger slowly. She raised against me and purred encouragement saying, “Fuck me again, baby!”

I removed my finger and ran it across my lips. Before I could do anything else, Ann took my hand an sucked Cherie’s moisture from my finger. The sensation of her lips and tongue on my digit brought additional stirring to my engorged penis. I turned to Cherie’s waiting snatch and pressed the swollen head of my cock against her opening. Though she still felt extremely tight, there was little resistance as I easily slid to the hilt inside her again. We began the dance once more, me rocking into her, she responding against me with force. Our tempo increased and we were soon fucking madly, oblivious to all else. I knew there was little chance that I’d cum too quickly, but Cherie was soon squealing uncontrollably as she reached yet another climax in this evening of impossible pleasure. She bucked her hips against me, milking me with surprising control. Ann reached over and began to rub her fingertip against my sphincter, inserting just the tip slightly as I pounded into Cherie.

As Cherie’s latest orgasm began to subside, she slumped against the pipe she lay sprawled across, a little whimper escaping her lips. Ann positioned her ass at the proper height for my entry and said in a hoarse whisper, “Come on Ollie, I want you inside me now.”

Stepping away from Cherie, I moved toward Ann’s uptilted ass and positioned my wetted cock at the little round opening of her ass. I placed the tip against her, and she shuddered slightly in anticipation of my entry. Between her already drenched sex, and my glistening, lubricated tool, the initial push of my hips began to gently open her. I moved slowly and deliberately not wanting to hurt her. The obvious discomfort showed as she caught her breath and cried out at the first. “I’ll stop if you want me too, sis,” I said.

“Oh, no. No, I want you to do it, just go slow,” she said.

I resumed my entrance, feeling her expand to accept my girth, and finally felt my hips encounter her cheeks, bottomed out at last. I stopped and waited, knowing that Ann was uncomfortable, but knowing too that a few moments would change all that.

“Ok. It’s ok. Fuck me now!” she said.

I slowly began to withdraw, bringing my cock to the very tip before slipping back inside her. She groaned and began to writhe with me, tossing her red hair from side to side. We fell into a rhythm, the now familiar slap of flesh loud inside the room. We were tired, and my legs felt weak as I continued to hump Ann’s warmth. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to cum soon enough to join my sister’s climax. I was then surprised by Cherie placing her index finger against the rim of my ass, and even more so when she gently pushed her way inside, going to the knuckle in one smooth push. This added sensation did something for the sensual feeling slowly building in my groin, and as Cherie worked her hand back and forth in time with my thrusts into Ann’s ass, I felt a final eruption begin to build. My thrusts increased in intensity as the rush of climax flooded through me. Ann began to pant and grunt each time our thighs came together.

“Oh, Ollie, fuck my ass. It feels soooo goooood! Harder, harder . . . oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit, I’m cumming . . . auuuggghhh!!!” Ann screamed.

My own orgasm was immediate. The tingle in my legs, and the burn of climax in my balls surged up and outward as my cum was fired into my sister’s bowel. There wasn’t much of an ejaculation, having cum so many times already, but the feeling was so, so intense. I pounded Ann’s thighs until I thought my legs would collapse, stopping finally, buried as deeply as I could go. We stayed, joined in our lust for a couple of minutes before almost falling apart from each other. Cherie’s finger slipped out my ass just as my softening cock slipped from Ann’s.

We were a mess. The smell of our passion fluid in the shelter. We didn’t need to speak, each of us were floating in sensations and intense feelings impassioned by what we had done.

“We reek of sex,” Ann said, bending to retrieve her clothes from the floor. Cherie nodded in agreement, gathering hers and mine as well. We didn’t dress, walking the distance toward our house whispering and giddy, naked to the world. Ann had erected the tent earlier, and we all fell into it, exhausted. We lay huddled together on top of the sleeping bags, arms draped across each other, spooning and caressing contentedly. I thought of the two beautiful girls drifting to sleep on either side of me. I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

Just as my eyes began to close at last, Ann whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait until we can do this again, Ollie. I love you so much.” And we drifted off to sleep.

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Excellent, like your other stories. Thank you.

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another wannabe writer that never finishes a story what a shame it was just getting good then he stops dead just like the story DEAD

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Okay, cherie and Ann changed places a couple times, like without moving. Other than that, it's awesome.

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Even if they did get pregnant, you wouldn't know yet, now would you?

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another ass wipe writer that doesn't have the brains enough to give ALL the chapters of a series the SAME TITLE. go back to school and learn then get a good editor and do a rewrite on all your stories.

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