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Gambling My Wife and Black Business Partner

Chapter 3

CJ gives his name and reservation number as the key card is handed over. He asks for some assistance as it is obvious his hands are full. My pretty young wife is totally out of it as the drug and cab ride along with all she has endured through out this evening has turned her lights out. Anyone can now do anything to her, and this is exactly what CJ has been counting on. This is now his fantasy, to do what ever he wants to my helpless and very naked Diane. She will remember little, only a few pleasurable flash backs that at first she thinks are only an erotic dream, until he will wake her up and make it a night to remember!!!...... The night manager summons one of the hotel bellmen as he,walks around the counter to get a better view . He is enjoying what he see's and has commented that Diane looks like a very tasty young thing, and has asked how long they have been married?...still admiring her red lips nails and spiked heels, especially her red toe nails as he playfully gives one a tug.
Several other patrons also give Diane a closer look as one older couple asks is this your wedding night? And can they take some pictures?. CJ nods approvingly and the older couple take several pictures focusing on her bare shave pubic area that is obviously still quite moist. The bellman shows up, he is a young black man barely 18 and this is his first night on the job. The things that have gone on so far in this hotel have literally kept his pants bulging, as he two notices the glistening moisture between her legs. He then takes the key card and asks if they have any bags. CJ says no, that it has already been taken care of that, and he has seen to it that enough things for both have been sent over earlier. Then he follows the bellman out past the community rooms and into the wide well lighted hall way, down past the court yard. There are a number of people in the pool, most are naked and only a few give them a second look he follows the bellman up the stairs to the bridal suite.

The door is opened, it is a large and well appointed bedroom there are dozens of red roses that smell wonderful from a bridal shower that never really happened . They are my wife's favorite, the room has big picture windows on both sides of the room. The bed is placed in the middle to where if the curtains are left open an any of the lights are on, anyone that walks by on either of the two upper walkways has an unobstructed view of the bridal bliss! The bed cover is soft dark red velvet and there are lighter colored lovers hearts all over it including four big heart shaped and very firm pillows. CJ carefully lays Diane on the bed, she only moans slightly as her fair white skin contrasts vividly with the red velvet comforter . Her eyes are closed and she has the most blissful look on her face. The bellman asks if he can be of any further assistance. CJ gives him a tip and he slowly walks around admiring her naked beauty being very reluctant to leave...
CJ asks him would you like to play with her, the young man is unsure, but says yes! CJ sensing his nervousness and says go ahead she wont mind at all! His young fingers are trembling as he slowly touches her swollen clitoris and when she lets out a slight gasp from his touch flinches and quickly pulls his fingers back and leaves. CJ now gets down to business by lifting and placing her bottom on one of the big heart shaped pillows, spreading her legs as wide as he can without waking or causing her any discomfort in her present condition , there is little chance of this. He then rummages through some of things he has previously brought. Looking for the skimpy white wedding dress a white pair of matching panties, petticoats , stockings, and garter belt! Taking his time arranges them on the red carpet as thought they have been carelessly ripped off and tossed away in reckless abandon as if this wonderful grand opening and blessed event can quickly follow!.

CJ has been looking forward to this moment since the first time he realized she, had willingly agreed to this sinful arrangement, and that this for him is one of the most enjoyable things, is to perform oral on her along with making it a night to remember. The fact that she has this incredible clit that swells up with little attention and the fact that I have told him everything about her, exactly how she likes to be used played with and abused in such a delightful manner. This alone has perked his interest. I have also told him just where to touch her and that if done right she will respond in a certain way as her body is so well trained for sex. For me and now CJ, to see her enjoy herself is one of the most sensual and erotic things one can imagine. To feel her warm wet softness respond to oral stimulation and how wonderful it is. The way she pushes her little cunt up for this pleasurable abuse and that in her present condition it will probably not take CJ very long to arouse her in more ways than one! This thought is again exactly what CJ is counting on, but he does plan on taking his time!!!......
CJ has, at my request asked the hotel to turn on their video cameras. They are state of the art color and respond to any sound or movement. The cameras will quickly focus or zoom in on anything that moves in the bridal suite! This wedding night bliss can also be viewed on the hotels closed circuit television by any of the guests simply by tuning in the bridal suite. These recordings can also be made into select copies for the bride and groom, and with their permission many have had there wedding night sexual adventures captured on video and have graciously made them available in the hotels gift shop!. Word has gotten around and a small crowd has formed on either side of the bridal suites windows. Not to mention those that have tuned in for this night to remember.

CJ has opened the curtains and the lights that vividly show the bridal suite bed are on. CJ climbs up next to her and slowly runs his hands over Diane really enjoying her soft nakedness. She is so vulnerable and helpless and the pleasurable feeling it gives him to touch her is wonderful. He then tenderly kisses her slowly and gently probing her red lips as his tongue finds its way in. He can not help himself as even more aggressively he kisses her deeper, she softly moans with subdued pleasure. His lips reluctantly leave hers and descend first to the depressions in her neck, pausing, as his hands are all over her breasts, she stirs slightly. He senses that they are being watched, but could care less as his attention is only on her. He has gotten off the bed and first has taken his shirt off . His heart is pounding with anticipation. The bulge in his pants is increasing at the sight of her white nakedness and almost helpless beauty. He has kicked off his shoes and then drops his pants and walks around the bed, and with people he knows are watching removes his shorts!
Even through the double pane window of the hotel he hears several gasps as his half hard 10” cock comes to life! It is fast becoming rock hard, he has some gun oil it is a special super slippery lube that he has used in the past. That has been specially formulated and has helped get his large hard cock to easily slip into a tight little white pussy's! He has laid it on the bed as he knows it is going to be needed later, and then crawls over the end of the bed, and in between her legs. His hands find the soft innermost tender parts of her upper thighs and then work their way up slightly spreading the folds of her succulent lips.

A partially swollen and stimulated clitoris easily comes into view as she unconsciously responds by spreading her legs and slightly thrusting the apex of her naked womanhood up as if to assist in accommodating her violation.. The sight is both innocent and perverse as CJ's hands go from her openness to her soft hips and slowly find there way around and under her bottom. He is careful not to wake her , as his fantasy is to pleasure her while she is asleep and in no control of her senses, his fantasy is easily becoming reality. His tongue savors the soft wet inner folds and so tender vaginal lips!
It is not long until his tongue has found its way to her clit. The taste of her, along with the muskie order of her earlier abused and stimulated little sex organ is intoxicating and it is all he can do to keep from aggressively taking a large almost sadistic bite and mouthful of her!
CJ fights this urge that is almost over powering to do, and tenderly forces himself to be more of a gentleman. This urge does not leave him easily as he feels her clit swell even more from the touch of his tongue along with his warm breath and lips, he cannot help himself. His lips surround this most delightful bud of feminine genital flesh, she gasps and stirs shifting her body slightly pushing up even more and then slowly calms down with a blissful sigh, as her breathing goes from measured to normal. CJ has her clit in his mouth and is holding his breath in hopes that she will not wake up! Her breathing and sleep again slowly returns. He then resumes his lustful attention to this most wonderful place on a young woman's body as her hands are both alternately and helplessly trying to clutch the red velvet comforter. His hands are around her buttocks and is carefully forcing them up as he enjoys her most tender succulent treasure. She is again subconsciously squeezing her bottom together as if in a sensual dream , and is easily pushing up to meet this wonderful feeling of oral stimulation. He then becomes more aggressive and just about when he thinks she will awaken he stops this game! Is plays over and over until he can no longer help himself as this oral pleasure is a wonderful thing for both !... Diane has an incredible shuddering orgasm and is more than aroused at the same time becoming conscious!

She jerks slightly at first not sure where she is or what is happening, slowly realizing the pleasure he has given her. She then pushes his head away slightly, he is reluctant to leave, as his lips tongue and teeth are slow to release this sweet tender orb at least for the moment! She then does a very delightful thing, something she has done for me often. Her fingers surround her upper cunt lips and pull them wider holding them apart so that her now even more swollen and evermore sensitive clitoris can easily and pleasurably be abused. At the same time he can feel her bottom again tighten and her, consciously try to raise this part up to meet his new and aggressive advances. When he has a firm full mouth of her, she releases her lips and at first lovingly places her hands on his head directing him to that perfect place. This brings about another orgasm and to him is so sweet and wonderful. She now holds him there even more aggressively than ever. He ever more ardently goes after her willingly exposed and sinfully unprotected genitalia . This battle of the sexes continues as he wanting to pleasure her, and she wanting to be pleasured. This display along with the look on her face and the perverse noises she has made from the first bit of attention to the last several pleasurable releases is priceless, and have been prominently recorded, and are now graphically displayed on every television in the hotel, that is tuned to the bridal suit!

She is trying to push him away as pleasure is fast becoming abuse she really wanted it only moments ago and for him not to stop, but now she is so sensitive that it is starting to hurt and is not sure what to do, Diane is now trying to rescue herself from this ordeal with very mixed feelings. He knows this and it only makes him want her more as his strong hands firmly grip her bottom and his shoulders are in between her thighs so that she is unable to move, slow him down or force his mouth off of her bare and unprotected little muff!
She is now begging him to stop, all this does is to again, make him want her more. Her pleasurable gasps and moans have become more shrill and desperate OMG, please, Oh please stop , Oh please don't stop are her mixed and audible comments! She is desperately trying with all of her strength to push him off! She has been pleasured to release well over a half dozen times and has been brought to the edge at least as many times more.

Diane is finally able to push him off and gives a sigh of relief as his lips reluctantly leave her succulent swollen clit with a pop! But he continues to nibble aggressively and softly bite the inside of her thighs as he raises up on his knees. His big black 10”cock is now rock hard and sticking up more menacing and ready than ever!!..., she is still gasping from his pleasurable oral abuse and has closed her eyes for a moment savoring this sexual pleasure. His hand is probing her slit and has forced her tightness open as far as he can with his fingers, and has taken the tube of slick gun oil, dribbling it into her openness. This picture of the glistening oil along with her pink and now very swollen clit is very sensually inviting. This is something that I have always been amazed with, after she has been orally pleasured to orgasm several times her clit turns a dark pink and her little cunt opens up is so well trained , and is responding with anticipation to and for a big cock that her body wants, knows is coming and is only moments from finding its way into her. But her little pussy has no realistic idea of the size and hardness that is about to penetrate and ravish her!
My wife has always been fascinated with large cocks as I am not that well hung, and have employed the help of several realistic phallic intimations. I have a small, medium and a very large one that straps on along with many other toys in my goodie bag. All, have been used on her at one time or the other, to help make our sex life more interesting and enjoyable. She likes the large size and the biggest one, about 7” is not only her favorite but is also by coincidence, made out of black and very lifelike silicone rubber! She has put up with them especially since I have been unable to perform that well over the last several years, but would rather have the real thing!. I have tried using warm water and several types of sex creams and oils along with condoms slipped over them they have helped, but they have never been all that sexually fulfilling, except for their size. That problem of course, is about to change! CJ lays the well lubed head of his gigantic cock in the vaginal folds of her of her over stimulated and well oiled wet little slit! She, do to her gambling has not had a lot of sexual attention lately until this evening and is certainly no virgin, but in many respects is still very ripe tight and innocent even in her late 20s as she has never had anything realistic that is close to the size of what is now!...., about to find its way into her!

CJ has raised up and has pushed the head of his cock down at a steeper angle and has forced it into her a little deeper. The soft fleshy area around and on either sides of her slit and lips has been spread out and puffed up and out to accommodate the size of his hard bulging cock head! Her eyes are now wide open as she finally realizes what is about to happen. Women white or black have had this same look when they have encountered there first really big cock it's not that black cocks are the only big ones as there are some equally large white ones, but I do think there are more black ones that are bigger. Along with the fact and fantasy' my wife and other white women have about them. The forbidden fruit and sinful view of society especially in the old days about white women and black men along with the perceived ability of these black men to perform hard and prolonged sex has been a hard fantasy for some of them to live up to. In CJ's case though this is no fantasy! As he has a big black and very hard cock and that, for Diane has been one of her most delicious and sinful fantasy's and it is one that will be shamelessly and brutally fulfilled tonight and will be vividly captured in sound and color! Also over the next several days her even darker and abusive fantasy will be realized.

Many of you have seen the faces of women posted on sites that cater to big black men and helpless and submissive women. Especially young white women that have never before experienced full deep and prolonged sexual intercourse with a more than well hung black man. The look of wonder, fear, pain uncertainty followed by helpless and then blissful submission. This to me is the most wonderful thing to see a woman and especially my wife be so sinfully and totally used abused and sexually satisfied to the point that she is begging for more and for it not to end! The noise and sound they make along with the pictures is a most difficult thing to describe with only the written word.
This is now exactly what my young sweetheart of a wife is about to experience and it is something that she will never forget, but it is something in fantasy that has been so tantalizing, that in reality is ever so more satisfying and enjoyable than she could ever have imagined. For me this is what I want for her, to really enjoy herself as this has always been my goal. CJ has raised up slightly as he now pushes a little harder on her pelvic opening and when he has found what he feels is the perfect angle has thrust his hard black meat into her with all of his weight and force he can muster. My wife screams out with pain, surprise, and shock! Fantasy and reality are now one. A camera focuses on her face that has this unbelievable look of wide eyed wonder coupled with a grotesque look of agony! As the other zooms in from behind between his legs as his big tool is now buried more than half way into her tender softness the gun oil along with her natural vaginal secretions has squirted out much like a piece of over ripe fruit that has been brutally pricked with a big and very sharp knife or like a virgin who,s swollen untouched hymen has been forcefully ruptured as this probing pressure continues down to the very depth of her sexual being!

She has raised her legs, bent her knees, and pointed her toes out to each side as far as she possibly can. Her red open toed heels are the only thing she is still wearing. She has done this in order to alleviate the initial pain and is trying to make her love tunnel opening wider!. All this submissive act has done is to allow him to fully penetrate the softness of her vaginal cavity as his big black balls are now easily resting against the cheeks of her bare white bottom! Her hands are again fitfully trying to clutch the red velvet comforter as an animal squealing noise first escape her lips and trail off as she is now fully and obscenely penetrated.

CJ has grabbed her hands and his lips have found hers as she twists and turns in a desperate effort to first deny his entry and his animal lust! Almost as quick she no longer resists and slowly submits. His tongue is in her mouth deeper and his cock is in her even farther. His heart is pounding hard as he relaxes slightly, he can feel her heart also pounding against his chest as he is on top of her naked helplessness, he savors this wonderful feeling of being totally inside her and the feeling of her naked ambiance against him, the touch of her soft white breasts against his chest and smell is again ever more intoxicating.
The first of many strokes to come is starting slowly, he pulling back slightly and then to her depth the head of his cock is in a place where no other has been? This for her and the strange feeling is at first frighting and unnerving, but it is not at all an unpleasant feeling after the first brutal penetration. He knows that this is what she wants as she has told me in her fantasy so many times before and all I have done is express to him her thoughts. She can feel him pull out a little farther each time as he returns to her depth again and again. She subconsciously wonders to herself if she could ever have taken such a large cock as a seventeen year old virgin. Somehow this thought is perversely stimulating as she now starts to push her hips back to meet his soft and gentlemanly thrusts, that are becoming less and less gentle. He is up to half his length out and then quickly back to her depth. This seems to continue as time no longer matters, her first orgasm is quickly followed by another, as her arms are now tightly around his neck and they are passionately trying to out kiss each other and she is now able to take his full length as his big black balls are banging against her white ass cheeks as he continues to easily pound her. She is so tight and virgin like, her pubic muscles are tightly stretched around his hard black maleness.

His thrusts, strokes, and full penetration have become more wild and ardent! She is now gasping with no shame as he openly and without any regard pummels her ever so more harshly giving her no quarter or respite. OMG it is as good for her as fantasy and the thought has always been tantalizing but the real thing is everything the has ever fantasized about and the reality of it happening is ever so more rewarding . It is so sinfully enjoyable as the sound and pictures of this erotic and perceived blessed event is forever captured on video and etched into the minds of all who are watching!. His thrusts have slowed as he is trying very hard not to relieve his sexual urges at the moment and to have her so submissive and vulnerably accommodating is very hard for him to slow and hold back this so overpowering urge as he again savors this so wonderful feeling. Of her soft little pussy so tightly stretched around his big cock!
She is still wanting and quite disappointed when he slowly pulls himself out! OMG she thinks it is over and she wants more, almost pleading for him to re inter her! But for him to quit this soon is not an option, or his intent at all. As he grabs her ass cheeks and quickly flips her over moving the heart shaped pillow and replacing it with on of the hotels folded towel then sticks the fingers of his hand into her now almost gaping at least for the moment open cunt hole! and roughly pulls her up onto her knees easily spreading them, telling her to clasp her hands tightly behind her back hold them there and not move.. This as I have said before is one of the most kinky and perverse things that her body reacts to, after she has been sexuality pleasured her little cunt is now wide, but this time is considerably wider and more open than usual, all from his big black cock. This is the most erotically and appealing thing I or anyone can imagine in that her clit has turned a dark pink color is very hard, and the nub is prominently sticking out much like a bitch dog in heat, and she is easily and vulgarly acting like a human version of this most perverse animal in the act of sexual submission!....

Several of the things she really likes about getting hard fucked while on her knees is, and I once asked her? She said that it gave her the feeling of helpless submissive sex , especially when her hands were behind her back. The other two, she said is that when on her knees anyone with a hard dick and her, wide open stimulated, face down and her bottom in the air could easily stick it to her and there would be nothing she could do about it, as it would be all the way in before she could stop it! The other is that if they tied her wrists or grabbed and held them they could easily surprise her coming from behind and she would be helpless to resist even the most enormous cock. The latter was about to happen but now it would no longer be a surprise or fantasy! She is kneeling on the bed anticipating what she knows is coming, the cameras have again zoomed in on this perverse event that is about to happen. One from the rear has first zeroed in on the purple imprint that is vivid and prominently displayed on her right lower ass cheek! The other words are the smaller less obvious pink ones that has been sinfully outlined with the same dark purple ink both say the exact same thing “BLACK COCK WHORE” only the smaller one has CJs initials preceding it above these words and is her permanent tattoo, this is between her butt crack, virgin little ass hole and the extream end of her slit that is still stretched open with precum dripping and gaping from her first encounter with his massive male sex organ!

He has well lubed it again and is counting on an even better sexual and fulfilling ride from this incredible young woman that has now become his willing and eager black cock whore. He has forced his meat down level and placed the gigantic head against the soft and red swollen flesh of her puffy mound and cunt lips, it contrasts vividly with the rest of her pale white skin! He then applies some pressure a little at first as he encounters resistance in her opening, followed by more pressure until she is starting to slowly slide forward on the bed . He is forced to grab her hips as he gives her a really hard thrust and pulls on her hips at same time. The results is to force his big hard cock passed and between her pelvic opening!, all the way into her vaginal tunnel filling this wanting void almost instantly. The camera from above shows her folds instantly spread wide and to their limit! The camera view from the side has captured it all from resistance to the full 10 inch stroke of penetration. It is quite impressive to see this big, of a black cock enter such a formerly tight little white pussy. Another camera that has been focused on her face has given a much clearer picture, as her expression is dramatic and has gone from anticipation and wonder to more than real concern! This is followed by the most painful look that slowly turns into bliss.... It is the most priceless expression one could imagine seeing on the face of a young woman especially my girl!
The noise and sounds my wife is making are helpless squeals and groans much like the sounds of a very young female animal that has been brutally chased held down and hard fucked for her first time. By a large male stud of an animal who is twice her size and has an even more ominous and enormous male sex organ.. CJ's thrusts are quick and deliberate at first, as he tests her a little with short jabs, followed by all the way in! The intensity rapidly increases to where after several minutes it is much more aggressive, as his desire to really give it to her overshadows his normal reserved gentlemanly nature, she to him feels so wonderful with her feminine look smell and the incredible tightness around his manliness. Only makes him want her more and to pound her even harder!

The look again on her face is something that only a series of slow motion pictures can truly capture as the heat of this sexual intercourse comes to a head, it could not have come together better as both, orgasm at exactly the same time he buried to his depth and she arched up with her bottom as high as possible and pushing back against him as hard as she possibly can. OMG she can feel his warm manly liquid quickly filling her up as so much rushes around his hard black cock there is little room left inside her and the bulk first runs and then drips out of her and onto the folded towel into an ever larger puddle! This has only slowed him down for the moment. CJ lowers his chest to her back and reaches around under her and grabs her left breast with his right hand and her right with the other hugging pulling and squeezing her while trying to fully penetrate her, he has not hardly moved at all as this wonderful feeling of closeness love and lust conspire to produce another almost equal orgasm for both. They are so naturally together she wanting him as badly as he wants her. This is what I have wanted for Diane pure unadulterated animal sexual fulfillment and this is exactly what she is getting. People dream about this kind of sex, she is now satisfied far better than any fantasy and he loves everything about her along with her saying the words of a loving and most satisfied woman!

But it is not over yet as he rolls her first on her side and they both drift of into sexually fulfilled sleep......

To be continued in chapter 4

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