Two guys are forced to rape the females close to them
This was inspired by another story that was on here a short time ago. I thought the premise was interesting so I tired my hand at using it. I hope you enjoy it.


Sam went about his cleaning chores. It was closing time Saturday night at his restaurant and he
was ready to call it a day. The doors were locked and Anna his young greeter was finishing up at
the register. There was only a few dollars left in the till, enough to get started the next morning,
Carl, his nephew, had already picked up the receipts for the day and taken them to the bank.

Sam stopped and watched Anna count out the money. She was a very sweet, very pretty young
girl. She was 16, had the pale, flawless, alabaster skin and dark hair of her Russian ancestors.
And her face was perfect, fine boned, with full lips and ice blue eyes.

Her body was also perfect, at least in Sam's estimation. She was 5' 3" tall and weighed 120 lbs.
Her legs were well shaped and her figure was a classic hour glass. She had small "B" cup breasts
that fit perfectly with her frame. She never wore any clothes that could be considered revealing,
but the ones she did wear showed off her charms.

Today she was in a tight white ruffled blouse that conformed to every curve of her torso. Her
shirt came to just above her knee, was tight over her buttocks, showing the curves of her cheeks,
then flared slightly. Sam found her very attractive, and so did his patrons. Many commented on
how pretty Anna was, and everyone commented on her perfect manners.

Because Sam found her attractive, he tried very hard not to become to familiar. He liked Anna a
lot, and didn't want to lose her as a greeter.

"You almost finished?" He called to her.

"Almost." She called back flashing him her pretty smile.

"I'll dump the trash can in my office and lock the back,"He said heading to his office.

His office was a small room right off the back door. It had a desk, two file cabinets, a chair and a
couch for visitors and he occasional nap.

Sam grabbed the trash can and stepped out the back door to dump it. He dumped it in the trash
container and when he turned to reenter the back door he felt something pressed to the back of
his head.

A moment later a young male voice said,"Ok old man. All I want is money. You try to be a hero
I'll blow your fucking head off!"

Sam realized what was pressed to his head was a gun barrel. He stopped dead still waiting to see
what the assailant wanted..

"Is there anyone else here?" The shadowy figured ask, pushing the gun barrel harder against his

Sam licked his dry lips and said,"Just..just my greeter Anna."

"Ok. Get inside!" The young voice hissed.

Sam stepped in the door with the gun still pressed to his head. Sam could see the guy from the
corner of his eye. The guy was young, and had on a black sweat shirt and a sky mask.

"Call her back here." The gunman said,"and don't let her know anything is wrong!"

"Anna!" Sam called out,"Can you come back here for a moment?"

"Sure. I'll be right there." Anna called back.

"Tell her you will be in the office." The gunman hissed, pressing the barrel of his weapon tighter
to Sam's head.

"I'll be in the office." Sam called.

"Ok." Anna called back in her melodious voice.

The guy pointed at Sam's office door and said simply,"Inside."

They entered the office and the gunman said,"Sit at your desk.."

Sam sat down and the gunman pulled a roll of duc-tape from a pocket. Quickly he taped Sam's
hands behind him, the taped his legs to the legs of the chair.

He then stepped over to a spot behind the door as Sam sat down on the desk chair. A couple of
minutes later the door opened and Anna stepped in.

"What's up?" She ask.

"This is." The gunman said as he pushed the door shut and stepped out of his hiding place.

Anna's eyes grew large with fear as she saw the gun.

"Don't hurt me please!" She gasp.

"Do as I tell you and I won't. Now sit in that chair." The young man said waving at the chair with
the pistol.

Anna sat and the gunman taped her hands behind her.

"Now I'm going to go check the register. You both better behave or I'll have to get nasty."

When he left the room Sam said,"Anna, I'm sorry. I had no idea he was waiting for me out back."

"That's ok, it isn't you fault." She said, her voice shaking with fear.

The gunman was back in a few minutes yelling,"Shit! There's only $100.00 in there!
Where the fuck is the rest of it?"

"It was sent to the bank already." Sam said.

"Your lying!" The gunman growled pointing the gun at Sam.

"I swear!" Sam replied.

"Shit!" The gunman hissed.

Then he turned and looked at Anna. He walked over and without hesitation grabbed her breast.

"Maybe I should take some of this to makeup for it!" He said with an evil laugh.

"Please! No!" She gasp in panic.

The gunman put the barrel of his weapon to her head and said in an icy voice,"Sit still. Very, very

Anna froze. The gunman laughed again and gave her breast another hard squeeze.

"Please don't!" Sam yelped,"Take me to the bank and I'll get any money you want! Just leave her

"Right! So we can get stopped by the cops on the way, or get my picture on the surveillance
camera. No fucking way! But don't worry. I'm not going to fuck this sweet little thing. I'm not
about to leave DNA for the cops."

The gunman looked at Sam, then Anna and said,"But...I can still have some fun."

He pulled out a knife and cut Sam loose from his chair. He re-taped Sam's hands behind him,
then instructed him to go sit on the couch. Sam did as he was ordered, not wanting to anger the
young man.

The gunman then cut Anna loose. He grabbed her arm and pulled her over to a spot in front of

"On your knees." He growled.

Anna slowly dropped to her knees facing the masked assailant.

"Not me,"The man said,"Him" pointing at Sam.

Ana turned to face Sam, looking up at him, fear filling her eyes.

"It will be alright." Sam whispered.

The gunman pulled the chair he had previously had Anna taped to, turned it backwards, straddled
it, then waved at Sam with his gun,"Alright. I'm ready for my entertainment. Undo his pants and
pull 'em off."

Anna looked shock.

"Please, do what he ask so he doesn't hurt you." Sam whispered.

Anna nodded and, then unsnapped and unzipped his pants. She pulled them to his ankles, then
off over his shoes.

"Excellent!" The gunman chortled,"Now his boxers."

Anna hesitated for a moment, then leaned forward and pulled Sam's underwear down off his
hips. Sam tried to help by picking up his hips so she could pull them off. Anna dropped them on
top of his pants.

"Good, good." The masked man said,"Now grab that cock and suck on it!"

"I've never....."the young girl began to protest.

"Shut the fuck up and suck!" The masked man yelled.

Anna jumped like she was slapped, grabbed hold of Sam's cock, which was semi hard and held it
up. She leaned forward and put the head in her mouth.

That's it cunt! Suck on it good!" The gunman urged her.

It didn't take much of her warm mouth sucking on the head before Sam's cock was rock hard.

"I'm sorry Anna!" Sam whispered.

Anna said nothing, she couldn't, her mouth was full of hard cock.

"All of it!" The gunman said, leaning forward and prodding her shoulder with the gun barrel,
"Take all of it! I want to see your lips against the base! I want his entire cock down your throat!"

In a panic Anna push downward, sliding all of Sam's cock into her mouth. She gagged then
pulled back as the crown hit the back of her throat.

"That's it cunt! Give him a really good blow job and I won't have to shoot you!"

It took Anna a few minutes before she found a rhythm: all the way down until she touched his
pubic hair with her lips, then back out until just the head was in her mouth. At the beginning she
had been to frightened to think about what she was doing.

Now, as she got into it, she could feel herself getting wet between the legs. When she first
realized it, she was appalled, then as she continued sucking on Sam's cock, the damp feeling
between her legs turned to a warm glow filling her belly and crotch.

The revulsion she had felt at first slowly disappeared. After all Sam was being forced to do this
as she was. And deep down she had always wanted to have sex. Her parents were so strict they
wouldn't even let her date. She had fantasied about boy friends, and even Sam a time or two.

So by the time Sam groaned,"I'm sorry Anna, I'm going to cum." she wanted it, wanted to
experience it.

The gunman leaned forward and growled,"When he does, swallow it. Swallow all of it! Don't let
one drop spill or you will pay!"

Sam's cock exploded, twitching, spasming, blasting rope after rope of thick cum down her throat.

Anna gagged, then swallowed, trying desperately not to let any spill out the sides of her mouth.
After five blasts, she felt his cock quiver, then weakly spasm again two or three times. Anna kept
sucking at his hard stalk, not wanting the gunman to hurt her, but just as much to keep Sam's
hard rod in her mouth. She was starting to enjoy the feel, the taste of it.

The gunman grabbed her shoulder, pulled her to her feet and said,"Your turn you little slut. Sit!
On the couch."

Anna hesitated for a moment, long enough to anger the masked man. He pushed the gun barrel
into her temple and yelled," On the fucking couch!"

Anne sat down on the couch. She was trembling with fear, not knowing what he was going to do.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to fuck you. I told you, I'm not about to leave any evidence." He
said, then ask,"You ever been fucked before?"

Anna shook her head and the gunman laughed.

"This is rich! A virgin! Well Mr. Restaurant man, you get to show her what it's about!"

He walked over and cut Sam loose from his chair, then said,"Eat her. Make her cum. You don't
make her cum you're both gunna pay."

Sam walked slowly to the couch and knelt between Anna's smooth legs.

"I'm sorry." He whispered to her.

She nodded and replied,"Please, just do as he said. I don't want to get either one of us hurt."

Sam slowly folded back her skirt, exposing her crotch. Anna had on a pair of power blue panties.
Sam hooked his fingers into the band and began to pull them down off her hips. Anna raised her
ass to allow him to pull them off. Sam dropped them on the floor. Then began to lean forward to
do as the masked gun had ask.

"Wait!" The young man said,"Take off her top and bra, I want to see her tits."

Sam did as he was bid. He unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, then reached around behind
her and unsnapped her bra. When he pulled it off, he small firm tits were exposed. Her nipples
were hard, standing out from hr breasts. Her areolas were light brown and crinkled.

The gunman laughed and said,"Damn! The little bitch is turned on! Suck ‘em for her."

Sam leaned forward to put his mouth on her nipple. As he did he locked eyes with Anna. Her's
were wide open her lower lip was caught between her teeth. As his eyes found her's she nodded
as if to say,'It's ok.'

Sam's mouth found her nipple. As his tongue slid across it he felt her tremble. He alternately
sucked one, then the other for the next few minutes. As he did he felt Anna's body stiffen and
tremble each time his tongue slid over her hard nipple.

Finally the gunman said,"That's enough of that. I want to see you eat her snatch. Get to it!"

Sam leaned slowly down, his eyes seeking Anna's as he did. Again she nodded, as if to tell him it
was alright. Sam pushed her legs up, spreading them wide. As he put his mout5h on her he was
surprised to find her sopping wet. As his tongue slipped into her slit, found the hard little nub of
her clit, her felt more then heard her groan.

Sam found himself enjoying the wonderful taste of her pussy. He would alternately suck her clit,
then move to her tight virgin hole and tongue fuck her. At the first taste of her sweet teen cunt,
his cock had sprung to life and was again rock hard.

He licked, sucked and tongued her pussy, trying his best to make her enjoy it. To his surprise, it
wasn't long and he felt her stiffen, heard her gasp, then felt her pussy pulsing as she came.

"All fucking right! The little slut got her first nut!"The gunman said, hen added,"but I'm running
out of time."

He pointed the gun at Sam, and pointed to the chair with the other hand,"Get your ass back in
that chair!"

Sam got up off his knees and sat back down in the chair. The masked man again taped his hands
to the legs in the back.

He then turned to Anna and said,"Get up and come here."

Anna stood and slowly walked over to where the gunman was pointing, right next to Sam.

"Now climb astride of his lap. There's one more little thing I want to see before I leave. You've
been very cooperative. Don't get stupid now."

Anna straddled Sam's lap ans sat down. She could feel his hard cock pressed tight against her

She felt the gunman pull up the back of her skirt, then heard him say,"Ok. Reach down and grab
his cock and put the head against you pussy."

Anna slowly reached under her and took hold of Sam's hard rod. She rubbed it between her
pussy lips until she was sure it was against her entrance, then she pulled her hand out and put
them both on Sam's shoulders.

"Alright cunt,"The gun man growled,"Shove it in! I want to see the whole thing stuffed in your
virgin pussy, then I'm out of here."

Again Anna locked eyes with Sam. She nodded, took a deep breath and with a hard downward
shove of her hips pushed his hard cock up into her virgin pussy. She felt it hit her hymen, felt a
sting, then a moment later his length was all the way inside her. She let out a gasp of pain, then
sat trembling, impaled on Sam's hard rod.

"Oh fuck yes!" The gun man chortled.

He stepped around and grabbed both her wrists. He pulled them down behind Sam and taped
them together. He reached under the chair and pulled her ankles together and taped them also.

He stood and said,"Hasta la vista!"

With that he stepped out the back door and was gone.

As the door closed Sam said,"I'm so sorry Anna! Can you get to my hands and get the tape

Anna leaned forward and tried to reach Sam's hands. The movement slid his cock out of her a bit,
then when she leaned back to say something to Sam, it slid back up inside her. As she struggled
trying to reach his hands to get him free, she found her movement sliding his cock in and out of
her. To her surprise, it didn't hurt. In fact it felt very, very good.

Before long she found that the movement caused that same full, wet, warm feeling that had filled
her when Sam had eaten her to build in her belly and pussy.

"Can you get to my hands? I'm so sorry Anna, but I'm getting close to cumming! I can't help it!
Your movements are pushing me closer!"

"Maybe..maybe I should help you finish cumming then we can concentrate on your hands." Anna

"Are you sure?" Sam gasp.

"Oh....oh.....oh...." Anna moaned,"Ye.....yes, I'm sure!"

By then she was bouncing up and down on his cock, sliding it in and out of her pussy.

"Oh...I'm....gunna....CUM!" Sam groaned as his cock throbbed, blasting rope after rope of thick
cream deep into her virgin pussy.

As she felt his cock throbbing, twitching inside her, as she felt the warm gush of his cum filing
her Anna came also. Bolts of pure pleasure blasted from her pussy to fill her body. It seemed to
last forever, but finally she sat still, drained.

"I'm sorry Anna, I couldn't help it! It felt so good to be inside you, I couldn't stop myself from

"It's ok Sam."Anna said,"That bad man forced us to be like this, We didn't have a choice.
Besides...I...I did too."

"You climaxed?" Sam ask.

"Yes." Anna replied,"And I liked it."

"Let's see if we can get loose." Sam said.

Anna was able to get hold of the tape on Sam's wrists and worked at it until she had him free. It
was only a matter of seconds later he had them both free. Anna slowly pulled on her clothes. She
was in shock, both from the things the gun man had made them do as well as the response from
her body to those sexual things.

When she had her clothes on Anne looked over at Sam. He had also gotten dressed.

"We should call the police." Sam said,"We need to report this."

"No!" Anna cried,"Please! My parents will be so angry. And they won't believe that someone
forced us to do it. My dad will be so angry, he'll come looking for you to hurt you!"

"If you're sure you want it this way, I won't call the police." Sam said.

"I'm sure. " Anna replied.

"Ok." Sam said,"I'll walk you to your car. Tomorrow though I'm buying a gun for this place."

Anna drove home slowly, thinking about what had happened. She was very angry with the
gunman for scaring her and Sam that way, but she was neither angry nor depressed about what
had happened with Sam. In fact she found herself thinking about it more and more.

Anna showered and lay in bed that night running the events through her mind. She couldn't stop
thinking about how good it had felt to have Sam's cock up inside her. She finally fell asleep a
few hours later, still unable to get the thought of how good sex had felt out of her head.

Anna was scheduled to work at Sam's again the next Saturday. All week she thought about what
happened. To her surprise each time she did, she felt that pressure in her tummy and crotch. She
finally decided what it was she wanted to do about it.

When she arrived Sam called her into the office closed the door and said,"Are you sure you want
to work tonight? You can take the night off. I'll pay you for it so you don't have to worry about
losing wages."

"I'm fine." She replied with a bright smile,"I want to work."

It was a very busy Saturday night and before either Sam or Anna knew it, it was closing time.
Carl grabbed the receipts and left. Anne was closing the till as Sam finished the cleaning.

When he was done Sam called to Anna,"I'm done. Are you?"

"Yes." She called back,"I'll be right there."

Anna walked back to the office. All evening she had been deliberating on what she wanted to do.
She still hadn't made up her mind when she stepped into Sam's office. As her eyes found the
couch she felt her pussy grow wet at the thought of Sam's tongue. She glanced at the chair they
had been tied to and her pussy grew even wetter as she remembered the feel of his cock inside

"Are you ok?" Sam ask as he walked over to her.

"Aw, yes...yes I'm fine. I was just remembering....what happened.." She replied.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry!" Sam said,"I shouldn't have had you come back here!"

"No, it's fine." Anna smiled at him,"The bad guy with the gun bothers me. But the rest doesn't
bother me a all. I tell you something? You have to promise you won't be
shocked or upset at me."

"I promise. Tell me anything you want. We already share a really big secret, so you can be certain
I won't tell a soul."

"Well kind of liked what we did." Anna said in a soft voice.

"Really?" Sam asked surprised.

"Yes." Anna whispered,"does that make me a bad person?"

"Not at all!" Sam replied,"You liked the sex part?"

"Yes. Very much."Anna said, her voice even softer than before.

"Anna, can I ask you something?"

She nodded her head and Sam said nervously,"Would you, aw...would you like to do it again?
This time without a bad guy pointing a gun at us?"

Anna didn't answer right away. Sam waited, his heart thumping in his chest, wondering if he had
screwed it up.

Just as he was sure he did Anna replied in her soft voice,"Yes. Yes I would."

Sam grinned and said,"Great! Come, let's sit on the couch."

They sat down and Sam hesitantly reached out and cupped her breast in his hand. Anne could
feel the pressure start to build in her tummy as he gently squeezed her breast.

"Sam." She said," I'd like you to do I to me like it happened last week. Please?"

Sure." He said. He got up and knelt in front of her. He gently pushed her back until she was
laying with her hips off the edge of the couch. He folded her skirt back, exposing the pair of pink
panties she had on. He hook ed his fingers into the band and slowly pulled them down. When
they were off Sam tossed them on the floor, then leaned down and slipped his tongue between
the damp lips of her pussy.

Anna groaned and whispered,"Oh God! It feels just as good as it did last time!"

Sam licked her clit and tongue fucked her hole. The taste of her tight teen pussy made his cock
rock hard. Sam had his tongue buried as deep in her cunt as he could get it when she climaxed.

Anna moaned, grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face tighter to her cunt. Sam felt her
hole pulse, sucking at his tongue. He wanted to feel that on his cock, but didn't want to stop
eating her. Finally she gasp and collapsed, letting go of his head. Sam got up on his knees and
hastily pulled out his rock hard cock.

He pulled her to him, placed the bulbous head against her wet hole, grabbed her hips and with
one hard shove buried it to his balls inside Anne's tight cunt. H began to fuck her with long hard
strokes. Each time he rammed into her she moaned. As he fucked her Sam felt her pull her legs
up spreading herself even wider for him.

Sam fucked her hard, slamming into her over and over, until he could feel his balls drawing up,
then his cock exploded, blasting rope after rope of thick cum into her womb. Just as his cock
throbbed the first time, Anna too came. Her pussy gripped and milked at his cock, as if to get
every last drop of his seed. When they were done Sam lay panting on top of her, his cock still
buried inside her.

"Would you like to do it again?" H ask.

"Yes. Please." She said in a soft voice.

"I think you and I will have a date after each of the nights you work for me. Ok?" Sam said with
a grin.

"I'd like that." She replied with a smile.

"So would you like to work a few more evenings then you are? Say three or four? Close to
closing time?" Sam ask with a sly grin.

"I'll be happy to be your closer." Anna replied wiggling her hips,"But I hope we aren't done

"Not on your life!" Sam snorted as he began to fuck her again.


Gwynne threw another shirt into the washer and sighed. Here she was at home when she should
be at the beach with her husband Phil and their 17 year old son Mark. She should have been
having fun, instead she was doing laundry and feeling depressed.

Her husband was off with his company working and she was stuck at home again. She didn't
even have her work to fill her time. She was a volunteer councilor at the local highschool, she
helped the kids work out some of their problems if they weren't to complicated, but it was
summer and she wasn't working.

Additionally she suspected her husband had a girl on the side because he spent a lot of time
away with the company, and didn't touch her much when he was home.

"Hey Mrs. Palmer." A young male voice said from behind her,"Is Mark home."

Gwynne looked around and smiled. It was Hayden, Marks class mate and their next door
neighbor. She liked the young man. He was a sweet, handsome young man. She liked him a lot.

"Good morning Hayden." She said smiling at him,"Marks upstairs."

"Thanks Mrs. Palmer." Hayden said,"You are looking very pretty today by the way."

Gwynne smiled at him.

She knew Hayden was infatuated with her. Many times when he came to visit, he would hang
around her rather then with Mark. But she liked him and liked his compliments. It made her feel
like a desirable woman. Some times she'd do something just to give him a little trill as payment
for his attention.

She stepped forward and pulled him to her, hugging him tight. She didn't have on a bra and
knowingly pushed her tits into his chest. She gave him a short quick kiss, on the mouth. She
knew that would give him a thrill.

"Thank you Hayden. You are so sweet!"

His cheeks colored and he grinned as she stepped back. As she watched him walk up the stairs
she almost wished he were a few years older. If she could prove her husband was screwing
around on her, she'd love to take Hayden to her bed.

‘He'd appreciate it.' She thought as she pulled a load of clothes from the dryer.

Later that evening Mark told her he was going to spend the night with some friends out at the

Gwynne took a shower, then got dressed in a loose top and a pair of sweat pants. She wanted to
be comfortable, so she didn't put on any underwear. She curled up on the couch to watch a
movie. She fell asleep and woke just as the movie was done.

She stretched and contemplated on going to bed, but decided it was to early for that so decided to
watch another movie instead. Just as she was getting up to choose one from the DVD collection,
a knock sounded on the door. When she opened it Hayden was standing on the porch.

"Hi Mrs. Palmer." He said,"I know Mark is gone but my family is too. I don't have anything to
do. Can I come over and watch TV with you?"

Gwynne smiled and said,"Sure. Come on. I was just about to watch a movie. Have you had
dinner yet?"

"No, not yet. I tell you what, how about I run down to the Chinese place and get take out? I'll
buy." Hayden said.

"Ok." Gwynne replied,"It's a dinner date!"

Hayden's face lit up as he headed for his car. Gwynne chuckled to herself. The boy was a real
dear. Hayden was back in half an hour with the take out. They ate dinner as they watched a
movie, an older comedy that had them both laughing.

Halfway through the movie the doorbell sounded. Gwynne was engrossed in the movie and
didn't stop to think how late it was, or wonder who could be at her door this time of night. She
got up and quickly went out to see who it was, not wanting to miss any of the movie.

It took an instant for Gwynne to realize the man standing on her porch had on a ski mask and also
held a gun in his hand. Before she could react, he pushed his way inside and slammed the door
behind him.

He shoved Gwynne against the wall and growled,"Don't scream, don't struggle and you won't
get hurt. I need a place to hang out for an hour or so. The cops are looking for me all over this
neighborhood. After it's clear I'll leave. If you cooperate you won't get hurt. Understand?"

Gwynne was in shock. All she could do was nod yes.

"Is there anyone else here?" The man ask.

"In the livingroom. A young neighbor. " She said in a shaky whisper.

"Go. In to the livingroom." He ordered pushing her ahead of him.

When they entered the room Hayden looked up and froze.

"Don't do anything stupid if you want to stay healthy!" The masked man barked,"If both of you
cooperate and don't do anything to piss me off, I'll be out of here in an while and you'll be

Hayden nodded and the gunman said,"Good. Now come with me."

He had them both walk ahead of him to the diningroom. He had them each grab a chair and carry
it back to the livingroom. He ordered them to sit, then he pulled a roll of duct tape from his
pocket and taped their arms and legs to the chairs. He checked his tape work, then left the room.

"I think we'll be ok If we don't make him mad.." Hayden whispered,"But I won't let him hurt you,
I promise!"

The gunman walked into the room a moment later, a beer from Gwynne's refrigerator in his

"So the young man likes you does he?" The gunman sneered,"We have some time to use and I
need some entertainment."

He looked at Hayden and said, "Since you're so taken with the woman of the house, I think I'll
help you out, and you two can entertain me!"

He walked over to Gwynne, pulled out a knife and cut the tape holding her arms and legs. He
grabbed her, drug her over to Hayden's chair and pushed her to her knees in front of him.

"I think since he is so taken with you, you need to reward him. Give him a blow job."

Gwynne sat staring a the gunman, unsure if he meant what he said.

They were still for a few seconds, then the man leaned down, looked into her eyes and snarled,"I
told you not to piss me off! Now suck...his..cock!"

Gwynne jumped as if slapped, then grabbed the front of Hayden's shorts. She had them
unzipped and open in less then 5 seconds. His cock was semi-hard but as her hand closed around
it, it grew instantly to full stiffness.

She looked up at Hayden to find him staring back at her, a look of shock on his face.

"It's ok." She whispered to him,"Don't be sorry. It's not your fault."

She leaned forward and took the head of his cock in her mouth. As the large purple head slipped
between her lips, Gwynne felt her pussy grow wet. Since her husband had lost interest in sex, she
hadn't given a blow job for months. The feel of Hayden's hard rod, the musky man taste of his
precum made her pussy twitch. God she needed to be fucked!

She cupped his balls and sucked gently on the crown of his cock, trying to make this the best
blow job she could. She succeeded better then she knew. Hayden had never had a blow job, so
her very experienced sucking caused him to reach a climax very quickly.

Before she knew it he groaned,"Oh God!"and a stream of cum blasted into her throat.

She was taken by surprise, but she recovered quickly, cupping and kneading his balls with one
hand while she used the other to wrap around the base of his cock, all the while continuing to
suck and lick on the crown. Hayden blasted six long hard streams of cum into her throat before
he finished.

When he was done cumming Gwynne gently licked his hard rod clean, then looked up at the
masked man.

"Jesus Christ!" He growled,"That took all of a minute and a half! We've got time to burn! Do it
again! I want you to suck him until he cums again!"

Gwynne leaned forward and again took Hayden's still stiff cock into her mouth. She returned to
sucking him and fondling his balls. Since he had already cum once, she worked at his cock for a
long time. As she sucked him her pussy grew wetter and wetter until her inner thighs we coated
with her moisture. Finally she couldn't take it and slipped her hand down into her sweat pants to
rub her wanting pussy.

"Get that hand out of your pants!" The gunman snarled, prodding her with the barrel of his
pistol,"You'll get your's soon enough."

Gwynne jerked her hand out of her pants, wrapped it around the base of Hayden's cock and
groaned from frustration. After a moment it struck her that the only way she was going to get to
cum is if she made Hayden cum a second time. She knew one trick that would get him to cum

As she sucked his hard rod she wetted her fore finger with saliva. She put it against his asshole
and began to work it in. Hayden moaned as he felt her pushing her finger into his hole. It seemed
to add another level to her blow job. When Gwynne had her finger all the way up his ass, she
curled it upward until she found his prostate. She began to rub it as she slid her mouth up and
down his cock.

It took all of a minute and Hayden groaned, grabbed her head, raised his hips, pushing his cock
deep into her throat and blasted another stream of cum down her gullet. After half a minute and
four hard blasts of man juice, he collapsed back onto the chair. Gwynne looked up expectantly at
the gunman.

He chuckled and said,"Get your ass over her on the couch."

She jumped up and almost ran to the couch.

The gunman pointed at her and said,"Get ‘em off, all of them!"

Gwynne was way to horny to think about anything but getting fucked. She dropped her sweat
pants to her ankles, then pulled her top up and off. She tossed it to the floor and stood in front of
the gunman and Hayden totally naked.

‘Sit." The masked man ordered pointing at the couch.

Gwynne sat down, squirming on the couch cushion, unable to sit still.

The gunman cut him loose then said to Hayden,"Ok stud. She did for you. Time to repay the
favor. Get your ass over here and eat her pussy."

Hayden walked over and got on his knees between Gwynne's legs. She raised them both and
draped them over his shoulders, giving him a great view of her crotch. Her pussy lips lay open
about an inch. They were wet and glistening with moisture from inside her. He had never seen a
cunt much less one up close, wet and ready to be fucked.

When he leaned forward and got the first real whiff of the musky scent wafting from between her
legs, Hayden could feel his cock begin to grow hard. He leaned down and used his thumbs to
spread her pussy lips, then slowly inserted his tongue between them.

As his tongue touched her pussy Gwynne groaned, grabbed the back of his head and pulled his
face tight to her cunt. For Hayden, the first taste of her wet, turned on pussy made his cock slam
to attention.

It took all of a minute and a huge climax ripped through Gwynne's body. She stiffened, screamed
and pulled Hayden's face so tight to her pussy he thought he would smother. Finally she shivered
and relaxed. Hayden sat up just as the gunman pulled a cell phone from his pocket and held it to
his ear.

He listened for a few seconds, then said,"Good. Ok, I'm on the way."

"Well kiddies,"He said as he tucked the phone back into his pocket,"Time for me to go."

He pointed at Hayden and barked,"Get your ass back on that chair!"

Hayden sat down and the gunman taped his arms to the back legs of the chair and his legs to the
front ones.

The masked man then ordered Gwynne to staddle Hayden's lap, which she did, and to get his
cock stuffed into her pussy, which she also did. He taped her ankles together under the chair, then
taped her wrists together behind Hayden.

"Hasta La Vista babies!" The gunman said, saluting them with the pistol barrel,"Have fun and I
hope your husband isn't going to be pissed to find you this way."

Hayden and Gwynne sat quiet for a few minutes after the man left, then Hayden said,"Aw...can
you reach down and undo my hands so we can get free?"

Gwynne looked into his eyes, smiled and said,"If I do I'll have to get off your lap. Are you sure
you want me to do that?"

Hayden looked nervous but said,"I don't want you to get off my lap. What if you untied my
hands and I didn't untie yours?"

Gwynne grinned and said,"What if I untie you, you untie me and we finish fucking anyway?
It's," She craned her neck around until she could see the clock,"10:00, Mark won't be home until
at least 2:00 AM. How many times do you think you can fuck me before he comes home?"

Hayden grinned and replied,"As many as you want!"

They had each other untied a few minutes later.

Gwynne began to slid back and forth on his cock as she gasp,"Suck my nipples!"

Hayden worked on first one then the other of her hard nipples, sucking, nibbling, pulling on them
with his teeth and all the while Gwynne was slamming up and down on his cock.

Gwynne gasped,"Wait!" Then jumped off his lap.

Hayden was puzzled for a short moment until she went to the couch and got on her hands and

"Come on!" She motioned to him,"Fuck me doggy style!"

Hayden hustled over, climbed up behind her and pushed his cock back into her slippery cunt. He
grabbed her hips and began to fuck her with long hard, jarring strokes.

Gwynne had her face on the couch arm screaming,"OH fuck yes! Fuck me harder! Harder!

For the next three and a half hours they fucked in every imaginable position. By the time 3:30
rolled around they were both totally exhausted.

As Hayden pulled on his clothes getting ready to leave Gwynne kissed him hard on the mouth
and said,"Thank you. That was the best sex I've had in a long time! By the way, my husband and
Mark will be gone next week end. I'll be all alone. Care to watch another movie?"

Definitely!"He said with a huge grin.


Gwynne was waiting in her office when her 2:30 appointment knocked on the door.

"Come in." She said.

A young, very pretty, dark haired, fair skinned girl entered.

"Please sit down." Gwynne said with a smile,"What can I do for you?"

"Aw...well...if I tell you something, do you have to keep it a secret?" The girl ask.

"I will," Gwynne replied, "Unless it endangers you or someone else."

"It doesn't." The girl said,"I have to tell someone though."

"I'm a good listener." Gwynne said with a smile.

"Well, I work for a guy that runs a restaurant....." Anna started to tell her tale.

As she talked Gwynne couldn't believe the coincidence of two people experiencing the same
thing, right down to the fact that the bad guy taped Anna astride her bosses lap!

As Anna finished her story Gwynne knew that who ever had done this thing to the girl had also
done it to her and Hayden. But she also knew she would never tell anyone about what had
happened, not because she was scared, or embarrassed, but because she had continued to fuck
Hayden for the last two months and she'd be damned if she'd stop!

As Anna finished Gwynne said,"So do you want to stop seeing your boss sexually? Is that what
you want to do by telling me this?"

"Oh no!" Anna gasp,"No, I like him. I like what we do. I just needed to know, Am I a bad
person for doing it with him? For liking it?"

Gwynne smiled and said,"No you aren't. If you like it enjoy!"


Sam sat at the picnic table waiting. He had only been there for five minutes so wasn't getting

"Hey uncle!" A young male voice called.

"Hey Hayden!" Sam called back.

"Are you and Gwynne still having fun?" Sam ask as his nephew sat down.

"Yea. That damned woman is going to wear me out!" Hayden replied,"How are you and Anna

"Great! We spend at least two hours every weekend in my office, fucking our brains out!" Sam
laughed, "This worked out better then I thought it would."

"Yea. I thought I was going to get one crack at fucking Gwynne, now she's fucking me every
chance we get."

"Yep. Anna's turned into a pretty good fuck too. Life is good ain't it?" Sam said with a wide grin.

"Very good!" Replied his nephew.

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2016-05-07 12:02:52
Great story I would have never thought I would have ended like that! Cool as fuck! I would love anna and Gwen to meet at the resturant and get forced to eat each other while getting ass fucked and a foursome free for all take place! I was dripping cum from my hard cock as I read the story at work! When I get home I am going to blow my load all over myself:-) wish I had a Anna or Gwen to use for my pleasure! Please continue the story!

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I can't decide if you are meaning this as a a parody or if you're serious. If it's a parody: Bravo! If you're serious: you have the temerity to take the author to task by posting this grammatically scrambled non-sense?????

Few faults here...
1. Grammar
2. Story flows without purpose
3. Spellings
4. People are meeting without any cause (There should be causes for actions)
5. Sentences aren't created property
6. Messing " at few places
7. Could be more better

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Well, if it would be ready more better than it would've been published! Lol

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2016-04-30 15:23:13
Few faults here...
1. Grammar
2. Story flows without purpose
3. Spellings
4. People are meeting without any cause (There should be causes for actions)
5. Sentences aren't created property
6. Messing " at few places
7. Could be more better

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