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The 6th part of my gay teen age adventures
Mum got me up at 8.20 am as they were all going to work I had to be awake and out my bed for the delivery of Johns new bed. I was warned not to leave the house until it came and to get all my stuff taken out my room and into Jamie’s room. I never realised how much stuff I had and spent almost all morning walking from one room to the other. I piled everything on top of Johns bed as all his stuff was still in the room he would not be shifting it until later that night. I set up my PC in my new room deleted all my porn and history then pasworded the PC to stop Jamie logging on and seeing what I looked at. The bed came just after 11am. One of the guys who delivered it was about 18 yrs old and handsome as fuck I eyed up his package as he and the driver carried the mattress into the house fuck I was standing there in my boxers getting semi hard as I watched his package Jiggle as they walked the mattress in through the door way. I knew I was showing in my boxers so tried to avoid getting too close to them by the time they brought the base in I had pulled on a pair of trackies and fixed my hard cock into the waistband of my boxers to hold it out of sight. I signed for the bed and they got on there way I watched the younger guys ass through the window as he walked away (fuck yea I would have).

Now the bed was here I jumped in to the shower had a quick half wank to the bed delivery guy I cut it short I wanted to keep my cum incase Greg was down the park and wanted to have some fun. I was in the park bang on 12 but there was no sign of Greg I played with the dog throwing sticks for him when Greg was still not in the park by 12.45 I walked into the woods I walked to the fallen tree the spunk I had shot on to it the day before had gone I suppose it must have dried in the dog ran about as I stood there rubbing my cock and balls through my trackies getting myself hard dreaming that it was Greg who was touching me up I would get rock hard then leave it alone then when it went back down to soft I would start rubbing it again making it hard causing my precum to rise I put my hand down into my boxers get some precum on my finger bring it to my mouth and lick it up I must have hung around the fallen tree for about an hour then went back out into the park and sat on a bench just hoping that Greg might be late. After another hour had passed I gave up and headed home to get rid of the spunk that I had saved for him.

On the way back home from the Park I was pretty pissed off I had hoped against hope that Greg would have been there waiting on me I so wanted to taste his dick again I wanted a mouthful of his spunk I wanted him to suck me I wanted to hold him touch him kiss him I was almost in tears. I did not have a number for him or an address I knew the area he lived in but there must be more than a thousand houses in his scheme and I did not even know his surname had I lost him forever.

I was almost home when I met my mate Gary he told me that he had been to my house looking for me. I told him that I had been out with the dog and we walked back towards my house. Gary was my one true love I had wasted more spunk thinking of Gary than any other guy probably as much as all the guys I wanked too put together.

Gary was the same age as me and lived on the same street we had been mates since we were able to go out and play on the streets. Me and him had a special bond it’s hard to explain what it was but I was closer to Gary than I was to my two brothers just being near him made me feel good and I loved the times that it was only us two together sometimes we would walk for miles just chatting or sit in my room playing the play station. Gary came from a big family he had two older sisters 3 younger brothers and a sister. His Dad had done a runner about two years before leaving his mother with all the kids. His house was crazy to be honest it was a total dump I don’t think his mum ever tidied up the whole house was pretty dirty. Gary wore the same clothes for day’s sometimes even weeks he was always pretty scruffy He had dark blond hair that badly needed cut but I loved his hair and at any opportunity I would touch feel or run my fingers through it. Me and him could talk about anything and he often told me about things that went on in his home one time they had no money for the electricity so it got cut off and they had candles for light and nothing to cook on that lasted for weeks before it got sorted. He would get a lot of abuse from the older boys in the scheme or at school calling him names like black boy, Smelly, dirty dick etc, one day some of the older boys grabbed him and debagged him throwing his trainers and trousers up on to the school roof his socks were really stinking and his briefs were visibly dirty it was a shame he sat crying as a crowd of people stood around him slagging him off. I climbed on to the roof and got his trousers and trainers and got some verbal hassle from the older boys but nothing heavy my oldest brother John had a bit of a reputation as a fighter so they knew if they hurt me they would have John to answer to so although they jeered me for getting his clothes they did not make a big issue out of it.
Sometimes if Gary had been in my room for a while you could smell his feet through his trainers I used to pray that mum would not come into the room until he went home as she would always comment on the strange smell making us check the soles of our trainers to see if we had stood on dog muck or whatever but she was as bad as the bully’s she knew what it was she would often say to me tell Gary to jump in for a shower and give him a change of clothes and I will wash his for him I suggested it once but he got really embarrassed and uncomfortable so I never mentioned it again although my mum often did.
Gary is a very smiley guy always got a big grin on his face. He is slim and I would say good looking although his personal hygiene is not the best he just gets on with his life although he often said he wished he could be adopted there was chaos in his house all the time arguing and fighting his mum was always drunk. Not many of our friends had ever been in his house he was pretty ashamed of it but I had been in more times than anyone else.

We walked to my house and went in I made us both a pot noodle and we went in to my room to eat them everything was stripped out my TV the Play station and PC.
So we just sat on the bed and talked as we ate. When we were finished our food we began messing around sort of dummy fighting this was intentional on my part I always started it off. it was the only way I could get to touch him without actually admitting I was a pervert. We rolled about a bit twisting and turning our legs and arms wrapped around each other me trying to push my cock against his leg or arse. I would always get instantly hard as soon as I thought about wrestling with him so I would have to spring into action right away to avoid him seeing my tented trackies. I am sure he got just as hard as I did. Sometimes I would accidently on purpose get a quick feel around his package area and more than once I hit something hard and it was not a bone. I would often get him on his back and straddle him my bum on his cock area I would hold him like that for as long as I could grinding my ass on to his hard cock area. Sometimes he would fight me off pretty quickly other times he would not try so hard and I would sit on him for up to ten minutes my cock leaving a snail trail in my boxers of precum many times. It had to be obvious to him that I had a raging boner but he never mentioned it. I had tried on numerous occasions to get Gary to join me in having a wank by now I had saw a few of my mates cocks and joined in mutual wanks with them but Gary would never get his cock out. We talked about wanking all the time but he just was not into getting his tackle out and believe me I had tried lots of times to coax him once even getting my cock out and wanking to completion while looking at some straight porn on the PC it was not the porn that got me off it was the fact that Gary was there watching me I know he had a hardon as it was visible and he sorted himself out a few times but he would not get his cock out.

So anyway we are rolling about on my bed he would get on top of me then me on top of him I just loved the touch of him and if the only way I could get close to him was wrestling then that was better than nothing there is no doubt he knew what I was up to and went along with it he just would not let me go too far but the thing I remember so much about that day was that after about ten minutes of wrestling he pinned me down on the bed he had both my arms held down and lay on top of me we were chest to chest cock to cock cheek to cheek our faces were actually touching I was not struggling I just lay there him on top of me in silence fuck it felt great we just lay like that for a few minutes it felt totally natural it was sensual it was very sensual and fuck it felt so right. Gary knew I was up for some fun I had suggested it often enough I could feel his hardness against me. Then I heard the front door opening it was mum coming in from work we both jumped at the same time got into a sitting position My face was probably the same colour as Gary’s bright red. I often think of that day and wonder what would have happened had mum been half an hour later.

Gary went home and mum roped me into helping her sort out what used to be my room but was now to be John’s love nest ( Talk about rubbing it in) it was decided that as Johns old bed was newer than mine he had just bought it about 9 months previous. Mine was to be thrown out and I was to keep his I was ok with that as mine was getting a bit on the squeaky side and created a bit to much noise while enjoying my favourite pas time. We got the bed out of the room then outside the house to be taken away. Mum got the hover out to give the carpet a good clean before bringing in the new bed she was working away in the room I was making a cup of tea when she called me in to the room
“ What’s that all about “
She pointed to a dried out condom that was stuck to the carpet where my bed had been.
“get that picked up and in the bin”
Fuck I had forgot all about that many months before I had got some condoms and used them to wank into I wanted to see what it felt like using a condom. I had just finished one day when I heard mum coming into my room I quickly stuffed the used condom down the side of the bed then forgot about it. Of course I denied all knowledge of it but who else would it have been fuck it was my room and I very rarely allowed any of my brothers into it I could deny it all I wanted but she would have other opinions.
Getting the double bed into the small room was a different story
Me and mum struggled to get the two parts of the base to join together . The room had previously been a storage cupboard that dad had converted into a bedroom for me the bed that John had bought was a king size double it was too big for the room we gave up trying and left it until John and dad came home from work. They somehow got the bed into the room but there was no room for anything else so it meant that his chest of drawers had to be left in his old room with me getting only one drawer in his chest of drawers and one in Jamie’s for all my stuff I was not a happy bunny but I was the youngest I did not get a choice it was take it or leave it the other two paid dig money into the house I just took as dad loved to remind me about ten times a day.
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