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Another continuation of my Gaty teenage adventures
I went out that night and met up with my mates. As always Gary was there and although I was not embarrassed about what had happened earlier I am sure we gave each other a few funny looks during the night .I knew what I thought about it but did not know if Gary felt the same or if he even realised how sensual it had been . It was one of those funny nights there was drama to be had one of the other girls who hangs around with us brought me two cd’s that Karen had borrowed off me the girls stood away from the boys getting all the gossip on the break up from Karen we kicked a ball about. I was not interested she had broke it of I was happy to be free I got a few snide comments from some of the girls smiles from others who I bet wished I had tried it on with them.

The first night in my new room was murder it was not a big room now that it had all my personal stuff in it as well as John’s and Jamie’s. I just cant get to sleep without a wank I have tried many times to get through a night without one but since I started I don’t think I ever have. Our Jamie go’s to bed early during the week as he has to be up at six for work. He went to bed about ten I waited until 11.30 before going in I lay there trying to get comfortable in my new bed my cock was annoying me demanding attention probably because the first thing I do when I lie down is put my hand down my boxers. I decided I would have a nice slow wank gently stroking my cock my dream jumping from Greg to Gary my stroke got faster I was getting carried away I was close to cumming then
“ For fuck sake go to the bog and do that” Jamie’s voice boomed around the room
I froze . In my room once the light was out you were in total darkness because there was no window but in this room even with the blinds shut you could still see around the room. I could see the outline of Jamie under his duvet quite clearly fuck this was going to be hard sharing a room. I lay there half wanked a raging hardon and a fucking nosey brother about 4 feet away. But I needed to blow or I would toss and turn all night. Fuck him I decided after about half an hour and sure he was asleep I decided the best course would be fast and furious and get it over with as fast as possible hopefully without wakening a now snoring Jamie. It was fast but being so furious I let out a grunt as I filled my hand with my squeeby
“ are you gonnay wank all night ya wee prick” Jamie’s voice boomed again.
This was murder I lay there not saying a word my hand cupping my now getting clod spunk I had no choice I did not know were my tissues were I brought my hand to my mouth and slurped up my man juice hoping Jamie did not work out what I had done with it.

I woke in the morning Startled fuck it was 6am at first I thought I was dreaming Jamie’s alarm was blasting my eardrums . I sat up I don’t know what I was thinking or what was happening fuck it was during the night and the first sight I see is my brother standing about two feet from my face stretching and his big fucking boner bobbing about in front of him. I was both shocked and mesmerised at the same time. Fuck if he had been any other guy I would have been out that bed on to my knees and offering him a warm place to put his seven inches or so. fuck it was weird fuck my brother must sleep commando was my first thought.
“what are you looking at wanker boy”
“Fuck off pervert you’re the one standing there with a hardon” I replied

“am the pervert how many wanks did you have last night you woke me up about four times”He exaggerated
Fuck this sharing a room lark I hated it already.
Jamie turned on the room light then opened then slammed a couple of drawers he left the room leaving the light on. I was just glad he had gone I got up turned the light off then went back to bed. About 5 minutes later he came back into the room and turned the light on again. I pulled the covers over my head next thing he is pulling the covers off me here wanking boy when you get up flush them with yours and stuck his soggy fucking tissues right beside my face I swear I could smell his spunk.
“Fuck off ya clatty bastard” I screamed at the top of my voice. I heard dad shouting “What the fuck is going on in there”
I flicked the soggy tissues out of the bed and pulled the covers back over my head. On the way out the room Jamie switched on the radio on the stereo and left the light on. I fucking hated him I had to get back up and turn them off. I decided there and then that as soon as I was 16 I was out of here and getting my own flat.


My phone woke me up about 10.30am It was my mate Scott calling me he was going into town to buy a new pair of trainers and wanted me to go with him. I told him to come to mine and I would get ready. I wacked off a quick one took some of Jamie’s tissues from his box and wiped up then stuck the soggies under his duvet. Sorted my bed out kicked Jamie’s Soggy tissues under his bed then pulled on my clothes Just in time to hear Scott at the door.

I had only known Scott about 6 – 7 months. His family moved into our area from Cumbernauld a town about ten miles from Glasgow. He was in a few of my classes at school and was the cousin of one of the other guys who hang around with us. Scott was a funny guy always playing tricks and telling jokes he was good company if a little loud. We got on well and over the past couple of months had grown closer I would not say we were best mates but we got on well.

I had intended to go back down to the park at 12 in the hope that Greg would be there but the chance to spend some time alone with Scott was appealing I have eyed up all my mates at sometime or other well to be honest often and there was no doubt that Scott had a good handful down there. He was tall probably about 6 foot had a decent build not muscular or fat but in proportion to his height. He tended to wear jeans more than trackies although when he did wear trackies it was always the best ones you could buy at the time. His bulge just seamed more prominent in jeans it often caught my attention. We headed into town just the two of us we went in and out of a few sports shops looking for the trainers he wanted he knew what he was looking for but we were unable to find what he wanted by about 1pm we were both hungry and went to McDonalds for something to eat we went into the restaurant I was chocking for a piss I headed for the toilets Scott followed we stood side by side pissing the toilets only had two urinals side by side so there was nowhere else other than side by side and of course I could not help but look and he did not disappoint he had a nice piece of meat in his jeans and pissed like a horse he watched the ceiling I watched his cock as he shook it dry he looked down and caught me looking he shook harder holding his cock at the base swinging it around a bit I drained the last of mine and we went for our food.

After we had our meals we headed to a big shopping centre to try and get his Trainers we started fucking about we went into the La’coste shop and looked at the trackies we even tried a few on. I loved my trackies especially La’coste we were both in the same changing room Scott took of his jeans and he had on a cracking pair of Tommy Hilfiger Boxer briefs with the wide waistband they truly looked good you could see his full shape through them. I commented on them telling him they were crackers he sort of looked at me a bit weird but we carried on trying on the trackies we done this in a few shops using the same changing room at the same time eventually we gave up trying to find his trainers he settled for another pair he liked and we headed home. I went with him to his house to put his trainers in the house while I was in his room he decided to change out of his jeans and put on a Trackie . He pulled off his jeans and once again I commented on his boxers I really did like them. He told me his sister had bought them for him he then went to his drawers pulled out a pair of CK boxers and walked out of the room he came back in about 2 minutes latter his trackie on and the Tommy boxers in his hand
“Here have them you better wash them before you wear them”
and he threw the boxers at me. Fuck they were still warm I wanted to smell them hold them to my nose and sniff them but of course I could not. I threw them back at him

“ No your alright bud I only said I liked them “

“ Look fuck you like them I only put them on this morning for the first time my sister gets me loads of them she works for a company that imports all sorts of clothes and she gets them cheep just take them”
He threw them back to me. Fuck I wanted to run home with them and sniff and wank into them. We left the house me with his worn warm boxers in my pocket and a hardon in my trackies we walked down to the shops and hung around I could not wait for 5pm so I could use dinner time as an excuse to get home and get a sniff of Scott’s Boxers.

As soon as I got home I went straight to the bathroom both Mum and Jamie were home so I could not go anywhere else to get a sniff and thorough inspection of Scott’s Boxers. To be honest there was not much of his scent on them but there was some light staining little piss stains and I am sure there was a snail trail of sperm. It is possible that he had a wank before he came out that morning or maybe it was precum he might have had a hardon at some point they were brand new so it had to be very recent. My cock was rock hard as I sniffed then inspected them. You will probably think I am a minger and no doubt I am But I stripped down and pulled on Scott’s boxers then pulled my trackies back on and went through for Dinner.
We just eat our meals on the sofa plates on our laps. Fuck I had a raging hardon my brother next to me on the sofa mum and dad in their chairs. I could feel the soft material against my cock I knew that I was definitely adding to the snail trail . I know it is perverse but it just felt so fucking sensual to know that a couple of hours before Scott’s cock and balls had rested were mine now were. Dad kept looking over at me almost as if he knew I had on someone else’s boxers I was probably adjusting myself unconsciously. I finished my dinner as fast as I could and got out of there. I decided to take the dog down to the park just incase Greg was about. I wrote my name and mobile phone number on some paper then headed down to the park. Of course Greg was not waiting to pledge his undying love to me. There were a few other people in the park with their dogs but no Greg. I went into the woods and left the pieces of paper with my phone number on them next to the fallen tree in the hope that Greg would appear at sometime and find them. Standing there knowing what we had done soon had me hard again. I stood with my back against a tree and began rubbing my package through my trackies my eyes closed I pretended that it was Greg rubbing me the harder I got the hornier I got. I was like a junkie needing his next fix. I was addicted to cock and needed one in my mouth. I now had my cock out and was wanking away like a mad man dreaming of Scott’s cock in my mouth. ~I heard a noise the dog growled I heard voices I could not see anyone but knew they were close by I put myself away my cock still rock hard I moved on as fast as possible coming out of the woods further up the park. I took the dog home then went to meet my mates.

It was quite a nice night so we decided to go down to the football pitches to have a kick about there were 9 of us so we played 4 in one team 5 in the other the extra man selected with the toss of a coin. After about 10 minutes of playing most of us had taken or tops of and were playing bare chested I was getting right into the game and scored a cracking goal. Scott who was in my team ran over and cuddled me like the professionals do when their team mate score and while he had me he whispered in to my ear
“ I hope you washed them before you wore them”
My face flushed I realised that the waistband of his boxers were showing above the waistband of my trackies. Shit what if he began shouting I had on his boxers or something I was panicking for nothing he never mentioned it to anyone other than me. We played for about an hour then got fed up we sat down built a few joints and all just lay there knackered and half stoned. I lay there my hand down the front of my trackies holding my balls as most of the others were also doing but I was trying to work out how I was going to be able to have my bedtime wank without attracting the attention of my dick of a brother.

It was nearly 11pm when I got home that night Jamie was already in bed and fast asleep I hoped. It was about 12 before I went to bed creeping into the room trying not to make any noise or waken Jamie. I undressed down to Scott’s boxers and climbed in to bed Fuck it was horrible I lay down there was something cold and wet in my bed that clatty bastard had stuck his used tissues under my sheets. I heard him giggle as I let out my disgust. This spunk rag war was going to go on as long as we shared a room I declared he invited me to bring it on.

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