Carl's wife's sister teases him unmercifully. He finally decides he's had enough
I had this story posted some time ago but took it down. I decided to repost it.

Charlie let out a snort of disgust. Sara, his wife, had just told him that her 16 year
old sister Sally was going to stay with them for the weekend.

"Damn it Sara," Charlie said,"I've got the extra bedroom stacked full of stuff.
Where will she sleep?"

"She can sleep on the livingroom couch." Sara replied.

"But you know I can't sleep sometimes and I like to go down and get a drink to
help me sleep." Charlie said through gritted teeth,"and I have to go right through
the livingroom to get to the kitchen. I can't do that with her asleep on the couch."

"Sure you can,"Sara said trying to sooth him,"just be quiet and you won't wake

"Yes but there's the other thing too."Charlie sighed.

"I know she teases you..." Sara started to say.

"Teases? Teases?" he yelled,"A damned stripper does less!"

"I know, I know honey. I'll talk to her. And if that doesn't work, I think I have a
way to make her stop. By scaring her into not doing it any more." Sara said trying
to calm her husband.

"I hope you can make her stop, because if not this is the last time she stays here."
Charlie said in a low voice,"She must really be a slut and fuck anything that walks
the way she flaunts it around here."

"Charlie!" Sara said shocked by the venom in his voice,"I don't like you calling my
little sister a slut. And I know she teases you, but it can't be that bad. Not bad
enough to think she's that kind of girl. And besides, she may tease you but she says
she's a virgin and I believe her."

"Ok, ok, I won't call her that again. But it is that bad and something's got to be
done about her teasing."

"Like I said, I'll talk to her and I'll work on it."Sara replied standing up to go check

Charlie took another long pull on his beer, then looked at the picture of Sally
hanging on the opposite wall. It was a picture of her in her school uniform from
last year. She was a gorgeous girl, short, dark hair cut in a pageboy, firm looking
"B" cup beasts, pale flawless, cream colored skin and muscular well shaped legs.

The biggest problem that Charlie had with Sally and her teasing, was that he found
himself thinking about and getting very hard from what was suggested by it. He
knew it was only that, a tease, and Sally had no intention of ever doing anything
more. For that Charlie was glad. He really didn't want to do anything to hurt Sara.
But sometimes he just wished he could throw that young dark haired girl on the
floor and fuck her hard. Maybe that would put an end to the teasing.

The other thing that bothered Charlie was that Sally never did it when others were
around to see. And he had never seen her tease any other guy. So he had no idea
whether she was teasing him only, or if she was just so good at hiding it she never
let anyone catch her.

Friday evening when Charlie got home from work Sally was already there. Sara
was in the kitchen when he came in the door. He dropped his briefcase on the table
in the hall and turned to go to the kitchen when suddenly he found his arms full of
Sally. She had ran down the hall and thrown herself into his arms.

She pushed her firm young body against him and said in a giggled whisper,"So
how's my sexy brother in law tonight?"

"Your brother in law is fine," He replied pushing her away,"but you need to keep
in mind the brother in law part and quit doing that."

"Oh my," She said in a falsetto, placing her hand between her breasts and batting
her eye lashes' "you mean you don't want a hug from little ol' me? I'm crushed!"

"I'm sure you are," Charlie replied trying to keep his temper,"some day you're
going to tease the wrong guy at the wrong time."

"I don't think so." She said, then a sly smile crossed her face,"I always pick the
right one at the right time."

"Someday." Charlie muttered, walking away form her towards the kitchen.

They had dinner and Sally told Sara she was going to a friends house for a few
hours. After she left, Charlie and Sara settled in to watch a movie. Before they did
however, they talked about Sara's plan to scare Sally. Sara filled him in on what
she thought should be done to scare Sally and put a stop to the teasing.

She told Charlie he should find an opportunity when he and Sally were alone, then
make like he was going to rape her because of the teasing. Sara figured her
younger sister might get scared enough to quit.

Sally returned at 11:00 PM and the three of them watched another movie. When it
was finished they got ready for bed.

Sara was in the shower as Charlie went to the kitchen for a drink. As he passed
through the livingroom Sally was laying on the couch covered only by a sheet.
Charlie said nothing to her as he past by, but after he got his drink and returned he
got a shock.

Sally was on the couch, but this time she had kicked off the sheet. All she had on
was a tight t-shirt and a pair of white lace panties. As Charlie walked by she had
one leg on the back of the couch and the other one on the floor, which gave him a
clear view of her smooth inner thighs and the crotch of her panties.

She smiled at him, stretched, dropped her hand to her thigh, then let it slide up the
inside of her leg, over her panty covered mound, over her bare stomach and finally
stop atop one of her firm breasts. Charlie shook his head and walked past her.

As he did he heard he whisper,"Good night stud."

Charlie climbed into bed and lay awake for a while thinking. Finally he decided it
was time. He quietly got out of bed and went into the livingroom. Sally was asleep
laying on her back. It was very warm and the sheet had slipped to the floor.

Charlie admired the outline of her beasts under the tight material of her t shirt. The
material was pulled so tight he could see the outline of her nipples. His gaze
traveled downward to her mound. Her lace panties were also tight. They were
pulled up between her lips making a very provocative camel toe. She stirred,
sighed, then settled back. He moved closer, leaning down until his face
was only a few inches from hers. He could see small beads of sweat on her upper
lip and smell the sweet aroma of her young body.

He stood and quietly made his way to the kitchen, snapped on the light and began
to make noise, banging cupboard doors as well as a few pots and pans. After a
few minutes he opened the refrigerator, got a drink of cold water from the bottle
kept there. He closed the door, took a deep breath and made his way slowly back
through the livingroom.

As he pasted the couch Sally said,"Can't sleep? Need some help?"

She stood, padded over to him and pressed herself against him.

" I can help." She purred..

He took a deep breath as he thought,'Well, here we go,' then reached down and
cupped both cheeks of her ass, pulling her against him. Her mound was in the
right spot to be pressed tight against his raging hard on.

"Sure. I can use some womanly help." He replied.

He felt her freeze, then she tried to pull away saying,"Why Charlie, what a big
lump you have."

He jerked her back against him and in a husky whisper replied,"That's what I need
help with."

"I...I don't think we should be doing this now." She said, nervousness creeping into
her voice,"Sara might hear."

"She won't." Charlie said, reaching up and cupping one of her breasts, then adding
the lie",she took a sleeping pill before bed. She's out of it. We can be as loud as we

"Charlie,"she said, pushing harder on his chest, alternately trying to wiggle out of
his grasp and pull his hand from under her t-shirt,"I'm only 16 and you're my
brother in law. We can't do this."

"So what was all that teasing about if not an offer to fuck me?" He said with a
grin, sliding his hand up under her t-shirt and cupping her bare firm tittie.

"Please don't!" She whined, pulling hard at his wrist to try to get his hand from
under her top,"it was just fun. I was just having fun. It wasn't an offer and I don't
want to have sex with you!"

"Fuck,"Charlie replied holding her tight against him with one arm while his other
hand fondled her tit,"fuck is the word. And it was an offer. I can tell when a girl is
in heat. And you are in heat. You need a big fat cock to take care of it for you."

As she pushed at his chest trying to get away, he took hold of her nipple and began
to roll it between his fingers. To his delight it started to grow.

"Charlie! Stop! You can't do this to me!" She gasp, grabbing his wrist and trying
even harder to pull his hand away.

"Sure I can." He chuckled evilly,"by your actions you asked me to."

"Don't! Stop it! I'll scream!"She panted, still trying to pull his hand from under her
t shirt.

He squeezed her nipple, which brought a groan form her, then with a quick shove,
he pushed her down onto the couch. As she crumpled under him, he climbed on
top of her. He grabbed both her wrists in one hand and pinned them to the couch
above her head. He pried her legs apart with his knees and worked his way
between them until he was laying with his hard cock pressed to her warm panty
covered crotch.

"I'll scream!" She panted.

"You do and I'll gag you with your own panties." He snarled.

" wouldn't dare!" She gasp.

"Oh no?" He said reaching down and with one hand began to work her panties
off her hips.

She struggled, trying to keep him from taking them off, but a short time later he
pulled them off her ankles, leaving her naked from the waist down.

He held them up so she could see them and said in a calm clear whisper,"Now
keep it shut or I stuff these in your mouth."

She whimpered but said nothing. Charlie dropped her panties to the floor, reached
down and pulled her t-shirt up exposing her firm teen breasts. He fondled first one,
then the other enjoying the feel of them and taking note of her nipples, which were
standing hard and tall.

"So you like your titties played with huh?" He said.

"No I don't!" She replied in a venomous whisper then began to buck as she

Charlie held her down until she tired and quit struggling, then replied with a
grin,"No, sorry. It's not happening. I won't get off you....but I will get off in you.
I'm ‘gunna use your tight little pussy for my pleasure. You want me to take it
'cause you've been offering it to me for a long time now."

Charlie leaned forward and began to suck and bite on her nipples, first one then the
other. After a short time he noticed she had stopped struggling. He looked at her
face to find her eyes closed and her lip caught between her teeth.

‘I think the little slut is starting to enjoy this!' He thought, ‘but so am I, way to
much. Time to finish this before I do something stupid.'

He reached down between their bodies and pressed a finger between her wet warm
pussy lips. He found her clit and began to rub it hard.

"Oh God!" She groaned,"S-s-s-s-stop....please stop!"

"Sure I'll stop." He chuckled, then reached down and freed his hard cock from his
pajama bottoms.

"Wha...what are you doing?"She gasp.

"You ask me to stop fingering you, so I'm getting ready to fuck you instead." He
said,"Pack your tight little pussy with some hard man meat."

"Please don't! Oh please you can't! I'm a virgin!" She pleaded.

But he also noticed she had given up struggling and was now laying still.

He wondered if it was because she didn't think it would do her any good, or some
other reason. He grinned and rubbed the head of his hard cock up and down her
slit. To his surprise he found her sopping wet.

He placed the head of his rigid stick against her hole and said,"Now sweet meat,
time to give what you've been promising.'

She didn't protest. She just lay there, eyes closed, trembling. He knew he had to
stop, had to get up right that instant, because if he didn't he was going to fuck her.
Even now the urge to push forward was almost over powering. Abruptly he pulled
back and sat up.

"I did this to teach you a lesson. You have to stop teasing." He said,"I could have
fucked you right then and nothing could have stopped me. You're going to tease
the wrong guy some time and he isn't going to stop."

"'re not going to?" She stammered, setting up.

"No. I only did this to show you how easily some one could do it." He said.

"You bastard!" She spit at him,"You coward!"

"What?" Charlie replied in surprise, taken aback by her outburst.

"You're a balless bastard!" She said through gritted teeth, then raked her long nails
down his chest, leaving long red scratches.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He said grabbing her wrists so she couldn't scratch
him again.

"You cowardly asshole!" She snarled, frantically trying to get her hands loose so
she could rake him again with her nails.

Charlie struggled with her and ended up in the same position they had been a few
minutes before, laying on top of her, between her legs with both her wrists pinned
to the couch above her head.

"What the fuck is your problem?" He ask puzzled,"I told you I wasn't going to
fuck you!"

"You're a balless asshole that's what! You threaten to fuck me, scare the shit out of
me making me think you're going to, then give me that crap about a lesson. I
should have known, You're not man enough to fuck me!" She hissed, then began
again to struggle trying to get her hands free.

"God damn it!" Charlie said, holding her wrists with both hands so she couldn't get
loose,"Lay still!"

He struggled with her for a few minutes, then, unexpectedly, she leaned forward
and bit him on the chest, hard.

"God damn it!" Charlie hissed in pain, grabbed her by the throat and pinned
her to the couch.

He was really angry. The scratches and bite she had inflicted hurt like hell.

"So you little cunt,"He growled,"I'm not man enough huh?"

He clamped down on her wrists with one hand until her heard her whimper from
the pressure of his hold, then reached down between their bodies and placed the
head of his hard cock against her pussy.

He wasn't thinking about repercussions, or if he should or shouldn't. His mind was
filled with anger, and the thought of all that teasing she had done to him, as well as
the pain radiating from his wounds. At that moment all Charlie could think of was
payback. And the best way he could think of to get it, was to fuck the little bitch.

He nudged forward, pushing the head of his cock between the wet, warm lips of
her pussy. She didn't move, or even let out a sound. She lay there her eyes closed,
trembling. Again he pushed forward, and the head entered her tight tunnel. Charlie
could feel resistance, knew his cock head was now touching her cherry.

He decided to make it last, tease her for a change, before he took her. He began to
work the head of his cock in and out of her entrance, each time touching her
hymen, pushing at it but not putting enough pressure on it to rupture it.

Over and over he did it whispering to her as he did,"All you have to do you little
cunt is beg. Beg me not to, ask me nicely not to take your cherry, fuck your tight
little virgin pussy. That's all I want to hear just one more ‘please don't fuck me, I
promise not to tease you any more' will do it. Go ahead beg me not to."

Through out she lay with her eyes closed, her lower lip clamped between her teeth
and was still except for her trembling. And she uttered not a word, never made
a sound except her breathing.

After several minutes, he was getting angry. He had expected her to beg and she
wasn't. If she wasn't going to beg, he figured it was time to fill this little teasing
bitch with his cock.

He leaned forward put his lips to her ear and whispered,"No begging? I take it then
you want me to fuck you? know what? I am man enough!"

To punctuate his last word he lunged forward with his hips, there was an instant of
resistence, then he felt her cherry give way, felt her stiffen and gasp as his balls slap
against her ass, his hard shaft buried in her tight virgin pussy.

She lay rigid and still, a very small whimper escaping from her lips. He too lay
still, savoring the feel of it. After so long being teased by her and thinking about
fucking her, now here he was locked deep inside her tight pussy.

"So you little cunt, you teased me once to often. Now I'm going to use your tight
little pussy for my pleasure." He whispered to her.

He pulled back slowly, watching her face, then rammed into her again, hard. He
wasn't gentle, he wasn't trying to be. He wanted payback, wanted her to feel it, and
this was for his pleasure, not hers. He was going to enjoy reaming her virgin pussy.

As he fucked her he reached down and clamped his thumb and forefinger onto her
nipple, squeezing it hard. That brought a groan from her. He squeezed her breast
in his hand as he rammed his cock into her over and over.

Through it all she lay with her eyes closed, whimpering from time to time as he
fucked her. He reached up and grabbed her face and shook it.

"Open your eyes." He snarled,"I want you to look at me while I fuck you. I want
you to watch my face as I fuck you and see how much I enjoy reaming your tight
little cunt. Open them, god damn it!"

She opened her eyes and looked directly into his. They stared at each other as he
rammed into her over and over. It was intense. He noticed the brown color of her
eyes, the small almost imperceptible tears at the corners, her dark lashes and the
way they were wide open staring right back at him. He felt her body begin to relax,
felt her hips tip upward so his thrust would slid in easier. Soon the feel of her
young body, the tightness of her wet pussy as he stoked into her, and the eye to eye contact,
seemed to blend together and he felt like he was melting into her.

He wanted more, he wanted all of her. So he kissed her hard on the mouth,
crushing her lips with his, ramming his tongue into her mouth and down her throat.

To his surprise she began to kiss him back. He felt her hips begin to rise to meet
his thrust, her whimpers were now moans. He let go of her wrists and felt her
arms circle his neck. He could also feel her hips coming up faster to meet each of
his deep thrusts.

He reached down and grabbed both her ass cheeks and continued to fuck her like a
wild man, pulling her hips up as he rammed into her violated virgin pussy.. He
could feel his balls ready to explode, knew he was going to cum soon and also
knew he shouldn't cum inside her, but right then, he really didn't give a damn.

He groaned as his cock began to throb, spewing cum deep into her virgin cunt. He
pushed hard, ramming as much of his rod into her as he could get as he came,
pumping her torn pussy full of hot spunk.. As the last of his cum dripped from his
cock into her tight tunnel, he became aware of her body trembling, felt her pussy
gently pulsing and heard panting moans of pleasure spilling from her lips as she too

"Why you little cunt!" He said,"You came. All that talk of please don't and you
fucking came."

He pulled his cock out of her and stood. Cum dripped from the end of it onto the
floor. When he looked down at her she rolled to face the wall. He said nothing, for
there was really nothing to say. He pulled up his pajama bottoms and trudged
toward the bedroom.

As he climbed into bed Sara mumbled sleepily,"How did it go?"

"I don't think that will be a problem any more." He replied as he lay back on his

Charlie lay awake the rest of the night, shocked at what he had done. At 8:00 AM
Sara got up to make breakfast. She and a friend were going shopping and she had
to be gone by 9:00. He lay staring at the ceiling until he heard Sara calling him to

"Well she didn't tell her yet." Charlie muttered as he rose,"She's probably gloating
and will let it out at breakfast."

When he made his way down stairs Sara was busy setting the table and Sally was
no where to be seen.

"Where's Sally?" Charlie ask.

"She left. She said she was meeting some friends."

‘A stay of execution.' Charlie thought.

They ate and Sara left to meet her friend saying she would be home late that
evening. Charlie sat staring at the tv. He wasn't watching it, his mind was turning
over and over the events of the previous evening. He was alternately excited and
terrified by the thought of it. He couldn't believe he had been so brutal, but he also
could feel his cock getting hard thinking about being in her tight pussy.

At a little past noon Charlie heard the front door open, then close. A moment later
Sally stepped into the room. She had on a tight midriff revealing half top, a short
tight skirt and a pair of high heeled sandals.

"Is Sara here?" She ask.

"No. She went out shopping and won't be back until this evening." He said.

She said nothing, but walked over and stood next to his chair.

She stood silent for several moments then said,"So how does the big man feel
today? I mean you must feel really manly holding me down and raping me like you

He looked up at her, staring to get angry at her tone and wondering what the hell
she was doing as he replied,"Nope. I don't. And you ask for it."

"I see." She said, sitting down on the arm of his chair,"I ask for it. And you just
had to give it to me didn't you? Had to hold down a 16 year old virgin and cram
your hard cock into her? Take my cherry, make me take all of your hard cock
inside me. Fill me with your cum. You just had to do that. What a man!"

Charlie was starting to get angry at her sarcasm,"You are a fucking tease and you
know it. You should have realized some one was going to fuck you some time.
Besides you got off on it. I felt you cum at the end. Your pussy was going crazy so
don't tell me you didn't enjoy some of it. And you know what? I liked it. I liked
holding you down and ripping into your tight, virgin pussy."

"What a man!" She said, running her hand over his chest,"Holding me down and
fucking me. Jamming your hard cock into my teen pussy. And I bet you'd do it
again to, wouldn't you stud?"

Charlie caught an undertone in her voice, not the sarcasm he had heard before and
expected this time, but something else. When he looked over at her she was
smiling, and he could see something in her eyes, expectation.

‘Damn! I think she wants it again!' He thought.

After a moment or two of staring into her eyes, he made a decision. He'd already
fucked her, raped her actually, and if she decided to tell someone about it, he
couldn't get in any more trouble if he did it again.

"I just might you little cunt." He replied.

"Oh, big man." She cooed,"I doubt very much that you have it in you to do it

"Why you little slut!" He said, grabbed her by the arms and jerked her onto his lap.
She began to struggle, but he pulled both arms behind her back and held her wrists
tight together with one hand. He worked his other hand up under her top. When
he got it up under the tight fabric, he found bare flesh. He grinned because it was
just as he had suspected, she didn't have on a bra.

He squeezed her breast and rolled her nipple between his fingers, all the time
holding her astride of his lap as she struggled to get away.

"It's no use cunt." He grated,"You have been teasing me for way to long. I fucked
you last night for that, and I'm going to do it again. I'm not going to put up with
your teasing any more."

"You can't rape me again!" She squealed.

"Sure I can," He said.

He reached down, unzipped his fly and fished out his hard cock. Then he grabbed
the thong she was wearing and pulled. The material stretched, and stretched more,
then finally broke. He pulled it from around her hips, grinned, put it to his nose and
breathed deeply.

"Oh yea!" He said,"The smell of a turned on, in heat little tease."

"You are a gross bastard!" She hissed,"LET....ME....GO!"

"Not a chance." He said between gritted teeth as he placed his hard cock against
her wet pussy.

"Oh God don't!" She cried,"I'm sore from what you did to me last night! I'll
scream! I will!"

"To bad," He said,"You should have thought of that before you started teasing me.
Go ahead, scream. There's noone to hear you. Soooooo....."

He grabbed her hip and lunged upward, slamming his hard cock deep in her wet,
sore pussy.

She groaned, let out a gasp and went limp. With a grin he began to fuck her hard,
ramming into her cunt over and over.

At first as he fucked her, she groaned in pain, mumbling,"please....please stop! It
hurts! I'm so sore."

But as he fucked her and her pussy became wetter and loosened a bit, she stopped
whimpering, then he felt her begin to slide downward to meet his thrusts.

He grinned, grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her head down so his lips
were against her ear.

"You are a fucking little slut, cock tease." He husked in her ear as he rammed his
cock into her,"But you do have a nice tight fuckable pussy and that makes up for
it, especially when I have my cock buried to my balls in it. And I'm going to fuck
you until I'm sated. Then I'm going to fill your tight cunt with my cum."

He could feel his balls growing tight and knew he was going to cum soon. He
wanted it to last, so just before his balls exploded he shoved her off his lap and
onto her feet.

He stood , grinned a wicked grin and drug her towards the bedroom. She fought
him, but he could tell it was just for show. When he got to the bed, he threw her
onto it and with a bound joined her. She tried to scramble off, but he grabbed her,
pushed her onto her back and straddled her.

He held her wrists in one hand, reached into the night stand and pulled out the
velvet ropes he and Sara kept there. With quick deft motions he tied her wrists to
the head board. When he was finished he grinned, grabbed her top and pulled it to
her neck, exposing her firm breasts.

"You can't do this!" She hissed,"You're raping me again! You better stop! Right

He reached down and cupped both her breast, rubbing both nipples between his

"Or what?" He ask.

"Or, or I'll......" Her threat trailed off.

"You'll do nothing!" He said,"You like it and you know it. You're my little cock
slut now. I'll fuck you when I please and you will let me. So shut up!"

He slid down and with a few pulls had her sandals and skirt off. She tried to
struggle, kicking at him but he just grinned and rammed two fingers into her wet
cunt. He held her legs apart and rammed his fingers into her, grinning at the wet
slurping sound they made sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

He pulled his fingers out of her cunt, slid off the bed and quickly took off his
clothes. He climbed back on the bed, his hard cock standing tall. She tried to kick
him, but he grabbed her ankles and held her legs still.

"So,"He said,"I think it's time I tasted that tight little snatch of your's."

She made a sound of disgust and said,"You wouldn't do that! Put your mouth on"

"Pussy," He said pushing her legs up until her knees where tight against her
shoulders,"and yes I'm going to eat your cunt."

He leaned forward and ran his tongue up her slit from bottom to top.

She shuttered, gasp, and said from between clinched teeth,"That is so fucking

He chuckled, then rammed his tongue between the lips of her snatch, located her
clit with his tongue tip and began to tease it, then lash it, then finally he sucked on
it hard. He was rewarded with a gasp, then a groan, then a quiet series of pants
from her. As he licked her, her panting got louder and louder until she let out a
squeal as he felt her pussy begin to pulse.

"So the little teasing cunt likes to get her pussy licked, huh? Well now it's time
once more for some cock."

He got to his knees between her legs, placed the head of his cock against her hole
and pushed forward, watching her tight pussy mold around his hard rod as it slid
into her. When he was balls deep inside her, he again pushed her legs up until her
knees were pinned to the mattress on each side of her. She couldn't move, couldn't
even twitch as he began to hammer his cock into her.

He fucked her hard, brutally. He grinned as he noticed that with each stroke her
titties wobbled with the impact. Soon he could feel his balls getting tight, feel his
orgasm approaching. Then it crested. He rammed deep into her and groaned as he
came, his cock throbbed, pumping gob after gob of cum into her tight pussy.

When he was finished cumming, he slowly pulled out, watching with satisfaction as
his cum dribbled out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. He looked at her
face and found her looking back at him with a dreamy expression on her face.

"I'll tell you what," He said,"Every time you tease me, I'm going to fuck you.
Maybe not right then, but I will fuck you each and every time you tease me. You
stop teasing and I stop filling your tight teen pussy with my cock. It's as simple as
that. All it comes down to is if you don't want to get fucked, don't tease."

He reached up and untied her hands, then got off the bed and said,"Now go clean

She got off the bed and started for the door, then stopped, turned her head to look
at him and ask,"Every time I tease you?"

"Every time." He replied nodding his head.

She smiled an impish smile, wiggled her ass at him, then stepped out of the room.

Charlie sat on the bed grinning. Then the reality of the situation sunk in. He was
fucking his wife's 16 year old sister. If his wife found out, he would be in jail and
divorced. He also knew he would fuck Sally again anytime he could.

"This is scary. What the fuck have I got myself into?" He mumbled, then caught
sight of Sally as she came back into the room.

She had on her top, but was still naked from the waist down. She walked over to
him, pulled up her top exposing her firm breasts to him.

"So how much teasing do I have to do before you fuck me?" She said stroking one
of her breasts.

‘What the fuck,'He thought,'I'll enjoy it while I can.'

To Sally he said as he reached for her,"That's enough right there."


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2016-04-20 15:56:25
When I was 15 my older sister got married. At the wedding, my new brother in law was a little drunk and cornered me in the hallway outside the reception. He started to kiss me and the reached up and grabbed my boobs. Once he did I got so turned on I grabbed his dick. He got hard. We went into a dark room and he fucked me over a table. He fucked me before he even fucked his own wife on his wedding day! Over the next few years we fucked all the time.

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2015-03-02 21:31:39
I fucked my 27 year old married cousin one night after she told me that she always had a crush on me growing up. She showed up one night from Seattle and said she had a fight with her husband.
After a few drinks, I took her back to the house and ate her sweet pussy before giving her all of my 7 1/2" cock. I don't know at what point my wife woke up, but I caught her watching us fucking through a cracked open door that I knew I had completely closed. The next day nothing was said and my cousin left. I decided not to push the issue by telling my wife I knew she had watched.

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2014-11-02 03:25:50
I came so much.. My pussy needs some cock

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2014-07-03 19:07:26
My cell is 912 996 1879 18 f horny

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