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In this installment Naruto and Hinata comfort the pregant Kurenai. And in the second half a long lost Uchiha comes back to give Naruto a taste of domination.

“So Kurenai- sensei, why are you doing this for us?”

Naruto and his new wife Hinata were at Konoha Teahouse with Kurenai sipping warm tea from ornate glasses. Though Naruto was enjoying himself, he was a little confused as why Kurenai was paying for all this instead of honoring his offer and letting him pay for it all.

“Oh so all of a sudden I cant treat my student and her new husband to some tea?”

That was fine for Naruto and he shrugged and sipped his tea. Hinata’s eyes, however, could not be fooled. She had been training with Anko and had been taught the rare ability of reading another’s eyes. Just by looking someone in the eye she could tell if someone was repressing the truth. And right now she could tell by the way Kurenai’s eyes were refusing to meet Naruto’s that she was saddened by something. Just what she couldn’t tell as of yet.

“Kurenai- sensei, would you mind coming with me for a second please?” Hinata asked.

“Sure Hinata.”

Kurenai followed Hinata into the women’s bathroom.

“Kurenai- sensei, why are you lying to us?”

Kurenai was taken aback by her students bold statement.

“What do you mean Hinata I’m not lying to anybody.”

“Drop the act Kurenai, I’ve mastered the Art of Bodily Analysis, Anko taught me. No matter how many times your mouth tries to lie to me, the eyes never lie.”

Kurenai broke into tears and sank to her knees. Hinata knelt down beside her and put an arm around her.

“I-I just want to be close to Naruto. I never, sniff, realized how much I could miss Asuma until IT happened.”

She cried even harder. Hinata understood now. Kurenai was seeing Naruto as Asuma. Psychology was never Hinata’s thing but she knew that’s what it had to be. She was aching for male contact and Naruto was the only one she considered herself close enough to to have a chance with.

“Kurenai- sensei, do you like Naruto?”

“Yes! I admit it! I don’t know what it is about him, but something about him makes me see Asuma inside him. I never noticed it before but now that Asuma’s dead, Naruto reminds me so much of him.”

“Kurenai, if you really love Naruto, I’ll let you join the clan with us. Our clan always has room for one more.”

Kurenai looked at Hinata in disbelief.

“Hinata are you sure he wouldn’t mind being with someone as old as I am?”

Hinata laughed at her teacher.

“Please Kurenai- sensei, Naruto says you’re a cougar! If he heard what you just said he would laugh his ass off!”

Kurenai blushed. Now that made her point clear. Asuma always used to call her his little cougar even though they were only a year apart in age.

“Fine I accept. But if he says no I wont hold it against either of you.”

Hinata dried the remaining tears from Kurenai’s eyes and led her out of the bathroom to their table.

“Hey ladies, what took you girls so long?”

“Oh nothing Kurenai and I were just talking about going to her house to watch some movies. Right, Kurenai- sensei?”

“Sure, I-I thought it would be a good idea. I’ve got Friday, it’s the funniest damn movie ever!”

“That sounds like a good idea. Lets head over now and don’t worry about paying, I already got it for ya.”

“Naruto I told you I wanted to pay.”

“Well I have the right to decline don’t I? It doesn’t matter now but if you insist on paying I guess you could pay me back later. 200 Ryu for tea and steak, un-friggin-believable!”

Hinata turned to Kurenai giggling.

“One day of being married and he’s already complaining about prices. He’s gettin’ that family man state of mind!”

Kurenai laughed as they strode out the door towards her apartment. Kurenai pulled the key out of her pocket and unlocked the door. They stepped into a fancy livingroom decorated with a few pictures of Asuma and Kurenai in various places. Naruto could only imagine how lonely she felt with Asuma gone.

‘I swear, if Shikamaru hadn’t of buried that voodoo son of a bitch I would have! Anyone who takes love away from someone as kind as Kurenai- sensei deserves nothing more than an eternal sentence in Hell’s lowest plain!’

Kurenai came towards them with a bowl of popcorn and sat on the couch in front of the TV. Hinata pulled Naruto into a room with her.

“Naruto, do you know why we’re here?”

Naruto squinted his eyes and scratched his head.

“Well I thought we were gonna watch Friday.”

“Wrong. Kurenai’s been really depressed since Asuma’s death, and with a baby on the way that only doubles the pain. Naruto, I want her in the clan with us.”

Naruto looked to the floor. He mentally kicked himself. Somehow he had forgotten about Kurenai’s pregnancy.

“I don’t know Hinata. I mean I like Kurenai, that’s not the problem but… she’s pregnant. If she marries me, then that means the child will be my responsibility. I’ve always wanted a kid sure but this’ll be a newborn baby. That’s a lot different from Inari. He was almost a teen when I became his dad. I don’t know if I’m ready to take that on yet.”

Hinata looked at him tears forming in her eyes as she hugged and kissed him.

“Naruto, I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll be an excellent dad for this baby. Think about it. If you don’t do this, how is Kurenai going to tell this little child that it has no father? It’ll grow up without a dad.”

Naruto put his head against the wall, eyes closed, weighing the possibilities.

‘Sure it’ll be my child by marriage but what’ll happen when it gets older and we have to tell it that I’m not it’s biological father? But then if I don’t step up and become a dad, it’ll grow up with no father at all.’

Naruto looked at Hinata and kissed her cheek.

“I… will be a father to this child no matter how doubtful I am of myself. From this second on Kurenai shall be called Kurenai Uzumaki.”

Hinata threw her arms around him.

“Yay! Now we get to initiate her!”

“Whoa, whoa. Hold on a sec. If we do her wont it hurt the baby?”

“No actually it won’t. Tests show that sexual intercourse while pregnant does absolutely no harm to the developing fetus.”

Naruto looked at her with amazement.

“Gee Hinata, I never knew you were a professor. Where did you hear that from?”

“Never mind that now, we got an induction to do.”

They went into the living room to see Kurenai masturbating to the movie she had put in, Icha Icha Paradise: Out Of Control. When they came in Kurenai quickly turned the TV off and covered her vagina.

“Kurenai- sensei, what were you doing just now?” Naruto asks knowing perfectly well what she was doing.

“Oh nothin’. Nothin’ at all. Why do you ask?”

Naruto casually stepped towards her and kneeled in front of her and moved the blanket she had used to cover herself, exposing her soft, tender, moist pussy to him.

“Wow Kurenai, you have a nice one here!”

He probed her with two of his fingers pushing them in and out of her for a little while, listening to her moans of pleasure. He pulled his fingers out and put them into his mouth tasting her juices.

“Hey I got an idea! Why don’t we have ourselves a little contest to see which one of you two is better at sex?”

Naruto made a shadow clone and both stripped down standing completely nude before the two women. Naruto and his clone stepped forward and Hinata opened her mouth wide taking the clone’s cock into her mouth to suck and slap at it with her tongue. Kurenai on the other hand seemed a little nervous.

“Come on Kurenai- sensei, Hinata’s gonna beat you.”

He pressed his cock to her lips and she slid them open timidly taking the head into her mouth. She closed her eyes savoring the taste. It wasn’t exactly like Asuma’s but something about the way it tasted was very similar to his. She gained some confidence and pushed forward taking more into her mouth and began wrapping her tongue around it. She looked over at Hinata. The clone had his eyes shut tight and was holding the sides of Hinata’s head as it was fucking her mouth. Kurenai turned her attention back to Naruto and relaxed her throat taking him into the tight, hot, wet tunnel that was her throat and began humming. Naruto groaned and thrust forward into her mouth gripping the back of her head as he thrust forward faster into Kurenai’s warm, wet cavern. He gritted his teeth.

“K-Kurenai I’m gonna…”

He couldn’t finish his sentence as Kurenai sucked as hard as she could. She felt Naruto’s hot, sticky seed blast into her mouth filling it fully. Naruto pulled it out of her mouth Kurenai held it in her mouth for a few seconds before letting her eyes drift open and stare up into Naruto’s as she opened her mouth showing him all the cum in her mouth, allowing some to drip from her mouth before she swallowed it all down slowly. She smiled at him as she rubbed the head of his cock through the streams of cum that had dripped from her mouth and them put it to her lips and rubbed it across her lips before slurping the remaining semen from his cock.

Naruto pulled his clone towards him and they whispered back and forth for a bit before Naruto turned back towards the girls.

“God, the winner of round one is hard to choose. Hinata made him cum first but Kurenai put on a good performance for me. So, upon heavy consideration we’ve decide to give one point to both of you to make a tie score for round one. Now, on to round two.”

They moved to the girls, ripping off their clothes and pushing them backwards onto the couch. This time, Naruto was with Hinata and his clone was with Kurenai. Naruto kissed his wife passionately. Hinata reluctantly broke away and raised her legs into the air, running her smooth feet along his well-toned abs as she did so. She reached between her legs and spread her tight little pink pussy for him. He knelt down to examine it with a sly little grin. He kissed her clit gently before slipping two fingers into her causing her to moan in ecstasy. He pulled them out and popped them into his mouth slurping her sweet juices, enjoying the taste of it all. He stood and placed his rock hard member at the entrance to her cunt and slid into her with ease, eliciting a hiss from Hinata as she felt it glide through her pleasure-sensitive love-tunnel. Naruto looked over at his clone who had just done the same thing to Kurenai.

“Alright, in this round, whoever cums last wins. On your marks, get set… GO!”

They both began powerful thrusts into the two girls, pounding their poor pussies for all it was worth. Though it was by a very close margin, the one enjoying herself the most was Kurenai. It had been so long since she had this kind of fucking. It was forceful and full of lust. She had no complaints about Asuma but after she had become pregnant, he had toned it down a bit.


“Please Asuma faster, harder, do me like you did me before! PLEASE!”

“I’m sorry baby, but I don’t want to take any chance on hurting the baby. I know that people say it does absolutely no harm to the developing child, but I doubt they’ve done any in-depth study on the effects of rough sex on the fetus. As much as I really want to fuck you like a raging animal, it’s a risk I’m not willing to take.”


But now was what really mattered she was getting what she craved so much in her impregnated state, a good hard fast fucking from a nice big cock. Hinata was enjoying her fucking as well and seemed really close to cumming but Kurenai knew she would lose this one. It had been so long since she felt anything even close to this. Hinata looked over at Kurenai eyes nearly clenched shut in pleasure.

‘I must win. I’M Naruto’s little sex princess! Sorry Kurenai-sensei but you lose this round.’

But then something happened that Hinata least expected. Kurenai reached over to her and pulled her lips to hers, kissing her hard while one of her hands rubbed, pinched and pulled one of her rosy nipples. Kurenai had found her weakness. Hinata gasped in Kurenai’s mouth and came squirting her juices onto Naruto’s cock as Naruto pumped into her a few more times and released his seed into her womb. Now that there was no threat of losing to Hinata, Kurenai let herself relax and enjoy Naruto’s treatment. When she reached her limit she let herself go and let her juices flow out onto his rod just as he unleashed a flood of semen into her tightness.

“No fair, she cheated!” Hinata said pouting her lips, crossing her arms and turning her head away from Naruto.

“Sorry, Hina-chan but this contest is no holds barred. There’s no such thing as cheating here!”

“Well I wish you would’ve let that be known beforehand!”

Kurenai and Naruto chuckled at her.

“Well, heh, now you know. The winner of round two, Kurenai! This is a five-part competition. Whoever has the most round victories at the end wins! And now for round two. Roll over girls.”

They obeyed their master and rolled over onto their bellies. Kurenai bent over the couch as to cushion her belly so as not to accidentally hurt the baby by laying on the hard wood floor. Kurenai loved this, waiting in anticipation for a cock to be shoved into one of her holes. But the mystery was over when she felt Naruto prod her outer lips with his large member. The thing that astounded Naruto was the fact that even though Kurenai had had sex before and had even gotten pregnant she still had a somewhat virgin tightness when it came to her most sacred of areas. Naruto pushed into her, hissing as he once again felt the hot, moist tightness that was Kurenai’s vaginal cavern. Meanwhile with Hinata, Naruto’s clone was giving it to her just as she liked it.

‘This time I have to beat Kurenai. The only reason she won last round was because she found my weakness and exploited it. I have to find her weakness. But what could it be? Of course there is that possibility. It may not be her weakness but everything’s worth a try I guess.’

Hinata moved beside Kurenai to rest on the couch and began suck on her middle and index fingers. Kurenai looked over and wondered what she was doing, but by the time she figured out what she was going to do it was to late for her. Hinata drew her saliva-slicked fingers from her mouth and reached back sliding a finger into her sensei’s anal passage moving it in and out in rhythm with Naruto’s thrusts.

‘Dammit! How did she figure that out? Well it doesn’t matter anyway. If she wants a war, by god I’ll give her a war!’

Kurenai put her fingers into her mouth and worked them in and out until they were sufficiently coated in saliva and then slipped one into Hinata’s tight little pink asshole. Hinata gasped as she felt Kurenai counter her and grimaced in pleasure.

‘Oh no you don’t sensei!’

Hinata put her other finger into Kurenai and pushed in and out in rapid motions. Kunai too put her other finger into Hinata and looked into her eyes trying to stare her down. Naruto looked towards his clone and met it’s stare they both had the same idea. Naruto nodded, the clone nodded back. Naruto held up five fingers as if to prepare a countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, SLAP!!! Both girls felt the searing pain on their asses which they so enjoyed. It was down to the wire now. Naruto and his clone slapped again simultaneously causing the two fuck slaves to squeal in delight. With all this pleasure being pumped into her at once she knew it was useless to fight any longer and she finally conceded victory. Hinata came pushing backwards into the clones cock and Kurenai’s fingers, before slumping onto the couch and receiving a massive torrent of cum in her dripping womanhood. Kurenai, once again victorious, smirked at Hinata, sticking her tongue out and pulling her fingers from Hinata’s anus before putting them in her own. She screamed out and let her juices flow onto Naruto’s rod as he began spurting his sperm into her.

“Okay, now it’s getting good! Kurenai- 3, Hinata- 1. Hinata, I’m sorry but unless you can win this round and earn one extra bonus point Kurenai will gain victory.”

Hinata looked at the floor biting her lip.

‘Okay, I better think hard. What’s the best way for me to earn that bonus point? Of course, his secret spot! He goes wild when I do that! Look out Kurenai, I WILL win!’

“Alright round 4. This time the victory will be decided by who makes me cum first. 3,2,1… GO!”

Hinata new what was coming it was the only way they haven’t done it yet. And within seconds she was confirmed by Naruto’s warm cockhead gently rubbing and prodding at her anal passageway. Even though Hinata loved getting it hard up the ass from her beloved Naruto, she was a bit pissed off at the fact that if the victory was decided by who came last she would’ve won it hands down due to Kurenai’s weakness for anal. She squeaked a bit when Naruto gave up on being gentle and did it just the way he knew she liked it. He was pumping into her at an almost lightning fast pace.

“Talk dirty to me Naruto!”

Naruto slapped her on the ass hard making her squeal again.

“Oh, so I see… I married a little whore. You want me to treat you like nothing more than a fucktoy. Well if you want it you got it you slut.”

Naruto didn’t say anything like this to his wives out of the bedroom or anywhere else they had sex. He would never talk this way to her at any other time. He loved her with all his heart. Now that Naruto was firmly inside of her ass she resolved to make use of Naruto’s secret spot. She made the correct handsigns he had taught her to perform shadow clone jutsu and next there was an exact clone of herself right next to her. Her clone walked over to Naruto and turned his face toward her. The clone smiled at him and leaned closer to him and grabbed the sides of his face bringing it closer to hers before flicking her tongue out, tracing lines along his whisker marks. Naruto moaned out, he loved it when the ladies did that. One time he felt like he had came 36 times at once one time when Hinata, Tayuya, Tsunami, Anko, Hanabi and Haku had used the jutsu for tongue lengthening that Anko taught them and each licked at a whisker. Meanwhile Kurenai had already came six times in this short amount of time. Hinata studied the clone’s facial expressions. Gritted teeth, clenched eyes, sweaty brow. The telltale signs of a man ready to cum. She had to act fast. She went for Naruto’s weakness and exploited it to the highest extreme. Her clone placed her lips on a couple of whisker marks and sucked hard. Naruto shouted out and began pumping what felt like a gallon of his special cream into her anal cavity. Shortly afterwards Kurenai let out a loud profanity and came for a seventh time as the clone released into her tight orifice.

“Well, the winner of round four is Hinata, and I am awarding her a bonus point for knowing exactly how to please me.”

Hinata smiled at him sexily.

“And now for the final round. Tie score, this one shall decide the victor! This time you’ll be trying to make eachother cum. The one who cums last will be the winner. Okay, LETS GET IT ON!!!”

Hinata wasted no time in lengthening her tongue and sliding it into Kurenai’s dripping snatch. The combined taste of her juices mixed with Naruto’s cum was taking her over. It was pretty much the same for Kurenai. Hinata’s juices tasted a lot like sugar and some kind of fruit she couldn’t identify at the moment. And with Naruto’s cum still clinging to her nether lips it added a salty twang to the sugary fruity taste of the juices. Hinata was determined to win. By this time she had lengthened her tongue to actually touch her closed cervix. Kurenai was gasping as Hinata ran her talented muscle around inside of her. Meanwhile Naruto and his clone were jerking their throbbing dicks to the sight of the two girls locked in this lesbianic action, and were rapidly reaching the end of their chains. Hinata pulled her tongue back slightly in order to find Kurenai’s clit which, upon discovery, she began to lick and nibble. Kurenai knew she couldn’t hold it any longer and so once again she resorted to cheating. She closed her eyes and found the very center of her chakra and produced and minor electric that was, however, powerful enough to make Hinata squirt her juices into her mouth as well as transfer to Naruto and the clone causing them to reach their orgasms and spurt thick, hot, sticky ropes of semen onto the two girls. Hinata continued to lap at Kurenai’s puss until she too found her orgasmic bliss.

“Sorry honey, but I must judge Kurenai the winner of this sex-off.”

Hinata sighed and smirked.

“Oh well, no biggie. You and I both know that I can make you find Nirvana. That’s all I need to be happy.”

Naruto hugged her and kissed her gently on the lips and smiled at her. That was one of the reasons he loved her, she always kept a positive attitude about everything. Naruto coughed, suddenly finding his throat dry.

“Hey Kurenai, what do you have to drink around here? All this fucking has me parched.”

Kurenai sat up and held up one of her breasts.

“You can have some milk. But just make sure to save some for the baby.”

Naruto grinned and curled up next to Kurenai holding a nipple in his mouth gently suckling the milk out of her tit. Hinata came over as well and took the other nipple into her mouth and began to drink. Kurenai put an arm around each of them, remembering what Shikamaru said was Asuma’s last words were to her.


Shikamaru was holding onto Kurenai as she cried into his shoulder.

“Kurenai, he said he wants you to be happy. He wants you to find a man to raise the baby. And he wants you to be happy for him. He had no doubts in his mind of where he was going after his death. He died smiling.”

Kurenai’s tears continued to stream down her face but at least she was smiling.


‘Asuma, I’ve found the family you wanted me to have. Don’t worry, the baby will grow up with a good father.’


Naruto was in the area in front of the Hokage’s Mansion, watching as Kotetsu, Izumo, Genma and Raido assisted a few workers in building a large stage. With one day over a month to prepare for the arrival of KoRn, everybody seemed to be excited. He doubled over laughing when Kotetsu dropped a heavy-looking toolbox on his foot causing him to hop up and down holding his injured foot. Kotetsu, who was getting pissed, glared over at him before picking up a rather large hammer and throwing it at Naruto. It made contact with one of his feet.


“How do you like it smartass?”

Naruto growled at him before he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He looked in that direction and saw a face that he’d seen in nightmares ever since that day he came to the hotel where Naruto and Jiraiya were lodging. About a hundred feet away from him he saw Itachi Uchiha. His face went pale and his breath caught in his throat. He turned and walked away occasionally looking over his shoulder, Itachi was following him. Her walked into an alley hoping to escape the deranged maniac that had slaughtered an entire clan save for his younger brother. He turned into another side alley and met a brick wall. He was screwed now. He could’ve fought for all it was worth but he knew he couldn’t face the power of the Mangekyo Sharingan, at least not without Kakashi’s help. He dropped onto his knees, hands over his eyes as tears fell from their ducts.

“Girls, sniff, I’m sorry.”

The menacing figure closed in on him and stood before him. The next thing Naruto felt was a hand upon his shoulder.

“P-please Itachi, if you’re gonna kill me, sniff, j-j-just make it quick so I don’t feel any pain.

“Why would I kill you child?”

Naruto’s head rose from his hands, though he kept his eyes clenched. That voice was different from the one he’d heard at the hotel a few years ago. He opened his eyes to see the person who was identical to Itachi, or so he thought. The person who was now crouched in front of him was wearing a kind of confused frown. This was not a male. Her eyes were black, her nose a little slimmer than Itachi’s, her lips were luscious and black due to her lipstick and her chin same as her nose looked more feminine than Itachi’s.

“Y-you’re not Itachi.”

“Of course I’m not.” She said with a little giggle. “How do you think Itachi could’ve stood right in front of the Hokage’s Mansion with all those people walking around him and not been attacked. But I do see why we could be mistaken for eachother. Coming into the village I was stopped by guards and taken to the Hokage who confirmed who I really was.”

“And who would that be?” asked Naruto squinting his eyes slightly.

“I am Seizonsha Uchiha, the only remaining female of the Uchiha clan and now the only Uchiha still loyal to this village.”

“So you’re an Uchiha? I thought they were all wiped out. How did you survive?”

“Oh, I was lucky enough to have been on a mission at the time of the massacre. I still find it hard to be the sister of a genocidal maniac.”

Naruto looked at her unblinkingly, mouth agape.

“So you are Sasuke’s SISTER!”

His eyes were popping out of their sockets.

“Biologically, yes. But I’d prefer to have all family ties cut away from both of my brothers. Anybody who turns their back on Konoha is no family of mine.”

“Well, seeing as you’re not Itachi, would you like to get a bowl of ramen with me at Ichiraku’s?”

She looked at Naruto, her black lips curling into a smile.

“Are you asking me on a date, Naruto?”

He rubbed the back of his neck, grinning his signature grin.

“Sure, if you wanna call it that.”

She stood and nodded down at him.

“Sounds great. I haven’t been with a man in years.”

Sweat started dripping from his forehead.

“Oh come on Naruto. We both know that we’re gonna end up fucking. I haven’t had any male contact in almost two years.”

“So let me get this straight. We just met, we’ve barely said anything to eachother and yet we’re gonna end up havin’ sex?”

Seizonsha nodded again.

“Yeah that’s just about right. Why, is anything wrong with that to you?”

“Oh hell no lets get this shit started!"

"Tsunade was right about you, funny, enthusiastic, and just a bit annoying."

Naruto scowled at her.

"Hey don't get me wrong, annoying is extremely sexy to me. All the guys I've met are all dignified and careful, but finally there's somebody confident enough that he's not afraid to make a fool out of himself."

"Well, that's good. I guess. So, where do you wanna go to do this?"

"My old house in the Uchiha district is still standing, but it's all boarded up, overgrown with vines, and I'm pretty sure it's infested with rats... so that sounds like the perfect place."

"Wow, you have a strange idea of what's romantic don't you?"

"Hey, where I go to fuck is my own damn business, teme! I fuck where I wanna fuck you got that, dobe?!"

"Yeah, yeah I got it! No need to tear my head off! And don't call me teme or dobe; I got enough of that shit from your younger brother."

"Hey! You don't tell me what to do! You've got a lot to learn about how the Uchiha's have sex. Believe it or not, it's always been the roll of the male to be submissive while the female's roll is to be dominant. In other words when we have sex, I control you and if you disobey me I have the right to punish you for it."

She took him by the wrist and led him down the streets until they came to a decent sized house that looked like it was falling apart. Vines were creeping up the walls and wrapping themselves around the planks which were nailed over the windows. It looked like some house you woulda seen in a horror movie. She walked over to the door and placed one hand on the door and making one-handed signs with the other. The nails fell from the boards on the door and the planks fell with them. She opened the door and stepped into a small livingroom area.

"Ah! Home sweet home! And everything is just the way I left it!"

Naruto looked around the dark room. He could barely see at all, so how could she see? He turned to her to see her Mangekyo Sharingan had been activated and were glowing slightly at the pupil.

'So the Mangekyo Sharingan also gives the user the ability to see in total darkness.'

"Doesn't this place look great, Naruto?"

"I'll take your word for it. Unlike you, I don't have the ability to see in the dark."

"Not a problem, just activate your Mangekyo Sharingan."

"I think your forgetting something, I'm not an Uchiha. I don't even possess the standard Sharingan."

"It's not necessary to be an Uchiha if you hold the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi is the one who began all bloodlines that hold ocular based kekei-genkai. You just haven't unlocked it yet. Here, allow me to help. Show me your seal."

Naruto lifted his shirt to reveal the spiral shaped seal on his belly. She held out her hand and flexed her fingers as five tiny red flames appeared at their tips.


She thrust her fingertips into the seal, causing Naruto to grunt and close his eyes in pain at the force of the contact.

"Naruto, open your eyes now."

He unclenched his eyes and looked around the room. He could see perfectly. He walked to a nearby mirror and looked at his reflection and sure enough, there we his Mangekyo eyes starring back at him.

"Wow, this is cool! Can you activate my other ocular forms?"

"I'm afraid that's the only catch. Only those who possess those other eye forms can unlock your other forms."

"Well, THAT kinda sucks!"

"Hey, I didn't make the rules. Got a problem, take it up with the furball in your head."

"No thanks. Don't really matter anyway at the moment."

"Good, now let’s get this goin’”

Seizonsha closed her hand in a fist and then slowly opened it. As her fist unclenched a large fireball formed. She put her hands together and made a few handsigns and then pulled them apart, now having a fireball in each hand, she thrust them forward and all the candles in the house began to light themselves.

“Wow, how did you do that?!”

“It’s a simple fire manipulation jutsu, and by simple I mean impossible for normal people but incredibly easy for a fire master such as myself. If I deem you worthy I might train you to be a fire master.”

Naruto nodded.

“Alright, are we ready to do this now? I haven’t fucked in quite a while now and if I don’t soon I’m gonna go crazy!”

She walked into a room at the end of the hallway and Naruto followed her all the while stripping off layers of his clothing. He walked into the room and was instantly met by piercing red eyes.


Naruto looked around. He was in a realm of almost complete darkness save for a few red clouds and monoliths. He tried to move but all was useless, his arms and legs were bound at the wrists and ankles to a wall of stone by metal cuffs. Seizonsha stepped from the darkness completely bare-skinned and soon Naruto was surrounded by an army of Seizonsha’s clones, each one as naked as the original. One, who he suspected to be the original, stepped to him and ran a finger across his lips.

“Welcome to my nightmare Naruto Uzumaki! Now the lessons shall begin. Uchiha Sex Lesson 1: Take the pain and embrace it as you would a long lost lover.”

She raised her hand into the air. From the sky came lightning, fire, molten metal, water and a column of wind all of which came to her hand and began to spiral along her fingertips. She made a one handed sign and put her hand to the ground creating, what looked to Naruto, a miniature vortex of swirling elements. She raised both hands into the air and from the vortex came a majestic looking katana marked with the crest of the Uchiha clan at the handle and a large crystal which looked like the Sharingan just before the stat of the blade. Naruto was now rather scared. She gripped the sword and pointed it at Naruto’s chest.

“I am going to cut you repeatedly and each time you WILL thank me for it. Understand… slave?”

Naruto was confused. Here was this woman pointing a sword at him and he was actually turned on by it. His cock had begun to harden even as she brandished that sword in such a way that, if she was hit with the will to do so, could easily murder him. And yet here he was sporting a stiffy at the mere thought of being cut. He nodded his head. Seizonsha smiled at him. One of her clones moved forward and knelt before him, reaching up to stroked and lick at his erection.

“Uchiha Sex Lesson 2: Your dominator is to be addressed followed by the honorific, Sama. That is unless told to do otherwise. You may call me Seizo-sama. Understood?”

Naruto was a bit distracted by the clone that was now taking his dick into her throat.


“Yes, Seizo-sama.”

She swung her and made a shallow gash across his abdomen and pain shot through his body but he did as he was ordered and thanked her.

“You learn quickly slave, but let’s see how well you can handle more.”

Clones stepped in closer each one conjuring a sword. Naruto Braced himself for the upcoming pain. He felt the icy cold of steel press against his throat as the original held a newly conjured dagger to it.

"You seem nervous Naruto. Is it the fact that I could kill you at the slightest flick of the wrist? Or is it that you're thinking, if this is Uchiha foreplay then what's the sex going to be like? Don't worry my little slave boy, what would be the use in killing you? I'm horny, remember? And I'm not all that into necrophilia. Don't get me wrong though, I love the dead."

'Gees, was that supposed to calm me down? This chick's kinda weird.'

"Weird, huh. I guess that earns you a few cuts."

'Damn! It's like this girl can read my thoughts.'

"I can, well, in this realm I can anyways."

The clones stepped in closer pointing their blades at him. The clone that had been sucking him off had since gotten a mouthful of what she was after and was now behind him hitting him with a riding crop. A clone stepped forward and delivered a slick slash across his forehead, another stepped in and cut him down from his knee to his ankle before both traded weapons and licked the blood from their blades. Naruto, who was overtaken by pain at this time, bowed his head and, letting the blood spill down his face, thanked them for the pain.

"You handle pain a lot better than most Uchiha men did, even my old boyfriend broke down after the second cut and begged for death. No doubt that the fox has provided you with some sort of pain tolerance. Oh you'll be my perfect mate. Just like my own personal wind-up toy!"

The clones continued their bodily assault. Eventually stabbing holes through his feet and hands. And even piercing his ears for free. His body was almost completely red from blood. But still his body was reacting to the pain as it would pleasure. Seizonsha dropped to her knees and smeared some of his blood along the length of his penis before licking it all off with delicate strokes of her tongue.

"Okay my little slave, I think you've had enough pain inflicted upon you today let's get to the main events."

She closed her eyes and clapped her hands together over her head and the dark nightmare realm faded away, revealing the place where he had been before. Naruto looked over his body; all wounds were gone save for the peircings in his ears. Naruto looked at her quizzically.

“You didn’t think that I wanted you permanently scarred did you? The Tsukoyomi was only to give you pain across your physical and mental senses in an alternate reality, not to give you damage in the true realm of life.”

“Oh, I get it! So any damage done in that realm lets you feel the genuine pain but leaves no visible damage?”

“You catch on fast my little fly.”
Naruto looked at her wondering what she meant be that. And as if reading his mind she answered.

“That means I am the spider. Are you ready?”

“I think I may.”

She pulled him to her and kissed him, pushing her tongue forcibly into his mouth.

“Alright then, lets fuck.”

She pulled him into a room and tossed him to the bed. She used the shackles and cuffs which were attached to his bed to bind him there. She then pounced like a cat onto his naked form. She sat on his chest for a second before pushing her pussy up to his face.

“Lick it now, slave.”

Naruto obeyed his master and pushed his tongue into her to taste the tantalizing feast she had presented to him. She entwined her fingers in his hair, grinding it into his face. Then she decided to find out why that clone looked so happy sucking him off. She moved herself so they were in the 69 position and took his solid tool into her mouth. She instantly discovered why the clone was so happy. He had an addictive flavor and the tongue wriggling around inside her seemed to be intensifying her need. His tongue burrowed its way though her moist, pink cavern leaving no cranny unchecked. Seizo had found the perfect mate. She turned her attention back to Naruto’s organ and sucked harder pulling upwards as she did, creating a strong vacuum that made Naruto’s head roll. Seizo knew what she was doing to him. Alternating between hard sucks and tender flicks of the tongue to keep him from becoming used to one sensation. She congratulated herself on her game plan of torture, but she was soon thrown by what she experienced next. He must’ve caught on to what she was trying to and was now alternating his own licks between fast and slow thrusts of his probing tongue.

“Naruto… slave, stop this instant or you will be punished!”

Naruto pushed his luck and continued his actions, finishing her off with a chakra concentrated lick to her clit. She screamed and flooded Naruto with her juices. They splashed his face and mouth. He drank all he could, leaving him oddly refreshed.

‘Hmm, I may have found my substitute for coffee.”

His thoughts were cut short by the feeling of Seizo taking him into her throat. She pulled him into her throat and started humming, all the while pushing chakra into the vibrations so it surged through Naruto’s entire system. He yelled and released a load into her throat. She pulled back to keep from gagging and caught the rest in her mouth. She pulled away with a loud pop and sent it all down the hatch. Naruto now had his eyes closed trying to catch his breath from that mind-shattering orgasm, but they shot open again when he felt a sudden sting of pain and then an accompanying crack. He looked to see Seizo standing over him now holding a riding whip.

“I gave you a fair warning Naruto. And you disobeyed me. Now you must receive your punishment.”

She brought the whip down again, the impact landed on his inner thigh, dangerously close to his balls.

“As you may be able to tell, the Uchiha method of punishment is not only about physical discipline but putting fear into the offender as well.”

A bead of sweat rolled off Naruto’s brow.

“Yeah… I could kinda tell that.”

She chuckled a bit and then cracked it again, this time directing it towards his face. It broke the skin of his cheek and a bit of blood tricked down his jaw.

“There, since you’re still learning I’ll only give you 3 lashes. I think you’re ready to fuck your first Uchiha.”

She straddled his waist and prepared herself to have sex with a man once again. She slid down a bit taking the head into her sweet tightness. She moaned at the sensation she had gone for to long without. She pushed herself down further and took the rest of him into her. Once he was firmly planted inside her, she pulled herself up and down his shaft. He had lost his Uchiha virginity, something that he had thought impossible for so long. But now that goal had been achieved, he was fucking an Uchiha! He wanted desperately to participate more in the activities but he was cuffed to the bed. Seizo seemed to be having fun though. She was now in the reverse cowgirl position and was using her amazing flexibility to bend herself backwards to kiss him deeply. He saw great possibilities in Seizo. They were gonna have a fun marriage. She sat back up and was now practically bouncing on him. The contact of their sexes was making a loud, wet slapping noise to accompany the moans, grunts, and squeals coming from the two of them. It was only a matter of time now, the only variable there was now was who would crack first. Seizo didn’t expect to win this battle, it had been far to long since that incestuous night with Sasuke the night before she left. She screamed out his name as her walls clenched around him and found her much welcomed release. The constriction around Naruto’s tool was the death of him. He yelled out and released a flood of his sperm inside of her womb. Seizo collapsed on him and kissed him hard.
“I don’t know how I can possibly repay you for this great time Naruto.”

“I can think of a way.”

She looked at him, wondering what he was thinking.

“You could join my clan.”

She thought about her pros and cons.

‘I’ll have to give up the name of Uchiha, but the only other Uchihas betrayed their clan and their village. That’s was the only con I could think of and I just debunked it. Huh.”

“From this day on I shall be called Seizonsha Uzumaki.”

She unlatched the cuffs to release him and he hugged her tight as she put her head next to his neck.

“Shame I cant contact Sasuke, I’d like to hear the tone of his voice when I tell him I’m marrying his sister.”

“Ya mean there’s no record of his cell number?”

Naruto looked at her and grinned.

“Seizo-chan, you’re a true genius.”

[ 1 Hour Later, in a training area in Orochimaru’s Lair ]

“Excuse me, Orochimaru-sama, my cell. Hello?”

“Hey Sasuke-teme, how Orochimaru’s favorite bitch?”

“Naruto… I told you I’m not coming back. How many times do I have to deliver you to death’s doorstep before you realize that?”

“I don’t think I even mentioned you coming back teme. I just thought you would like to know something.”

“Naruto… what could you possibly have to tell me that I don’t already know? I’m smarter than you, remember?”

“Okay, okay, I just thought that you would like to know that I fucked your sister and we’re gonna get married, bye.”


“Did you know that already, smartass?”

“You lie! The only Uchihas left are me and Itachi.”

“And Seizonsha.”

“How do you know her name?”

“I just told you. I…FUCKED…HER!”

“I get it now, you must’ve done some research for once.”

“Does he have to spell it out for you otouto? HE…FUCKED…ME!”

“What, Seizonsha… you’re alive?”

“No I’m speaking to you from beyond the grave. Ooooohhhh.”

“Anyway, just thought you’d be interested to hear that. Bye teme.”

Naruto hung up the phone. Sasuke threw his to the ground and stomped it.

“Who was that my little Sasuke?”

“Nobody, lets just get back to training. I have a lot of stress to work off.”

“I may be able to help with that Sasuke, I must say I’ve been feeling stressed as well lately. Perhaps we could help eachother, hmm?”

“Fine, just as long as you let Kabuto relieve some stress too.”

“Anything you want Sasuke. This is gonna be a long night of fun.”

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